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Are you looking to learn about Jeff Probst net worth? Well, look no further because you have just stumbled upon an article that will give you information on everything there is to know about the world-famous “Survivor” host and television star.

We are going to discuss not only Jeff Probst’s net worth, but we will also take a deep look at his early life from before he became a star to the accomplishments that he made throughout his career that ultimately turned him into a star.

So, let’s jump straight into it and get to know Jeff Probst in more detail.

Who is Jeff Probst?


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Have you ever watched the reality show called “Survivor?” I am sure that most of us have. Well, if you liked the show then you will without a doubt be a huge fan of Jeff Probst who is not only the executive producer of the show but also the talented and tension-building show host that we have all grown to love over the past few decades.

He kicked off his career in the industry of television entertainment in 1996 which shows that the star has plenty of professional experience behind his name. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most popularly known and respected television hosts of this day and age.

If you need some more proof of this, you may be surprised to realize that Jeff Probst has been awarded with, not one, but 4 Primetime Emmy Awards. Those are more Primetime Emmy Awards than a majority of highly successful television hosts have earned throughout their professional careers.

This most likely explains why Jeff Probst net worth is as significant as it is. The survivor host is also loved among the ladies for what has been called “devilishly handsome looks” in a media report.

Although being the host of Survivor is probably Jeff Probst’s greatest accomplishment and the accomplishment that he is most famous for, he did not stay idle in his role. As a matter of fact, over the years he took on a variety of additional projects, all of which he was highly successful at.

For starters, he acted as the host and producer of his very own reality show. The show was named “The Jeff Probst Show” and it was regarded highly enough for it to be aired on CBC which is yet another great honor that the television star received.

He also doubled as an actor in case you thought that hosting television shows was the only thing that Jeff Probst could do. As a matter of fact, he acted in two seasons of the series called “Two and a Half Men” which a majority of us are also familiar with.

This means that Jeff appeared on two of the most famous shows in television history. Who is Jeff Probst you ask? He is a legend and a role model in the field of hosting television programs.

On top of that, he is an innovative individual who can juggle being both the host and the producer of his own reality show. To add the cherry on the top, Jeff Probst is also a man of many talents who proved that his acting skills are just as good as his hosting skills.

So, now that we’ve answered the question of who the television star is, the next question to answer is, “What is Jeff Probst net worth? Let’s delve a little bit deeper into that.

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Jeff Probst Net Worth

Due to the fact that Jeff was the host of two popular television shows and doubled as an actor in the Two and a Half Men series, it is safe to assume that Jeff Probst’s net worth is not going to be a small amount. As a matter of fact, many people have asked whether he is a billionaire.

The truth is that he is, quite unfortunately, not a billionaire just yet. However, Jeff Probst net worth is estimated to be an amount of roughly 50 million dollars. So, regardless of the fact that he is not a billionaire, the television star is still worth an immense amount of money and can probably buy or do anything that his heart desires.

I’m not sure about you, but with that kind of net worth, I wouldn’t fret too much over not being a billionaire.

Early Life

Jeff Probst was born in Kansas City in the United States of America on the 4th of November, 1961. Believe it or not, as ordinary as it sounds, Jeff Probst is actually somewhat of a stage name that the television star uses.

As a matter of fact, his real name is Jefferey Lee Probst but I guess that he assumed that his birth name was a bit of a mouthful which caused him to shorten it for public use.

He was born into a normal family with his father being Jerry Probst and his mother being Barbara Probst. Jerry did not grow up having everything that he wanted handed to him on a silver platter. As a matter of fact, his family’s wealth fell in the bracket of being a middle-class household.

On top of that, the television star was not the only mouth that his family had to feed. Jerry Probst is in actual fact one of three children. He has two younger brothers and since he is the eldest of the three siblings he had to take on a lot more responsibility than his two brothers did.

Being a television host also was not Jerry’s first choice of career, but he always knew that he wanted to be an entertainer. He dreamed of being a storyteller from a very young age which isn’t too far off from the career that he ended up in.

When Jerry was only 15 years old, he landed his first job where he waited tables at Elk’s Lodge restaurant. The restaurant owners were actually in search of someone who was 16 years old, but the television star used his excellent communication skills to persuade the hiring manager to give him a chance since his age was only one year less than the required age.

In order to put his persuasion skills to work, he decided to tell a white lie about his age and told the hiring managers that he was in fact 16 years old. Clearly, he was determined to land this job!

He worked harder than he had ever worked before since the hospitality industry is quite fast-paced in nature. Despite the blood, sweat, and tears that he was putting into his job, he was only receiving an hourly rate of two dollars and twenty cents.

During this time, Jeff Probst was pursuing his educational career at Newport High School. He completed his schooling and ended up graduating from high school and receiving his diploma in 1979. After completing high school the television star decided to start attending an institute that provides tertiary education.

He decided to enroll at Seattle Pacific University, but University did not turn out to be his cup of tea. Jeff pushed through for as long as he could, but in the end, he dropped out of his studies before receiving his Degree. Thankfully, he eventually pulled up his socks and ended up completing his Degree program at the very same university.

Now that we know more about where Jeff Probst came from, his social and economical background, and how he developed into becoming the much-loved television star that he is today, let us delve a little bit deeper into his life and take a look at what he has accomplished throughout his career.

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Due to the fact that he dropped out of college and was not qualified to do a majority of jobs, Jeff Probst’s net worth was most likely close to zero dollars and zero cents.

So, he knew that he had to make a plan to find a source of income, but he wanted to do this while taking some kind of step into the entertainment industry regardless of how small that step may be.

After a few attempts, he finally succeeded and landed his much sought-after job in the entertainment industry, but it wasn’t the big break that he was looking for.

As a matter of fact, Jeff Probst’s first official entertainment based job was that of narrator for sales and marketing videos that were produced and recorded for a company called Boeing Motion Picture/ Television Studio.

Although this was a mediocre job, Jeff knew that he had at least put his foot in the door and he performed excellently in his role at the production company while waiting for his next big break. In the year 2000 the big break that the television star had been waiting and working for finally arrived.

Jeff Probst was cast as the star host for the reality series “Survivor” which is also where he gained a large percentage of the fame that he has today. During his time as Survivor’s host, Jeff Probst stayed true to his family, and he and his brothers worked closely together on the show to transform it into the success that it was.

A year later, in 2001, People Magazine gave the television star a bit of an ego boost by publishing a flattering article that named him as the most attractive man of the year.

In 2003, Jeff participated in “Celebrity Jeopardy” for the second time since his rise to fame which shows that hosting a single show instantly transformed him into a celebrity.

Let’s fast forward a few years. Hosting television programs was not the only thing that the star did with his time. He also didn’t go gallivanting and refused to waste his potential. So, Jeff Probst net worth was not only used for his own pleasures but also to start a charity program that he called “The Serpentine Project.”

The purpose of this project was to enable children who are stuck in the foster care system to reach their dreams by providing them with the right skills and opportunities. He started the project in 2007 and later joined hands with The Alliance For Children’s Rights.

A year later, in 2008, Jeff Probst developed “Live For The Moment” which was a reality television series that he created for none other than CBS. The show revolved around helping terminally ill individuals fulfill their final wish by taking them to whichever place their heart desires.

This is yet another charitable project that Jeff Probst was involved in which shows that outside and inside of his career, he is always willing to make a change and help the world in whichever way he can.

On the 1st of April 2009, the television star appeared as a cash register on another reality show that was called “I Get That a Lot.” Since he was already sought-after by CBS he was invited to appear in the show by the company once again.

As a matter of fact, Jeff Probst worked in such close unison with CBS that they allowed him to create his own show under their brand that was called “The Jeff Probst Show.” The show was a daytime talk show, but due to the fact that the first season of the show did not generate enough views, CBS decided to cancel it without releasing a second season.

A few years later, in 2013 Jeff Probst produced the popular television series “Stranded” which was an adventure-based series about people getting stranded on a desolate island. He worked in close collaboration with Christopher Tebbetts who helped him turn the show that was targeted at middle-school children into a roaring success.

So, Jeff Probst’s net worth did not come easy. He slowly climbed his way up the entertainment ladder until he got to exactly where he wanted to be.

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So, what is Jeff Probst net worth and who is he really? One thing that I can say is that the television star who is worth approximately 50 million dollars is one of the best television hosts of his time. As a matter of fact, he is on the top 3 list of television hosts that almost anyone would know of or recognize.

Jeff Probst did not start off at the top. He started his journey as a waiter, landed his first job as a sales and marketing video narrator, and slowly climbed his way to the top of the food chain until he finally got his big break which led to his close partnership with CBS.

On top of that, Jeff has gone out of his way to help underprivileged children reach their goals by starting his own charity program.

He also participated in a reality show that was aimed at taking terminally ill patients on their final adventure of a lifetime which shows that Jeff Probst has heart along with talent.

NameJeff Probst
Real NameJeffrey Lee Probst
Date of Birth4 November 1961
Place of BirthWichita, Kansas, United States
Net Worth Estimate$50 mіllіоn