Actress Jane Withers Net Worth | Just How Rich Was She?

Would you like to know what Actress Jane Withers net worth used to be during her lifetime? If yes, you’ve got your hands on the perfect piece. It’s saddening that the actress is no longer with us. But on the bright side, Jane Withers lived a precious and fulfilling life.

Dying at 95 means she’d lived long in this dispensation. After all, not many people are privileged to die at such an old age. Let’s skip the rhetoric and focus on the main point of the piece, which is Actress Jane Withers net worth. Other exciting details are covered too.

Who is Jane Withers?


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Jane Withers, of blessed memory, was an American actress and popular host for children’s shows. She was a child prodigy having started her first radio shows at age three. In subsequent years, she rose to become one of the few Hollywood children-celebrities in the early 90s. Moreover, her extensive collection of dolls is renowned and her philanthropy.

She is one actress that had a fantastic acting career even though her journey to fame was marked by several ups and downs. Jane Withers’ breakthrough in acting came when she featured in the movie Bright Eyes alongside fellow child actress Shirley Temple in 1935.

She first retired in 1947 at 21 after featuring in 38 films. Jane later returned to play character roles in the 1950s. She stepped up to play Josephine’s character in a series sponsored by Comet Cleansers from 1963 to 1974. In the1990s and early 200s, Withers was employed as a voice actor to produce voice work for animated cartoons and films sponsored by Disney.

Jane was fortunate to witness the Golden Age of television and radio in Hollywood. No wonder she became a famous face in virtually all documentaries filmed in retrospect of this era. She is ranked on Wikispro as one of America’s most popular actors. She was also one of the few kids to receive a presidential gift (a rose from the US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt) at age 9.

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Jane Wither Early Life, Place of Birth and Family Background

Born in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia, US, ninety-six years ago. Jane Withers was welcomed to the family of Walter & Lavinia Ruth Withers on the 12th of April,1926. At the age of two, Jane was enrolled to learn how to sing and tap dance by her mother. Her show hosting career was birth at age three after she emerged winner of Dixie’s Dainty Dewdrop, a local children’s contest.

In what is now referred to as the Golden age of Radio, Jane got featured on Aunt Sally’s Kiddie Revue as she popped into radio shows, an Atlanta radio program for children every Saturday morning. Here, she would dance, sing and impersonate celebrity actors. Progressing fast on this path.

In 1932, after working for two years at the WGST radio in Atlanta, her mother moved her to Hollywood, Los Angeles, to see if there was an opening to feature in film roles. Her father didn’t move with them but stayed in Atlanta and sent money to them every month for their upkeep.

Jane secured a job to host children’s shows on KWFB radio in Los Angeles and performed voiceovers for cartoon characters. Her first movie role as an extra came in 1932 when she was picked coincidentally to appear before the camera even though only her back was photographed.

Jane Withers Net worth estimate

Jane Withers net worth at the time of her death in 2021 was estimated to be $5 million. These are earnings from her acting profession and career as a well sought-after television host for kid’s programs.

Jane Withers’ Height and Weight

Jane Withers is 5ft 9 or 1.8m tall, but her weight is not known in writing.

Jane Withers Career


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Jane Withers started as a child prodigy. She started hosting radio shows at a tender age. Her career in acting debuted in 1935 after starring in the movie Ginger. She featured in another film titled “The Farmer Takes a Wife” that same year and signed her first seven-year contract with Century Fox Studio.

She gradually became a popular face on television by featuring in three to five films every year. Notably, she was featured in Pepper, Little Miss Nobody, Gentle Julia, and Paddy O’ Day in 1936. The following year she featured in different film genres, including dramas and comedies, and moved on to ace a lead role in several films, including Checkers, 45 Fathers, Can This Be Dixie?, Wild and Wooly, The Holy Terror, and the Angel’s Holiday.

In 1938, she played lead roles in three comedy dramas, including Always in Trouble, Keep Smiling, and Rascal. All three films were sponsored by Century Fox Studio. She aced four comedy roles in 1939 in the movie; Pack Up Your Trouble, Chicken Wagon Family, Boy Friend, and The Arizona Wildcat.

At age 13, Jane partnered with Gene Autry to make a film in what was supposed to be a go-between between Republic Pictures and Century Fox Studio. However, it turned out that both studios had reservations about loaning their celebrity actors to each other.

But this contention was resolved by Withers, who suggested that three contract players should be taken Autry’s place at Republic Pictures on contract in exchange for Autry. The success of the exchange is the movie Shooting Star, shot in 1940. Jane and Autry finally got to feature in the same film.

She made many other spectacular movies in her teen year, including Youth will be Served, the Girl from Avenue A, and High School. She also wrote the scripts and featured in the comedy movie titled Small Town Deb, shot in 1941. That same year, she signed her second contract with Century Fox Studio.

This enabled her to earn up to $2750 weekly in the contract’s first year and $3000 the following year. For the next few years, she featured in several films, including, A Very Young Lady and Golden Hoofs. Her last film for fox studio was Young America, a war drama film, and Mad Martindales, a comedy.

In 1942, she signed a new contract with Republic Pictures worth $225 000. This was her third professional acting contract. The contract made Actress Jane Withers net worth soar at that time. With Republic Pictures, she made the following films, The North Star, My Best Gal, Jonny Doughboy, Affairs of Geraldine, and Faces in the Fog.

Withers earned some remarkable achievements in her career chief, which is topping the American box office. Her films were made top 10 at the box office in 1937 and 1938. She was respected as a star actress and an icon in the film industry until her death.

Her career was a huge success as she made many remarkable achievements. Jane is a recipient of the Young Artist Former Child Star Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Jane Withers Personal Life and Family

Withers is a phenomena actress. This born mimic could impersonate other celebrities, and she never memorized her lines word for word but made sense of them. When she forgets her lines, she would ad-lib to remember them. As young as she was, she’d sit with directors and scriptwriters to provide them with user inputs and suggest appropriate dialogues for a scene.

She also had the opportunity to recommend actors for movie roles. At some point, Jane had recommended Jackie Searl and Rita Hayworth for specific roles in films. Lavinia Ruth, Jane’s mother, intended to become a TV star, but her plans didn’t pan out. So, she determined that her child would become what she couldn’t be.

Jane Wither’s parents were Christian devotees of a local Presbyterian Church where the family worshiped. Her father, Walter was a teacher of the bible, while her mother, Ruth taught Sunday School lessons. The family was given to philanthropy. Occasionally, they would host orphans and feed them at their homes on Sundays.

Jane withers owe her solid upbringing and career to her mum, who was stood firmly by her and supported her dreams. She was not spoilt despite her stardom. While still a teen actor, she was said to be one of the well-behaved juveniles in Hollywood.

She was taught by her parent to avoid egoism, steer clear of being self-centered, and develop a generous personality. Jane’s philanthropy began with her dolls because she gave one to a needy child elsewhere for every two dolls she gets.

Even when she had to retain the dolls for her collection, she used her allowance to buy dolls for less-privileged children. Growing older, she earned more but learned to invest her earnings in annuities and trust funds and used extra funding to purchase anything she needed. These investments eventually paid off as they add to actress Jane Withers’ net worth.

Jane was allowed to have fun to ease the pressure of being a child star. She was allowed to join the Girls Scout and went on specific adventures. We’ll still get to Actress Jane Wither’s net worth but let’s quickly see her relationship, marriage, and children

Jane Wither’s Marriage and Relationships

About her personal life, Jane Wither first got married to William Moss Jr in 1947. She was 21 years old. This was also the year she first retired from acting. Her marriage to Willian was not successful as the duo untied the nuptial knot in 1954. Jane moved on; and married Kenneth Errair in 1955. They lived together until his death in a plane crash in 1968. She finally died at the age of 95 on August 7, 2021.

The actress gave birth to five children during her life, but she is survived by four after her death. Her children’s names are Wendy Leigh Moss, William Paul Moss III, Randall Craig Moss, Kenneth Errair Jr, and Kendal Jane Errair.

Jane Withers Net Worth & Bio Summary


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Actress Jane Wither’s net worth at the time of her death in 2021 is $5 million. She made these earnings from her acting profession and investments.
The summary of her bio includes the following:

● Jane Wither is an iconic American Actress
● She was the first child celebrity to land a seven-year film contract with Century Fox
● Jane was a precocious kid who started hosting radio shows at age 3
● Actress Jane Withers’ net worth is $5 million
● She debuted her first film role in 1935
● Jane is a recipient of the Young Artist Former Child Star Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.
● Jane was married twice and divorced once
● She finally died at the age of 95 on August 7, 2021.
● Jane is survived by 4 of 5 children

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By now; you should have gotten the full gist about Actress Jane Withers’ net worth. Other exciting parts of her life, including her rise to stardom at the age of 3, career, philanthropy, birth collection, and achievements, were detailed in the article too.

Jane Withers is a fantastic actress, a child prodigy, and an iconic character in Nollywood. Her death is a huge loss to humanity. We only hope that her family and the whole nation of America will be granted the fortitude to bear her loss.


Who Is Jane Withers?

  • Jane Withers, of blessed memory, was an American actress and popular host for children’s shows. She was a child prodigy having kickstarted her radio host program at age three.

How Old Was Jane Withers When She Died?

  • Jane Withers was 95 years old when she got touched by the cold hands of death. She died on August 7, 2021.

What Is Actress Jane Withers Net Worth?

  • Actress Jane Withers net worth is $5 000 000 at the time of her death.
NameJane Withers
Real NameJane Withers
Age95 (deceased)
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia, US


Net Worth Estimate$5 000 000