Tim Pool Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Tim Pool Net Worth Estimate:

Tim Pool net worth is currently estimated as being somewhere between $1 million and $4 million. The majority of Tim Pool net worth has come from avenues such as his extremely popular YouTube channel, podcast, and career in media as a political commentator.

Tim Pool Net Worth

Who is Tim Pool?

Tim Pool is a political commentator who has his own YouTube channel and podcast. His full name is Timothy Daniel Pool. He first rose to prominence and is perhaps still best known for the Occupy Wall Street movement that happened in 2011, due to his live streaming the event on his social media platforms.

After this momentous event, Tim Pool worked for both Vice Media and Fusion TV, before ultimately transitioning over to YouTube, his podcast, and his other various channels and outlets. Tim Pool net worth grew due to all of these various endeavors.


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Tim Pool’s Career

Tim Pool’s notoriety began thanks to his first being made aware of the Occupy Wall Street movement when he saw a viral video online from the protests.

It made him feel so motivated that he dropped everything he was doing and instantly bought a ticket to take a bus to New York City, New York, United States of America. On the twentieth of September, 2011, Tim Pool joined up with all of the other protestors of Occupy Wall Street.

While at the Occupy Wall Street protests, Tim Pool met and formed a friendship and partnership with a man named Henry Ferry, who had used to be both a sales manager and real estate agent. Together, the two merged and created a media company that they dubbed The Other 99, a reference to the 99%, an Occupy catchphrase.

During his time living and protesting amongst the people of Occupy Wall Street, Tim Pool started to film and live stream the events via his cell phone. Not long after that, he began to take a more active presence on camera himself, acting as a sort of informal reporter to the events happening both around and with him.

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His channel became incredibly active and responsive, with Tim Pool asking his viewers what they wanted to see on his channel and, in response, directing his camera according to their requests for what they wanted to see footage of.

Tim Pool used some innovative methods of getting said footage. He used an aerial drone, a remote-controlled toy called a Parrot AR, and modified it for his purposes of taking shots from above. He even managed to modify the software so that it would stream live via the Drone Stream live streaming system.

By November of 2011, Tim Pool was live-streaming footage of the Occupy Wall Street protests twenty one hours per day, which was particularly effective at getting the word out when the movement was evicted by police from Zuccotti Park, where it had been located at the time.

The Guardian, in response to Tim Pool’s live streams and use of aerial drones during these tumultuous events, posted an article in order to question whether counterproductive surveillance was possible from similar methods.

At the beginning of 2012, a masked man physically assaulted Tim Pool in what seemed to be a result of the trouble he had been stirring up. That same month, Tim Pool and Henry Ferry had a very public and major falling out, which led to the dissolution of The Other 99.

From that point on, Tim Pool had designs on traveling around the United States of America and live streaming all of the various Occupy protests and event that were going on at the time. They were meant to provide the footage for what was intended to be a documentary that was to be named Occumentary.

This project, however, never came to fruition.

Tim Pool’s live streams had a number of positive effects, however. At one point, some of his videos actually ended up being key evidence in helping to acquit a photographer named Alexander Arbuckle after New York Police Department officers arrested him. The video incontrovertibly proved that the cop had been lying under oath.

Charges against the officer ended up not being filed, however, again, Alexander Arbuckle managed to not be convinced due to it.

Meanwhile, Tim Pool and 4 associates of his were accosted by police when he was attending a No NATO protest at the summit in Chicago in 2012 in order to live stream the event. The cops removed him and his compatriots from the area by training their firearms on him.

They were then officially questioned and detained for a total of 10 minutes, with the reason the cops gave being that, according to them, the vehicle Tim Pool and his friends were in had matched a police description of another specific vehicle that it turned out not to be.

Due to the extremely momentous, newsworthy nature of the Occupy Wall Street, etc movement, major television network news channels and programs such as those on NBC aired a lot of the footage that Tim Pool took on his phone.

A Washington Post article stated that Tim Pool had “helped demonstrate to activists that live streaming had potential as an alternative to depending on cable news coverage”. In many ways, one could say that he set the stage for the sort of live streaming of various things such as arrests that people do regularly today.


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In March 2012, Time Magazine nominated him to be listed amongst their 100 due to the extremely important position he held in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Time, in fact, called him the “eyes of the movement”.

At the time, Tim Pool responded to all of this attention by saying, “I don’t consider myself a journalist…I consider myself an activist 100%” saying he saw his job as being “to support the movement”.

Later, however, he would contradict himself, a running theme for Tim Pool. The next year, he would tell another magazine that he wasn’t an activist and was instead a journalist. Even more extremely, but in 2018, Tim Pool claimed that not only was he not currently aligned with Occupy but that he never had been.

This could be considered a strange claim, to say the least, but no more so than in 2021, when he publicly denounced the entire movement as having always been “crooked” and wrong. It’s no wonder that Tim Pool is a controversial figure.

Returning to the time in his life right after Occupy Wall Street, however, from there Tim Pool signed on with Vice Media, which helped Tim Pool net worth begin to grow. He started producing content for Vice Media at this point and continuing to innovate new ways to report the news of the day.

These included using Google Glass to cover the Istanbul protests located in Gezi Park in that country. He also reported on the Ferguson protests, as well as ones in Egypt, Turkey, and Thailand.

In 2013, the Shorty Awards bestowed an award on Tim Pool for being the Best Journalist in Social Media at the time. Due to all of these successes, Fusion TV then hired him to be their new Director of Media Innovation, as well as being a senior correspondent for the network.

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Today, Tim Pool stands at the help of 7 channels on YouTube. He hosts right-wing conservative political commentary daily on the two called Tim Pool and Tim Cast, and uses the third, Timcast IRL, to post video clips of the recording of his podcast.

Meanwhile, he has a personal video blog located at Cast Castle, his 4th channel, and his 5th is literally a place where he live streams chickens. It’s called Chicken City. He then has a sixth called Tales from the Inverted World which covers serial killer and supernatural pieces.

His final one, Pop Culture Crisis, covers films and comics. This has all greatly contributed to Tim Pool net worth.

As a sign of how controversial Tim Pool is, various places have described him as being progressive and left-wing as well as right-wing, which is likely why many places consider him a grifter.

Tim Pool himself has described himself as both, sometimes saying he is a liberal Bernie Sanders supporter even as he, in the world of Politico”, also holds views that “often align with conservatives”.

Al Jazeera wrote that Pool has “amplified claims that conservative media endure persecution and bias at the hands of tech companies”. And although he has described himself as being against authoritarianism, he also publicly supported Donald Trump, which leads to very mixed messages.

This is particularly mixed coming from someone who started off claiming to be part of the Occupy movement, and then later claimed he had never been.

Today, Tim Pool acts as if he has completely rejected the concepts of right and left. He instead says he believes that people can be divided into the “discerning” and the “undiscerning” or as he also calls them, “uninitiated”.

At the same time, he also claims that “news is dying” and that’s the reason, according to him, it skews leftist. These various methods of speaking to various sides help Tim Pool net worth.

Tim Pool: Early Life

Tim Pool was born as Timothy Daniel Poole in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on the ninth of March in the year 1986. Growing up, he was raised by a family who were of the lower middle-class income bracket, something which would end up motivating him in his political beliefs and carer later.

Tim Pool’s dad was a firefighter, while his mom worked at a car dealership.

For most of Tim Pool’s childhood, he studied at a Catholic school. Upon reaching the age of fourteen, and finishing 5th grade, however, Tim Pool decided to drop out of school. The details of how and or if he completed his education after that point are murky.

A lot of information out there about Tim Pool has either been disputed by him or contradicted by his own statements at various points, so it can be very difficult to ascertain what about his life and background are true.

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Tim Pool’s Social Media Influence


Tim Pool has an official public verified Facebook account. Tim Pool’s handle on Facebook is @timcastnews. Tim Pool currently has three hundred and forty thousand followers approximately. He tend to use Facebook primarily to post links to all of his various videos and news stories.


Tim Pool has an official public verified Twitter account. Tim Pool’s handle on Twitter is @Timcast. Although the first letter is upper case, as Twitter is not case sensitive, it can also be entered into their system all lower case in order to find it.

Tim Pool’s Twitter biography reads “Journalist, Disaffected Liberal, Commentator, Filmmaker, Skateboarder, Musician I Former VICE, Fusion”. Tim Pool currently has one million followers and is following seven hundred and sixty-four people in return as of last count.

Tim Pool tends to use his Twitter to post lengthy self-aggrandizing tweets covering his various political beliefs and discussing his thoughts on timely matters. His high follower count surely helps draw people to his channels and helps grow Tim Pool net worth.


Tim Pool has an official public verified Instagram account. Tim Pool’s Instagram handle is @timcast, all lower case letters. He currently has three hundred and seven thousand followers on this platform and is himself following one hundred and ninety-nine people in return as of the present time.

Tim Pool mainly uses his Instagram account to post political memes and screengrabs of various news headlines.


Tim Poole has a LinkedIn business account under the name Timothy Poole, where he lists his job as being Chief Executive Officer at Timcast Media.

His biography on this account calls him “a journalist whose unique style of interactive broadcast journalism exists at the intersection of social and mainstream media. His coverage of live events has been featured by diverse outlets including NBC, Reuters, MSNBC, and Al Jazeera English. Reporting from major events around the world…”

Tim Pool Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameTim Pool
Real NameTimothy Daniel Poole
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, USA
Net Worth Estimate$1 Million - $4 Million