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Suzette Quintanilla Net Worth – How Rich Is She Now?

Are you wondering what is Suzette Quintanilla net worth? As a famous musician, songwriter, singer, and producer she earns different sums from different engagements.

Suzette Quintanilla, Chris Perez at the Selena Quintanilla Wax Figure Unveiling

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Although she is well-known as the sister of the late Selena Quintanilla, she has managed to build a reputation for herself and is now respected in her field of work. Due to her willingness to try new things and be involved in different projects, the number of her fans has grown over the years, contributing to Suzette Quintanilla net worth.

If you’re interested in who she is, what she does in her professional and personal life, and how much she’s worth, dive into the following paragraphs. We’ll explore all details you need.

Who is Suzette Quintanilla?

When someone mentions the name Suzette Quintanilla, the first association is a musician from the United States. As a band member, she once played the percussion and drums and when needed sang the backing vocals to her sister Selena.

Actually, her band called ‘Selena y Los Dinos’ consisted of the Quintanilla family members and was very successful in the nineties. Even after the death of the lead singer Selena, it continued existing and published multiple songs but its fame started declining.

Still, being a part of the band largely impacted Suzette Quintanilla net worth and it only built up and grew from there.

After the unfortunate loss of Selena, Suzette’s name remained professionally linked to her sister’s. She became the executive producer of the documentary about her sister made by Netflix. And she began managing a museum about her late sister’s life in Texas.

Suzette Quintanilla’s Net Worth Estimate

In truth, Suzette Quintanilla, as we saw, makes money from various places. So, understandably, she has a high income and net worth in general.

There are a few speculations, but according to most sources, Suzette Quintanilla net worth estimate is 3 million US dollars. This amount started piling up from the golden days of the band ‘Selena y Los Dinos‘, which the public loved. The band’s songs were widely known and loved by a lot of fans that stayed true to this type of music even after the death of Selena.

Later, Suzette Quintanilla net worth only continued growing during the success of the Netflix TV show about Suzette’s sister and the increased number of visitors to the museum dedicated to Selena. The fact that someone so close to Selena runs it contributes to its value and attracts people that are willing to learn more about the singer’s life firsthand.

Suzette Quintanilla‘s Early Life

What’s known about Suzette’s early life is that she was born on June 29, 1967 in Texas and grew up alongside her family. As the middle child, she experienced the love of her both siblings as well as her parents.

Due to her father’s profession as a singer, she surrounded herself with music and eventually chose it as her professional path. This had a large impact on her success and the high Suzette Quintanilla net worth. Also, it represented a mutual passion that she shared with her brother and sister.

In fact, it was their father Abraham who mentored them, showing them what he learned during his extensive career as a musician. Being born into a celebrity family has its perks and it has later reflected throughout Suzette’s life.

When Suzette was a teenager, her father Abraham opened his restaurant Papa Gayo’s in Lake Jackson in Texas. There she began playing the drums, her brother performed on the bass guitar and their sister Selena was the lead singer.

However, the recession in that period hit them hard, forcing them into bankruptcy. They lost their home and moved to Corpus Christi in Texas where they continued performing. Starting from weddings and streets to fairs and celebrations they were everywhere. And they earned enough to enable the family a decent life. Back then, it was hard to imagine how big Suzette Quintanilla net worth will become.

Suzette Quintanilla’s Height and Weight

When it comes to her physical appearance, she is recognizable by her black hair and strong build. In fact, Suzette is approximately 5 feet and 6 inches tall, or 1,62 meters. This is usually considered to be relatively short.

Despite her obvious increased weight, she looks healthy. More precisely, her weight is around 68 kilograms, which isn’t too much considering her height but it’s still noticeable. This is a number that is changing during different periods of her life, though.

At first glance, people notice her nice brown eyes and her wide and lovely smile. Just from looking at pictures of her, you can get the impression that she is a gentle and friendly person.

Suzette Quintanilla’s Place of Birth

Suzette was born in Lake Jackson in Texas. She also grew up there alongside her parents and siblings. While this isn’t a very large city, she had enough space for performing locally and maintaining her passion for music.

Moreover, she attended a private school in that town, as well before completely embarking on her musical journey. So, it’s apparent that Lake Jackson is a special place for her, especially after the tragic death of her sister. Not only does it hold all her memories, but it represents a town where she both struggled and was successful afterward.

Suzette Quintanilla’s Career

 Chris Perez, Suzette Quintanilla, Selena Wax Figure, A.B. Quintanilla

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After finishing high school, Suzette dedicated herself completely to the band ‘Selena y Los Dinos’ formed by her father. Together with her siblings, they performed firstly in their family restaurant, and then after it was closed, they continued doing gigs in public spaces.

It was only after they were signed by Freddie Records that her career and Suzette Quintanilla net worth took off. She was a drummer in the band, which at the time was mainly a male role. But she excelled at it and greatly contributed to the quality of the songs they performed. What’s more, she became a songwriter for many of the hit songs.

Some of the popular albums that the band released were ‘Alpha’, ‘Mis Primeras Grabaciones’, ‘Munequito De Trapo’, ‘Preciosa’ and ‘Dulce Amor’. Not to mention that the band was rewarded for these releases and lived its golden days before the unfortunate event that happened in 1995.

Following the murder of Selena, things weren’t quite the same anymore. Even though the band appeared at a tribute concert and performed before the public, its fame rapidly decreased. With this, Suzette focused on trying other things mainly related to continuing her sister’s legacy and maintaining the memory of her and her work.

In 2017, she attended the unveiling of Selena’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. This was a special moment for her as she got to see the recognition of her sister’s work firsthand. Moreover, she attended the ceremony when Selena’s wax figure was publicly presented in Madame Tussauds in New York. Since then many fans have come to see the figure and take pictures.

But Suzette’s engagements don’t stop here. Indeed, she distanced herself from music after the band dispersed following Selena’s death. Yet she kept being active. She became the administrator of the museum opened to honor her sister’s legacy as well as a manager of her estate, thus increasing Suzette Quintanilla net worth.

Aside from this, she’s an executive producer of the TV show about Selena that portrays the life of the Tejano singer with all rises and falls on the road to fame. Netflix released the second season in May 2021, showing that viewers are interested in watching it. Thanks to this, Suzette Quintanilla net worth increased even further.

Her professional story goes on to her engagement as a CEO of Q-productions. This is a company that operates in the music field. Abraham, Suzette’s father founded it in 1993, two years before the tragic event.

Latin music is at the core of the company’s work so it was convenient for Abraham to leave the floor to his daughter Suzette, who runs it to this day. In fact, the exhibition hall in the company carries Selena’s name and there is a store that sells merchandise related to Selena’s life and interests.

Suzette Quintanilla’s Personal Life and Family

As we mentioned, Suzette, or Suzy to people close to her, was born in Texas in the United States to her parents Marcella Ofelia Samora and Abraham Quintanilla Junior. She has a brother A. B. Quintanilla III, who is older than her and she had Selena, her younger sister.

Since she was the middle child, she was influenced by both siblings as well as their father, who is a popular American-Mexican musician, songwriter, singer, and producer. He sang in the band ‘Los Dinos’, which is where his inspiration for his children’s band name came.

After Suzette’s father founded the band ‘Selena y Los Dinos’ and more and more people heard their songs, they became famous across the state. Freddie Records even signed a deal with them, helping them release their debut album. But after the death of Suzette’s younger sister, their work started receding until they eventually stopped performing.

Still, Suzette Quintanilla net worth grew mostly during the time when they were the most active. She maintains it and protects the memory and legacy of her sister through numerous engagements and activities.

Luckily, she found a beacon of happiness in love. In 1993, she married Bill Arriaga, who had been her boyfriend for a long time. Together they have Jovan, their son that was born in 1998. Actually, Suzette claims that his smile reminds her of her late sister’s. Judging by the photos the married couple publishes on social media as well as their appearances in public, they are happy and in love.

In case you’re wondering about Suzette’s religion, her upbringing was in line with Jehova’s Witness views. And Cancer is her zodiac sign.

Current Engagements

As you can see, this woman is everywhere and somehow she manages to be successful at everything she does.

Currently, she works as the executive producer for Netflix’s show ‘Selena’ from where she only grows Suzette Quintanilla net worth. As the show becomes more popular, it’s evident that it will have more seasons, giving Suzette a chance to prove her skills as a producer even more.

Now, it reached the point when Suzette’s wedding is happening and Yolanda Saldívar attends it as a bridesmaid. She was the administrator of Selena’s fan club and after a fight involving a scam, Yolanda got so angry that she murdered Selena. She is serving her prison sentence for this.

Leaving this aside. Suzette can be seen running her dad’s company as a president as well as her sister’s museum, estate, and even a merchandise store. At the same time, Suzette Quintanilla net worth goes up by itself.

Obviously, she has a lot of activities on her plate, including spending time with her husband and son and many people wonder how she succeeds in everything.

Suzette Quintanilla’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

All in all, Suzette is a force to be reckoned with. As a strong and successful woman in the business field and in music, she is a role model to many women and girls out there that one shouldn’t quit when it’s the hardest. Instead, you should keep going and fighting. This attitude only led to a growth of Suzette Quintanilla net worth and many new possibilities in different areas.

Even though at first glance, people associate Suzette with Selena and everything she did while she was alive, Suzette is her own person and has built a reputation for herself. She runs her sister’s museum and ensures her legacy lives on yet she still manages to include her personal touch into everything she does.

And her fans respect her for that. Her talent for music that she showed to the world during her days as a drummer in the band is still in her but she’s no longer active as a musician. She doesn’t perform live either. But she’s a songwriter and responsible for many operations behind the scenes.

In case you are eager to explore more details about this amazing woman, including some concrete information about her appearance and Suzette Quintanilla net worth, take a look at the following table:

NameSuzette Quintanilla
Real NameSuzette Quintanilla
Place of BirthLake Jackson, Texas
OccupationMusician, singer, songwriter, producer, CEO
Net Worth Estimate3 million USD