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Patrisse Cullors Net Worth | How Much Is She Worth?

Practically everyone in the world has seen the slogan, #blacklivesmatter, but who knows who the architect of the movement is, and can you guess what Patrisse Cullors net worth is?

Patrisse Cullors Net Worth

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The co-founder of the largest black movement in the world also collaborated with Asha Bandele to pen, When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir, a bestseller in every bookstore

Who is Patrisse Cullors?

Ronald Reagan was President of the U.S.A. when Patrisse Khan-Cullors came into the world on a Monday under the star sign Gemini. The baby girl who will grow up to be the loud-voiced, black, female activist and Black Lives Matter founder, saw light on June the 20th, 1983 in Pacoima, one of the oldest neighborhoods in California’s San Fernando Valley.

After graduating from UniCal in Los Angeles and majoring in religion and philosophy, she went on to the University of Southern California to earn a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. The Patrisse Cullors net worth was always destined to be substantial.

Patrisse Cullors' Net Worth

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The 39-year-old, who identifies as a Marxist and freedom fighter, started the fight against abolition when she was 19 and has become a leader in this.

“I am an educator, artist, abolitionist, and author redefining America’s intercultural dialogue, one medium at a time.” Dignity and Power, Reform LA Jails, and Justice-LA are a few of the forward-thinking organizations Cullors has co-founded in Los Angeles.

At Prescott College in Arizona, Khan-Cullors created the Social and Environmental Arts Practice MFA program, of which she is currently the faculty director.

After leading them for six years, she decided to relinquish her post in Black Lives Matter on May 27, 2021. She announced to the press that she needed to shift her focus to other projects. Her attention has shifted and she now looks at how to empower black women with projects aimed at people with organizational and artistic skills.

A deal with Warner Bros signed in October 2021 will allow her to create and produce bespoke content for the one of the world’s largest entertainment companies.

Patrisse Cullors net worth was certainly not harmed by this deal, and the activist inferred that she had put together the framework, systems and skeleton that is BLM, so it is easy for her to leave and hand over the reins.

Patrisse Cullors net worth is under scrutiny after an apparent campaign of slander by a “far-right” group, yet she insists her resignation was planned before the scandal broke in early 2021.

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What is Patrisse Cullors Net Worth Estimate?


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Now that we know a bit more about her, can you guess what Patrisse Cullors net worth estimate is right now?

Although more people seem to be concerned about where Patrisse Cullors net worth comes from than what it actually is, we can tell you that it is expected to hover around the $2 million mark.

There has been much speculation regarding how Cullors acquired the property in Topanga Canyon, California and some even went so far as to throw the word, fraudulent, in the mix.

They say she is being a hypocrite to buy a $1.4million property in a suburb where about 88.5% of the population is white… and there are less than 2% black residents in the area.

The big-budget homestead includes a huge entertainer’s dream for a backyard, as well as a self-standing guest house. You are privy to the most spectacular panoramas that stretch over the canyons and are seen through tall, mature trees.

Patrisse Cullors net worth is boosted by three other LA real estate investments according to records and in 2020, her wife Janaya Khan partnered with her in the fourth purchase in Atlanta, Georgia.

The property is sprawled over nearly 3.5 acres of rural Conyers, and at close to $450 000 it also has an airplane hangar located under a private studio apartment.

Patrisse Cullors net worth seems boundless as in 2016 she purchased a property in Inglewood at more than half a million dollars… it is now valued at around $800 000. She also showed interest in some Bahamian real estate where Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods own properties.

New York Post reported that Khan-Cullors also looked at properties in the same Bahamas-based golf resort where Justin Timberlake and legend Tiger Woods stayed.

Where Else Does Patrisse Cullors Net Worth Come From?


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Patrisse Cullors net worth grows consistently and a large part of it comes from book sales. Cullors wrote her biography together with Asha Bandele, a journalist at the time: ‘When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir’.

In the book, which is separated into two parts, the first relates her teen years and adolescence and the influence of society, before moving on to deeper issues that black people are facing on a daily basis. When the work of fiction was first released in 2018, it immediately was lapped up and became an NYT bestseller almost overnight.

Recently ‘An Abolitionist’s Handbook: 12 Steps to Changing Yourself and the World’ was also released by her publisher of choice, St. Martin’s Press. The reviews were a little more mixed than her first release, but the content still dealt with communities and black leadership.

It discusses how people treat others in and around their communities and tries to explain how we treat each other in different ways, according to color or power and other such criteria. It looks at who the people are that are taking leadership roles within black-dominated inner-city suburbs.

Patrisse Cullors is certainly a busy woman. Besides her literary contributions and other writing and television appearances, Patrisse has a deal with the streaming service, YouTube.

She also frequently gets hired for public speaking events and is a full-time lecturer at the unique art school in Arizona, Prescott College. But that is not all, the dynamic black entrepreneur and activist also runs an art gallery in Southern Los Angeles, which adds to Patrisse Cullors net worth.

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Patrisse Cullors’ Height, Weight

Patrisse Cullors founded the social movement Black Lives Matter, but do you know how tall this giant of an activist is in reality? When she gets to any of the number of properties she owns and takes her shoes off, the author stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her weight has fluctuated quite a bit and is not available at the moment, although she seems very healthy.

Patrisse Cullors’ Place of Birth and Early Life

Her early childhood and experiences with authoritative figures shaped the way that Patrisse Cullors net worth got to where it is today. It also opened her eyes to the way she saw people being treated by others.

Patrisse Marie Khan-Cullors Brignac took her first breath of LA air in 1983 in a San Fernando Valley suburb in the Golden State. Cherice Foley was a Jehovah’s witness and had Patrisse out of wedlock with Gabriel Brignac, who, although he was her biological father, was not too involved in her life. The would-be activist did not see Gabriel until after her eleventh birthday.

With life being extremely difficult for a single woman, Cherice had moved in with Alton Cullors. Alton did what he could to bring in a few dollars here and after General Motors shut down the Van Nuys plant, things got worse. Patrisse has two brothers, Monte and Paul, as well as a sister, Jasmine.

Patrisse Cullors net worth was very low when her father was found dead in a shelter for the homeless. After a lifelong struggle with drugs and countless arrests and jail time, he finally gave up in 2009. He has had a profound and very lasting effect throughout Patrisse’s life.

Van Nuys was not a nice place to grow up in. Mexicans and African-Americans shared street corners and the area around the low-cost government apartment was rife with gang and drug activity. Life for the young black girl did not get better as soon as Alton left Cherise to take care of all three of the children by herself.

It was during this traumatic time of turmoil in her life that Cullors became aware of what was happening around her. She explained that her young brothers were treated with unnecessary brutality and force by members of the Los Angeles Police Force.

She said that the nine-year-old had to stand by and watch how police threw her 11 and 13-year-old brothers around. It was not a surprise when she was arrested for smoking cannabis when she was 12.

What is surprising is that this happened at the Millikan Middle School in Sherman Oaks, a rich school for gifted children… mostly white. According to Patrisse Cullors, she found this time of her teenage life complete and utter hell.

They had to borrow a car from their neighbor to get to school, and because it was a piece of junk it was very embarrassing when her mother dropped her off at school.

Patrisse Cullors net worth almost never eventuated as she was arrested. Even though she inferred that the white girls from her previous school got her to start smoking weed, she was a pupil at Van Nuys Middle school when she got nabbed.

This was a culture shock for her as the school consisted of mainly Hispanic and other non-white groups. Police guards roamed around and the pupils had to enter through a large gate… They also had to go through a metal detector in case of weapons were brought to school.

Her brother Monty, had in the meantime completely lost control and was arrested in 1999 when he allegedly stole Cherise’s car. It came to light further down the investigation that he suffered from bipolar disorder as well as having certain schizoid tendencies.

In an incident that Patrisse described as being extremely influential in her choice to become an activist, Monte was forced to guzzle water from a prison toilet after being brutally assaulted by prison guards.

Eric Mann was the main leader for the Bus Riders Union when, as a teenager, Cullors wanted to look for an outlet for the frustration that she felt as a black woman.

The Labor Community Strategy Center was the umbrella organization for the BRU and Patrisse finished a course with them. In this year she was taught about social movements that exist in other countries, as well as the theory and revolution of activism.

The activist enrolled in the Social Justice Magnet Program of Grover Cleveland Hugh in Reseda and was awarded a degree in Philosophy and Religion at UCLA and a MFA that she obtained from the famous Roski School of Arts and Design that is found on the campus of the University of Southern California.

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Patrisse Cullors’ Personal Life and Family

Patrisse Cullors net worth is quite considerable if you consider her background and childhood experiences. Her mother was a very staunch Jehovah’s Witness and as such, they were very strict.

She first experienced the cruelty of the church when her mother and the rest of her close family, were ostracized because of her mom’s teen pregnancy.

Patrisse Cullors had in the meantime realized that she was gay. She came out to her family at the age of sixteen… and was kicked out of her home. The disillusioned Patrisse stayed true to her faith and religion for many years, but she became more and more cynical about it.

Ifá, a Nigerian religion caught her attention, and soon she was using the rituals as part of protest rallies and marches.

She married Janaya Khan in 2016 and the two are still happily wed, and seemingly enjoying a comfortable life together as Patrisse Cullors net worth continues to grow.

NamePatrisse Cullors
Real NamePatrisse Khan-Cullors
Date of Birth20 June 1983
Place of BirthPacoima, San Fernando Valley, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Height170cm (5'7")
OccupationCo-founder of Black Lives Matter
Known ForSocial activism, author
Marital StatusMarried to Janaya Khan (m. 2016)
Net Worth Estimate$2 million