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Stevewilldoit Net Worth – How Much Is The YouTuber Worth?

Stevewilldoit Net Worth Estimate

Stevewilldoit net worth is not a matter in the public record, but people currently estimate as being somewhere between $2.5 million dollars and $4 million dollars. The majority of Stevewilldoit net worth has come from his enormously successful career as a You Tuber.


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Stevewilldoit’s videos bring in a genuinely staggering number of views, which has brought Stevewilldoit a great deal of advertising money and ensure that Stevewilldoit net worth has continue to grow hugely in recent years.

Stevewilldoit also makes a lot of money through the collaborations, deals, and various sponsorships that occur due to his successful channel. Stevewilldoit has used his net worth to buy a lot of high valued cars.

He often gives away extremely high priced items as gifts to the viewers of his You Tube channel, including a Tesla car once.

Who is Stevewilldoit?

Stevewilldoit is a Conservative You Tuber, creator of internet content, and model on Instagram who has been posting videos online since 2017. His real name is Steven Deleonardis, however he is generally known as either Stevewilldoit or Steve Will, due to the name of his You Tube channel.

The idea behind Stevewilldoit’s You Tube channel is that he takes on various challenges and posts videos of him accomplishing these tasks. In other words, Steve Will Do It. Stevewilldoit first started doing this on his Instagram account before eventually transitioning to You Tube, where he has become a big hit.

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Stevewilldoit’s Career


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Stevewilldoit is mainly known for his You Tube channel but he also has a very successful Instagram, albeit one he mainly uses to funnel people back to the content he has created on You Tube.

His channel is mostly full of challenges and pranks, making him somewhat of a modern day independent internet based spin on MTV’s popular Jackass reality television franchise.

Stevewilldoit first started posting his challenge videos to Instagram in 2017 before ultimately migrating to You Tube, where he named his channel Steve Will Do It, based on the fact that it was built around him doing a lot of crazy things.

A lot of Stevewilldoit’s challenge videos revolve around him consuming a great deal of something for clicks. For example, on the occasion of his twenty first birthday, he smoked twenty one marijuana joints as part of a challenge. Stevewilldoit often also drinks a great deal of alcohol or stuffs himself with a lot of food.

Whereas the videos he posted on Instagram were, by necessity, shorter, due to the limits Instagram places on video lengths, the videos Stevewilldoit uploads to his You Tube channel are much longer and include the entire span of all of the challenges, rather than cutdown versions.

The Stevewilldoit channel is part of a network of Canadian prank based content channels on You Tube called NELK Entertainment. Stevewilldoit calls himself one of the NELK boys.

Stevewilldoit’s most popular video is called “I handcuffed Brad Martyn then ripped darts in his gym” and as of the present time, it been viewed approximately ten million unique times since he first posted it on You Tube.

In 2019, Stevewilldoit drew the ire of Demi Lovato, the pop singer, who accused him of setting a bad example to young people in glamorizing the consumption of vast amounts of booze in his videos. As a result, the two got into a public online war of words of sorts, ultimately leading to Demi blocking him on Twitter.

In response, Stevewilldoit, as part of one of his typical pranks, got a tattoo of Demi Lovato’s face drawn onto his body. This sort of humor is pretty common place for Stevewilldoit.

NELK, the Canadian You Tube company he is associated with, was founded by Jesse Sebastiani and Kyle Forgeard. Their videos center on college kid culture in America, and focus on partying and pranks. NELK created the slang term “Full send,” which Forgeard explains means, “any activity you do, give it your absolute best.”

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Stevewilldoit: Early Life

Stevewilldoit keeps his personal life incredibly private, so we don’t know that many specific details about his early life or family. We do know that Stevewilldoit was born as Stephen Deleonardis on the twenty sixth of August in Florida, United States of America, in the year 1998.

This means that, astrologically speaking, Stevewilldoit was born under the Virgo star sign. Stevewilldoit went to a public Florida high school for his schooling throughout his teenage years but chose not to attend college.

Instead, he launched his You Tube career, which he felt made Stevewilldoit net worth high enough to not have to worry about getting a formal education in order to make money. Stevewilldoit now lives in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, to the best of our current knowledge of him and his life.

Stevewilldoit’s Personal Life and Family


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Stevewilldoit keeps his personal life fairly private. Although he often posts photos of his parents on his Instagram, Stevewilldoit has not shared their names, nor are their names a matter that is currently available in the public record.

He has however claimed that Stevewilldoit net worth is so high that he is managed to allow both of his parents to retire and that he has bought both of them their “dream cars” and that they are now living their “dream lives”. The most we know about Stevewilldoit’s family is that they are conservative right wing Christians.

Although we don’t know much about Stevewilldoit’s family and his parents, we do know that he has a brother and a sister. Stevewilldoit’s brother’s name is Rocco Deleonardis. Stevewilldoit’s sister’s name is Briana Deleonardis.

Stevewilldoit also keeps his dating life fairly personal. Stevewilldoit is still in his early twenties so it isn’t surprising that he is not yet married and, as far as we know, does not yet have any children. As far as we know, he has a girlfriend whose online name is Selena but is actually called Celina Smith.

Celina Smith is an Instagram model and influencer who creates internet content related to fashion and style. Celina Smith also has a popular Only Fans account. Stevewilldoit and Celina Smith met when the two were both in high school and, as far as we know, they remain a couple to this very day.

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Stevewilldoit’s Social Media Influence

Stevewilldoit, naturally, has a huge social media influence, as it’s where he gained his level of fame and notoriety. It’s also where the entirety of Stevewilldoit net worth comes from.

Being an exclusively online personality, Stevewilldoit knows how to use the internet to the best of his advantage and has managed to, amongst certain online sects, become a very famous, popular name. Stevewilldoit’s videos always get a huge number of hits.

Stevewilldoit has figured out how to sell himself and how to use his social media influence to make a great deal of money and to exert a large amount of influence himself on his significantly sized fan base.


Stevewilldoit has an official Facebook page, however it is not currently verified. Stevewilldoit’s official Facebook page currently has over fourteen thousand and six hundred and thirteen people following it.

Stevewilldoit essentially just uses his Facebook account to funnel people over to his You Tube channel where he makes the majority of Stevewilldoit net worth. Stevewilldoit’s account mostly consists of clips from his You Tube.

Often they will be rather short clips with the message that each entire video can be viewed in full if one were to choose to follow the links to Stevewilldoit’s You Tube channel. A lot of the videos consist of Stevewilldoit chain smoking cigarettes and cannabis and doing various pranks with his friends.

Stevewilldoit also uses his Facebook account to sell merchandise that fans can purchase, including t shirts, baseball caps, sunglasses, and so on and so forth.


Stevewilldoit has an official public verified Twitter account. Stevewilldoit’s Twitter account handle from which he tweets is @stevewilldoit, all lower case, all the one word, as with his general persona. His Twitter name, meanwhile, is currently just Steve.

Stevewilldoit currently has over two hundred and two thousand followers on Twitter. Stevewilldoit himself is currently only following sixty two people on Twitter in return.

Stevewilldoit essentially just uses his Twitter account to funnel people over to his You Tube channel where he makes the majority of Stevewilldoit net worth. Stevewilldoit’s account mostly consists of clips from his Twitter as well as various links to his Twitch account.

Recently on Twitter Stevewilldoit has been talking a great deal of a video he made featuring former one term President of the United States Donald Trump, as well as the hundred thousand dollar Rolex he gave Trump as a gift thanks to Stevewilldoit net worth, despite the fact that Trump has a lot of money already.


Stevewilldoit has an official public verified Instagram account. Stevewilldoit’s official public verified Instagram account handle is @stevewilldoit. His biography there quotes his self professed moniker “Healthiest man alive!”

On Instagram, Stevewilldoit has nearly three point five million followers. Stevewilldoit is himself following only five hundred and fifty seven Instagram accounts in return.

Stevewilldoit’s Instagram is largely taken up with clips from his You Tube channel and photos of him with friends and acquaintances, many of whom are part of the NELK Boys network that he is a part of.

Many of the photos and clips on his account are Stevewilldoit with Donald Trump. In one of the photos, Stevewilldoit makes his politics known by captioning it with the phrase, “Eat my sack you liberal f*cks”, demonstrating why he is such a polarizing figure amongst the You Tube and social media communities.


Stevewilldoit does not currently have an official public Linked In business account. This is perhaps not surprising however as the sort of business networking that the Linked In service provides does not necessarily seem to be the type that a young content creator who made it big on You Tube would require.

With that said, should the situation ever change in the future and Stevewilldoit sign up for an official public Linked In business account, we will be sure to update this site with that information. This is because our goal is to provide our reader with all of the latest news about Stevewilldoit net worth, life, and career.


Stevewilldoit seems to have an official public Tik Tok account. However, as of the present time, Stevewilldoit’s Tik Tok remains unverified so it is difficult to tell if it is really him. Stevewilldoit currently has approximately about one million followers on Tik Tok. Stevewilldoit currently has nineteen million likes on Tik Tok.

Stevewilldoit himself is only following forty accounts on Tik Tok. Stevewilldoit’s Tik Tok account is currently filled with clips and videos from his You Tube channel, directing people there with the full videos.

Stevewilldoit’s Tik Tok is also full of short videos of Stevewilldoit with Donald Trump, thus making his right wing Conservative politics extremely clear to his followers, and thus explaining why in some circles, he is a controversial figure, despite his popularity in others.

Stevewilldoit: Height, Weight

Stevewilldoit’s height is not a matter that is currently available as being a part of the public record. However, despite that, people’s best estimates as to Stevewilldoit’s height are currently that he is approximately about 5 feet, 11 inches tall, which comes to 180.34 in centimeters, and 1.80 in meters.

Stevewilldoit’s weight is not a matter that is currently available as being part of the public record. However, despite that, people’s best estimates are the present time are that Stevewilldoit’s weight is currently at approximately about 187 pounds, which comes to 85 in kilos, for countries that use the metric system.

As far as we know, Stevewilldoit’s current body measurements as of the present time are 44 34 38. Stevewilldoit’s bicep size is 14 inches, which comes to 35.56 in centimeters and 3.55 in meters, for those countries that use the metric system for their measurements.

Stevewilldoit’s hair color is light brown. Stevewilldoit’s eye color is dark brown.

Stevewilldoit Net Worth & Bio Summary

Real NameSteven Deleonardis
Place of BirthFlorida, USA
Net Worth Estimate$2.5 Million