Bow Wow Net Worth – How Rich Is The Talented Rapper?

Bow Wow Net Worth currently stands at $1.5 million.  Shad Gregory Moss, otherwise known to many as Bow Wow, is a successful American rapper, television personality, record producer, and actor. Bow Wow has been passionate about rap music ever since he was young.


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His career kicked off years ago when Snoop Dog, one of the most successful rappers, discovered him. The talented rapper released his first album when he was just 13 years old.

Early Life

Bow Wow, or Shad Gregory Moss was born on March 9, 1987, in Columbus, Ohio. By the time he was 6 years old, he was already writing and singing. As a young boy he used the name Kid Gangsta, when he was first starting his rapping career.

Alfonso Preston Moss, Bow’s father, has not been in his life for many years. When his son was very young, Alfonso left the family, and never returned.

Bow Wow was raised by his mother, Teresa Rena. Rodney Caldwell, Bow Wow’s stepfather, has also played an essential role in his upbringing. Rodney took on the role of father when he married Bow Wow’s mother. The rapper has two stepsisters who are very close to him.

Shad’s mother discovered that he had a fantastic rapping talent when he was young. Teresa began taking him to the local talent shows, to help build the courage to practice his passion for rapping and acting.

Shad’s singing career hindered his academic performance. He only managed to obtain a high school diploma from Reynoldsburg High School.

Height And Weight

Height – 5’7″ (170 cm)
Weight – 147 lbs (67 kg)

Bow Wow Net Worth

Despite facing numerous challenges in his music career, Bow Wow Net Worth has increased over the years.

Bow Wow net worth is currently estimated in the region of about $1.5 million. He has made most of his wealth through rapping, acting, and television hosting.

Most of the albums he has released have done well in the American market. These albums would sell millions of copies in months.
He also sells merchandise such as hoodies and endorses various brands on his social media platforms.

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Bow Wow’s Career


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Bow Wow has spent most of his career life acting, rapping, and collaborating with other stars around the country. The American rapper became popular years ago when he began working with Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg was still new when the two stars met in the American music industry. He noticed that Bow Wow was talented, and invited him to feature in one of the albums.

1993 – Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow released their first album, Doggystyle.

Bow Wow did very well in two of the tracks in the album, which made him have an easy time in his professional career.

Later in the same year, he increased his popularity when he appeared in a famous shown known as “The Arsenio Hall Show.”

He continued working on his music away from the limelight until he met a famous American producer, Jermaine Dupri. The talented producer had a personal interest in ensuring that the teenager became a better rapper. Jermaine helped to transform Shad into a finished product.

1999 – Shad proved his talent when creating a track featured in Wild Wild West.

2000 – After the success of his track in Wild Wild West, Shad was ready to release his first album, at the young age of 13.

The album, Beware of the Dog attracted the attention of many in the American community. Some of the songs in the album, such as Bow Wow and Bounce With Me, are still popular today.

Snoop Dogg was one of the rappers featured in the track titled Bow Wow. The track managed to top rap chats throughout the year. The two famous rappers maintained their relationship for years as they tried to work on their personal growth.

Although Beware of the Dog was the first album released by Bow Wow, it sold more than 2,000,000 copies in a single year.

In the second year, Shad sold more copies of the album, which is how the album got its platinum status.

2002 – Two years after the first album, Bow Wow’s Net Worth changed after making significant moves.

The American actor and rapper changed his name and released his second album. Everyone began to use the name Bow Wow before releasing his album, Doggy Bag.

Many people wanted to know why he decided to change his professional name.

Shad explained that many upcoming rappers were already using Lil in their names. The prefix was also losing its meaning as the influential rapper grew older.

Doggy Bag was an excellent album. A few months after it was released, it was already performing exceptionally well. The album was among the top on the prestigious Billboard Top 200.

The album earned the platinum certificate, just like the first one.

Some of the tracks in the album, like Take Ya Home, are still very popular.

2003 – This was a busy year for Bow Wow. He released his third album called Unleashed.

Unlike the other two albums, Unleashed had numerous collaborations with well-known artists.

The actor worked with Mario, Birdman, and Amerie. Unleashed had mixed reviews from the American fans.

In its first week, Unleashed was number 3 on Billboard Top 200. The album sold over 120,000 units.

2005 – The influential rapper worked on his next album, Wanted. The album had several collaborating artists too.

Just like Unleashed, Wanted performed well on various platforms.

2006 – Bow Wow released The Price of Fame. With T-Pain and Chris Brown on the new album, Bow Wow did very well. The album sold more than 260,000 copies in just one week.

2007 – Bow Wow began working with Omarion on a new album.

2009 – The duo released New Jack City. This album was one of a kind. Bow Wow included the parental advisory warning on the album because it explored various sensitive topics like drug use.

2009 – Bow Wow partnered with Cash Money Records. This decision turned out to be the worst in the rapper’s rapping career. Bow Wow’s music career began to crumble when he signed up to work with this recording platform.

After signing a deal with Cash Records, he featured several artists on many tracks. Bow Wow announced that his next album would be delayed, but he ended up never releasing it.

Bow Wow decided to change his stage name to his official name Shad Moss before leaving Cash Money Records. Shad never released a song while working with this recording company.

After leaving Cash Money Records, he joined Bad Boy Record a few years later.

With P. Diddy’s company, Shad announced that he would release one album and then retire from rapping. A few years later, fans complained because he had not kept his promise.

Shad Moss only did a mixtape with the help of Soulja Boy while working with Bad Boy Records. Shad Moss had won numerous awards in his music and acting careers. The talented executive is a role model to young individuals who want to start their rapping careers early.

With so much back to back work it is not wonder Bow Wow net worth sits at around $1.5 million.

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Acting Career


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Bow Wow retired from his music career to give more attention to acting and hosting. He realized that he could gain more wealth by focusing more on acting.

2002 – Bow Wow had his first role in acting, and did well in Like Mike. This is still the most notable role in his acting career.

Shad was fortunate enough to feature in several television shows. His appearance in Entourage and Smallville brought him a lot of popularity.

Apart from being a respected actor, Bow Wow has worked as a television host and personality. His substantial career in acting was at its peak when he hosted the prestigious BET’s 106 and Park. The show, however, was canceled a few years later.

Several years after the show’s cancellation, Bow Wow began hosting an Australian show known as RnB Friday Nights.

Bow Wow Legal Issues / Controversies

Like other celebrated artists in the United States, Bow Wow has had his fair share of controversies.

July 2011 – Bow Wow announced to his fans that he had a child with one of his ex-girlfriends. Before acknowledging the child, Shad had denied having a child for several months.

Bow Wow was taken to court concerning child support more than one year after revealing that he had a child.

In court, the actor explained to the judge that he was only making $4000 every month. He told the judges that he had $1500 left in his account.

The court ordered the actor to pay $11,500 for the child support. Shad was asked to pay $3000 every month from the time of the ruling.

A few months after the child support court case, several blogs reported that Shad owed IRS over $90,000. The blogger researched the financial status of the influential rapper, and they realized that Bow Wow had lost his Bentley and Ferrari after creditors repossessed them.

Bow Wow had racked up quite a lot of debt with various institutions, and it was evident that he was struggling to pay everyone.

2017 – Bow Wow was in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

The television host was furious after Donald Trump slammed a music video by Snoop Dog. The video was pulled down from all platforms in less than 24 hours.

Later on, in the same year, Bow Wow also found himself in the public eye for lying on social media.

Apparently, he was traveling to New York City to record the show Growing Up Hip Hop and posted a picture of a private jet but was actually traveling commercial. A passenger who was on the same flight took his picture and posted about the issue, which went viral.

Shad Moss brought the Internet to a standstill when he used his Twitter account to announce that he would not vote in the American presidential campaigns. The rapper took this stand because he disagreed with the current civil rights movement.

Moss explained that his lineage was mixed and not black, causing a lot of uproar from the public.

2021 – Bow Wow received a lot of criticism after performing without a mask in a big crowd of maskless fans.

Many people felt Bow Wow was endangering his life by performing without proper COVID-19 practices. The lives of the people in attendance were also in danger.

Personal Life

Shad Moss’s life has always been in the limelight since he is a popular and influential figure. The television host and his hard-working mother live in Georgia, Atlanta.

Shad has one daughter, Shai Moss. Bow Wow became a dad after a relationship with Joie Chavis. This relationship, however, ended before the two could get married.

Shad has also dated Erika Mena in the past. In recent years he has kept his relationship status private. The American rapper decided to take this action after his child support court case a few years ago. He has a great relationship with his stepsisters.

Car Collection

Bow Wow’s love for cars is always evident. The actor has always been passionate about luxury cars since he was very young.
Currently, he drives a Lamborghini, Range Rover Sport, a Bentley, and a Porsche.

The influential figure enjoys going for an evening drive with these prestigious automobiles.

Bow Wow’s Social Media Influence


Bow Wow is active on Twitter, where he has 3 million followers. His Twitter username is @smoss.

He likes updating his fans about his music.

He recently announced that he and Omarion won a Billboard Music Award for “Best Rap Tour.” He posted about this on May 15, 2022.

He does tend to tweet numerous times a day.


Bow Wow’s Instagram handle is @Shadmoss. He has 4.7 million followers, and to date, he has over 8,000 posts.

He posts pictures of himself promoting different products and merchandise or hanging out with his daughter Shai Moss.


He is also active on Facebook, where he has over 6.7 million followers. His FB name is Bow Wow.

He uploads photos and videos of himself and his daughter on the platform. He also markets his merchandise.


All his music videos can also be found on his YouTube channel.

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Bio Summary

Thanks to his rapping and acting careers, Shad Gregory Moss is famous worldwide.

Bow Wow Net Worth is currently sitting at around $1.5 million, so he can afford to live a good life.

He drives nice cars and has been lucky to host various TV shows in America.

Bow Wow’s net worth will likely continue to grow because he is still making new music and selling merchandise.

NameBow Wow
Birth NameShad Gregory Moss
Date of Birth9 March 1987
Place of BirthColumbus, Ohio, USA
Height5'7" (170 cm)
Weight147 lbs (67 kg)
Television Show Host
Record Producer
Marital StatusSingle
ChildrenDaughter - Shai Moss
Net Worth Estimate$1.5 mіllіоn