Ryan Garcia Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Ryan Garcia net worth is estimated to be at about $11 million dollars. The majority of Ryan Garcia’s net worth has been amassed from his career as a boxer, a sports star like TJ Lavin, as well as his excellent skills at promoting himself via an extremely online presence.

It’s particularly impressive that someone so young has managed to gain such money and fame in such a relatively short period of time. It is not clear where Ryan Garcia spends the majority of his money, but if more information on that front should come to light, we’ll be sure to update this page to keep readers up to date with Ryan Garcia.

Who is Ryan Garcia?

LOS ANGELES, CA - October 08, 2017 Ryan Garcia at the premiere for Only The Brave at the Regency Village Theatre, Westwood

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Ryan Garcia is a professional boxer who has sky rocketed to fame over a relatively short period of time. Although he is only 23, he has held a number of impressive titles already, including the World Boxing Council’s (WBC) interim lightweight in 2021, from the months of January through to May.

The Ring Magazine ranked Ryan Garcia as the 5th best currently active lightweight boxer in the entire world. He was ranked the same by both the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) as well as by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. Meanwhile, the popular Box Rec website has ranked him in 7th place.

Ryan Garcia’s Career


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Ryan Garcia decided to go professional in 2016, two months before his 18th birthday. His first match occurred in Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico. His opponent was Edgar Meza, and Ryan Garcia won by a total knock out. As a result of his great success, Golden Boy Promotions signed him up with a contract as his representation by the end of that year.

Famous former boxer Oscar De La Hoya, who runs Golden Boy Promotions, named after his boxing nickname, The Golden Boy, announced that Garcia’s debut would be at the light heavyweight Smith Hopkins main event. It was happening at The Forum, a major arena in Inglewood California, on the 17th of December in 2016.

Ryan Garcia again did amazingly well. He won this match by the time the second round came around, again by accomplishing a total knock out of his opponent. Golden Boy Promotions was so immensely thrilled with him and his stunning work that they decided to extend his contract by five whole years.

The specific nitty gritty details of this momentous deal weren’t publicly disclosed, however, so one can only guess at what they may have entailed. Golden Boy’s next big announcement surrounding their much beloved client Ryan Garcia was to do with him fighting at the coveted MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The event would be a featured fight at the main match of that night, which was Sergei Kovalev vs. Camelot Álvarez. Who he would be fighting was announced shortly thereafter. It was Romero Duno, a famous fighter and strong boxer who is now the WBA Asia Lightweight champ, thanks to his defeat of Kuldeep Dhanda in 2019.

Despite these strong credentials, Ryan Garcia completely knocked him out (which was already becoming a running theme for him) in the first round. He thus easily won the title of WBC Silver lightweight.

His next big fight was against Francisco Fonseca, a famous boxer from Nicaragua, who competed twice for the title of IBF super featherweight. This fight was announced on the 2nd of January in 2020, and happened on the 15th of that year in Anaheim, California, at the prestigious Honda Center.

In this momentous fight, Ryan Garcia again won in the first round. He wowed onlookers by punching Francisco Fonseca an impressive seven times, and that was all before a jaw dropping lead left hook that led to a total knock out of Fransisco Fonseca, and again all in Round One.

Then, on the 8th of October 2020, Golden Boy Promotions announced that Ryan Garcia’s next impressive match up would entail him fighting the British boxer Luke Campbell, who had won the gold medal in the Olympics in 2012, as well as the European Championships in 2008. He’d also won a silver medal at the World Championships in 2011.

The title they were competing for would be for interim WBC lightweight. The fight was to take place in Indio, California at the beautiful Fantasy Springs Resort. Although it was originally meant to occur in December of 2020, however, the pandemic took its toll on those plans when Luke Campbell sadly contracted COVID-19.

Due to these unfortunate circumstances, the date of the event had to be pushed back to January of the next year. Consequently, the venue had to be altered as well. Now it would be happening in Dallas, Texas, USA instead, at the massive American Airlines Center.


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This event was to provide the biggest surprise of Ryan Garcia’s boxing career up to that point. Not only was he not able to knock out Luke Campbell in the first round, but in the second, Luke Campbell actually knocked him down. This was the first time this fate befell him in his entire career as a professional boxer, and he wasn’t expecting it.

With that said, he was able get past being knocked down. Only briefly after quite heavily hitting the ground, he was able to rally himself, stand back up, and resume the game. He ultimately won the game in the seventh round, the number of which alone shows how formidable an opponent Luke Campbell was compared to the others he’d fought.

The post-game stats proved that Ryan Garcia actually did incredibly well in this fight overall. He outlander Luke Campbell by thirty two percent with regards to total punches (in other words, ninety four to seventy four), and forty four percent in power punches (seventy seven to fifty one).

Luke Campbell, on the other hand, outlanded Ryan Garcia with regard to jabs by fifteen percent (twenty three to seventeen). This was a solid number for the Oympian, who retired immediately after this game, perhaps deciding that it was a grand enough swan song for his illustrious career in professional sports.

On the 13th of April in 2021, the DAZN sports streaming service (which is short for “Da Zone”), announced Ryan Garcia’s next big match. He would be defending the title of WBC interim lightweight that he had only just won by facing off against Javier Fortuna, the famous Dominican WBA super featherweight champ.

They announced that the match would occur in July, although the venue had not yet been chosen. However, the stakes were that whoever won would instantly graduate to be the challenger against Devin Haney, the current WBC lightweight champ.

Ryan Garcia, however, ultimately withdrew from the upcoming match in April, citing the need to maintain his mental and physical health. As a result, the WBC stripped Ryan Garcia of his title. Instead, super featherweight IBF champ Joseph Diaz would fight Fortuna in his stead, and the title was now up for grabs to either of them.

Diaz won the game, meaning he now had the title that Ryan Garcia had won by facing and winning against Luke Campbell during that hard won but ultimately victorious battle against the famous Olympian.

Then in October of 2021, the tables turned and an upcoming fight between Joseph Diaz and Ryan Garcia was announced. It was intended to take place on the 27th of November in Los Angeles, California. If Ryan Garcia were to win, he would again take back that title.

Again, however, this was not fated to be. On the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN), sports commentator Mike Coppinger announced the news that the fight wouldn’t be able to go on as plans, due to Ryan Garcia’s hand having been injured.

After a long break, during which Ryan Garcia’s hand was able to heal and he was able to rest up, it was finally announced in February of the next year, 2022, that Ryan Garcia’s grand return to the ring would finally be happening in April when he would be facing up against Emmanuel Tagore, a lightweight champ for IBO.

Ryan Garcia: Early Life


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The very young Ryan Garcia is only 23 years old today, having been more on the 8th of August in 1998 to his parents, Lisa and Henry Garcia in the town of Victorville in California, USA.

Ryan Garcia has been obsessed with boxing since an early age, becoming captivated with it at around seven years old. As soon as he could, he began fighting as an amateur. During that time, he won an impressive 215 matches, only losing fifteen times in that entire span of time. He became a national amateur champion fifteen times as well.

After all of those extremely successful matches, Ryan Garcia finally decided to go professional. He did so on the 9th of June in 2016 at the tender age of 17.

Ryan Garcia’s Personal Life and Family

Being as young as he is, Ryan Garcia is not yet married, but he does have two children. His first daughter, Rylie, came into the world as the result of his relationship with a woman named Catherine Gamez. The relationship didn’t last long after Rylie was born in 2019, and the two parents had to go to court to work out child support issues.

His second daughter, Bella, was born in 2020, and came out of his romantic entanglement with a woman named Drea Celina, with whom he is also already broken up. Currently, he is rumoured to be seeing yet another woman, this one whose name is Malu Trevejo. That, however, has not been officially confirmed as of this time.

Ryan Garcia is an extremely charitable individual as well. He has taken part in many charitable events, such as an auction the proceeds from which was intended to support the Oscar De Lay Hoya Foundation for the Cecelia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center at Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Speaking about the auction, Ryan Garcia said, “I’m delighted to be doing my part to raise awareness…in the fight against breast cancer. My hope is that we can find a cure during our lifetime, but until then, we must all do our part to help combat this disease.

“The platform that we have makes it our responsibility, and I believe we can all make a difference in people’ s lives by encouraging a dialogue and a greater understanding. I know our joint efforts will go a long way, so we are proud to be making this contribution.”

While Ryan Garcia’s relationship with Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions often seems to go quite well, they have had a few rough patches. When one of the people Ryan Garcia was supposed to fight at an upcoming match, Avery Sparrow, was arrested, this kicked off a bit of a fight between the boxer and his management team.

When Golden Boy Promotions seemed to have trouble finding another opponent to replace Avery Sparrow, it led to a bit of a Twitter kerfuffle. Garcia tweeted, “Oscar if you don’t believe in my talents then you can release me.”

That was the last anyone heard of the fight, however, as after another two days, they were posing for cameras together, acting like no fight had ever occurred in the first place. Whatever happened backstage, it was clearly all smoothed over.

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Ryan Garcia’s Social Media Influence

Ryan Garcia has an immense social media presence. In fact, it’s how he has been able to build so much of his fame and worldwide recognition as such a successful boxer. Being in his early 20s, he is incredibly savvy at using the internet and knowing how to work it to his best advantage. That is evidenced by his huge social media influence.


Ryan Garcia has a public Facebook page under the name @kingryang, as a reference to his nickname, King Ry, or Kingry. He has 1.2 million followers on this platform.

He mainly uses the account to post shirtless photos of himself, advertisements for his upcoming matches and appearances, internet videos of himself doing interviews and giving tips on fitness, diet, health, and more, clips from his various games, photos with his friends and family, various endorsement deals, and so on and so forth.


Ryan Garcia has a public Twitter account where he tweets under the rather straightforward handle of @RyanGarcia. On this verified account, he has 70.8 thousand followers and is himself following only 50 accounts in return.

The main things he uses this account for are to post boxing videos of himself, to discuss his career in boxing as well as his life, and to talk about boxing as a sport in general. He also plugs his upcoming events, retweets fans talking about him, and generally engaging with his adoring public and fandom.


Ryan Garcia has a public Instagram account whose handle also reference his King Ry nickname. The name for this account is @kingryan. This account is mainly full of pictures of himself both shirtless and in more formal attire, as well as videos of him boxing.

Some of them are clips from matches, some are training sessions, and some are tutorials of various moves to show other aspiring boxers the right moves they should be making. He also posts pictures and videos of himself with his kids. This account has 8.7 million followers, making it his most popular by far. He follows 609 people in return.


Ryan Garcia does not seem to have a public LinkedIn account for his profession, which is perhaps not surprising given a young sportsperson who has done so well on his own doesn’t necessarily need the sort of networking or job hunting this platform provides.

However, should Ryan Garcia sign up for an account at any point in the future, we will be sure to update this page with the latest information to keep you up to date on all of the latest comings and goings of this still young celebrity in the making.


Ryan Garcia is also on TikTok, where his handle’s name is @kingrygarcia, yet another twist on his King nickname. On this platform, he has a healthy 4.7 million followers and 54.9 million likes overall, making it yet another extremely successful account for him. He is only following 356 accounts himself in return.

He mainly uses TikTok to publish brief videos of himself, often boxing or training, sometimes just goofing around with his friends and colleagues. There are also sometimes pieces of longer interviews, as well as plugs for his various upcoming events, games, appearances in person and on TV and the internet, and more.

Ryan Garcia: Height, Weight

Ryan Garcia’s height is 5 feet, 10 inches, which is 178 in centimeters, making him below the average height for a boxer, who tend to be at least 6 feet tall. Although his exact weight isn’t public knowledge, it is estimated to be at about 135 pounds, which is 61 in kilograms. Ryan Garcia has light brown eyes. Ryan Garcia has light brown hair.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameRyan Garcia
Real NameRyan Garcia
Place of Birth
OccupationBoxer, Athlete
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