2 Chainz Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth Today?

2 Chainz Net Worth Estimate:

2 Chainz net worth is estimated to be approximately $9 million dollars. The majority of 2 Chainz net worth has come about from his massively successful career as a rap artist in the music industry. This includes his time in the duo Playaz Circle, as well as his own solo career and television hosting role.

2 Chainz Net worth

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Who is 2 Chainz?

2 Chainz is a rap music artist who first rose to fame as one of the members of Playaz Circle, a double hip hop act with Earl “Dolla Boy” Conyers. Their most well-known hit is their song “Duffle Bag Boy”, which featured an appearance by rap star Little Wayne.

2 Chainz is also known for his solo album called Based on a T.R.U. Story, with its hit singles, “No Lie”, “Birthday Song”, and “I’m Different”. All three were huge hits and led to the album getting gold certification. His second hit album was called B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. He also hosted a TV show called Most Expensiveist.

His real name is Tauheed K. Epps.

2 Chainz’s Career

2 Chainz’s Net Worth

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2 Chainz and his friend Earl “Dolla Boy” Conyers joined together as the group Playaz Circle in 1997. Playaz stood for “Preparing Legal Assets for Years from A to Z”. While in this band, 2 Chainz used the name “Tity Boi”. In 2002, after a few years, they independently released an album called United We Stand, United We Fall.

The future rap star Ludacris, who was at the time a disc jockey, was so impressed with their music that he befriended 2 Chainz and Dolla Boy. Soon later, they were recording music together, and Ludacris was also playing their music on his radio shows.

Once Ludacris had struck genuine fame, he brought 2 Chainz and Dolla Boy along with him. He signed them up to his new label, Disturbing Tha Peace with Def Jam Recordings, and by 2007 they’d dropped Supply & Demand, their first studio album.

“Duffle Bag Boy”, their first single, became a bit of a hit, partially due to its appearance by Lil Wayne. It took off even further when Playaz Circle performed the song at Black Entertainment Television’s Hip Hop Awards show.

Two years later, they released Flight 360: The Takeoff, their next album, but it was only right after that that 2 Chainz decided to strike off on his own. This is when he officially changed his name to 2 Chainz from Tity Boy in order to project a more family-friendly image. He launched his new identity with a mixtape, T.R.U. REALigion.

In 2012, 2 Chainz released his first solo album, called Based on a T.R.U. Story. It featured singles such as “No Lie”. The album started off in the top spot on Billboard 200 in the United States, despite mixed reviews. During its first week on the shelves, it sold one hundred forty-seven thousand units.

This success led 2 Chainz to a nearly sold-out worldwide tour, thirteen Black Entertainment Television Hip Hop award nominations, four of the awards, a Man of the Year award from The Source Magazine, and three Grammy nominations, one of which was for Best Rap Album.

2 Chainz also got endorsement deals with Beats By Dre and ADIDAS sneakers thanks to all of this success. Naturally, all of this contributed hugely to the growth of 2 Chainz net worth.

In September 2013, 2 Chainz dropped his second album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time, after making guest appearances on the blockbuster NBC show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the FOX sitcom 2 Broke Girls. The singles for the album included “Feds Watching”, “Used 2”, “Where U Been?”, and “Netflix”.

Unlike his first album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time actually brought 2 Chainz excellent reviews, although it didn’t do quite as well as his first in sales. With that said, it did very well. It hit third place on the Billboard 200 and second on the Top R&B Hip Hop charts.

In May 2014, 2 Chainz dropped a free digital EP called FreeBase, as well as a single, “I’m a Dog”. 2016 saw the release of yet another digital EP called Felt Like Cappin’, which featured a single called “Back On That Bullshit”, and then an album collaboration with Lil Wayne called ColleGrove.

Due to various legal issues with labels, they weren’t able to release it as a joint album, so instead, it officially came out as a 2 Chainz album that just so happened to include Lil Wayne on 8 of the songs. This album was extremely well-reviewed by the media industry.

That same year, 2 Chainz put out a mixtape called Daniel Son: Necklace Don, as well as one called Hibachi for Lunch. And the next year, 2 Chainz put out his fourth official full album. This one was Pretty Girls Like Trap Music and featured songs such as “Big Amount”, “Good Drank”, “4 AM”, and “It’s a Vibe”.

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music got 2 Chainz’s best reviews of his career. It was partially thanks to appearances by people such as Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams, and Travis Scott.

In 2017, 2 Chainz started to host a TV show for the Viceland channel. It was called Most Expensivest and featured 2 Chainz traveling to various places to show off luxury goods and lifestyles. The show last three seasons and ran until he start of 2019.

That same year, 2 Chainz released his fourth album, Rap or Go to the League, and in the next year, 2020, 2 Chainz dropped a sequel to ColleGrove, namely ColleGrove 2. Later that year, he put out his next full album, So Help Me God!, whose debut single was “Quarantine Thick”, in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

2 Chainz Singing

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2 Chainz: Early Life

2 Chainz or Tity Boy was born on the twelfth of September, 1977, with the name Tauheed K. Epps. The hospital in which his mother gave birth to him was located in the area of College Park in Georgia, United States of America.

As a teenager, 2 Chainz went to high school at North Clayton High School, where he was an extremely impressive student. Upon graduating, he was actually second only to the valedictorian in terms of his strong grade point average. He also did well-playing basketball on the school’s team.

During that time, however, 2 Chainz also had some run-ins with the law. He was a drug dealer, who mainly provided marijuana to his fellow students but at the age of fifteen was arrested for possessing cocaine.

Despite that, 2 Chainz still managed to get those impressive grades and finish school with a genuinely strong standing, which led to a scholarship from Alabama State University. While there, in addition to playing basketball, he continued to excel at his grades, even provoking rumors he denies of a 4.0 grade point average.

In response to these rumors, he has himself said, “Don’t believe anything on Wackipedia. There’s a lot of false stuff on there, to the point that every time I try to fix one thing, something else comes out.”

The truth of the matter is that he actually ended up transferring to Virginia State University for mysterious reasons. “I got into some trouble” is all he would admit to.

2 Chainz’s Personal Life and Family

2 Chainz has three children. The eldest two are girls. The first, who came into the world on the twenty sixth of July in 2008, was named Heaven. The second is Harmony, and she was born the twentieth of October in 2012. His son was born 3 years later the same month, and also has an H name: namely, Halo.

This entire time, 2 Chainz had been seeing the same woman, who had given birth to all three of his kids. He has since married her, in mid-2018. Her name is Kesha Ward.

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2 Chainz’s Social Media Influence

2 Chainz, like many people in the entertainment industry, has a robust social media presence. This helps build and maintain his popularity and fame, which in turn contributes to 2 Chainz net worth.

He is an extremely popular and talented artist who posts frequently on all of his social media platforms and seems to always highly enjoy engaging with his fans in multiple ways.


2 Chainz has an official public verified Facebook account. His account handle on Facebook is @2Chainz. On this platform, he has nearly nine million followers. 2 Chainz mainly uses his account to post video clips of his music videos, public appearances, interviews, etc.

He also posts photos of himself and his family and friends. He also includes pictures of himself at various events and information about his upcoming albums, music, live concert events, and more. He also posts plugs for his various endorsement deals and different products with which he is connected.


2 Chainz has an official public verified Twitter account. His account handle on Twitter on which he posts his tweets to his followers is @2chainz, all lowercase, unlike on Facebook. He also lists his other professional name there, Tity Boi. On this platform, he has 4.4 million followers and is following 724 people.

2 Chainz uses his Twitter account to plug his music, which makes sense given that’s where 2 Chainz net worth mainly came from, his huge music sales. He also uses his Twitter to post thoughts and observations and speak directly to his massive fan base.

He also posts links to purchase his merchandise, as well as gives fans information about all of his latest upcoming live appearances, concerts, events, interviews, articles, and so on and so forth.


2 Chainz has an official public verified Instagram account. Like Twitter, it’s under the account handle @2chainz, all lower case. Instagram is by far 2 Chainz’ most popular and successful social media account. His follower count here is 10.9 million people as of the current date, and he is following 899 people in return.

2 Chainz uses his Instagram account to post candid photos of himself, video clips of himself speaking to his fans and rapping, clips from his live shows, clips from his music videos, posters for upcoming events he’s participating in, links to merchandise, and so on and so forth.

2 Chainz net worth is clearly helped by the amount of music he is able to sell by plugging himself on this extremely popular platform.


2 Chainz does not seem to currently have an active professional LinkedIn business account. This is not surprising given a lot of people in the entertainment and music industries don’t seem to have a need for the exact sort of networking that this social media platform tends to provide.

Should 2 Chainz sign up for a LinkedIn account at any point in the future, however, we will be sure to update this page with that information in order to keep our readers apprised of all of the latest news about 2 Chainz’s life and career.


2 Chainz has official public verified TikTok account, as many rappers and other people in the music industry tend to, particularly ones with the level of 2 Chainz net worth. On this platform, he has one million followers, along with a stunning 10.9 million likes.

He himself is impressively following 0 people in response, which gives a good indication of his huge popularity, as he doesn’t need to follow anyone to maintain those fantastic numbers. 2 Chainz uses his TikTok to post funny videos of himself, clips of himself performing, various bits of his music videos and music, and more.

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2 Chainz: Height, Weight

2 Chainz’s height is estimated to be at about 6 feet, 6 inches, which is about 198 in centimeters. 2 Chainz’s weight is not a matter of the public records but it is estimated as being at about 194 pounds, or 88 kilos. 2 Chainz’s hair color is black. 2 Chainz’s eye color is dark brown.

2 Chainz Net Worth & Bio Summary

Name2 Chainz
Real NameTauheed K. Epps
Place of BirthCollege Park, Georgia, USA
Net Worth Estimate$9 Million