Suge Knight Net Worth | How Rich Is The Death Row Records Founder?

Do you want to know what Suge Knight net worth is? Well, you have come to the right place because that is exactly what we will be discussing in this article.

But that is not all! We will also be going into detail on who the star producer is, what his childhood was like, what he accomplished in his career, and the reason for his current incarceration.

So without further adieu, let’s get to know how Suge Knight net worth became what it is today.

Who is Suge Knight?


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If you have ever heard of Death Row Records then you have probably heard of Suge Knight who is the founder and CEO of the world-famous record label that many vocal artists aspire to be a part of.

He is also one of the most successful music producers of this day and age since he paved the way for some of the most famous rappers of the current day and age to become the internationally acclaimed stars that they are today.

One of the most popular stars that Suge Knight led to success is Dr. Dre who often performs with Eminem who I am sure we are all familiar with.

If that is not enough to convince you of what a great producer Suge Knight is then you may be surprised to realize that he was also the producer that discovered Tupac and led him on his journey to fame. Suge Knight’s production studio also was not his only talent.

As a matter of fact, he was a star football player before he entered the music industry.

Although some people may look up to the star producer he quite, unfortunately, is not the best role model to aspire to be.

Despite Suge Knight net worth being rather admirable, he is currently serving prison time after killing another individual in the heat of the moment which is also classified as involuntary manslaughter. This naturally made Suge Knight’s net worth drop immensely, but he is still worth a small fortune.

As for the star producer’s incarceration and involuntary murder chance, this is something that we will discuss in further detail a bit later on in this article.

However, despite his criminal status and the crime that he committed, Suge still remains one of the most successful music producers of his time. It is thanks to him that we have excellent music available from much-loved artists such as Dr. Dre and Tupac.

In other words, the work that Suge Knight did and the opportunities that he opened up for these star rappers is the reason that we have the rap and hip-hop beats that we have today.

So despite his illegal and unethical actions, the star producer has done some good things in his life and he has proven that he has the ability to take anyone who he sees potential in straight to the top of the music industry’s food chain. That certainly says a lot about Suge Knight’s abilities and skills.

Suge Knight Net Worth

 Suge Knight net worth used to be one of the most spectacular amounts that you could imagine. As a matter of fact, his net worth used to be an amount of 750 million dollars when he managed to sell more than 140 thousand albums across the globe.

However, due to his criminal activities as well as speculation that he was embezzling funds and stealing some of Dr. Dre’s money the star producer’s net worth dropped immensely.

As a matter of fact, Suge Knight’s net worth is currently estimated to be as little as 200 thousand dollars. I am sure that you will agree that this is quite a significant drop in numbers.

Perhaps Suge Knight should have been more responsible with how he was spending his 750 million dollars, or perhaps he should have refrained from ending somebody’s life and ending up in prison.

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Early Life

In 1966 on the 19th of April Suge Knight’s parents brought him into this world. He also was not the only child that the family had. As a matter of fact, Suge Knight is one of three children with both of his siblings being brothers.

Believe it or not, Suge Knight is not the star producer’s real name either, but it is rather a stage name. He received his stage name from his father who used to call him by this name while he was growing up.

His real name in fact is Marion Knight Jr. which is not nearly as catchy as his stage name which is most likely why he adopted his suggested stage name when he entered his career as a music producer.

The family lived in a dangerous neighborhood in a Compton part of Los Angeles and the three children were raised in a two-bedroom house which leads one to believe that they had some financial and spatial difficulties while growing up.

Suge Knight did not follow in his father’s footsteps in terms of his career. While he grew up to be one of the richest and most successful CEOs of a world-famous production company, his father whose name is also Suge Knight was employed as a truck driver while Suge Knight was growing up.

According to the star producer’s mother and father Suge was a wonderful and kind-hearted child while he was growing up and he had a good temperament. As a matter of fact, he often sent flowers to his mother prior to being incarcerated.

The name Suge was derived from the longer term “Sugar Bear” which is what his family perceived him as. This may be quite contradictory to the actions that he took that led him to prison, but at least we know that he was not always a person with a bad temperament.

As a matter of fact, his good-hearted nature was the exact reason why his father gave him the nickname Suge. Believe it or not, Suge Knight was not always passionate about music. He also did not work on his music career until a much later stage in his life.

As a matter of fact, he was a skilled and passionate football star in high school who was highly appreciated by his coach and team members. He showed such potential in the industry of sports that he received a full scholarship to attend college.

His initial dream was always to be invited to be a part of the National Football League. At the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Suge Knight was placed on the dean’s list, and shortly after that, he was awarded the ‘Rookie of the Year.”

The very fact that Suge Knight received a college scholarship, secured a spot on the dean’s list, and earned awards for his ability to play defense on his football team serves as enough proof that the star producer was always destined for success.

He always excelled at everything that he put his mind to which is most likely why his production studio was also a roaring success. One of his football coaches actually described Suge Knight as being “Superbowl material.”

However, after attending a pre-season exhibition game in Japan for his team that was called the Los Angeles Rams, Suge decided to make a drastic shift in his career.

Somewhere during his trip, he decided to forfeit his career as a football player which immediately confirmed that he would never be a part of or secure a contract with the National Football League.

Regardless, this move was one of the best decisions that he made in his life, and little did he know that it was his first step toward fame and success. Initially, he decided that he preferred concert promotion duties which was also his first step into the music industry.

In 1987 Suge almost lost his entire career when a charge was laid against him for multiple crimes. These crimes included the theft of a motor vehicle, attempted homicide, and carrying an illegal firearm.

Luckily for Suge Knight, the court dropped all of these charges and he was free to continue pursuing his career in the music industry.

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Despite the fact that the star producer had already stepped into the business of concert promotion, his big break was yet to come. As a matter of fact, Suge Knight net worth started rising before he opened his world-famous production studio.

At first, he was employed as a bodyguard and I am sure that you can imagine that this was a great line of work for a muscular sports star. After working as a bodyguard he stepped things up a notch which is where his big break started.

He founded Death Row Records after resigning from his bodyguarding job in 1991. Suge Knight and his partner decided that the name that they had decided on was not exactly what they were looking for.

Therefore, in 2001, they altered their name and called the music production company The Row instead. It took as little as a year before Suge Knight net worth started to skyrocket.

As a matter of fact, he made a small fortune when he represented Vanilla Ice who is also a rapper that I am sure we have all heard about. After this, he started representing even more artists such as D.O.C and DJ Quick which was his next big break.

Through representing these artists and building a strong professional relationship with them he was provided with the opportunity of meeting with Dr. Dre.

At this time Dr. Dre was already a part of a group of rappers that was called “ Niggers With Attitude.” He was the group’s most cherished member and created and rapped to a majority of the music that they produced.

The artists that were part of a group called Ruthless felt that they were not receiving the payments that they deserved for their efforts and Suge Knight agreed with them. As a matter of fact, the under compensation is the exact reason as to why Ice Cube left the group.

Suge Knight took control and helped two members of the Ruthless group to secure song releases which helped the artists earn a small fortune. Eric “Eazy-E was not as grateful for Suge Knight’s help as the other members were.

As a matter of fact, he took the star producer to court while stating that he was threatened to sign the recording deal with Suge Knight, but we are unsure of whether this was a false claim or not. In 1993, Suge represented Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog in some hit songs that they had produced.

He did such an excellent job that Death Row Records earned more than 50 million dollars in that year.

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Suge Knight’s Incarceration


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Despite the fact that Suge’s family classified him as a good-hearted child when he was growing up, the producer’s temperament seemed to take a turn for the worst and he is currently serving time in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

The reason for this charge was a hit-and-run incident that Suge was involved in. The judge that handled the case ruled the hit and run as voluntary manslaughter and gave Suge Knight a 28-year prison sentence which means that he will probably spend time behind bars for the rest of his life.

Voluntary manslaughter refers to murdering someone in the heat of the moment without premeditating the murder so it is safe to assume that Suge’s hit and run was intentional.

There are mixed debates over whether he deserves to spend 28 years in prison, however, the public’s opinion does not matter in these situations since the judge’s ruling was final.


Suge Knight net worth used to be an immense amount that was more than most celebrities have earned combined. However, he lost a lot of his net worth due to the fact that he was sentenced to prison for 28 years after being found guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

Despite the kind-hearted nature that his family says he had growing up, Suge Knight seems to have taken a turn for the worst and he lost a majority of his net worth and opportunities through making one bad decision.

However, regardless of his criminal activities Suge still represented some of the biggest stars of the modern era and was the CEO of one of the most successful production studios. Therefore, I believe that it is safe to say that Suge Knight is a name that won’t soon be forgotten.


NameSuge Knight
Real NameMarion Hugh Knight Jr.
Date of Birth19 April 1965
Place of BirthCompton, California, United States
OccupationMusic Producer
Net Worth Estimate$200,000