Suzanne Somers Net Worth | How Did She Get So Rich?

Suzanne Somers net worth comfortably exceeds $100 million, She is undoubtedly an accomplished American author, actress, and singer. Fondly remembered for her role in the award-winning sitcoms step-by-step and Three companies, Suzanne is a seasoned businesswoman and entrepreneur.


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Suzanne Somers is also an author of several books based on alternative medicine and many books centered around self-help. Interestingly, these are facts that almost everyone knows. As a fan, how much do you know about Suzanne Somers? What do you know about our struggles, victories, and triumphs?

What do you know about her journey to stardom, personal life, family, place of birth, and even hobbies? This piece takes account of seemingly trivial facts such as her height, hair color, and eyes. This is what this article is focused on achieving. This article intends to present everything you need to know about Suzanne Somers net worth, presenting it as a comprehensive yet concise piece.

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Who is Suzanne Somers?


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Suzanne Somers is an accomplished American author, actress, businesswoman, and singer fondly remembered for her roles in a television series, known as Chrissy Snow (Christmas snow), which featured on three’s company and step-by-step Carol Lambert.

Aged 76, Suzanne has been an author of several books, particularly self-help ones such as “the naked truth about bioidentical hormones,” also referred to as “Ageless,” which discusses the therapy of bioidentical hormones replacement. Besides this, she has launched several books, which include four diet books, two autobiographies, and a poetry book called “Touch Me.”

Somers has been widely criticized because of her opinion on certain medical issues and her support for the Wiley Protocol, which is considered dangerous and scientifically unfounded. She has also received strong criticism from the American cancer society because of the encouragement of alternative treatments.

Despite a strong opinion and the controversies surrounding her, Suzanne Somers has led an extremely impactful life. Born on the 16th of October 1946, Suzanne Mahoney Marie was the third child amongst four children. She was born in the suburbs of San Francisco within San Bruno, California, into an American home.

Although they were of Irish descent, they had their early life in America. Her parents were Francis Mahoney, her father, and Marion Marie, who was her mother. Francis served as a gardener and laborer, while Marion was a medical secretary. Everyone in her family attended the church in San Bruno, St. Roberts Catholic church, which shaped her childhood.

Suzanne Somers Net Worth Estimate


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With an estimated net worth of more than $105 million, she is a truly successful and wealthy woman. Suzanne is a multi-talented entrepreneur who ventured into many crafts such as singing, acting, writing, and business. Hence, she truly deserves all of this wealth and more.

Asides from this, she is a health advocate that has always clamored for support for alternative treatments in cancer treatment. As a result of this, she has written several self-help books that concentrate on a holistic approach to therapy. She is also quite famous for a role on a TV series known as step by step and three’s company which is popular on television.

Suzanne is a businesswoman to the core, with many achievements ascribed to her name across different fields. Her skill and the value she brings into any team are recognized and duly rewarded with a salary of $5 million. Despite the controversies, she is surrounded with and her desire, there is no doubt that Suzanne Somers net worth shows that she is a successful, famous, and wealthy woman.

Suzanne Somers Early Life

Born on the 16th of October 1946 in San Bruno, San Francisco, to Frank Mahoney and Marion Mahoney, her parents, Somers was raised in a Catholic home. While growing up, they attended the St. Roberts Catholic church within the suburbs of San Francisco.

She was also the third child of four kids in an average American family of Irish origin. Her father was a Gardner, and a laborer paid for loading beers to boxcars. On the other hand, her mother served as a medical secretary.

Somers had a rough and tough childhood which shaped her life, as she constantly lived in fear of her alcoholic father, who repeatedly abused them physically and verbally. As a result, she was always afraid of being killed or hurt. Diagnosed with dyslexia, she was a poor student and due to all the terrible events she experienced this didn’t help her education.

However, she performed well in courses regarding the arts and as particularly well in the theatre programs at school. As a result of her outstanding talent, she earned a scholarship to college, only to get pregnant about six months later. Left with little or no choice, Somers had to marry the father of the baby, who was named Bruce Somers.

By November 1965, Suzanne Somers gave birth to Bruce Somers, who remains her only son and child. Along the line, Suzanne grew unhappy with her marriage and started an affair which her drama teacher. She was found out by her husband, who divorced her in 1967, after two years of marriage.

She became a single mum and had started modeling within San Francisco to fend for her son and herself. After the divorce, Suzanne struggled to feed and survive, as she was lonely and without any support of any kind. At that time, Suzanne chose to stay away from immediate family because her elder sister and brother turned into alcoholics.

However, things took a turn for the better in 1968, when she became the prize model on a game show. The game show was posted by Alan Hamel, who was married and was going to be her husband in the future. Things started to turn out unexpectedly, as Hamel and Suzanne started dating, though Hamel was married.

During their relationship, Suzanne became pregnant, and they both concluded they had no choice but to terminate the pregnancy. During the abortion, several complications arose as she began to bleed severely for many days.

Things grew worse when Bruce got hit by a car and was injured. As a result, young Bruce had to go through counseling, for which Suzanne was charged $1 every week, a fee which she struggled to pay. At the time, Suzanne herself had to face the ugly consequences of her childhood.

However, things got better when she earned significant roles on TV and in different films. She later got a role on a series known as Three’s company in 1976. In the end, she had to model her character after the wife of Dick Clark. By 1977, she married Hamel, who became her second husband.

As she progressed in her acting journey, she demanded more and asked for increased pay when the fifth season was about to commence. As a result, he was fired from the show. After a contract at Three’s company terminated, she moved to Las Vegas, where she had a series of performances in the mid-80s.

By 1986, Suzanne had started writing her biography entitled “keeping secrets,” Later on, the autobiography was converted into a movie. By 1991, she was given the role of “carol foster” in the series titled step by step 1991. Ever since the show ended in 1992, she started posting another series in the same year known as candid camera.

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Suzanne Somers Height and Weight

The 76-year-old superstar Suzanne Summer’s Personal Life and Family has a height of 5 ft 5 inches, about 1.66m. Also, she weighs 63kg and approximately 138 pounds. She has a body measurement of 35-23-34 inches.

She also has a waist size of 23 inches and a hip size of 34 inches. Asides from this, she has a bra size of 35C and a shoe size of 10 (US). She has blonde hair, which is complemented by her darkish brown eyes.

Suzanne Summers Personal Life and Family

Suzanne Somers was given birth in San Francisco, San Bruno in California. Formerly, Suzanne Marie Mahoney, Suzanne was the third child amongst four children in a Catholic Irish-American home.

Suzanne was born to a medical secretary for a mother (Elizabeth Marion, formerly Turner) and a Gardner and a laborer; Francis Mahoney had a humble background. By six, Suzanne’s father had become a drunkard, which made her terrified of him. Her father verbally abused her

Growing up, she attended cappuccino high school, demonstrating exemplary art talents. She also went to mercy high school in Burlingame, California, where she became a cheerleader. After this, she was offered a scholarship at San Francisco’s college for women, managed by a Catholic society of the Sacred Heart order.

Six months into her admission, she became pregnant for Bruce Somers and had to marry him. At the young age of 19, Suzanne was already a mother in 1965. It didn’t take long for the marriage to end, as she was divorced within two years of the marriage since she was unhappy in it.

By 1970, she met a host on one of her game shows who was Alan Hamel. Seven years later, in 1977, she was married to him. Suzanne is blessed with three granddaughters: Violet, Camelia, and Daisy Hamel-Buffa.

By April 2000, she was diagnosed with breast cancer which was in stage II; to treat the sickness, she had to get rid of cancer through radiation therapy. However, Somers opted to use a fermented mistletoe extract known as Iscador. Asides from this, Somers had her home in Malibu destroyed by wildfire.

Suzanne Somers Career


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By 1969, Somers attained notoriety when she made an appearance as a prize model in an anniversary show game. By 1977, she met Alan Hamel, the host, later becoming a husband. She also had a significant acting role in the American graffiti made by George Lucas.

After that trial, she began getting parts in areas such as the Six Million Dollar Man, one day at a time, and the Rockford flies. In the end, she was able to get a role in a movie of Magnus Force. Later in her career, she got a leading role at the Three’s company.

The series got so much acceptance that it was scheduled for more series till it got to 5. Ultimately, Somers began to make demands for increased wages and was fired due to it. She late hosted many shows within several years.

Somers also played a part in Playboy about two times. In both instances, she showed her nudes. In most magazines and blogs, she was considered a single mother who couldn’t pay her bills and take care of her child. She was later asked about her nude scenes in the second instance, which she denied.

Suzanne Somers Personal Life and Family

Suzanne Somers has been married for a long time, which has been blissful, on her 44th birthday. Initially, Suzanna Somers was married to Bruce Sommer, a father to Bruce Simmers.

Although Suzanne had no child with Hamel, making Somers the only child, Suzanne is blessed with three amazing granddaughters, Camellia, Daisy Hamel-Buffa, and Violet. At some point, Somers home in Malibu, Southern California, was burnt down due to wildfire.

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Suzanne Net worth and Bio Summary

Suzanne Somers net worth is estimated to be around $105 million, which is huge. However, asides from earning a lot from her talent, her skills as a business women also helped. She has written many books, particularly self-help and alternative medicine concerning cancer.

Suzzane has also invested heavily in real estate, as she has bought close to $35 million in Palm Springs. However, Suzanne earns a salary of $5 million per annum, making it logical to believe in such wealth. Therefore, Suzanne is truly a wealthy woman because of her talents and the many Investments in her portfolio.

NameSuzanne Somers
Real NameSuzanne Marie Somers
Date of Birth16th of October 1946
Place of BirthSan Francisco, San Bruno in California
ParentsFrancis and Marion Mahoney
RelationshipMarried: Hamel
Zodiac SignLibra
Height and Weight1.66m and 63kg
Net Worth Estimate$110 million
OccupationActress, author, singer, businesswoman
Social Media Accounts Twitter