Rich The Kid Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Rich The Kid Net Worth Estimate

Rich The Kid net worth estimate is at or around $10 million. The majority of Rich The Kid net worth comes from his career as a rapper, and from the label he started in 2016, Rich Forever Music. This number may be controversial, however, as there have been several scandals involving Rich The Kid being accused of not paying bills, rent, or other fees.

How much did Rich The Kid allegedly stiff his landlords for? How much was he sued for in artist management fees? Read on for more!

Who is Rich The Kid?


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Rich The Kid is the rap name of Dimitri Leslie Roger. This is not the first rap name the artist has used, however. He was originally called Black Boy Da Kid before he eventually changed it to the name he uses today. Over the past decade, the American rapper has released three successful albums and started his own music label.

Rich The Kid’s Career


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His career is the source of much of Rich The Kid net worth. For the rap artist, it began in 2013 with the release of his debut mix tape, performed solo, Been About The Benjamins.

This was only the first mix tape that Rich The Kid would release that year. He went on to do a series of collaborative mix tapes with an artist called Migos called Streets on Lock Volume 1 and Streets on Lock Volume 2.

Streets on Lock Volume 3 was released in 2014 and Streets on Lock Volume 4 was released in 2015.

2014 was a busy year for Rich The Kid and no doubt contributed greatly to Rich The Kid net worth. That year he released not only Streets on Lock Volume 3, but also his second mix tape created as a solo work, Feels Good 2 Be Rich.

Feels Good 2 Be Rich featured a lot of high profile artists, from Migos to Young Thug, to Rickie Fresh, Kirko Bangs, and Staley, to RiFF RaFF, Young Dolphin, French Montana, and Chinx & Kodak Black.

He also released a single called “On My Way’ in November of 2014.

2015 saw Rich The Kid going strong. His first release that year was another collaborative mixtape with Migos called Still On Lock. Then he released a fourteen track project called Flexin’ on Purpose in August, followed that November by Whip It (with iLoveMakonnen).

His collaboration with Migos, Streets On Lock Volume 4 was released in October of 2015 and included artists like 2 Chainz, Waka Flocka, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Skippa Da Flippa, and Mango Foo.

Christmas Eve of 2015 saw the release of Dabbin’ Fever, featuring his recurring collaborator Migos as well as Wiz Khalifa, 21 Savage, Playboi Carti, ManMan Savage, Curren$y, and a few others.

Moving on to 2016, April of that year saw the release of another mix tape. This one was called Trap Talk and featured several of the artists already mentioned in the mix tapes above as well as new faces Ty Dolla $ign, PartyNextDoor, and Famous Dex.

In October of 2016 Rich The Kid released yet another mix tape, this one called Keep Flexin’, featuring Desiigner, Jeremih, Young Thug, and more.

Then, in 2017, Rich The Kid took a big step in his career and signed with Interscope Records. His decision making process was covered in an interview the rapper did with XXL. Apparently many labels were wooing the rapper, including Columbia, Epic, and RCA.

Rich The Kid felt that Interscope CEO John Janice was best placed to understand Rich The Kid’s vision for himself and his label.

After signing with the label Rich The Kid released a single called “New Freezer,” which went platinum. This was followed by his studio debut, an album called The World Is Yours. This was followed by another single “Plug Walk,” and another album The World Is Yours 2, a year later.

Rich The Kid would then move between a couple different labels and continue to release music, including his third album Boss Man, which released in 2020.

Recently, the rapper took a step that would definitely help increase Rich The Kid net worth. He sighed a deal worth multiple millions of dollars with Rostrum Records.

On the first of October in 2021 Rich The Kid collaborated with rap mega-star Lil Wayne to release a mixtape called Trust Fund Babies.

Rich The Kid’s latest appearance was on Jungle, the debut single from Bored Ape Yacht Club DJ-and-producer duo Escape Plan.

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Rich The Kid Controversies


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There are several controversies surrounding Rich The Kid. Some of them are personal. Some of them involve money. It is not clear how much the money issue controversies impact Rich The Kid net worth.

The rapper has been accused of not paying rent on his L.A. mansion in 2018, owning as much as $32.376.00. However the landlord of the property requested additional special damages be levied, and Rich The Kid allegedly skipped out on the court date, leading to a summary judgement against him. This cost him as much as a third of a million dollars.

In 2020, a Beverly Hills jeweller called Peter Marko filed claims agains Rich The Kid alleging that the rapper owed nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of watches and bracelets. Rich The Kid has denied on social media ever using this company, claiming that he only ever wears stuff from Elliot Eliantte.

Court documents obtained by TMZ, however, suggest that Rich The Kid did indeed purchase all kinds of jewellery from Peter Marko at Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills. Items rumoured to be included are diamond necklaces and crosses and multiple Patel Philippe watches (each worth over a hundred thousand dollars apiece!).

Also in 2020, Blueprint Artist Management sued Rich The Kid for $3.5 million in unpaid fees. The money is allegedly owed to BAM because of a deal that Rich The Kid signed with them in 2017. The suit includes mention of breach of contract. If true, this would be a major blow to Rich The Kid net worth!

And, most recently, Rich The Kid has been accused of not paying rent again. This time in New York City, where his landlord alleges that the rapper owes over $40,000.00 in back rent. The location of the apartment he was renting was somewhere in New York’s East Village.

All in all, Rich The Kid’s debts could total up to as much as $4 million. That is not a good thing for Rich The Kid net worth!

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Rich The Kid: Early Life

Rich The Kid was born Dimitri Leslie Roger on the 13th of July in the year 1992. He was born in Queens, New York, to parents of Haitian descent. Rich The Kid grew up speaking, and can still speak, fluent Haitian Creole.

Eventually, his parents divorced, at which point Rich The Kid moved in with his mother. She lived at that time in College Park, Georgia. Rich The Kid was 13.

And some point after that he moved to Woodstock and he eventually attended Elmont Memorial Junior – Senior High School in Elmont, New York.

Throughout his childhood Rich The Kid listened to a number of artists that would go on to inspire his later career, including Nas, Young Jeezy, Notorious B. I. G., 50 Cent, and T. I.

It is not known what familial wealth Rich The Kid was born into, if any, and how that might have impacted Rich The Kid net worth.

Rich The Kid’s Personal Life and Family

It is not currently known what the names of Rich The Kid’s parents are, nor how many, if any, brothers and/or sisters he might have.

Rich The Kid’s first wife is named Antonette Willis. The couple had two children together, and in filing for divorce proceedings in March of 2018 Willis requested that she be granted full physical custody of the children. The relationship reportedly had a lot of problems.

Willis has alleged that Rich The Kid not only abused her, but that he also forced her to have several abortions. In addition, Willis alleges that Rich The Kid conducted extramarital affairs behind her back with Blac Chyna and India Love. For this and to support herself and the children Willis sought spousal support as part of the divorce proceedings.

Very shortly after the divorce papers were filed Rich The Kid began dating Los Angeles based actress and model Tori Brixx (also known as Tori Hughes). The couple currently have one child together, though there is drama in this relationship as well.

In 2021 Tori Brixx posted to Instagram with what she claimed was evidence of Rich The Kid cheating on her with Bronx born rapper DreamDoll. Both Rich The Kid and DreamDoll strongly contested the allegations on social media. However it is not known who is telling the truth in this instance.

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Rich The Kid’s Social Media Influence

Rich The Kid maintains an active social media presence. This is not surprising given his stature as a rap star and how important social media can be in increasing Rich The Kid net worth.


Rich The Kid has a respectable 1.6 millions followers to his official Facebook page. His handle on that platform is @richforevermusic which is the same name as his music label. The link on that page is also to his recording studio, rather than to any form of personal website.

The media Rich The Kid posts to his facebook page is frequently professional grade studio portraits or finalised covers for his various albums or mix tapes or other projects.

The page is not updated very often, and when it is it is frequently to promote his latest album or project.


Rich The Kid also has an active Twitter account. His following on that platform is 2.3 million people (while he follows only 54 people himself on that account). His handle on Twitter is @richthekid.

The posts on Rich The Kid’s Twitter timeline are, like his Facebook, mostly pictures of himself and promotional material for his new projects. However on Twitter Rich The Kid is more likely to post clips of his music videos and links to his tracks on Spotify. Many of these are collaborations.


Instagram might arguably be Rich The Kid’s snot successful social media platform with a massive 8.1 million followers. This is more than five times as many fans as his Facebook page and four times as many fans as his Twitter account.

A lot of the content that Rich The Kid posts to Instagram is video content. Some of it is snippets from his music videos, but a lot of it is him having a good time or offering fans a glimpse behind the scenes at concerts or filming rap videos.

Some of his photos show his album covers and a few show him with friends or girlfriends. Cars also feature frequently in his posts.


There is an account on LinkedIn with the name Rich The Kid but there is very little activity on it and no photograph in the profile section. It is unclear whether or not this account actually belongs to the rapper Rich The Kid. We do not recommend fans rely on it for information on the rapper’s career.


Rich The Kid surprisingly does not appear to have an account on the TikTok platform. However fans of the rapper can still enjoy content related to Rich The Kid here because there is a dedicated hashtag for the artist, #richthekid. Rich The Kid is often tagged by other rappers or fans.

Rich The Kid: Height, Weight

Rich The Kid stands at a respectable enough 178 centimeters of height, or 5’ 10” tall. He weights 67 kilograms or about 147 pounds. His hair is often worn in short dreadlocks and is black, while his eyes, which do not hide behind glasses (unless they are sunglasses), are brown.

Rich The Kid Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameRich The Kid
Real NameDimitri Leslie Roger
Place of BirthQueens, New York, USA
Net Worth Estimate$10 Million