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TJ Lavin Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

TJ Lavin’s Net Worth Estimate

TJ Lavin earned a large amount of his income from BMX riding and being a sponsored dirt jumper. He also earned a large amount of his worth from multiple endorsement deals. Tj Lavin’s Net worth is around $10 million.

Who is TJ Lavin?


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TJ Lavin (Thomas Joseph Lavin), is best known as the TV host of the reality competition show “The Challenge”, but is also known as an award-winning BMX rider. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thomas Joseph Lavin, better known as TJ Lavin is a 45 years old American BMX rider and TV show host. He is best known as the host of MTV’s reality competition show “The Challenge”. As of 2022, TJ Lavin net worth is estimated to be roughly $10 million.

TJ Lavin’s Early Life

TJ Lavin was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 7th, 1976. His interest in bikes sparked at the ripe age of two, and he raced competitively with BMX bikes until he turned 15. Then he switched to dirt jumping and became a professional dirt jumper at the age of 19.

While in high school, TJ also had an interest in wrestling and was on the wrestling team. Currently, not a lot is known about TJ’s parents or TJ’s academic career.

TJ Lavin’s Height and Weight

TJ Lavin’s height is 4’9 (150 cm), and his weight is 145 pounds (66 kg.)

TJ Lavin’s Place of Birth and Early Life

TJ was born in Las Vegas, and although not much is known about his parents or his early life, we do know that TJ grew up with a love for being outdoors riding bikes from a very young age. His interest in the sport is assumed to have sparked from his neighbors, who also enjoyed BMXing.

In his recreational downtime, TJ would often go with his friends to Lake Mead, where they would make their own ramps and do stunts and backflips into the water.

TJ’s first sponsor and mentor, Nick Herda (the owner of the now-closed local Herda Discount Store) noticed TJ early on in TJ’s teenage years, and took TJ under his wing, even helping get TJ to contests by way of financial aid.

TJ Lavin’s Career

TJ Lavin’s career can be split into five sections:

  • Pre-career.
  • BMX.
  • Music.
  • MTV.
  • Miscellaneous business ventures.

What was TJ Lavin’s Pre-Career?

Growing up, TJ Lavin made money by working at an ice cream shop at the age of 15. Then, at the age of 16, he worked at a bolts factory.

What was TJ Lavin’s BMX Career?

TJ Lavin’s BMX career began competitive fairly quickly, with TJ entering events such as the X Games and the Dew Tour. He won many awards in the X Games, taking home three bronze medals, one silver, and three gold medals (one of these medals was awarded in Australia).

TJ Lavin has also won the championship at the DK Dirt Circuit, the Gravity Games, and the CFB. And in 1995, TJ Lavin earned the title ‘King of Dirt’ due to his numerous awards and superior athleticism.

It hasn’t always been easy for the champion, though. TJ Lavin entered a competition in Las Vegas in 2010, called the Dew Tour, and unfortunately crashed. He ended up being rushed to the hospital, put into a medically induced coma, and developed a case of pneumonia after.

Six days later, TJ Lavin’s friend, Chas Aday, told the media TJ was breathing on his own, able to follow simple commands such as squeezing hands or doing a thumbs up. He went on to say that the doctors expected TJ to make a full recovery. Shortly after, TJ Lavin was able to return home after another month in the hospital.

At TJ Lavin’s home, he has created a 1-acre BMX track with many trails and dirt jumps, which he uses for practice and recreation in his free time. His sponsorships include S&M Bikes, Headrush, Monster Energy Drink, Kicker, and Lavs Lab.

As a bit of trivia, TJ Lavin is also in a photorealistic painting called King of Dirt.

What was TJ Lavin’s Music Career?

TJ Lavin actually taught himself how to play musical instruments when he was younger and has his own recording studio at home. Not only does he know how to play and create music, but he even released his own album called LAVS the First SET.

He has also appeared in songs such as ‘Never Gonna Hold Me Down’, made by Johnny Richter on the SubNoize Souljaz album, and on ‘Whatcha Want’ by Big B, and ‘The Crab Shack Special’ by the Tsunami Bros.

TJ Lavin also released another song called ‘Soldier’ in 2008, dedicated to his friend Stephen Murray, who crashed during an AST Dew Tour. Stephen developed a severe spinal injury while doing a double-backflip trick. The sales from TJ’s song were donated to Stephen and his family in the Stephen Murray Family Fund.

What was TJ Lavin’s MTV Career?

TJ Lavin’s fame began taking off after he became the host of MTV’s reality TV show “The Challenge” during the show’s 11th season. He began hosting in 2005, and he also became the host of the new seasons of The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies.

TJ Lavin also appeared in an episode of MTV’s documentary show “MTV Cribs”, showcasing a newly opened-up area of his home in the show’s premiere episode. The TV series had previously seen 20 years of inactivity before TJ’s episode.

There is also a film on TJ Lavin called ‘A Film about T.J. Lavin’, and a video game called ‘MTV Sports: T.J. Lavin’s Ultimate BMX.

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What was TJ Lavin’s Miscellaneous Business Ventures?

TJ Lavin is the co-owner of ‘Forgiven’, which is both a brand, company, and product that was created in 2011. This product is an alcohol metabolizer that diminishes the effect of alcohol in the body.

It is a chemical-free product that is designed to break down the by-products of alcohol while also giving the body nutrients to rehydrate it. The product retails for about $3.99. This, among many other money ventures, has made Tj Lavin Net worth around $10 million.

What Awards has TJ Lavin Achieved?

He earned a gold medal at the X Games in 1997 and 1999 and then earned a silver medal in 1996, and a bronze medal in 2000, 2001, and 2004. He also earned a gold medal in the Gravity Games in 2000.

TJ Lavin’s Personal Life and Family

TJ Lavin is married to Roxanne Siordia. They dated for eight years before being married on November 2, 2012. He also has a step-daughter, whose name is Raquel, who is Siordia’s daughter.

Who are TJ Lavin’s Parents and Siblings?


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TJ Lavin’s father was a craps pit boss in the finest hotels of Las Vegas such as Dunes, Treasure Island and Bellagio. While filming for The Challenge in South Africa, TJ Lavin encountered an emergency where his father fell severely ill due to stage four cancer. The last words TJ’s father said to TJ were “TJ, go to work.”

After TJ’s father passed away, TJ stayed on and continued filming for another month before returning home to properly mourn his father’s passing. TJ’s mother, whose name is Barbara Lavin, used to work as a card dealer at Bally’s.

TJ also has one sister, whose name is Brooke Lavin. TJ also has a step-father named Jim, who TJ said was incredibly supportive and funny in TJ and his sister’s early lives.

Who are TJ’s Wife and Children?

TJ Lavin’s wife, Roxanne Siordia, is a personal trainer and nutritionist, who also runs her own websites ‘All Things Plant Based’ and ‘Eat Well Live Pretty’.

Roxanne’s daughter, Raquel, was formally adopted by TJ from Roxanne’s previous relationship. Raquel Lavin is trained in cosmology and hairstyling.

What are some of TJ Lavin’s Favorite Things?

Here is a list of a few of TJ Lavin’s favorite things:

  • He enjoys pizza and fettuccine.
  • His favorite film series is Superman.
  • His favorite motocross racer is Jeremy McGrath.
  • His favorite surfer is Laird Hamilton.
  • His favorite place is Hawaii.

What is Included in TJ Lavin’s Car Collection?

TJ Lavin, surprisingly, is also a car collector and enjoys vintage cars. His collection includes:

  • A Pontiac Catalina.
  • A 1964 Chevrolet C10.
  • A 1972 Chevy K5 Blazer.
  • An Audi Q7.
  • And a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ.

What are Some More Facts about TJ Lavin?


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Here are some more facts about TJ Lavin:

  • TJ Lavin also goes by the nicknames Lavs and TJ.
  • Both TJ Lavin and his wife Roxanne are vegans.
  • TJ Lavin can play both the piano and the guitar.
  • TJ is also a huge dog lover who owns three dogs and enjoys posting videos of him playing guitar while sitting with his dogs. Their names are Hanky, Sonny, and Cooper.
  • Following a strong desire to help people, TJ Lavin took a firefighting course in Thailand. After becoming trained, TJ Lavin said he wanted to retire from hosting The Challenge to become a firefighter.

What is TJ Lavin’s Home Like?

MTV Cribs allowed viewers to walk into TJ Lavin’s home on a guided tour, where TJ Lavin opened up one of the most unique spaces in his home, specifically for the episode.

The unique space was described by TJ Lavin as being what his home used to look like before he became married. The space, similar to a man cave, was packed from floor to ceiling with posters, sports equipment, and other memorabilia.

One of the neatest possessions in TJ’s man cave space was tucked away in a showcase glass. TJ pointed it out, saying that the basketball inside the glass was actually signed by Kobe Bryant.

The story behind the autograph, apparently, is that TJ and Kobe were doing a photoshoot together for W Magazine, and TJ said he was so happy he was able to get the signature as he and Kobe vibed together.

TJ Lavin also showed the MTV crew other memorabilia, such as boxing gloves from Oscar De La Hoya and a jersey from Don Mattingly, a Yankee’s first baseman.

TJ mentioned that Don Mattingly was his favorite player when TJ was younger and was happy he got the jersey.

To conclude the episode, TJ Lavin showed the MTV crew the rest of the space, complete with comfy chairs, couches, a pool table, a slot machine, and arcade games. There was even a drum set, bar, and bed. The man cave is equipped with everything a person needs, which is why TJ Lavin made the joke that sometimes this area of the house is where Roxanne sends him when she needs a break.

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What happened on TJ Lavin’s The Challenge TV show?

There has been some controversy on TJ Lavin’s attitude towards some contestants, especially those that quit on him. Since taking over the position of host, TJ has gained a reputation for being extra hard on quitters, but only those whom he deems deserve it.

He enjoys being in the know regarding his contestants, so he typically receives a note from production on what happens during the night between the contestants in their shared lodgings. That way he knows who’s getting along and who’s not, and that he can display tact if there’s actually something serious going on in a contestant’s life.

For example, if a contestant just had a death in the family, is sick, or pregnant, and wants to quit, TJ has said that he wouldn’t go hard on them, because they have valid reasons. To compliment that, TJ Lavin also mentioned that how his contests treat the crew is important to him.

If contestants show any disrespect to the crew. TJ takes note of it as it’s something he doesn’t like, just like the showrunner before him. Basically, if a contestant is respectful, TJ is also respectful.

TJ Lavin’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameTJ Lavin
Real NameThomas Joseph Lavin
Place of BirthLas Vegas, Nevada
OccupationBMX Rider, TV Host
Net Worth Estimate$10 million
WifeRoxanne Siordia