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Sauce Walka Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

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Sauce Walka net worth as an artist was built out of shrewd business decisions and investments.

The Houston hip-hop scene is bustling with music borne out verve, creative vitality and ingenuity, but among the numerous acts on the scene that are currently making waves, Sauce Walka remains a formidable artist to be reckoned with.

During his time so far as a popular hip-hop artist, Sauce Walka’s net worth has grown steadily. Despite starting in 2007, he has maintained his popularity while gaining new fans and sustaining existing ones through his distinct style that mixes street-savvy slang, charismatic lyricism and his characteristic Houston-town flair.

Here’s a look into Sauce Walka’s net worth and his career so far:

Who Is Sauce Walka?

Sauce Walka (real name Albert Walker Mondane) was born on June 29, 1990, as the son of famous wrestler Al Rage Walker. He is a famous rapper and social media influencer and sometimes adopts the monikers “Drip God” and “Sauce Father.”

Sauce Walka’s father was an intermittent presence in his life as he grew up, and he was primarily nurtured by his mother, who struggled with drug addiction. Aside from his stint as a wrestler, Sauce Walka’s dad also explored rapping and was known by the moniker ‘Star Baby.’

Sauce Walka has never shied away from his street affiliations, often inspiring his music. Houston’s street life is the central theme in his music, and he has admitted to having to pimp and deal drugs to get money. The dysfunctional home setting in which he grew up predisposed him towards street dealing.

Sauce Walka’s Birth and Early Beginnings


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Sauce Walker was born in Houston, Texas. He had his childhood beginnings in the city and has remained a proud proponent of the city’s culture through his music and his investments. His influence in the hip-hop scene in Houston, helping to push several homegrown talents through his label.

Houston street slang is often incorporated in his music. The ingenuity involved in his creation of slangs stems from his affiliation with Houston street culture he grew up with.

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Sauce Walka’s Net Worth

Sauce Walka is one of the wealthiest rappers in hip-hop today. Sauce Walka’s estimated net worth is over 5 million dollars. His central earning avenue is through his investments in music. He generates a lot of money through his mixtapes and albums.

In addition to his earnings from music sales, he earns a lot from touring America and other countries regularly. His multi-national earning is made possible by his ever-growing fan base. He also runs the record label The Sauce Factory, home to up to seven artists.

Sauce Walka earns royalties from the artists’ music on his label. It is purported that he earns up to $3million a year as a label head.

He also earns money as an influencer due to his considerable social media presence (his Instagram followers are over a million and he regularly gets millions of views on his Youtube videos) and has investments in cryptocurrency.

Sauce Walka is also an avid businessman with a portfolio that includes a gym, a retail store and real estate investment. Sauce Walka has plans to develop and produce a brand of barbecue sauce which would add to Sauce Walka’s net worth.

Sauce Walka’s Career

The Houston indie-rap phenomenon performs these days as part of the duo Sauce Twinz, which he collaborated with Sancho Saucey. The two met up as they were both hustlers in the city. Sancho Saucey is an offspring of a notorious Houston gangster, and Sauce Walka has his Blood Piru gang affiliations.

Performing as a duo with Sancho Saucey, Sauce Walka differs from the classic DJ Screw sound that has remained prevalent in Houston hip-hop through many contemporary artists. However, certain elements from Houston hip-hop, like lingo/slang, are still present in their music.

Sauce Twinz has majorly avoided the hi-hat, soulful Houston sound and opted for a sound centered on Atlanta’s trap-heavy 808s sound.

He is well-known for his inventive use of slang. For example, Sauce Walka once claimed to invent the slang term “drip” in Hot 97. In addition, he used the stage name “A-Walka” during the early days, inspired by his time as a member of the street gang Mash Mode.

While he may not command nationwide popularity, Sauce Walka is very loved in Houston. He successfully promoted his “the sauce” movement/mantra in Houston.

Sauce Walka’s estimated net worth has improved since he created The Sauce Factory label, promoting upcoming rappers like Sosamann and Sauce Miyagi.

He has been a part of several controversies, especially his encounters with law enforcement agencies. In 2009, he was indicted for a gun-related incident. He pleaded guilty to deadly conduct after his involvement in a shooting that led to the injury of a concert-goer.

The Houston Police had previously linked him to a street gang that participated in criminal activities. Sauce Walka has repeatedly denied the allegation of his label being a front for criminal activities.

He credits his songs’ lyrical content and nature to influences from his childhood. His childhood experiences have made him relatable to many of his listeners since his listeners identify with his struggles. In his songs, he’s admitted how his father left him and his brother to fend for themselves.

Sauce Walka has pushed “The Sauce” credo in his songs and albums throughout his career. His “sauce” motto has resulted in several hits throughout his career, most notably “Texas Cyclone” from 2019 and “Ghetto Gospel” in 2018.

His inclusion of “the Sauce” in his work makes for easy recognition. His debut mixtape was released in 2014 and titled “In Sauce We Trust.” Another mixtape titled “Sorry 4 the Sauce” was released the following year.

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Three more mixtapes followed in the same year: “Sorry 4 The Sauce 2”,” Sauce Theft Auto: Splash Andreas,” and “Don’t Let the Sauce Fool U.” His prolific nature in that time indicated an artist who doesn’t suffer much from writer’s block and who is quite spontaneous with his writing, recording and release processes.

His most significant controversy to date remains the dis track “Wack to Wack” directed at Drake back in 2015. He attacked Drake for copying styles from the Houston hip-hop scene and adopting slang. In addition, the dis used the backing track to Yo Gotti’s “Errybody.” Sauce Walka said:

 “Ngga comes down and uses our culture for lyrical content and ain’t giving sh**t back but a family fun day and some money to some hoes he’s tricking on in the club. You f**king idiot. This b*tch ass n*gga made music with artists from everywhere but Houston.

 Drake responded in May 2015, reiterating his love for Houston hip-hop:

“I don’t give a f**k what any ni**a ever says about me. This is a place that I love with all my heart.”

Sauce Walka replied to Drake’s comments during the Houston Appreciation Week of that year, claiming that Drake did not show true love to the city and had not collaborated with any artists from Houston.

In “Wack to Wack,” Walka made claims of Drake having unprotected sex with a popular Houston stripper called “Jhonni Blaze” and contacting an STD in the process. During the period, his beef with Drake made Drake cancel other shows scheduled in Houston at the time.

A peculiar feature about the Sauce Twinz is their branding as preachers of “The Sauce” religion. They never tag themselves as rappers. Instead, they see themselves as spiritual leaders spreading the gospel of “The Sauce.”

They are still committed to the streets, too, unlike most street rappers who set the street life aside once they get a foothold in the music industry.

He has successfully collaborated with several artists like Maxo Kream, Lil B, Migos, Boosie Badazz, 21 Savage, Shy Glizzy and XXXTentacion.

Some of Sauce Walka’s notable songs include A Bag, Mr. Drip Doe; No L’s, Yeah Yeah, The Kid That Did, Oh Yeah, Drip Some Flava Den, We Paid, Rich Holiday, Too Much Sauce, Like Nothing, Ring Around the Rosie, No Heart, My Drip Tape Done, Splash on ’Em, Walk in the Club and Still Ain’t Rich.

His 2018 single “Ghetto Gospel” has over 25 million streams on streaming platforms. He also claims to have turned down overtures from Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation because he’s firmly dedicated to remaining independent.

Sauce Walka’s Sex Tape Controversy

In May 2020, Sauce Walka announced that he planned to release a sex tape he made with the popular cam girl BambiDoe on OnlyFans. The tape was teased on Instagram with suggestive photos of him shirtless with a woman whose body is displayed, but her face is barred. He directed his Instagram followers to the link included in his bio.

He later claimed that he made over $2million from Bambidoe’s Onlyfans exploits, and he impregnated her as a thank you for her work. BambiDoe isn’t the only model under Sauce Walka’s control. He has claimed to manage an extra two women who happen to be Caucasian.

Sauce Walka’s Love Life


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Information about Sauce Walka’s love life is hard to come by due to the rapper’s secretive stance on his love life. In November 2017, Sauce Walka was linked to a woman who called him his boyfriend in a video posted by him.

Later he denied she was his partner claiming they were exes. In 2019, he was linked with a lady named Ashleigh Smith-Walker after photos of him walking with her to prom surfaced. He later revealed she was his relative.

Sauce Walka reportedly has a daughter with whom he spends time with but the identity of the mother is unknown. He also recently welcomed a new baby with BambiDoe.

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Sauce Walka’s ‘Artist Credit Card’

In collaboration with music technology company Create Music Group, Sauce Walka helped debut the Create Carbon artist credit card. The credit card was designed to aid artists in quickly accessing the royalties earned from their music.

The Create Carbon Card uses data from streaming on platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music to accurately predict the earnings labels owe artists.

Sauce Walka’s involvement in the Create Carbon artist credit card is another addition to his long line of financial moves. Back in June 2020, he purchased an $11million waterfront Miami mansion in addition to a $250,000 diamond teardrop implant.

Walka’s Attempted Shooting Controversy

In early 2021, a gang of gunmen attempted to murder Sauce Waka at his studio. He had previously held a “PaperWork Party” in which he exposed people who were snitches. This allegedly upset the gunman about Sauce Walka revealing his identity to the general public and Sauce Walka’s claims that the gunman was cooperating with the police.

Sauce Walka publicized this claim by placing the gunman’s paperwork posters all over Houston. The gunman (Blika 100) was unhappy and placed a $20,000 reward for anyone who could get Sauce Walka’s chain.

Sauce Walka was on Instagram live broadcasting his “paperwork” party when gunshots rang out at the studio. Despite the occurrence, no one was harmed, and Sauce Walka continued to berate Blika 100 during the rest of his Instagram live broadcast.

Sauce Walka: A Man with Long-Running Feud with Young Thug

Sauce Walka and Young Thug have long had a tumultuous relationship. During the quarantine period in 2020, Young Thug claimed rappers were giving discounts for feature verses on Instagram. He claimed such rappers were better off crowdsourcing with Go-Fund-Me.

This did not sit well with Sauce Walka, who had earlier promoted discount verses by rappers signed to his label via his Instagram page. Sauce Walka responded to Young Thug with a strong-worded video with homophobic slurs.

He rebutted Thugger’s claims, stating his superiority over Young Thug due to his status as n independent artist and Thugger’s reliance on the apparatus of a major label. The rock nature of the relations between the two rappers does not seem like it will smoothen out any time soon.

Sauce Walka Net Worth Summary

NameSauce Walka
Real nameAlbert Walker Mondane
pet nameSaucegoku
OccupationHip-hop artist
Net Worth Estimate$5Million
Dating BambiDoe
Weight168 pounds (76kg)
Height175cm (5'9")
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Zodiac SignCancer
Year of Appearance2007