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Riff Raff Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Riff Raff Net Worth Estimate

Riff Raff net worth is estimated to be at about $7 million. The majority of Riff Raff’s net worth has come from his successful rap career in the music industry.

Amongst his assets are a lot of extravagant jewelry, whose combined value comes to over $500,000, and he used to own a huge purple mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada worth approximately $2 million, which he named the “Codeine Castle”.

He also wrote and recorded a rap song about it called “Codeine Castle FREESTYLE”.

Who is Riff Raff?

LOS ANGELES - FEB 10 Riff Raff arrives at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA

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Riff Raff is a rapper whose actual name is Horst Christian Simco. Other names he’s gone by over the years are MTV Riff Raff, Jody Highroller, Brendan Hallihan, and Dale Dan Tony. He’s a former member of Three Loco, a musical group that also featured rappers Dirt Nasty and Andy Milonakis.

His albums include Neon Icon, Peach Panther, Aquaberry Aquarius, Cool Blue Jewels, and Pink Python. His life has also been plagued with a number of legal issues, including multiple sexual assault allegations made against him.

Riff Raff’s Career

2005 is when Riff Raff’s career in rapping had its official start. He started out small, making recordings of himself rapping over tracks by various popular artists. Riff was particularly inspired by rap artists such as Paul Wall and Devin the Dude, both of whom were successful and popular, and also from Texas like him.

He would burn them on to CDs and hand them out for free to customers at mall locations all around Houston. One of them was Katy Mills Mall. He also managed to release more of his music into the world by taking advantage of the opportunities the internet and social media afforded him.

Beginning in 2008, he got a manager, named DB da Boss, who helped him record professional videos and music. Under the auspices of da Boss, Riff Raff started posting his songs, videos of himself freestyle rapping, and even comedy clips featuring him doing slapstick humor, to his YouTube channel, MySpace page, and more.

According to da Boss, in an interview he gave with LA Weekly in Los Angeles, Riff Raff was “very driven, very ambitious. You couldn’t deny his work ethic…Underneath that shell is a very intelligent man.” Riff Raff continued to build his song catalogue, image, and profile during this time.

He took inspiration from other Houston rap artists, many of whom were working under the Swishahouse label, such as Slim Thug and Paul Wall. He was particularly inspired by Slim Thug’s look and started braiding his hair like him and decking himself out in bling. He bought most of his jewelry, including golden grills, from Paul Wall’s store in Houston.

During that time, he also continued to sell his CDs, pounding the pavement at various malls and colleges, alongside other up and coming rappers of the time and area. Given he was just as interested in other types of performance and desperately craved fame, he also tried for other sorts of auditions as well.

He went up for various roles for different commercials, along with P. Diddy’s reality show, Making the Band, and then the MTV show From G’s to Gents. This proved to be momentous for him, as he actually was cast in season 2, which led to his MTV neck tat. Unfortunately for him, he only lasted 2 episodes before being cut from the competition, but he managed to be extremely popular amongst fans.

They were taken with his flamboyant attire and the funny lines he said. It wasn’t long after that a rap artist comedian named Simon Rex, who like him blended rap with comedy, contacted him. A big rap music producer called The Alchemist had shown Rex Riff Raff’s videos, and Simon was so impressed, he reached out.

They almost immediately struck up a friendship and formed a rap group, starting out under the moniker Riff Raff and Dirty Nasty. Eventually, their duo became a trio with the addition of Andy Milonakis, and they called themselves Three Loco. The connections these already popular comics brought to his career helped catapult it.

Starting in 2011, Riff Raff switched to Swishahouse management, named OG Ron C. He then decided to move himself out to Los Angeles, California, where he instantly put out even more music videos. His most notable songs from this period are probably “Marc Jacobs” and “Jose Conseco”.

This all went so well for him that later that year, he was signed on by S.O.D. Money Gang, Inc., the label run by famous rap celebrity Soulja Boy. In response, Riff Raff again changed his name to Riff Raff SODMG in honor of the new partnership. This didn’t last long, however, because Soulja Boy wasn’t as behind him as he’d hoped he’d be.

Instead, he made connections with producer Harry Fraud and collaborated with him and Action Branson on a song called “Bird on a Wire”, which did extremely well, being played 1 million times in only about 2 months.

2012 saw the release of a low of other songs, including “Cuz My Gear”, “Time”, and “Larry Bird”. He then was signed by Mad Decent, Diplo’s record label but interestingly released his first album The Golden Alien instead via the independent route. Its most notable songs included “Obtuse Angel” and “Freeze Dried”.

Next, he put out mixtapes called Birth of an Icon and Hologram Panda, as well as the singles, “Dolce & Gabanna”, “The Illest”, and “Mr. Popular”. This was shortly before the release of his second full length studio album release, called Neon Icon. Neon Icon featured the singles “How to Be the Man”, “Introducing the Icon”, and “Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz”.

It received extremely mixed reviews but debuted in the twenty second slot on Billboard 200. It sold around 11,500 units in the US. Pitchfork’s David Drake damned it with particularly faint praise, saying “irony and irreverence can only do so much lifting on a record this thin.

Neon Icon is hardly an affront to hip-hop’s very foundation; instead, it’s an adequate, listenable rap album, and for a part-time rapper/full-time jaw-dropper, there couldn’t be a more damning outcome.” Before his next album came out, Riff Raff released “Spazz Out”, a single, Trench Coat Towers, an EP, and then appeared on various singles with other artists including “Who Wants to Rock” by Flux Pavilion and “Doctor Pepper” with OG Maco, CL, and Diplo.

In June 2016, Riff Raff finally released his second album, this one called Peach Panther. Its biggest single was “Carlos Slim”. It hit 3rd place on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart in the United States, but only 69th place on US Billboard 200.

That same year, Riff Raff partnered with BMG Music and Stampede Management in order to raise money for his new company, Neon Nation Corporation. They ended up raising four million dollars with the goal of creating an entertainment empire of music, films, and global talent.

He then went on to release a bunch of musical collaborations with DJ Afterthought, which including BALLOOWEEN and Aquaberry Aquarius. It featured appearances by Lisa Cimorelli, Wiz Khalkha, Fat Nick & Germ, and Bones.

His next mixtape after that came out and he called it “The White West”, the idea being that he was calling himself the white version of Kanye West. Next up came Riff Raff’s next release, Cool Blue Jewels in 2018. Rappers who appeared in this album were Project Pat, Jimmy Wopo, Wiz Khalifa again, Young Buck, and Chevy Woods. The next one after that was Tangerine Tiger that same year.

And then Riff Raff released yet another full studio album, his third. This one followed the naming convention of his first two and was called Pink Python. The debut single was called “Jazzmine” and was actually inspired by and riffed on the classic Disney song, “A Whole New World” from the hit film, Aladdin. The name was based on Princess Jasmine.

Not long after that, Riff Raff also released his fourth album, Cranberry Vampire.

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Riff Raff: Early Life

Born in Houston, Texas on the 29th of January in 1982, Riff Raff’s name at birth was Horst Christian Simco. He grew up in a Houston suburb called Copperfield with his parents and three siblings, one of who was older and two younger.

His parents were a Vietnam War vet named Ronald, who spent Riff Raff’s childhood suffering from severe PTSD, and a maid whose name was Anita Issacs. Anita came from Shaker Heights, Ohio, and was Jewish, a first-generation American from a family of immigrants several of whom had survived the Holocaust and many of whom had not.

By the mid-80s, Riff Raff’s family moved from Copperfield to Stone Creek, another nearby suburb. He had grown up as a basketball fanatic, often playing the game with his numerous friends in the area. That continued in their new home, when he was a student of Langham Creek High School and joined the basketball team. He was so good, he got the position of shooting guard.

In twelfth grade, however, Riff Raff decided to drop out, and rather than complete the school year in the classroom instead got his GED equivalent in order to gain his high school degree. It was around that time that his parents split up. Not long afterwards, his dad got tonsil cancer, and his dad decided to move to Minnesota, on the advice that the cold air would be better for him and his recovery.

Due to this, Riff Raff and his brother and sisters, Viktor, Claire, and Amber were constantly travelling between Houston and Duluth at the time. Deciding he needed some stability, as well as a college degree, he became at a student at Hibbing, Minnesota’s Hibbing Community College, in 2001.

He signed up as a liberal arts major and briefly played basketball for the school, though that wasn’t to last long. Neither was his time as a student there. He left the school less than two years later and decided to return to Houston, Texas.

There, he started making some money artistically painting cars, and after deciding he was ready, finally moved to Los Angeles, California to kick off his music career in earnest.

Riff Raff’s Personal Life and Family

Riff Raff, as far as we know, is not married and does not have any children. In the past, he was romantically involved with Katy Perry, Cat Marnell, Lil Debbie, Bella Thorne, and others.

Riff Raff is known for being heavily tattooed. He particularly likes logo tattoos. Amongst the logos he has those for the National Basketball Association (given he’s a huge fan), WorldStarHipHop, and MTV. He got the MTV one while auditioning for one of their reality shows in 2009 called From G’s to Gents.

He used to have a tattoo of the Black Entertainment Television (BET) logo, but he ultimately chose to cover it with one of Jody Husky, his beloved dog. He also has a Bart Simpson tattoo, being a huge lifelong fan of the extremely long running animated sitcom.

His most elaborate tat, however, is probably the enormous gothic cross he has on his left side with the words, “Dear Jesus, Please Let Me In, Your Child, Horst Simco” written under it.

Riff Raff Controversies

Riff Raff has faced a lot of legal trouble over the years. In 2013, he was pulled over by cops and then arrested for driving in a car with an open alcohol, not to mention weed, and assorted other drugs. He and the two others in the car with him were all sent to jail, although they were released that night.

In 2018, he had a much bigger issue. He was accused of sexually assaulting a woman after drugging her in Melbourne, Australia. The occurrence had been in 2013 after a concert. As a reaction, his previously announced tour of Australia and New Zealand had to be cancelled when all venues refused to go on with their shows.

A second woman from Milwaukee then came forward as well, accusing him of groping her and making other unwanted sexual advances to her on his tour bus. Then, in 2020, Riff Raff ended up settling a lawsuit centering on yet another allegation of sexual assault, this time against a female prostitute in Nevada.

Riff Raff’s Social Media Influence


Riff Raff has a public Facebook page, which is currently being followed by nearly 550,000 people. He generally uses the account to post photos and videos of himself, clips of his music, plugs for upcoming gigs, bookings and products, as well as to sell his merchandise via his Facebook Shop.


Riff Raff has a public Twitter account, although it’s under his Jody Highroller name. His account handle is, in fact @JODYHIGHROLLER. On this platform, he has just over 613,000 followers and is himself following 3,667 people.

He tends to use this account to post his thoughts and observations, as many people do on Twitter, along with lots of RTS of other people in the music industry as well as friends and fans. He also posts plugs to his own music and merchandise, upcoming events, etc.


As with his Twitter account, Riff Raff’s public Instagram is also under his Jody persona. The account is @jodyhighroller, although here he’s spelled it in lowercase instead of uppercase letters. Either, however, will work to access either account, as neither platform requires case-sensitive searches.

On this platform, he has over a million followers and is himself following 1603. He seems to mainly use his Instagram to post advertisements for his merchandise, though he also sometimes posts pictures of himself and clips from music videos.


Riff Raff does not seem to have a public LinkedIn account at the present time. Should this situation change in the future, we will be sure to update the information on this page to keep you up to date with Riff Raff’s career.


Riff Raff has a public TikTok account. On this platform, he has 211.6 thousand followers, but over 1.9 million likes. He is currently following only 377 people. He tends to use the platform to post funny videos of himself along with gifs and memes.

He doesn’t seem to use it as much for advertisements and plugging as he does on his other social media accounts, though there is of course some of that as well. Not to mention that the account itself is a plug for his material, albeit indirectly.

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Riff Raff: Height, Weight

Riff Raff stands at the impressive height of 6 feet, 2 inches tall, which is 187.6 centimeters. His weight is not publicly available knowledge but it is estimated to be 198.5 pounds, which is 90 kilos. His shoe size is 11 in US measurements.

Riff Raff’s body measurements are as follows: chest – 42 inches (106.68 cm); waist – 34 inches (86.36 cm); biceps – 15 inches (38.1 cm).

Riff Raff’s natural hair color is dark brown, although he tends to dye it often. His eye color is green.

Riff Raff Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameRiff Raff
Real NameHorst Christian Simco
Place of BirthHouston, Texas, USA
Net Worth Estimate$7Million