Pooh Shiesty Net Worth – How Much Is He Really Worth?

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth Estimate:

Pooh Shiesty net worth is currently estimated as being at about somewhere between $2 million dollars and $6 million dollars. The majority of Pooh Shiesty net worth has come from extremely successful career as a rap singer and song writer in the rap hip hop music industry.

Who is Pooh Shiesty?


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Pooh Shiesty is a rap music singer and star whose real name is Lontrell Donell Williams Jr. He has been famous since 2020, kicking off with his hit song, “Back in Blood”, which was a collaboration with another famous rap singer Lil Durk.

The next year saw the release of his first mixtape, called Shiesty Season, via Atlantic Records and 1017 Records, Gucci Mane’s label. It reached the third place on Billboard Magazine’s 200 list.

Pooh Shiesty’s stage name is a mashup of Mr. Pooh, an affectionate nickname he had as a child, and “shiesty”, which is African American hip hop slang meaning untrustworthy or shady.

Pooh Shiesty’s Career


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Pooh Shiesty’s fame really kicked off when, on the fifteenth of March in 2019, his first single dropped. It was called “Hell Night” and was a collaboration between Pooh Shiesty and his friend and fellow rap artist Big30. Pooh Shiesty and Big30 also released a music video of the song to go along with it a year later.

In August of that year, Pooh Shiesty’s first mixtape, Shiesty Summer, came out, shortly thereafter followed by its music video. This included another collaboration with Big30, namely “Choppa Talk”, which, as with the other song, also got its own music videos.

The end of 2019 saw yet another single dropped by Pooh Shiesty. It was called “Day One” and he released a trick video to go along with it on the twenty fifth of November.

In early 2020, Pooh Shiesty net worth grew even more impressively thanks to the release of a number of more singles, including “At It Again” (along with a lyrics video), “Main Slime”, a remix and video of that song, and “ABCGE”, along with a video, again.

All of these successful songs caught the eye of already well established rap star Gucci Mane, who was so impressed with Pooh Shiesty that he convinced him to sign on to 1017, Gucci Mane’s label.

Pooh Shiesty and Gucci Mane became good friends and frequent collaborators, kicking off with Gucci Mane’s song and video “Still Remember” in the middle of 2020. “Still Remember” was easily Pooh Shiesty’s biggest hit and claim to fame up to this point. It alone helped Pooh Shiesty net worth a lot.

Riding high on that success, less than a week later, Pooh Shiesty dropped another song, “Monday to Sunday”, which was a collaboration with, again, Big30 and Lil Baby, along with a lyrics video.

Not only did all of these songs get videos produced to go along with them but Gucci Mane included them on So Icy Summer, his fourth greatest hits album, in the summer of 2020. So Icy Summer was divided into two parts, the first being his own songs and the second from various artists he’d signed onto his label.

Along with Pooh Shiesty, other artists Gucci Mane included on So Icy Summer were Enchanting, Roboy, K Shiday, Big Scarr, and Foogiano. The album also included yet another collaboration between Pooh Shiesty and Gucci Mane, namely “Who Is Him”. Naturally, it had a video as well which was released along with it.

Later in 2020, Pooh Shiesty dropped yet another song and video, this one called “Twerksum”. Then in early October, Gucci Mane’s entire label appeared on one single called “1017 Loaded”, along with a video. These songs were both included then on Gucci Mane’s fifth compilation, So Icy Gang Vol 1.

The next month saw Pooh Shiesty dropping what would not only be his next big hit but take the top spot as his most successful song to date. It was called “Back in Blood” and was a collaboration between Pooh Shiesty and Lil Durk. Over 40 million people watched the video on YouTube.

That same month, Pooh Shiesty also made an appearance on Foogiano’s “First Day in LA”, which was included on their first album, Gutta Baby. Pooh Shiesty also showed up on another song of theirs, “Menace”, which was also included on Gutta Baby. This song dropped on Thanksgiving of 2020.

Pooh Shiesty kicked off 2021 with yet another song, this one called “Guard Up”. This was to be the third single of his first mixtape, Shiesty Season. Only two weeks later, he also showed up on Lil Durk’s “Should’ve Ducked”. This song appeared on Lil Durk’s 6th album, The Voice: Deluxe Edition.

Pooh Shiesty released yet another Shiesty Season single called “Neighbors” the next month, only three days before dropping the complete mixtape.

The various other rap stars who make surprise cameos on various collaborations in Shiesty Season include Gucci Mane, Savage, Lil Durk, Big30, Tay Keith, Lil Hank, Foogiano, Choppa Wop, and Veeze.

Shiesty Season did so well for Pooh Shiesty net worth that he dropped a deluxe edition only three months later. It was officially called Shiesty Season: Spring Deluxe, and in addition to the previously released songs, also had new ones with appearances by G Herbo and Lil Baby.

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Pooh Shiesty: Early Life

Pooh Shiesty was born on the eighth of November in 1999 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America, under the actual name Lontrell Donell Williams Jr. Pooh Shiesty grew up on Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America’s south side before moving to Pflugerville, Texas, United States of America.

Pooh Shiesty lived in Texas for 2 years, and upon getting back to Tennessee, attended a summer school so he could catch up with his work and ultimately graduate.

Pooh Shiesty’s Personal Life and Family


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Pooh Shiesty is an extremely private individual and does not share a great deal about his personal life with the media or with his fans, and so very little is known about who he is dating. At one time, a video went viral in which he seemed to be being intimate with a woman, leading people to assume she was his girlfriend.

Pooh Shiesty, however, refused to corroborate those rumors or to tell people who this woman was, so we don’t even know if she was actually someone he was romantically involved with at all or not, nor her identity.

Therefore, officially, Pooh Shiesty is publicly single, despite the fact that various bits of evidence seem to suggest that he either is privately dating women, or perhaps has a single relationship that he has just kept extremely private and secret from the prying eyes of the media.

Pooh Shiesty lists his main musical influences as being rap stars such as Little Wayne, Kodak Black, and Chief Keef.

Pooh Shiesty has also been unfortunately beset by many legal woes. In October of 2020, after an act of gun violence in Florida at the Bay Harbor Islands, the police arrested Pooh Shiesty. He was accused of being involved in thievery, assault and battery, and armed robbery. Pooh Shiesty only remained in custody one day.

Eight months later, Pooh Shiesty was again arrested by police, due to an act of gun violence that had occurred in Florida’s Miami Dade County at a club for strippers. Pooh Shiesty was not allowed bail this time, and remained locked up.

Later that month, Pooh Shiesty received an official indictment for the early robbery. Seven months later, Pooh Shiesty pled guilty to the charges laid before him.

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Pooh Shiesty’s Social Media Influence

Pooh Shiesty is currently available on basically all of the major social media platforms. Pooh Shiesty has a lot of followers on all of them, however his most popular social media platform by far is Instagram.

Pooh Shiesty uses his social media to plug his albums, concert appearances, and merchandise, all of which of course greatly contributes to Pooh Shiesty net worth as it encourages his fans to spend more money on his music and products.


Pooh Shiesty has an official public verified Facebook account. Pooh Shiesty’s Facebook account handle is @poohshiesty375. On this platform, Pooh Shiesty has two hundred and eighty six thousand followers as of the present time.

Pooh Shiesty mostly uses his official public Facebook account to plug his songs and music videos, and to post clips of both, as well as his live appearances. Pooh Shiesty also posts information about his upcoming gigs, events, concerts, live appearances, interviews, articles, and so on and so forth.

Pooh Shiesty also often posts photos of himself and links to his latest merchandise, including t shirts, baseballs caps, CDs, and more along those lines. These sales help Pooh Shiesty net worth a great deal.


Pooh Shiesty has an official public verified Twitter account. Pooh Shiesty’s Twitter account handle from which he tweets is @pooh_shiesty, all lower case letters. Meanwhile, Pooh Shiesty’s current Twitter name is Silme Lil Dude.

On this platform, Pooh Shiesty has over three hundred and thirty nine thousand followers as of the present time, and is himself following only five hundred and ninety four accounts in return.

Pooh Shiesty uses his Twitter to post messages and observations to his fans, most of which get a huge number of likes and retweets. Pooh Shiesty also often posts photos of himself, and tweets links to and and information about his new and upcoming music.

Pooh Shiesty also plugs his merchandise, upcoming tour dates, live appearances, gigs, concerts, interviews, articles, and so on and so forth here, and often retweets and interacts with fans who are talking about him. This helps Pooh Shiesty net worth continue to grow.


Pooh Shiesty has an official public verified Instagram account. Pooh Shiesty’s Instagram account handle is @poohshiesty, both words in a row rather than broken up with an under score, as on his Twitter account handle.

On this platform, Pooh Shiesty has more than three million followers and is himself following only four hundred and fourteen people in return as of the present time.

Pooh Shiesty’s account is full of photos of himself, videos of himself and his music videos and concert appearances, and posters for his new and upcoming singles and albums, events, tours, concerts, gigs, articles, interviews, and so on and so forth. These plugs help Pooh Shiesty net worth grow.


Pooh Shiesty does not currently have an official public LinkedIn business account. This is perhaps not surprising as the sort of business networking that this service offers does not always tend to be the sort required by young people in the music and entertainment industries, especially once they are already famous.

With that said, if the situation should ever change and Pooh Shiesty sign up for an official public LinkedIn business account, we will be sure to update this page with that information. We want to make sure we keep our readers informed about all of the latest news about Pooh Shiesty net worth, life, and career.


Pooh Shiesty seems to have a TikTok account, however it is not verified as of the present time, so it is impossible to tell whether it is an official account or run by one of his fans. The account’s handle is @poohshiesty_1017, 1017 being a reference to the record label he’s signed up with.

Pooh Shiesty’s TikTok account currently has more than five hundred and sixty seven thousand followers, as well as more than four million likes. Pooh Shiesty’s TikTok account is currently following only twenty four people in return.

Pooh Shiesty’s TikTok is full of funny video clips of Pooh Shiesty, as well as short pieces of his music videos and some live concert appearances, as well.

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Pooh Shiesty: Height, Weight

Pooh Shiesty’s height is not a matter that is currently available in the public record, however people have speculated that it is likely at about approximately 5 feet and 10 inches, which comes to 177.8 in centimeters.

Pooh Shiesty’s weight is not a matter that is currently available in the public record, however people have speculated that it is likely at about approximately 137 pounds, which is 62 in kilos. Pooh Shiesty’s bicep size is estimated to be approximately about 12. Pooh Shiesty’s body measurements are 37 25 33.

Pooh Shiesty’s eye color is brown. Pooh Shiesty’s hair color is brown.

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth & Bio Summary

NamePooh Shiesty
Real NameLontrell Donell Williams Jr
Place of BirthMemphis, Tennessee, USA
Net Worth Estimate$2 Million - $6 Million