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MC Hammer Net Worth – How Rich Is This Rapper Now?

MC Hammer Net Worth Estimate:

MC Hammer net worth is currently estimated at $2 million. The majority of MC Hammer net worth has come from his long standing career in the American rap music industry.

Who is MC Hammer?


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MC Hammer is a rap artist and dancer whose real name is Stanley Kirk Burrell. MC Hammer is best known for his smash hit song “U Can’t Touch This” as well as “2 Legit 2 Quit”, along with his flashy dance moves and his iconic baggy pants, which became known as Hammer pants.

MC Hammer is considered today to be a pioneer of pop rap, and was the first hip hop musical artist to have an album attain diamond status, a testament to his mainstream popularity. MC Hammer’s meteoric rise to fame had a similar fall when people wanted more hardcore rap, resulting in a very public bankruptcy.

The BET Network once named MC Hammer seventh on their list of Best Dancers of All Time. Vibe Magazine named him the seventeenth Best Rapper Ever.

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MC Hammer’s Career


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At the star of MC Hammer’s career he was in a Christian focused rap group named the Holy Ghost Boys with Jon Gibson. Songs included “B-Boy Chill” and “Word”. In the middle of the 1980s, MC Hammer borrowed money from two Oakland Athletics players to start Bust It Productions.

This eventually became his indie label, Bustin’ Records. He recorded singles that he sold out of his own car trunk, and eventually had over one hundred employees. In 1987, he released his first album, Feel My Power. The album grew up in popularity thanks to various DJs playing it. His dance single “Ring ‘Em” similarly grew.

Off the success of this, MC Hammer built a full stage show with dancers and choreography. His huge presence on stage got him noticed by a record exec in Oakland, California, who could instantly tell he had star power. He signed him to a Capitol Records contract with an advance over a million and a half dollars.

First off, they reissued MC Hammer’s Feel My Power with added tracks and called it Let’s Get It Started, and it sold extremely well. The hit singles were “Pump It Up”, “Turn This Mutha Out”, “They Put Me in the Mix”, and “Let’s Get It Started”.

In 1990, MC Hammer’s third album came out, and it was called Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em, which featured the smash hit single “U Can’t Touch This” (which famously features a sample of “Super Freak” by Rick James).

Due to only being released as a 12-inch single, it didn’t chart as high as it might otherwise have, but the album was #1 for twenty one weeks in a row—the first time this ever happened.

The album sampled lots of other famous singers and groups. “Dancin’ Machine” used The Jackson 5, “Help the Children” Marvin Gaye, “She’s Soft and Wet” Prince, and so on and so forth. To this day, this MC Hammer album is the top selling hip hop album of all time.

MC Hammer also wrote and performed “That’s What I Said” for the film Rocky V and “This Is What We Do” to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

Around this time, people did began to push back a bit at certain aspects of MC Hammer’s star persona, from the repetitive lyrics to his clean cut personage to his sampling full hooks to build songs off of. A lot of more hardcore rap people didn’t like how poppy and mainstream his music was, feeling it inauthentic.

Despite that, his career still kept growing. MC Hammer dolls came out, as did lunchboxes, and even a cartoon series called Hammerman.

In 1991, he put out the album Too Legit to Quit under the name Hammer. The album sold extremely well, and the title song was a big hit. He also had a hit with the song he contributed to The Addams Family film soundtrack, “Addams Groove”.

Between albums, MC Hammer signed an enormous deal with Giant Records and launched Roll Wit It Entertainment & Sports Management.

In 1993, MC Hammer dropped his next album, The Funky Headhunter, which was an attempt to go in a more gangsta rap direction but it was a still relatively clean cut album with very little profanity. Songs included “Pumps and a Bump” and “It’s All Good”.

The album included disses of some popular rappers, which may have led to some fans abandoning MC Hammer as that’s when his audience really began to decrease.

Hammer dropped Inside Out in 1995, and the album sold rather poorly, leading to the record company Giant Records dropping him. Songs from the album included “Sultry Funk” and “Going Up Yonder”.

Later that year, MC Hammer contributed the song “Straight to My Feet” to the soundtrack to Street Fighter.

In 1996, MC Hammer signed a deal with EMI Records, which released a greatest hits compilation album of his music up to that point. Two year later, CEMA put out a second greatest hits disc called Back 2 Back Hits.

Then in 1998, he dropped a gospel tinged album double called Family Affair. It failed to chart, and it sold only about 1,000 copies globally. Its songs include “Set Me Free”, “Big Man”, “Put Some Stop in Your Game”, “Put It Down”, “Our God”, “He Brought Me Out”, “Responsible Father Shout”, “Eyes Like Mine”, and more.

In 2000, he put out yet another greatest hits album that was called The Hits. It featured seventeen songs from the first 4 albums he’d released.

In 2000, an additional album compiled of already released tracks compilation was released, The Hits. 17 tracks from across his first four albums appear. In 2001, he released a new album called Active Duty that was meant to pay tribute to the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States. Songs included “Pop Yo Collar” and “No Stoppin’ US (USA)”.

Dance moves that he launched in the album were “Pop’n It Up”, “Deliver the Pop”, “River Pop”, “In Pop Nito”, and “The Phat Daddy Pop”. The album didn’t chart and didn’t sell well. Portions of all proceeds were however donated to 9/11 charities .

After he left EMI and Capitol Records yet again, MC Hammer moved his Oaktown Records label to a fully independent distributor in order to release his 9th album, Full Blast, which came out at the start of 2004. Full Blast had no hit singles and neither did the RIAA certify it.

Its title song “Full Blast” dissed Busta Rhymes and Eminem for having dissed him in the past, and he filmed a music video that accompanied the song. Not all songs recorded for the album ended up in the finished project. Guest stars who appeared included DasIt, JD Greer, Rain, Pleasure, and The Stooge Playaz.

For his 10th album, MC Hammer created a brand new digital label. The album came out in early 2006 and was called Look Look Look, the same name as one of the tracks, which had an accompanying music video as well. It sold much better than his previous album, although still nothing like in his heyday.

Other songs included “YAY”, “What Happened to Our Hood?”, and “I Got It From the Town”. The latter featured in the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

In 2006, MC Hammer put out a rap song asking President George W Bush to end the war in Iraq called “Bring Our Brothers Home”.

In 2008, MC Hammer dropped another new album via EMI Records. It was a compilation album called Platinum MC Hammer that featured twelve songs from previous albums of MC Hammer’s.

The album’s track list was strikingly similar to that of the previous greatest hits releases, except it also featured a “Hammer Hammer, They Put Me in a Mix” remix rather than the original version of the “They Put Me in a Mix” track.

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MC Hammer: Early Life

MC Hammer was born as Stanley Kirk Burrell in Oakland, California, United States of America, on the thirtieth of March in the year 1962. He grew up in poverty with his mom and his 8 other siblings in a cramped, 3-bedroom apartment in the projects. Things eventually got better, when his gambler dad money at the horse tracks.

As an eleven year old kid, MC Hammer would make money by selling stray baseballs in the parking lot of the Oakland Coliseum, and sometimes perform dance routines with a beat boxer backing him up. The owner of the Oakland Athletics, Charlie Finley, was so impressed with his splits, he hired him as a batboy and clubhouse assistant.

Reggie Jackson is the one who gave him his nickname Hammer, because he told him he looked like baseball player Hank Aaron, who was also called The Hammer by fans. He got MC due to getting a number of Emcee gigs at various clubs while touring with the team. MC Hammer was a batboy for 7 years, until 1980.

MC Hammer wanted to play baseball professionally himself but didn’t end up getting chosen at the tryouts. After graduating from McClymonds High School, MC Hammer studied communications at his local college, but dropped out to join the Navy for 3 years.

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MC Hammer’s Personal Life and Family


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MC Hammer met his wife Stephanie in 1985 at a church meeting. The two have 5 kids: Sammy, Jeremiah, Bobby, A’keiba, and Sarah. Their nephew Jamaris and their cousin Mary also lived with them.

MC Hammer’s Social Media Influence

MC Hammer has a significant presence on most of the major social media platforms. By these avenues, MC Hammer has a way to connect with his fanbase directly, which can in turn help improve MC Hammer net worth.


MC Hammer has an official public verified Facebook account. MC Hammer’s Facebook account handle is @mchammer. On this popular social media platform, MC Hammer has 336,000 followers as of the present time.

MC Hammer uses his Facebook account to connect with his fans and share career and life updates with them, which in turns helps MC Hammer net worth.


MC Hammer has an official public verified Twitter account. MC Hammer’s Twitter account handle is @MCHammer. Although some of the letters are upper case, however, as Twitter’s system is not case sensitive, the account name can also be entered in all lower case to locate it as well.

On this popular social media platform, MC Hammer has 3.2 million followers as of the present time. MC Hammer is himself currently following 69,000 people in return.

MC Hammer uses his Twitter account to connect with his fans and share his thoughts and observations, along with career and life updates, which in turns helps MC Hammer net worth.


MC Hammer has an official public verified Instagram account. MC Hammer’s Instagram account handle is simply @mchammer, all lower case, as with his Facebook account. On this popular social media platform, MC Hammer has 297,000 followers as of the present time. MC Hammer is himself currently following 8,390 in return.

MC Hammer uses his Instagram account to share photos of himself, which helps him connect with his fans and share his career and life updates, which in turns helps MC Hammer net worth.


MC Hammer does not have an official public verified LinkedIn account as of the present time. Should the situation ever change and MC Hammer choose to sign up for one, we will be sure to update this page with that information. Our goal is to keep our readers informed of all the latest news about MC Hammer net worth, life, and career.


MC Hammer does not have an official public verified TikTok account as of the present time. Should the situation ever change and MC Hammer choose to sign up for one, we will be sure to update this page with that information. Our goal is to keep our readers informed of all the latest news about MC Hammer net worth, life, and career.

MC Hammer’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameMC Hammer
Real NameStanley Kirk Burrell
Place of BirthOakland, California, USA
Net Worth Estimate$2 Million