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Paul McBeth Net Worth | How Much Is He Worth?

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Paul McBeth net worth has earned him a place among the topmost affluent disc golfers in history. Of 213,637 registered golf players, Paul McBeth has not finished outside of second place in a World Championship for nine years.

This has earned him recognition and respect both at home and abroad. His numerous achievements have also made people curious about him. Sports lovers want to know about the young player making waves in the disc golf sport.

Due to the several sponsorships, he has received, there have been some controversies about Paul McBeth net worth. However, we’ll give you the details of Paul Mcbeth and his earnings in a bit.

Paul McBeth net worth is one of the many questions we’ll answer in this article. We will cover his age, background, family, career, awards, and more. If you’re also curious about Paul McBeth , like the rest of the world is, here’s an excellent place to start.


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Who Is Paul McBeth?

As famous as Paul McBeth is, some people still do not know about him. Some people tend to confuse him for a golf player because of golf popularity over disc golf.

As similar as golf is to disc golf, the two games are different. They have similar rules, but different styles and equipment are used for playing.

Paul McBeth is a professional disc golf player. Records have placed him as one of the most famous disc golf players globally. Ever since Paul started playing professionally, he has had several achievements.

In the first year of his professional career, he bagged the PDGA male rookie of the year award. That was after playing in 29 professional events that year. From 2012 to 2015, Paul won the PDGA world championships four times consecutively. And since 2008, he’s been finishing the PDGA championship as either the first or second player.

There are several other markers to define his success. However, Paul McBeth net worth has been used to describe him as successful in the past few years.

He recently signed a $10 million sponsorship with Discraft. Since then, he has been tagged as one of the wealthiest disc golf players.

Paul has also played in other major disc golf championships which we will cover in a bit.

Apart from Paul McBeth net worth, there are lots of other things to learn about your him. For example, Paul McBeth Foundation, which we will touch under his personal life.

Paul McBeth has become an icon in the sports of disc golf. And a must-know for every individual interested in the sport. And his name will forever be ingrained in history.

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Paul McBeth’s Place of Birth and Early Life

The professional American disc golf player was born in Huntington Beach, California, USA. Paul was born on July 9, 1990, to parents of Mexican descent. While his mother is fully Mexican, his dad is part Mexican.

Paul comes from a large extended family. His mom has 8 siblings, and his dad has 7. Paul himself has only two younger siblings; Jon and Adam. They grew up in Huntington Beach, California, with their mother. It was where Paul spent most of his life. Paul’s dad wasn’t a significant part of his life while growing up. However, they have a good relationship now because they share an interest in disc golf.

Paul started playing disc golf when he was very young. He and his dad would play together at Huntington Beach Central Park. However, Paul says he didn’t enjoy the sport because he didn’t like being with his dad.

Instead, he enjoyed playing baseball. And he was greatly encouraged by his grandfather. His mom, on the other hand, was just indifferent toward sports.

Paul attended Huntington Beach High School as per his mom’s wishes. He’d often go to the disc golf course down his school’s street. In an interview, Paul said he didn’t have many friends while in high school. And that was the reason he resumed playing disc golf.

Soon, he started playing in the Junior League on Saturdays. After playing in the 16 and under division of the PDGA championship in 2005, he eventually became a pro in 2007.

Paul McBeth’s Personal Life and Family

While Paul didn’t have his father around him while growing up, his grandfather stood as a father figure for him. According to Paul, his grandfather made sure he and his brothers were happy. Paul’s family is a very supportive one. His brother, Jon, would travel with Paul on his tours while the rest of the family would cheer him up from Huntington Beach.

Paul married his wife, Hannah Croke, in 2018. The two had been dating for some time before he proposed to her in April 2017. The disc golf player had tweeted after the proposal about how glad he was that his proposal got accepted.

They exchanged their wedding vows at Bella Rose Plantation, Lynchburg, Virginia. As of 2022, the couple has no kids of their own yet.


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Over the years, Paul hasn’t only played disc golf. While he was playing disc golf, he was also playing baseball. The famous disc golf player has admitted his interests in football, volleyball, and other sports. He says his role models were Derek John and his grandfather.  Paul loves music a lot. He listens to hip-hop and rock music. In an interview, Paul says he has a sweet tooth and loves pizza a lot.

Paul McBeth Foundation

The Paul McBeth Foundation was established to reach areas where disc golf is unknown or rarely played. They have been establishing disc golf courses to different states and countries for years.

The foundation created the first golf course in Mexico. In 2022, the foundation has announced its plan to reach Africa, starting with Uganda. According to Paul, the foundation has been his passion since he started playing disc golf. It has also become his mission for life.

Paul McBeth’s Height and Weight

Apart from Paul McBeth net worth, what else do you know about your favorite disc golf player? Perhaps you’ve seen him on screen and tried to guess his body dimensions.

As of 2022, the international American disc golf player is 5ft 8 inches (173cm) tall. Also, he weighs 163 pounds (74kg).

Paul McBeth’s Career

Paul Mcbeth Net Worth

Paul started playing in PDGA events in 2005. He first played in the 16-and-under division. In the next two years, he played in some SoCal Am Championships.

It wasn’t until 2007 that he turned pro after playing in an event in Wrightwood. In 2008, he played in 29 professional disc golf events. This was when he got the PDGA Male Rookie of the Year Award. Apart from this, he won $11,852.50 in prize.

He didn’t play disc golf for two years after he won his Rookie of the year award. Instead, he returned to baseball. In 2010, Paul started playing disc golf again after some family problems had hindered him from playing baseball.

Paul played in the PDGA World Championship in 2012 and won it the prize money of $5,500. Ricky Wysocki followed as the first runner-up. Paul was also named the National Tour Series Champion that year.

In 2013, Paul played again in the PDGA World Championship and the European Open. He won both events, but that wasn’t all. The same year, Paul played in the Masters Cup, Kansas City Wide Open, and Vibram Open and won all of them. Paul’s winnings in 2013 increased his popularity among lovers of the game and other sports.

Paul McBeth played in 24 tournaments in 2014. He won 15 of these tournaments but came second in 5 of them. In the remaining 5, he was the second runner up in 3 of them and the sixth in the last 2.

At the end of the year, Paul had received $40,907 in prize money. In addition, Paul won several awards that year. Some of them are the National Tour Series Champion and the PDGA Male Player of the Year.

Paul’s fame spread like wild fire as he won more games and dominated most of the Championships. In 2015, he played in 25 events again. However, this time, he won 19 of them. That year, he finished in the top 3 of all the events by an average of 6 strokes.

Paul won his fourth world title and National Tour that year. Apart from this, he also marked his first USDGC, and Grand Slam win. He continued winning into the following year. Paul’a first win that year was a B-Tier event in California. After that, he won the Memorial Championship, then the La Miranda Open of the Disc Golf World Tour.

After that, Paul switched to a straddle stance for the European after his failing putting percentage caused him to lose three games. Since then, he has not lost any event.

Paul lost first place in the National Tour to Ricky Wysocki. At the end of the year, he earned $10,000 from the Tour Championship. He donated it all to his cousin’s medical bills.

In 2017, Paul McBeth played in 24 tournaments. He won 9 of these tournaments but came first runner-up and second runner-up in 12 others. He finished second in the PDGA Championship again that year. He couldn’t play in the Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship that year because he had back pain.

Paul played in 25 tournaments also in 2018. Like the previous year, he finished first in 9 of the tournaments and second or third in the rest.

In 2019, Paul played in 23 tournaments. He won 14 and came out first runner-up in 5 of them. The only tournament he did poorly in was the United States Disc Golf Championship. However, he won his fifth world title that year.

The pandemic affected Paul’s games in 2020. He was only able to play in 14 tournaments. He won the MVP Open and got $4,000 in prize money.

In 2021, he won his third United States Disc Golf Championship and signed a 10-year $10 million contract with Discraft. In the past 14+ years of his career, Paul has recorded 133 wins and several awards.

Paul McBeth’sAwards and Achievements

Paul McBeth net worth is one thing. His awards, however, are another significant subject to discuss. Since Paul McBeth began his professional career in 2008, he has won several awards. This is one of the reasons he is highly respected in the disc golf sport.

After playing in 29 professional events, he won his first PDGA award in his first professional year. As you’d guess, PDGA awarded him the Male Rookie of the Year Award in 2008.

Paul didn’t win any awards for a while until 2012, when he won the National Tour Series Champion. He has won the award four more times. The first three were in 2013, 2014, and 2015 and the last one in 2017.

From 2013 to 2015, Paul was awarded the PDGA Male Player of the Year Award consecutively. Then he won it again twice consecutively in 2018 and 2019.

In 2016, Paul won the Disc Golf Pro Champion.

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Paul McBeth’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

What is Paul McBeth net worth? Paul McBeth net worth has always been a topic of concern due to his reputation. However, it has gotten more attention since he received a $10 million sponsorship from Discraft in 2021.

As of 2022, Paul McBeth net worth is estimated to be $6 million. The famous disc golf player became the first to receive such a massive contract in the sport’s history.

The primary source of Paul McBeth net worth is his disc golf career. He has won huge amounts of prize money from winning championships. He has also received sponsorships from some organizations.

Paul McBeth is one of the sports stars that have channeled their wealth toward development in their sport niche. As long as he doesn’t retire, Paul McBeth net worth will keep increasing.

NamePaul Mcbeth
Real NamePaul Mcbeth
Place of BirthHuntington Beach, California, USA
OccupationProfessional Disc Golf Player
Net Worth Estimate$6 million
Date of BirthJuly 9, 1990
Marital StatusMarried