Nicholas Crown Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Nicholas Crown Net Worth Estimate:

Nicholas Crown net worth is currently estimated as being at approximately about $10 million dollars USD. The majority of Nicholas Crown net worth comes from his successful entrepreneurial career, which he has managed to spread through the advent of his very popular You Tube channel and his TikTok account.

Who is Nicholas Crown?


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Nicholas Crown is a creator of online digital content as well as a highly successful entrepreneur who is best known for his Rich vs. Really Rich videos. This extremely highly viewed and popular series of videos appear in multiple places, including You Tube, Instagram, and the up and coming Tik Tok.

Nicholas Crown also founded the marketing company Amoeba, which he began in order to help businesses grown via custom made techniques of ranking that are more organic than the average marketing firm. His company boasts of its knack for helping companies attain development via a series of planned stages.

Nicholas Crown’s Career


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In 2005, Nicholas Crown kicked off the professional portion of his career working at the New York Mercantile Exchange. Nicholas Crown’s position at the time was that of pit clerk for the trading ring centering on crude oil. Nicholas Crown’s boss and mentor at the time was Mark Fisher, an extremely well known trader of oil.

From here, Nicholas Crown moved on to the role of analyst for Barclays Capital in London, England, United Kingdom, where he worked for their trading desk in repo. After working there for a set amount of time, Nicholas Crown moved back across the ocean once more, this time landing again in New York City, NY, United States.

At the world famous New York Stock Exchange, Nicholas Crown worked for the basis trading desk, which at the time was extremely up and coming, and growing quickly, which certainly helped Nicholas Crown net worth grow as well, as he was making a lot of money and learning at the same time.

By the year 2011, UBS had hired Nicholas Crown to begin what it is known as a trading desk in greenfield basis in the city of Stamford, Connecticut, United States of America. Later on, they were so happy with his work that UBS moved him back to New York City to continue on the path he had begun with them.

With the co operation of the team of development people that UBS had hired in house, Nicholas Crown helped to crate a trading business focusing on fibre optic cables located in both Stamford, Connecticut and Manhattan, NY.

Nicholas Crown also brought on the services of a platform of trading that had the time become out of date but he saw potential in using what was left to serve the needs of the new company.

Nicholas Crown proved himself to be so adept at convincing people of this new platform’s viability that he managed to convince a number of famous and influential hedge funds to sign on with him. Two of the biggest names were Citadel and Millennium.

Due to this impressive gumption and raw talent, Nicholas Crown soon found himself managing deals that were extremely expensive and high profile, some of which were literally billions of dollars worth. This of course helped Nicholas Crown net worth enormously as well.

After this series of successes, Nicholas Crown decided to put Wall Street into his rear view mirror. Nicholas Crown left the company and New York, and instead decided to travel around for a while. After some exploring and soul searching, Nicholas Crown eventually started his own company.

This company was a big success, and after he made a great deal of money and Nicholas Crown net worth seemed secure, Nicholas Crown put finance behind him all together for the time being, in order to go back to pursuing his first love, music, which he had set aside to make money on Wall Street.

Nicholas Crown, upon returning to that first love, decided to front a brand new music band that blended rock music and rhythm and blues. Nicholas Crown dubbed his band The Cold Water Electric, and began to tour with them. They travelled all over the Southern areas of the United States, including Texas and Louisiana.

In 2016, The Cold Water Electric won an debut band award. Only a few years later, however, Nicholas Crown decided to start yet another finance-related company. It was called Amoeba, and it was focused on helping people in marketing interested in growing their businesses digitally.

In 2015 Crown decided to leave the finance industry in order to form a blues-rock group, called The Cold Water Electric. They toured Louisiana and Texas, winning best new band in 2016. Later, in 2021, he decided to establish Amoeba, which is a digital growth agency, known for helping people gain market traction.

Nicholas Crown then managed to find fame and even more Nicholas Crown net worth for himself by starting his series of “Rich vs Really Rich” videos, which he cross posts on You Tube, Instagram, and TikTok. The videos are famous for focusing on explaining the contrasts between the various social classes of society.

The idea behind Nicholas Crown’s philosophy is that, through compassion and empathy, people from these different financial and cultural backgrounds can more effectively communicate with one another.

Nicholas Crown has also done a wide number of financially successful and famous campaigns on social media. Recently, Nicholas Crown formed a partnership with, a start up from Fin Tech, and Honey, a savings giant that, three years earlier, the online financial company Pay Pal purchased for about 4 million dollars.

Nicholas Crown is famous for his ability to reverse engineer screening technology for hiring candidates for various high profile positions. Nicholas Crown particularly approves of using artificial intelligence in order to improve conditions for job seekers.

Nicholas Crown also believes that the best potential candidates for a hiring position can be found by the Human Resources department of any given company.

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Nicholas Crown: Early Life

Nicholas Crown was born under the original name Nicholas DiNorscio, in Livingston, New Jersey, United States of America, on the thirtieth day of September in the year 1985. For the first few years that Nicholas Crown was alive, his family resided in Mendham, New Jersey, United States of America.

Later on, Nicholas Crown’s family moved to Morristown, New Jersey, United States of America. They then ultimately ended up in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States of America, in the city’s famous upper east side. All of this happened before Nicholas Crown had turned seven years old.

Around this time, Nicholas Crown’s parents split up. Nicholas Crown discovered music as a means of escaping from his pain over his parents’ divorce. Nicholas Crown had a particular love of the guitar, and he decided that he wanted to learn how to play, which he went on to do.

Nicholas Crown became quite adept at the instrument and became specifically into the genre of music known as Delta blues. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Nicholas Crown attended Seton Hall Preparatory School and pursued music in addition to all of his other academic studies.

Nicholas Crown, throughout this time, performed guitar in a number of concerts with other students, as well as musical competitions, which he did apparently admirable work in.

After completing his time at Seton Hall Preparatory School, Nicholas Crown was accepted into Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, United States of America.

Despite being so focused on music, Nicholas Crown decided to think more pragmatically about his future. Thus, the major he chose to pursue with his college education was Applied Economics and Management. Nicholas Crown did incredibly well throughout his college education and ended up graduating in 2008 cum laude (with distinction).

Nicholas Crown’s Personal Life and Family

Nicholas Crown Net Worth

Nicholas Crown is widely known about his friends and family as being someone who is absolutely obsessed and in love with world travel. Nicholas Crown has, at one point or another, lived in various places all over the globe.

Amongst the many places that Nicholas Crown has lived include London, United Kingdom, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Madrid, Spain, Istanbul, Turkey, Mexico City, Mexico, and Krakow, Poland. Despite that, Nicholas Crown remains fluent in only two languages, namely Spanish and, naturally, English.

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Nicholas Crown’s Social Media Influence


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Given the entirety of Nicholas Crown’s fame and popularity is due to the videos he has posted on such social media outlets as his Facebook channel, TikTok, and Instagram, it is no exaggeration to say that his social media influence is significant. Without social media, Nicholas Crown net worth wouldn’t be as high.


Nicholas Crown seems to have once had a personal Facebook profile. However, Nicholas Crown does not seem to currently have an official public verified Facebook page. It is not clear why Nicholas Crown doesn’t feel the need for an official public verified Facebook page given his prevalence on other social media.

It is perhaps, though, a sign of the changing times and current influence of Facebook, whose demographics are now tending to skew older and more conservative. Someone on the cutting edge of social media marketing may not think it’s therefore worth his time and effort.

Should the situation ever change, however, and Nicholas Crown change his mind and choose to sign up for an official public verified Facebook account, we will be sure to update the information on this page. Our goal is to keep our readers up to date with all of the latest news about Nicholas Crown net worth, career, and life.


Nicholas Crown has an official Twitter account. Nicholas Crown’s Twitter handle under which he tweets is @nicholascrown, all lower case. However, Twitter is not case sensitive, so one could enter his name with upper case letters to achieve the same result of finding it on their site.

As with Facebook, Twitter is clearly not one of the social media platforms that Nicholas Crown has devoted much interest or focus on. Not only is it not officially verified but he only has a three hundred and seventy two followers on the platform currently, which is extremely low for someone with a name such as him.

Nicholas Crown is himself only following twenty people on his Twitter account currently. Nearly every tweet on his account is simply a repost from his Tik Tok account, which he clearly gives a great deal more interest and attention.


Nicholas Crown has an official public Instagram account, however like his Twitter, it remains unverified. On Instagram, Nicholas Crown’s Instagram handle is @nicholascrown, all lower case.

However, Instagram is not case sensitive, so one could enter his name with upper case letters to achieve the same result of finding it on their site.

On Instagram, Nicholas Crown has two hundred and thirty two thousand followers, and is himself following five hundred and seven people as of the present point in time.

Nicholas Crown’s Instagram is almost entirely taken up of reposts from his Tik Tok accounts as well as clips from his longer You Tube videos.


Nicholas Crown has an official professional LinkedIn account. The profession that he lists as being hi current one on his LinkedIn account is that of the founder of Amoeba, his company described higher up on this page. He also on this page lists all of his previous major roles at his previous companies.


Nicholas Crown has an official public Tik Tok, however, just as with his other accounts, it remains unverified up to the present time. On Tik Tok, Nicholas Crown is clearly doing the best of all of his social media accounts other than You Tube. On this up and coming popular platform, he has one point six million followers.

Meanwhile, Nicholas Crown also has a seriously impressive seventy four point four million likes on Tik Tok. Nicholas Crown himself is only following six people in return on Tik Tok.

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Nicholas Crown: Height, Weight

Nicholas Crown’s height is not currently a matter within the public record and unfortunately cannot be located at the present time. Nicholas Crown’s weight is not currently a matter within the public record and unfortunately cannot be located at the present time. Nicholas Crown’s hair color is black. Nicholas Crown’s eye color is black.

Nicholas Crown Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameNicholas Crown
Real NameNicholas DiNorscio
Place of Birth Livingston, New Jersey, USA
Net Worth Estimate$10 Million