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Travis Tritt Net Worth | How Rich Is The Country Music Star?

Travis Tritt net worth of $35 million tells the story of a fulfilling career. The renowned country music star has had a long career spanning three decades.

Travis Tritt has amassed massive wealth thanks to his long career and massive hit songs. Asides from his immensely successful career in country music, Travis Tritt also delved into the movie industry.

Manhattan, Kansas, USA, 28th June, 2015 Country music star Travis Tritt performs

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Travis Tritt appears as both a country music star and a veteran actor on the big screen. With such a rich career in country music and acting, it’s no surprise that Travis Tritt’s net worth is so massive.

Who Is Travis Tritt?


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Travis Tritt’s net worth is pegged at a whopping $35 million. Undoubtedly, having a net worth of $35 million is enough to spark interest in knowing the man behind the wealth.

At 59, Travis Tritt might pass for a golden oldie whose career likewise reflects a golden hue. Travis Tritt is an American singer known for his signature style in country music. Asides from being a gifted singer, Travis Tritt is a skilled songwriter who wrote most of his songs.

In 1989, Travis Tritt secured a deal with Warner Bros, and it opened him up to a ton of other opportunities. While his initial contract with Warner Bros only covered the recording of six songs, there was a special clause for upgrading the contract.

Warner Bros stated in their contract that Travis Tritt would only record six singles. However, if any of the first three singles become a hit, Travis Tritt would be signed to a full album record deal with Warner Bros.

As it turned out, Travis Tritt’s debut single “Country Club”, which was recorded close to the end of 1988 and released in August 1989, went on to peak at number nine on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks music chart. It spent over six months as a top-rated single.

As though Country Club wasn’t enough to hit, Travis Tritt released his second single, “Help Me Hold On”, in 1990. “Help Me Hold On” peaked as number one on the Hot Country Singles & Track in the same year. While Travis Tritt is well-known for being a country music star, he has also featured in classic movies dating back to 1993.

He made his big-screen debut in the 1993 classic Rio Diablo. Quite a handful of Travis Tritt’s appearances on TV screens have him featuring in stories revolving around the Wild West. Much is often said about Travis Tritt’s success on the music scene.

Before finding a long-term marriage partner, Travis Tritt had to go through two divorces in his life. While there’s little to look back at in his first two marriages, Travis Tritt enjoys the warmth of love in his thriving third marriage, which has lasted more than two decades.

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Travis Tritt Net Worth Estimate

Travis Tritt’s net worth currently stands at an estimated $35 million. While there are projections for his net worth to reach $40 million in record time, there’s no concrete evidence of a major rise in his net worth. Travis Tritt’s net worth as of 2022 is an accumulation from the inception of his career in 1989.

After being signed onto Warner Bros, Travis Tritt recorded major hit songs which topped numerous country music charts. His debut single, ‘’Country Club, peaked at number nine on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks music chart. It was even greatly surpassed by the second single, Help Me Hold On, in 1990, which sat at number one on the same music chart.

Travis Tritt had five-hit songs which peaked at number one on music charts in his career. With numerous hit songs, awards, and platinum work to his name, it’s no surprise that Travis Tritt has amassed wealth over time. Travis Tritt’s net worth of $35 million has a solid base in his music career alone. It’s even more believable and has the potential to rise, especially when his acting career is considered as well.

Travis Tritt’s net worth stems from royalties gotten from the sale of his songs, acting contracts, and even going on tour. No doubt, a person of his caliber has access to some of the best financial analysts, and that would prove useful in managing his net worth and even raising it higher.

As of the first quarter of 2022, Travis Tritt’s net worth is pegged at $35 million. With more months to go and more deals to sign, Travis Tritt net worth is projected to rise beyond $40 million.

Travis Tritt Place of Birth and Early Life

Travis James Tritt was born on the 9th of February, 1963. He was born in Marietta, Georgia, to his biological parents, James, and Gwen Tritt. Travis Tritt shared his parent’s love with his sister Sheila Tritt.

In his earlier years, Travis Tritt was drawn to music. He picked up a guitar and taught himself how to play at the tender age of 8. Travis Tritt was a major feature in the children’s church as he often performed with the children’s choir.

By the time he became a teenager, Travis Tritt had joined his local church choir and further groomed himself in music and playing the guitar. He began writing his songs and grew passionate about country music while in high school.

He was primarily influenced by country music stars such as Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr., and Willie Nelson. While Travis Tritt was a student of Sprayberry High School, he created a bluegrass group with his friends.

Travis and his friends later performed at a local contest where they performed a country song, “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”. The group ultimately came second in the contest, which marked a major point in Travis Tritt’s young life.

As Travis Tritt grew older, he took up several jobs in a furniture depot, a supermarket, and an air-conditioning company. While at the air-conditioning company, Travis Tritt married his first wife and high school sweetheart, Karen Ryon. Although Travis Tritt earned money from his part-time jobs, he also made money from performing at local clubs.

Travis Tritt got his big break in music after signing a record deal with Warner Bros. Before being signed, Travis Tritt recorded a demo album titled “Proud of the Country”. Thanks to the inside help of Danny Davenport, who was an executive at Warner Bros, Travis Tritt’s demo album got to the Warner Bros executive representatives in Los Angeles.

Having listened to and enjoyed the demo country album, the Warner Bros representatives had Travis Tritt signed onto their label through their Nashville branch. Travis Tritt was ultimately signed onto Warner Bros Records in 1989 when he was just 26 years.

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Travis Tritt Career

Travis Tritt performs at the Kicker Country Stampede at Tuttle Creek State Park

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Travis Tritt’s net worth of $35 million stems from a career of over three decades. Since his first recording contract with Warner Bros in 1989, Travis Tritt’s career has grown from recording six singles to recording full albums and going on country music tours.

In 1989 when Travis Tritt was signed on to Warner Bros Records, his contract had a unique clause. While he would record six songs, the record deal will not cater to a full album.

Warner Bros Records would only upgrade Travis Tritt’s contract to a full album if any of his first three singles became a massive hit. In August 1989, Travis Tritt released his debut single “Country Club,” which he’d recorded late in 1988.

Country Club, which was produced by Gregg Brown, came out as one of the top hits on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks music charts. Travis Tritt debut single remained in the top ten Hot Country Singles & Tracks music charts for over six months.

By 1990, Travis Tritt released his second single titled “Help Me Hold On”. It became the number one song on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks music chart.

His third and fifth singles with the titles “I’m Gonna Be Somebody” and “Drift Off To Dream” peaked at numbers two and three consecutively on the same chart as the first two singles. “I’m Gonna Be Somebody” stood at number one on the US Country Singles charts.

While the Warner Bros contract clause only required one of the first three singles by Travis Tritt to be a hit, Travis Tritt had all his first three singles become major hits across multiple music charts.

The immense success of his first three singles was sufficient to get his record deal with Warner Bros revised and upgraded. In 1990, Travis Tritt won the Top New Male Artist award from US Billboard. By 1991, Country Club, his debut single, was certified as a platinum single by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Music critics such as Brian Mansfield of AllMusic and Alanna Nash of Entertainment Weekly praised Travis Tritt for his work and even compared him to his country music idol Hank Williams Jr. The year 1991 came with a bang for Travis Tritt.

Travis Tritt released his second album, “It’s All About to Change’’ in 1991, and it’s said to be his best-selling album and was certified as a triple platinum album by the RIAA for shipping at least three million copies. All four of the album’s singles peaked in the top five categories on major country music charts.

The album’s singles; “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)” – the first single peaked at number two, “Anymore” – the second single peaked at number one, “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin” – the third single closed in at number two. The fourth single, “Nothing Short of Dying”, peaked at number four on the US Music Billboard.

For his second single, “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin”, Travis Tritt recorded it as a duet with Marty Stuart. The duet went on to win the 1992 Gray Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals. Travis Tritt remained with Warner Bros Records until around 2000 when he joined Columbia Records.

His time at Warner Bros Records was filled with multiple hits and a few averagely rated songs. By the time Travis Tritt left Warner Bros, he had four hit songs that peaked at number one on the US Music Billboard.

With Columbia Records, Travis Tritt released another hit album, “Down the Road I Go” in 2000. The album’s first single, “Best of Intentions”, became Travis Tritt fifth and last hit single to peak at number one on the US Music Billboard.

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Travis Tritt Personal Life and Family

Country star TRAVIS TRITT & wife at the Country Music Assoc. Awards

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Travis Tritt has managed a fairly private life despite being a music star. While he has recorded tremendous success in his career, Travis Tritt’s personal life and marriage didn’t reflect the same success until his third marriage.

In 1983, Travis Tritt married Karen Ryon, his high school sweetheart. At the time, he was playing part-time in local clubs and working majorly at an air-conditioning company. While Karen Ryon was his high school sweetheart, the couple couldn’t stay married for even up to a year.

In just six months of marriage, they divorced and went their separate ways. Travis Tritt waited for a little and got married to Jodi Barnett in 1984. With Jodi Barnett being twelve years older than him, there were speculations that the marriage wouldn’t last long. The couple stayed married until 1989, when they filed for a divorce.

In 1997, Travis Tritt finally remarried. He married Theresa Nelson, and the couple has remained committed to each other since then. Their marriage birthed two sons (Tristan James and Tarian Nathaniel) and a daughter (Tyler Reese).

Travis Tritt Net Worth and Bio Summary

Travis Tritt has had a long career spanning three decades. He has recorded multiple hit songs in those three decades and won several awards.

Travis Tritt’s net worth of $35 million is a testament to how much success he has garnered over the years, and there’s still more to come. Just like his country music idols, Travis Tritt has grown to become a country music idol to many.

Travis Tritt also maintains a significant presence on social media platforms. His Instagram account has over 300 thousand followers, and he is also active on Facebook.

The story of Travis Tritt is that of a young boy who taught himself the guitar and dreamt of becoming someone someday. From being a little boy in the church choir, Travis Tritt has made his mark in the music industry as a star in country music.

NameTravis James Tritt
Date of Birth9th February 1963
Place of BirthMarietta, Georgia
ParentsJames Tritt (father)
Gwen Tritt (mother)
SpouseTheresa Nelson
ChildrenTristan James (son)
Tarian Nathaniel (son)
Tyler Reese (daughter)
OccupationMusician, Songwriter, Actor
Net Worth$35 million