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Travis Pastrana Net Worth | Stuntman & Racer Career

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Travis Pastrana is a professional stuntman and racer, known for his versatility in outdoor sports such as supercross competition, as well as motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing. Travis Pastrana’s net worth is about $25 million.

Who is Travis Pastrana


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Travis Pastrana is a professional when it comes to stunt driving and motorsports racing, and is known for competing in the Monster Jam circuit races and NASCAR races. Travis only rides Suzuki motorbikes as he is incredibly loyal to the brand.

Beyond the racetrack, Travis is also known as a professional stuntman driver, and for doing many of Evel Knievel’s daredevil jumps. Travis is also known for jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

In the entertainment industry, Travis is known for running the ‘Nitro Circus’ series that ran on MTV. Later, Travis became the mind behind the Nitro World Games, a competition that consisted of only extreme sports.

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Travis Pastrana’s Net Worth Estimate

Travis Pastrana net worth is estimated to be around $25 million due to his stunting and extreme sports.

Travis Pastrana’s Early Life

Travis (whose full name is Travis Alan Pastrana), was born on October 8th, 1983. He was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland to a family that was pro-athletic, with Travis’ uncle being a quarterback that played for the University of Maryland.

During his teenage years, Travis gained popularity and notoriety after competing in several motocross competitions. He went on to attend the University of Maryland after he graduated high school.

At the age of 19, Travis had an accident with his corvette, crashing it into a tree and suffering serious injuries.

Travis Pastrana’s Height and Weight

Travis’s height is 6’1 (188 cm), with a weight of 194 pounds (88 kg.)

Travis Pastrana’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Travis was born in Annapolis, Maryland on October 8th, 1983 as an only child to Robert and Debby Pastrana. Travis’s father was Peurto Rican with a military background, and his uncle was a quarterback.

As a young boy, Travis showed interest in bikes, particularly in racing them. His parents, Robert and Debby Pastrana, told the young Travis that as long as he kept his academics in order, they would fully support him in this new hobby.

Little did they know that this hobby would grow into a successful career.

Travis Pastrana’s Career


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Travis has filled his career with a lot of new tricks and world records, and a reputation of going beyond perceived limits. He has created many new tricks, notably the ‘Rodeo 720’, which he was the first person to ever perform this trick in a competition.

Travis was the first to win the X Games in California and did the first-ever successful double backflip on a motorbike (2006). He also re-enacted three motorcycle jumps fashioned after Evel Knievel in Las Vegas.

At almost every event, Travis had the habit of breaking records and showing off new tricks. And although he earned a share of injuries along the way, many motorsports things wouldn’t be possible without him, such as the X Games and Nitro Circus, who owe their popularity to Travis.

In 2006 to 2009, Travis won four consecutive championships in rally racing with the Subaru Rally Team USA. In 2012 and 2013, Travis did near back-to-back races for NASCAR’s Roush Runway Racing. Afterward, he returned back to rally racing with the Subaru Rally Team.

In 2014, Travis took a break from four wheels to compete in motocross sports, entering the Red Bull Straight Rhythm and winning against Josh Hansen with a signature backflip. And in 2019, he returned to the Red Bull Straight Rhythm to compete against Tyler Bowers, who did end up eventually winning against Travis for the 500cc winning title.

In 2020, Travis attended the Gymkhana 2020 in its 11th installment, titled ‘Travis Pastrana Takeover’, where Travis drove his Subaru through the streets of Annapolis with a number of shreds and ‘sends’. During the installment, Travis completed a 120 foot (37m) jump across the waterway, completing a waterfront donut while ‘sending it’ in a signature style that only Travis can pull off.

Travis is also credited with bringing rally racing to the X Games, creating the Nitro World Games, and in recent news, bringing Nitro Rallycross to the world, beginning its global debut in 2022.

How Did Travis Surpass Knievel in Las Vegas?

In 2018, Travis followed in Evel Knievel’s footsteps, replicating his superior jump stunts in three hours in Las Vegas as a part of the Evel Live event. Travis rode an Indian Scout FTR750, taking note of the heavier-style bikes that Knievel would ride.

Travis’s first jump consisted of launching over 52 cars, which was about 143 feet in total distance. The second jump had Travis leap over 16 buses in a 192-foot jump. The last jump was most iconic, including the Caesars Palace fountain, which he jumped over and landed to complete a 149-foot jump.

Many fans and professionals of the industry agree that Travis’s skill outmatched Knievel, who reportedly crashed when he did the landing for the fountain jump. However, Travis let the media and reporters know that there was no replacing or outshining the one and only Knievel legend. Upon completing his own fountain jump, Travis celebrated by diving into the fountain’s water.

What Types of Injuries has Travis Sustained Over His Career?

Travis has had many injuries over his career, so many that he has actually lost track of some of them. Travis has dislocated his spine and tore his ACL, LCL, MCL, and PCL. Travis has also received elbow surgery, several knee surgeries, and has fractured his shin and calf bones.

Travis let reporters know that when he was 18, he went through a rough period in his life. He had sustained several concussions in a row, but wouldn’t let himself rest. He just wanted to keep practicing, but he ended up making himself sick.

What is the ‘Nitro Circus’, and How Did it Start?

Travis’s extensive injuries had him resorting to filming his cousin, Greg Powell, doing backflips on his bike. These films were the beginning of Nitro Circus, as the footage they filmed was turned into a DVD collection that earned Travis a deal with Fuse TV in 2009.

The reality TV series showed an over-the-top, dangerous stunt using dirtbikes, and it was well-received, earning Travis a global syndication deal, a film, and a world tour.

Mike Porra, a promoter in Australia, called Travis, saying how he wanted a live show based on the series. And the live show was a hit as well, with the crowd cheering for the most dangerous stunts, and causing the show to sell out at every arena.

What Are Some of Travis’s Аwаrdѕ and Асhіеvеmеntѕ

In 2010, Travis set the world record for a ‘ramp-to-ramp’ car jump. In 2017, he set a new world record of driving up Mount Washington in a car in exactly 5 minutes and 44.7 seconds.

Travis Pastrana’s Personal Life and Family

LAS VEGAS - DEC 6: Travis Pastrana arrives at the 2010 American Country Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 6, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV.

LAS VEGAS – DEC 6: Travis Pastrana arrives at the 2010 American Country Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 6, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV. Image credit: Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins

In 2011, Travis married his long-time girlfriend, pro skateboarder Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins. Since then, they have had two daughters together, named Addy and Bristol. Addy was born in 2013, while Bristol was born in 2015.

Travis’s family has noted that while he has made a successful career out of stunting and racing, Travis also makes for an exceptional husband and father.

Who is Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins?

Lyn-Z, Travis’ wife, is a professional when it comes to skateboarding, and has even made it to be in a video game as a playable skater in Tony Hawk’s Project 8.

She has also won three gold medals, four silver medals, and one bronze medal at the X Games.

During a Nitro Circus live performance in 2011, Travis proposed to Lyn-Z in front of a cheering crowd.

Travis and Lyn-Z were married in the same year in Southern California, where a small gathering of friends and family witnessed the ceremony.

Who is in Travis Pastrana’s Family?

Travis and Lyn-Z had their first daughter on September 2, 2013, just a couple of years after their marriage. Their first daughter was named Addy Pastrana.

On February 9, 2015, Travis and Lyn-Z had their second daughter named Bristol Murphy Pastrana.

Travis, Lyn-Z, and their two daughters live happily together in Davidsonville, Maryland. With the care and support Travis and Lyn-Z show for each other and their children, fans are happy to see everything going in the right direction for the couple.

Is Travis Pastrana on Social Media?

Travis is almost continually updating his social media circles and has amassed a large following of 797k followers on Twitter and 4.2 million followers on his Instagram. He enjoys keeping his fans up to date with his personal and professional life.

What Happened During Travis’ Parachuting Accident?

According to People, Travis was hospitalized due to a parachuting stunt gone wrong off of a high-rise hotel in Fort Lauderdale. He was attempting to jump from the roof of the hotel to the Huizenga Plaza below.

Travis, during his descent, struggled to control the parachute as he was coming down, gaining too much speed as he fell toward the plaza ground.

In the last few seconds of the jump, reporters and witnesses say that Travis hit the ground too fast and rough, landing in the grass without much in the way of cushioning.

Travis’ publicist let the news know that, at the time of the incident, Travis had been filming for a web series, and the doctors said Travis had suffered a broken pelvis from the fall and underwent surgery.

Apparently, a failed stunt of this magnitude is not the first time to happen. In 2007, Travis attempted jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Travis told media outlets that, in a joking manner, this parachute stunt was more of a trust fall with his friends, and if they would grab him or not.

Later, Travis was told that a stunt such as jumping out of a plane without a parachute is highly illegal. But he confessed that the stunt being illegal wasn’t the scary part – the scary part was holding on to the friend who had the parachute, and praying you don’t fall or lose your grip.

How Did the Failed Parachute Jump from the Fort Lauderdale Hotel Happen?

After giving the base jumping community a formal apology, Travis explained that he had a choice to make during the jump. He mentioned how he was pushed into making a choice between being 180 degrees too low, or landing in the trees. Travis later remarked that landing in the trees may have been the better bet.

Travis, on a reflective note, also mentioned that he never wanted to do more base jumping after losing some of his friends to the stunt. He made some bad calls during the jump, which caused a simple base jump to become something completely different. He also mentioned, again, that he was sorry to the base jumping community and everyone who made the jump as foolproof as possible for him.

From the hospital, Travis mentioned he could feel his feet and was able to move around a little. The doctors said he would be on the way to recovery, and that he wouldn’t get any worse than he already is, and make a full recovery.

From one of Travis’ Instagram posts, he talked with fans about his injuries and what happened during the base jump, saying how he had the “opportunity to [base] jump” and “[had] the best in the business out here giving me the best advice but a series of unfortunate events led to me being in a bad place.”
He goes on further to give a “[huge] thanks to my mom… [and my] wife who is such a strong woman and always holds down the fort when I do dumb things…”

Travis Pastrana’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

NameТrаvіѕ Раѕtrаnа
Real NameТrаvіѕ Аlаn Раѕtrаnа
Place of BirthАnnароlіѕ, Маrуlаnd
OccupationMotorsports Competitor and Stuntman
Net Worth Estimate$25 million
Marriage StatusMarried
Wife/SpouseLуn-Z Аdаmѕ Наwkіnѕ
ChildrenАddу Раѕtrаnа, Вrіѕtоl Мurрhу Раѕtrаnа