Kyle Forgeard Net Worth – How Rich Is The YouTuber?

In this article I will get into the details of  Kyle Forgeard net worth? Everyone that is a fan will know all about his YouTube channel but here we will cover how it all began as well as all the specifics.

As an esteemed fan of Kyle Forgeard, this article intends to inform you of his life and reveal all of the mystery surrounding this superstar. This article also intends to discuss the childhood of Kyle Forgeard, his trials, and his rise to stardom. This article will answer seemingly trivial questions about Kyle Forgeard, such as his height, weight, and hobbies.

You will learn about Kyle Forgeard net worth and discover more facts about his income, achievements, and how he rose to become such a talented superstar. You will also find out more about his family, children, parents, and partner. Ultimately, this article presents a piece of brief yet comprehensive information about the life of Kyle Forgeard.

Stay with us as we delve deeper into Kyle Foregeard net worth and everything else there is to know.

Who is Kyle Forgeard?


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Extraordinary people have decided to do what they love differently while putting their heart and soul into it and staying true to themselves. Such is the story of Kyle Forgeard, a YouTuber who has risen to stardom and great prominence in the global entertainment industry.

However, even extraordinary people are ordinary men whose emotions and stories are similar to ours. So what is Kyle Forgeard’s story? How rich has entertainment, YouTube through NELK, made him? Who is the man behind our smiles and laughter behind the screens?

Kyle Forgeard John was born in Ontario, Mississauga, Canada, on Tuesday, the 12th of July, 1994. He is a Canadian by origin, also from Mississauga, in Ontario, Canada. Kyle Forgeard’s zodiac sign is cancer.

Kyle Forgeard is a content creator on YouTube who founded and started a prank series on a YouTube channel and group known as NELK. Kyle Forgeard is such a vast personality online that has grown in leaps and bounds in reputation since 2015.

As he evolved with his team, they created and developed more brands like the “Full Send” or entertainment merchandise. Today, Kyle Forgeard is a huge success in his niche with several endorsement deals and has evolved into a brand himself. An extremely versatile individual with such immense talent, Kyle Forgeard has an amazing presence online.

The followers of his NELK group have grown to as much as 7 million followers, with Kyle himself being the leader of the entertainment group. He was so influential that he has been named under Forbes 30 under 30 persons on social media, a testament to his outstanding success and influence in the field.

Kyle Forgeard John is a content creator, filmmaker, YouTube, and entrepreneur, who has led an interesting, yet short life so far that is worthy of being studied and looked into. This is because he is a controversial person with many spotlights all around him.

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Kyle Forgeard Net Worth Estimate

The New York Times reports that as of 2022, Kyle John Forgeard net worth is about $1.5 Million. The same report documents that Kyle Forgeard’s team, the Bell boys, make a whopping 70 million dollars per annum.

The group can amass this much due to earnings from donations, subscriptions, endorsements, and the sales of different merchandise. Most people assume that they make the bulk of their income through AdSense, but this is untrue.

The platform shared an analysis of its earnings to its subscribers through an Instagram story on the 12th of November year 2021. The study revealed the statistics of their YouTube channel and how they’ve been able to achieve a huge number, such as more than 15 million views within a single month.

However, they also revealed how they received a meager 23 cents within the month because of their channel’s bad reputation with the platform (YouTube).

Kyle Forgeard’s Early life

It is common to be born, raised, and originate from the same place. It gives a sense of stability. That was the case of Kyle John Forgeard, who was raised, born and from Mississauga in Ontario, Canada.

Born on Tuesday, the 12th of July 1994, Kylie John Forgeard is 27 years old. Born to Rick, his father, and Gayle, his mother, the young superstar had a pretty normal childhood. In a family of 4, Kyle Forgeard shared his childhood with Chantal, his sister.

While he was growing up, he had secondary education in Our lady of mount Carmel where he graduated from. When he was done with his secondary education, he proceeded to Ryerson University for his tertiary education.

At Ryerson University, Kylie John Forgeard chooses to study the art of filmmaking. Being interesting and outgoing, Kylie John Forgeard made new friends in no time. This friendship formed the basis of his career and his YouTube channel, NELK. He made friends with twins called Niko and Marko Martinovic, who later became a huge part of the team.

He developed a brand called Fullsend Entertainment, where he broadcasts lifestyle videos, videos of pranks, and different vlogs to enhance the brand’s growth. For example, Kylie John Forgeard often recorded his video with different ladies within the university’s lecture halls when he was a student.

Naturally, he was an excellent student; however, he had to step back as he thought schooling wasn’t suitable for him at the time. So Kylie John Forgeard abandoned school to concentrate mainly on its illustrious and ever-growing YouTube career, which has yielded such tremendous fruits.

Ultimately, his leaving school turned out to be one of the best decisions of his life so far, as he has recorded huge achievements in the entertainment industry as a testament to this fact.

Kylie Forgeard’s Height and Weight

Kylie John Forgeard is an imposing personality about 178 cm tall (1.78 m/5’10 inches). The color of his eyes is black when is hair color is black as well.

However, his weight is unknown. Another interesting fact that most folks don’t know about Kylie John Forgeard’s physical appearance is his tattoo. The superstar has a tattoo of an arrow drawn on his left arm.

Kylie Forgeard’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Kyle Forgeard’s birthplace was Ontario, Mississauga, in Canada. His parents were Canadians as well, and are Rick and Gayle Forgeard. His sister, Chantal, was his only sibling with whom he shared his childhood. While growing up, Kylie John Forgeard had his secondary education at our lady of Mount Carmel secondary school.

Later on, he proceeded to Ryerson University for his tertiary education. On his admission into the university, he decided to study the process of filmmaking, where he began his filmmaking journey.

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Kylie Forgeard’s Career

At the heart of every astonishing career is a humble beginning, and Kyle’s journey as a YouTube content creator it’s not any different. Forgeard’s Career started in 2010 with a group of friends at Ryerson University. The journey begins with the friendship and partnership forged with a set of twins in Ryerson University; the Martinovic brothers (Marko and Nico).

He also developed a partnership with Lucas Gasparini, which helped set off his career. Jesse Sebastiani, another integral person within the organization, came to the scene in 2014. Jesse and Kyle met at a conference in Canada organized by MTV.

Although the team has been in operation since 2010, it wasn’t until 2015 that they stepped into the limelight. It began in January 2015 when the NELK team broadcasted a video named “Coke prank on cops.” In the video, they informed policemen that they kept “coke” in the trunk of their vehicle. This statement made the police officers believe they meant actual cocaine.

However, Kyle and his friend were referring to Coca-Cola. The video generated a lot of controversies, and by May 2016, they will want the LAPD (Los Angeles police department) to desist from making such pranks, as they were deemed illegal.

They were also warned not to encourage prank videos to prevent other pranksters from doing that. Nevertheless, the video had gone viral and had given Kyle and his team the traction and popularity they needed. The video received about 46 million reviews and is their most viewed video at the moment, such that it is three times more viewed than the second most viewed video.

Jesse Gasparini left in 2017 when he felt he could no longer continue with the prank videos as a career. Interestingly, he rejoined the team back in 2021. In May 2019, Kyle Forgeard found out the Deleonardis Stephen, already renowned for his drinking and smoking challenge.

During May 2020, along the line of his work Forgeard and other members of his team (Sirur and Deleonardis), amongst others, were taken by the police for disturbance and disrupting law and order. They were found shooting their prank video in Mississippi at a Target store within the area.

Although they were later set free on bond, it gave off the impression of Kyle Forgeard’s controversial career. Furthermore, in September 2020, Kyle Forgeard and his team members at NELK were investigated by the Normal police department in Illinois. T

hey were being looked into after the group was the hosts of a mob that included an estimated 200 people within the State University of Illinois campus while completely abandoning and violating the regulations of COVID-19.

This action led to YouTube falling out of favor with their channel and ensuring that they earned nothing from the YouTube account. YouTube claims that they came to the basis of their decision from a policy that mandated that “content creators on YouTube must not engage in activities or behaviors within and off the platform which can pose a danger to the community, environment, users, ecosystem or employees”.

YouTube claimed that Kyle Forgeard and his team had violated this policy by gathering people on campus within the pandemic and posing such dangers to their life by violating COVID-19 protocols. Mood Chris’s mayor of the town had plans to take legal action against Kyle Forgeard and his friends.

Within a week, in New Jersey, Kyle and his team were found wanting for the same crime. This time, almost 1500 people at the house rented for them. Although Kyle and his team claimed they didn’t want to draw attention or crowd, it led them to be sent out of the house by their landlord. The governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, also referred to the gathering as a knucklehead behavior.

Kyle Forgeard and his crew recorded another groundbreaking success when he and members of his group, such as (Sirur and Deleonardis) traveled to Abu Dhabi. During their trip, members of the team Kimmy contacted the president of the United States (Donald trump) on the presidential fleet, the Air Force one, at one of his presidential rallies. Later on, they met with the President on July 2021 at the Ultimate Fighting Competition (UFC).

By November 2020, they fully rolled out the “Full Send” brand by appointing Shahidi John as the branch president. Sebastiani left Nelk’s normal prank videos to assist Shahidi in his duties. There, they began a new series knowns as “Shithole” on a new YouTube channel.

On the 19th of January 2022, Kyle Forgeard and his group NELK launched an NFT (non-fungible token) known as “Full Send Metacard”. The project had more than 10,000 tokens of Metacards minted.

Due to their popularity and a huge fan base, which has created a community willing to buy their tokens. Within minutes (approximately 10 minutes), the tokens were sold out, which allowed them to make a profit of more than $23 million.

Moving forward, Kyle Forgeard and his team had an exclusive interview with Donald Trump on Wednesday, the 9th of March 2022. This broadcast gained so much traction on their YouTube channel that it garnered as high as 5 Million views before YouTube eventually deleted the video.

Kyle Forgeard’s Personal Life and Family

Although Kyle Forgeard’s personal life has been kept a secret from the public domain, certain information about his personal life and family is available. Kyle Forgeard’s parents are Rick and Gayle Forgeard. Kyle had a lovely childhood with his sister Chantal.

The sensational superstar is single and not in any relationship. On Tuesday, 12th of July, 1994, he was born in Mississauga in Ontario, Canada, and was raised in the same place. He attended Our Lady of Mount Carmel secondary school for his secondary education. He went to Ryerson University for his tertiary education to concentrate on his content-making career on YouTube.

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Kyle Forgeard Net Worth and Bio Summary


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Kyle Forgeard’s net worth is estimated to be about $1.5 million. Kyle Forgeard and his team earn about $100,000 every month through their YouTube channel. The YouTube channel gains at least 7 million views each week. Furthermore, the team has developed a successful business that caters to its consumers directly.

Ultimately, Kyle Forgeard’s team has impacted the Forbes 30 under 30 as youths leave a mark on the entertainment industry and the economy. Although Kyle Forgeard is certainly not the richest among the NELK crew, he is not far behind Deleonardis Stephen.

Key Takeaways from Kyle Forgeard’s Career

  • Follow your dreams: Kyle loved and believed in what he wanted to do from the beginning and stuck with it. Today, he is renowned for his craft globally. You must follow your passion and the things you love.
  • Be innovative: One of Kyle’s most successful videos was when he played with words.
    Interestingly this idea was considered extremely peculiar and became what paved his way to stardom.

Some Fun Facts about Kyle Forgeard

  • Kyle has black hair and eyes
  • Kyle has a tattoo drawn on his arm
  • His zodiac sign is cancer.
  • Kyle is a heavy drinker.
  • His first video was a prank for a McDonald’s interview for a Job.
  • His car was a Huracan Lamborghini.
  • Kyle Forgeard and his friends run a clothing line for their “Full Send” merchandise.
  • Kyle Forgeard is a philanthropist, as he gave towards the fight against breast cancer from the income generated from his brand or merchandise towards a research project geared towards the same cause within October 2018.
NameBruce Willis
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