Victor Cruz Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

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Victor Cruze’s net worth is boosted by the giant Super Bowl XLVI ring that he wears proudly.

You probably know by now that Victor Cruze played American football in the NFL, but did you know that he won his ring playing for the New York Giants? He was also a star player for the Chicago Bears, helping them reach the Pro Bowl in 2012, and the former football prodigy is now making big bucks as a sports analyst for ESPN.

If football is your thing, or you just want to know more about Victor Cruz, read on and score a learning touchdown about ‘Victor Cruz Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?’, and other interesting facts.


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Who is Victor Cruz?

So, are you ready to run on and read about Victor Cruz’s net worth and how he amassed it? Put on your helmet, fix your shoulder pads, tighten those cleats… and get ready to earn some running yards on who Victor Cruz is, and what the Victor Cruz net worth is.

Victor Michael Cruz was earmarked for football greatness from a very early age. The 35-year-old grew up on the rough streets of Paterson, New Jersey’s largest city. Although he was athletic from young, he only started focusing on his career in football after his father committed suicide.

A Paterson Catholic High School graduate, he went to Bridgton Academy in Maine for a post-graduate semester. The star’s career started gaining momentum when he went to the University of Massachusetts and completed 131 catches, ranking him fourth on the University’s all catchers list! What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is that the young wide receiver did not start in a single match in his rookie year.

His 2010 season started rather quietly and for a short while Victor went undrafted. This was when he was spotted by the New York Yankees and subsequently signed the day after the draft ended. Following a strong preseason, he earned a spot on the regular playing roster for the giant New York team. Victor Cruz’s net worth took a hit when a damaged hamstring put paid to the rest of his 2010 season. Cruz and the Giants won the NFC Championship in 2011 and on February 5th, they beat the Patriots BY 21 to 17 at the Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis.

The Giants extended his contract with him for five years and just short of $46 million in the summer of 2013. The 2014 season ended with a ruptured patellar tendon for Victor. A torn patellar tendon separates the tendon from the kneecap, and without that attachment, it is impossible to straighten the knee. This effectively ended the superstar’s career as a wide receiver, and this is also when the football player turned analyst and commentator for ESPN.

Before we look at his net worth, did you know that Nike designed shoes for him? No matter where he is, Victor Cruz needs some fast and sick looking kicks right? Taking this into consideration, the Air Cruz is a stylish and classic shoe that emphasizes Cruz’s off-field style.

You may think that this has slowed down the sportsman and the Victor Cruze net worth, but you would be wrong. As we approach the end of the first quarter, let’s take a crack at a field goal and see what Victor Cruze’s net worth is.

What is Victor Cruz’s Net Worth Estimate?

Can you guess what this American football player is currently worth? The Victor Cruz net worth in 2022 has been estimated to be very close, if not more than, $20 million! But how did this wide receiver receive all this cash? The former Giant was linked to massive multi-million dollar contracts while he was still actively playing and he also received heaps of dollars through endorsements and sponsorship contracts.

As an analyst for the global sports channel ESPN, Cruz earns a salary of around $ 60 000 per month.

Victor Cruz’s Height, Weight

Victor Michael Cruz was an average sized baby on his birthday in 1986, but his athletic build soon became apparent. He turns 36 in November of this year and when he takes his designer Nike’s off, he stands a cool 6 feet tall and weighs in at around 200 lbs (93kg).

Victor Cruz was born under the Chinese Zodiac of the Tiger and when he reads his horoscopes he checks out the Scorpio section. Both these star signs are a tribute to his fighting, never say die, spirit. Now that we know what Victor Cruz’s net worth and size is, we can look back at where he was born and raised.

Victor Cruz’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Victor Cruz net worth

LOS ANGELES – NOV 03: Victor Cruz arrives to the 2018 LACMA Art + Film Gala on November 3, 2018 in Hollywood, CA. Editorial credit: DFree /

Paterson is one of the biggest cities in New Jersey… it is also in the top five of worst places to live in America, and this was where Victor Cruz was first introduced to the world.

The city’s poverty rate is twice that of the rest of the country, and Victor alluded in an interview that it wasn’t really easy as a child. As a young, black male in an unmoving economy with hardly any signs of growth in employment, it was easy to follow the traditional route of drugs and crime. Lucky for him his parents provided a balanced upbringing for him and his siblings.

Victor Cruz’s father was a decorated African-American firefighter named Michael Walker. Although Walker lived on the other side of town with spouse Jacqueline, her daughter Ebony, and son Malik he guided and helped Cruz all the time. Walker played a significant part in the Victor Cruz net worth, and the young football player’s career, as did his mother, Puerto Rico born, Bianca Cruz.

Even though his mother and father never wed, they always had his best interests at heart. Growing up in a crime ridden, drug-filled hood is hard but his parents kept him on the straight and narrow. As a child, Cruz was raised by his mother and grandmother, and his father provided him with guidance and support, especially when it came to sport.

In high school it seemed that he would not be able to make the grade. The Victor Cruz net worth took a hiatus while he struggled to balance academic classes with sport… but this all changed when the number 80 started catching more passes than anyone thought possible.

How are you doing? Did you guess what Victor Cruz’s net worth was? Now, let us see how his career helped him to get where he is today.

Victor Cruz’s Career

Victor Cruz has gained a bunch of fans and supporters during his short football career… he has also grown the Victor Cruz net worth to around $20 million! But it was not plain sailing for the man with Puerto Rican heritage, as he intermittently suffered career stifling injuries.

In December 2013, he suffered an injury that ended his season, and in 2014, he tore a tendon and his season ended again. In 2015, he was injured again, but in 2016, he returned to playing. His seven-year career with the Giants included two seasons at Pro Bowl level.

Career stats:

  • 303 Catches
  • 4594 yards
  • 25 Touchdowns

His poor grades hampered him badly in the autumn of 2005, and he returned to his old Alma Mater in Paterson to regroup and catch up on his grades.

It was during this time that his father was going through massive upheaval in his life. Following allegations of racism, his dad was eventually found deceased under strange circumstances, although the official report states that he committed suicide. This was the catalyst that made Cruz realize the seriousness of life, and he became the football star he was.

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Even though Victor’s averages were mindblowing, he remained a free agent and went undrafted… until the New York Giants, his hometown team, signed him. But a record breaking rookie season was not on the cards as he suffered a hamstring injury that sidelined him for most of 2010.

It was not only his play that was improving as Victor Cruz’s net worth started taking form. He caught 10 passes for 142 yards against the 49ers in San Francisco and was instrumental in the Giants’ win against Tom Brady and his New England Patriots at the 2012 Super Bowl.

Сruz officially hung up his helmet in 2018 before becoming a football analyst for ESPN. To ‘officially’ retire from the Giants he had to sign a 24-hour contract.


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Аwаrdѕ and Асhіеvеmеntѕ

In the course of his career, Victor Cruz has been awarded the following awards:

  • 2011 2nd Теаm Аll-Рrо.
  • 2012 Ѕuреrbоwl Сhаmріоnѕ.
  • 2012 Рrо-Воwlеr.
  • Сruz holds the rесоrd fоr thе longest tоuсhdоwn rесерtіоn of 99 уаrdѕ.
  • New York Giants record for 1,536 yards in a season
  • 1ѕt Теаm Аll Соlоnіаl Аthlеtіс Аѕѕосіаtіоn fоr 2008, 2009.

This awards definitely boosted Victor Cruz net worth career. In December 2012 Cruz paid tribute to Jack Pinto. The six-year-old Pinto was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School during a school shooting and Victor honored him by writing his name on his gloves and cleats. Victor later gave the game-worn apparel to Ben Pinto, Jack’s brother.

In February 2017, Cruz launched The Victor Cruz Show with UNINTERRUPTED. Earlier this year, the show transitioned to a dual-host format, and is now called The Victor Cruz and Paul Rivera Show.

Victor Cruz’s Personal Life and Family

Victor Cruz’s net worth does not reflect the hardships he endured getting to where he is today, or how his family support helped him achieve his goals. He has a daughter, Kennedy Cruz, with Elaina Watley, but the two split up before they could get married. Victor then started dating Karrueche Tran, who also used to date Chris Brown, but it is rumored that the couple split up earlier this year.

In 2010, he started a funky clothing line with Nate Allen and they called it ,”Young Whales”. He and some of his former teammates were the first people to model his line of wear.


  • Kennedy Cruz – Daughter
  • Lucy Molina – Grandmother
  • Blanca Cruz – Mother
  • Michael Walker – Father
  • Malik M Walker – Brother
  • Andrea Cruz – Sister
  • Ebony Turner – Sister

It seems that Victor Cruz is currently single but with the Victor Cruze net worth around $20 million, we are sure he won’t be alone for long.

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Victor Cruz’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

Victor Cruz grew up in the third worst city to live in America, and still managed to create the Victor Cruz net worth that is now estimated to be twenty million dollars.

He is active on Twitter and has nearly 24 000 followers – @TeamVic. There are several videos of some of his best plays on YouTube, as well as videos about his life. You can follow him on Instagram where he has more than a million subscribers to his account.

It shows that even though life does not always deal everyone the same hand, it is up to the individual to make a success of their life…and their net worth. Victor Michael Cruz was born in the fall of 1986 in a poor and drug-diseased suburb in Indianapolis and lost his scholarship because he battled to find the balance between sport and studies.

35 years later and the former football star has taken his love for the game even further. As a sports analyst for ESPN he looks forward to each new game… and wonders when someone will catch a 100 yard completed pass?

NameVictor Cruz
Real NameVictor Cruz
Date of Birth11 Nоvеmbеr 1986
Place of BirthРаtеrѕоn, Nеw Јеrѕеу, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Height1.83 m
Weight93 kg
Net Worth Estimate$20 mіllіоn