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Fredo Bang Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth Now?

Fredo Bang Net Worth Estimate:

Fredo Bang net worth is estimated as being at between about $750,000 dollars and $1 million dollars. The majority of Fredo Bang’s net worth comes from his as of yet still very short career as a rap singer, in the form of his album sales both physical and digital, his online streaming, and his live in person concert performances.

Who is Fredo Bang?


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Fredo Bang is a rap artist also known as Bang Man whose real name is Frederick Dewon Thomas Givens II still at the start of his career. He has released one fairly well received album to date called Most Hated via his record label, Def Jam Recordings and Se Lavi Productions.

His most famous songs are “Top”, which includes an appearance by the rap singer Lil Durk, and “Oouuh”. He was born in Louisiana in the Baton Rouge area. While he has released an album, and made some money, he is not yet a super star of the genre like Bizzy Bone.

Fredo Bang’s Career


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Fredo Bang’s career really started to take off initially thanks to his successful song “Oouuh”, which dropped in 2018. Since then he has had a lot of extremely big hits thanks to his posting them on YouTube.

Fredo Bang’s music videos for his songs such as “Trust Issues”, “Father”, and “Top”, as well as “Oouuh” have all done so well on the platform that they’ve all received more than twenty million views each. This is a formidable accomplishment for anyone in the industry, let alone someone so young and relatively new to the scene.

Fredo Bang’s clout continued to grow when the famous rapper Moneybagg Yo invited him to appear on his song “Spin On Em”, especially when a music video was finally released, featuring Fredo Bang prominently. Additionally, Fredo Bang’s close friends and producers Hardbody B-Eazy and DJ Chose produced it.

After having released a bunch of mixtapes, including 2 Face Bang, Big Ape, and Pain Made Me Numb, Fredo Bang’s first full album to be recorded in a studio dropped in April 2020. It was called Most Hated, and did fairly well, hitting the Billboard 200 and eventually reaching the one hundred and tenth slot.

Additionally, it also managed to hit the top position in the Breakthrough 25 Chart in Rolling Stone, as part of their edition released in May of 2020. Also impressively, it received seventy nine million streams over the course of a 6 month period immediately after it dropped online.

The singles released for Fredo Bang’s Most Hated were called “Vest Up”, “Yo Slime”, “Waitin 4”, “Trust Issues”, “Saucy”, and “Traffic”. Every single one also had an accompanying music video shot to promote it that each came out the day of or the day after initial release.

Most Hated was met with reviews that were good, if not stellar. In HipHopDX, reviewer Josh Svetz said that “while it doesn’t quite hit the mark, Fredo’s willingness to experiment, coupled with refined production choices, shows he’s not content with being just another face in the crowd.”

Fan reviews posted on were similarly mixed. One of the users, called whybegin, wrote, “Ultimately there’s not really anything making him sound distinct from similar artists on here, but there’s quality production and he knows how to flow pretty well over it.

“I’d still argue he’s best when paired with features because they just tend to be way more interesting than him. Best Tracks: Get Even, Air It Out, and Traffic.”

Meanwhile, bprg wrote, “There is just nothing separating Fredo from any other generic Trap artist. He clearly has the potential to release better music than this, evident from hooks on the first 2 tracks he can be quite versatile.”

Quincy from the review site Ratings Game Music was more positive towards the album. He wrote, “Most Hated is trap gold. Throughout the album, you get beats that do everything in its power to knock pictures off of walls, lyrics that are as trill as it gets, rap deliveries that are explosive, and melodies that are Migo-Esque.

“If you are a fan of authentic southern music, you will love Most Hated.”

Fredo Bang’s second album came out later that same year in 2020 and was a tribute to his deceased friend, Da Real Gee Money. He called it In the Name of Gee (Still Most Hated), and it reached the fortieth slot on Billboard’s 200. It had an impressive fifteen tracks.

The fifteen tracks were: How It Go, No Security, Second Line, Southside, Top, Lonely, Freak, Tap In, Lately, Clock Out, Monsters, Dangerous, Receipts, Yeah Yeah (a posthumous duet with Da Real Gee Money), and In Gee We Trust.

Fredo Bang: Early Life

Fredo Bang was born in Baton Rouge in Louisiana in the United States of America on the 29th of March in 1996. His full name at birth was Frederick Dewon Thomas Givens II. Fredo Bang was raised by his mom and stepfather. His mom was a teacher who divorced his birth father when Fredo was only a one year old.

After the divorce, Fredo Bang’s mom married his stepdad, who owned a cleaning company. He grew up with 5 brothers and 4 sisters. Two of his very good friends when he was growing up were Da Real Gee Money and Krazy Trey, also well known rappers both of whom were ultimately murdered, Krazy Trey in 2017, Da Real Gee Money in 2014.

Fredo Bang attended high school but didn’t stay in college long. He left the school he had been attending and instead decided to focus on making music, which he started to do in 2015. Being talented, it didn’t take long for people to take notice of him and he soon gained a large, devoted fan base.

Fredo Bang also found himself involved in a great deal of trouble around this period of his life as well. He began hanging around with a bad crowd and becoming involved with a lot of violence and poor influences. This culminated in him ending up in prison for two and a half years.

Fredo Bang had been convicted of the crime of attempted murder in the second degree, after he was arrested for shooting someone in 2015. Additional charges included illegally using a firearm, and aggravated property damage. Despite the sentence having ultimately been for forty years, he got out much sooner, in May 2018.

This was probably due to good behavior. Fredo Bang was a model prisoner while locked up and spent the majority of his time in confinement practicing his rapping and continuing to further hone the talents he had already had in music.

Once he was released, he picked up his career in rapping where he’d left out, only this time taking better care to avoid negative associations and crime, and as a result his career as a rap star has taken off over the course of a relatively brief period of time.

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Fredo Bang’s Personal Life and Family

Fredo Bang is heavily tattooed. The majority of them are located on his arms and upper body. Fredo Bang doesn’t consider himself to be a part of any given religion but he does believe that God exists, and he does identify as being a spiritual individual in that sense.

As far as we know, he does not have a romantic partner or children of his own. However, he is guardian to the children of his friend Gee Money ever since his murder.

After getting out of prison in 2020 for a sentence that was initially for forty years, Fredo Bang is technically still now on parole, which will continue until the year 2023.

This wasn’t Fredo Bang’s only run in with the law, either. In July of 2021, Fredo Bang was once again arrested, this time due to a fugitive warrant thanks to a parole violation committed in Louisiana by having left without permission. He was arrested only the day after a colleague of his, Lit Yoshi, was as well, in his case for attempted murder.

Fredo Bang’s Social Media Influence


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Fredo Bang has an account on each of all of the major social media platforms. He doesn’t have as enormous a following as one might expect from some people in the music and entertainment industry but his career has also been relatively brief by this point so one expects it will continue to develop and grow over the years.


Fredo Bang has an official public verified Facebook account. On this platform, he has four hundred forty two thousand followers. His account handle is @fredobangbiz. His posts tend to consist of photos of himself, video and audio clips of his music, both upcoming and already available, and plugs for various items.

These include merch such as branded clothing and other assorted things to buy, as well as sales on his various products. He also posts about upcoming live events and performances, his appearances on various platforms, clips of things his colleagues and friends are putting out that he wants to draw attention to, and so on and so forth.


Fredo Bang has an official public verified Twitter account. His account handle from which he tweets is @FredoBang. As Twitter’s system isn’t case sensitive, however, the account can either be accessed by that method or by typing it in all lowercase.

He currently lists his Twitter name as “It’s Tha Bang Man”. Bang Man is another name he goes by.

On this platform, he has nearly two hundred nineteen thousand followers and is himself following three hundred eighty five people in return. His tweets tend to includes photos of himself, sometimes with friends, clips from his music videos and concert performances, and inspirational messages from himself to his fans.

He also often retweets fans, friends, and colleagues, often quote re-tweeting with comments.


Fredo Bang has an official public verified Instagram account, and it’s by far his most popular platform. On this account, he has two million followers and is himself following only nine hundred sixty six people in return. His handle, as with Twitter, is simply @fredobang, although in this case, all of the letters are in lowercase format.

On his Instagram account, Fredo Bang posts photos of himself, sometimes with friends, sometimes posing in professional shots, sometimes candids off of a smartphone. He also includes plugs for his music and merchandise, album and single covers, information about upcoming live appearances, and more.


Fredo Bang does not seem to currently have a public LinkedIn business account. This is perhaps not all that surprising given people in the entertainment and music industries often don’t seem to have the need for the precise sort of business networking that LinkedIn tends to provide.

With that said, should the situation change and Fredo Bang sign up for an account at any point in the future, we will be sure to update this page with the relevant information, so that we can help keep our readers informed about all of the latest Fredo Bang news, both professional and personal.


Fredo Bang has an official public verified TikTok account. On this platform, the account handle he posts under is @fredobangbigape. His number of followers on his TikTok account is nearly five hundred eighty seven thousand people, and he has nearly four million likes. He himself is only following sixty people in return.

He mostly uses his TikTok account to post funny videos of himself, along with clips from his life, music, live performances, and more. He will also often post videos of himself with his kid, in order to allow his fans in to seeing more intimate aspects of his life, in addition to those of his career and his music.

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Fredo Bang: Height, Weight

Fredo Bang’s height is not in the public record but it is estimated to be at five feet, ten inches, which is one hundred seventy eight in centimeters. Fredo Bang’s weight is not in the public record but it is estimated to be at about one hundred twenty seven pounds, or fifty seven kilos.

Fredo Bang’s eye color is black. Fredo Bang’s hair color is black. Fredo Bang’s shoe size is 8 in United States size.

Fredo Bang Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameFredo Bang
Real NameFrederick Dewon Thomas Givens II
Place of BirthBaton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Net Worth Estimate$1 Million