Steven McBee Net Worth – How Rich Is The Entrepreneur?

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Steven McBee net worth is difficult to say because the reality show he was on deliberately obscured how much he was actually worth as part of its premise. Therefore, some people estimate it as being $1 million dollars and others estimate it as being around $10 million dollars.

Who is Steven McBee?

Steven McBee is a finance manager and businessman who is best known for appearing on the FOX reality competition television show Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer in 2022. Steven McBee runs his family company, the McBee Farm and Cattle Company, acting in the role of CEO.

He is additionally the founder of APEX Protein Snacks, a company that sells protein-heavy outdoorsy snacks including a Cinnamon Apple Meat Bar and Backcountry Biltong, all of which have helped increase Steven McBee net worth.


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Steven McBee’s Career

Steven McBee is the CEO of the McBee Farm and Cattle Company, his family’s company. The company’s website describes them like this:

“McBee Farm and Cattle Company started out from one central theme that has stuck with us since the day we first started farming – a sincere love for the land, and the responsibility to future generations to leave the ground in better condition than we found it.

“These values have been instilled throughout our family ran operation, starting at the top level and trickling down to all team members.

Our team believes that farming should no longer be a selfish relationship focused on maximizing the producer’s bottom line only, but that [we should foster] a synergistic relationship that is mutually beneficial to you…us…and the hallowed ground we’re able to work on.

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What is Joe Millionaire?

Joe Millionaire is a reality dating competition show that first debuted in 2003 on the FOX channel. The concept of the show was a spin on the hit ABC reality dating competition show The Bachelor.

The premise of that show was that a group of straight young women was assembled in a mansion to compete to win the heart of a sexy bachelor. The twist in Joe Millionaire was that instead the women would be competing for a man they were told was a millionaire but was actually just a regular guy an average income.

The further twist on the twist then was that, if the final woman, upon learning that the show had lied to her about his financial status, still chose to love him regardless, to prove that love is more valuable than money, the two of them would jointly win a large prize, in a move reminiscent of the fairy in Beauty and the Beast.

Season 1 of Joe Millionaire launched on the sixth of January in 2003. It was a surprisingly huge hit with around thirty-five million people tuning into its finale to see if the final contestant would choose to stay with the bachelor.

It ended up being network TV’s highest-rated program to air in three years, not counting shows that aired immediately after the Super Bowl each year. As a result, FOX brought it back for a second season later that same year, this time called The Next Joe Millionaire.

This time the series didn’t do nearly as well, likely because viewers found the result of season 1 underwhelming. It shed more and more viewers each week, and only nine million people tuned in to its final episode.

The then head of entertainment at FOX at the time, Sandy Grushow, later said in an interview that, as a network, they had gotten a bit “greedy” at how well the previous season had done and should have realized that that wasn’t a stunt that could be easily repeated. That lightning in a bottle couldn’t be recaptured.

That’s why they didn’t even try to bring back Joe Millionaire again for another whopping nineteen years when in 2022, FOX greenlit a return from the show called Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer. This version had yet another twist on the twist, however.

This time, Joe Millionaire had two bachelors, one of whom was, as usual, a fake millionaire, but the other of whom actually was a millionaire.

The eighteen female contestants went in knowing they had a 50/50 shot of, if they won, ending up with a millionaire or not, and part of the goal for them was for each one to see if she could suss out which of the two men was the liar. One of the men was Steven McBride and the other Kurt F. Sowers, who worked as a construction manager.

This new season and edition of Joe Millionaire debuted on FOX on the sixth of January 2022 and wrapped up in March 2022.

In season 1, the women competing had no idea that the man they were fighting over, Evan Marriott, wasn’t actually a millionaire but was actually just a regular Joe construction worker. The show largely centered on Evan Marriott trying to figure out who amongst the women were sincere and which were just gold diggers.

Sarah Kozer, the first season’s runner up caused a number of controversies over the course of the six episodes of the season. For starters, the news dropped that she had partially paid for law school by doing BDSM porn videos for money.

Furthermore, the footage seemed to hint that Evan and Sarah had performed sex acts upon each other on one of their filmed dates, although both vehemently denied that such a thing had in fact occurred.

Later on, it was confirmed that they had been telling the truth. The show’s editors had actually used audio from another scene in which another contestant had been massaging her back in a misleading way in order to get people to think that they had had sex, supplemented with sound effects that they’d added.

The woman that Evan Marriott chose was called Zora Andrich, and upon learning the truth about her Joe Millionaire, she did choose to stay with him, and as a result the couple won one million dollars to split between the two of them. They broke up soon afterward.

The first season of Joe Millionaire was filmed in France, and as it turns out, Evan Marriott did indeed become a millionaire over the course of the show, as he made nearly $2.5 million over the course of his time as a FOX TV quasi-celebrity.

The second season of the show, The Next Joe Millionaire, had the exact same premise, though this time filmed in Italy, largely in Tuscany. The Next Joe Millionaire himself was a twenty-four-year-old cowboy called David Smith who had only made a mere eleven thousand the previous year by working on a rodeo.

In order to keep the ruse up, this time around, all of the contestants were European although could speak English. Because Joe Millionaire hadn’t yet aired internationally, they were fully unaware that they were being duped. Originally, the women thought the scenario would be closer to Love Island.

The New Joe Millionaire ended with the surprise of Linda Kazdova, a contestant who had actually chosen to eliminate herself, coming back in a shock return, and David Smith actually picking her to be his future wife. Despite this jaw-dropping moment, it was too late for Joe Millionaire. Its moment had already passed.

Rather than winning $1 million dollars to split, as happened in the first season, David Smith won a Texas ranch, and they gave Linda Kazdova a two hundred fifty thousand dollar cheque. The couple split almost immediately after the season ended, given they lived on different continents. Fewer than seven million people watched each week.


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Steven McBee: Early Life

Steven McBee was born in Independence, Missouri, United States of America in the year 1994. As of now, we don’t know the exact day. Independence, Missouri, United States of America is located near Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America. It is the state’s 5th largest city.

Steven McBee’s parents’ names were Kristi Leigh McBee and Steven McBee Sr. He grew up with three siblings, although only two of their names are currently in the public record. They are Jesse and Cole.

Steven McBee grew up extremely close to his entire family, particularly his mom and his siblings. He considers himself a mama’s boy. His brother Jesse is his best friend and often accompanies him on hunting trips and other similar excursions. His nickname for Jesse is “Little Brosky”, indicating that he is his younger brother.

As a teenager, Steven McBee attended Fort Osage High School.

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Steven McBee’s Social Media Influence

Steven McBee is available on most of the major social media platforms of the present day, although they only seem to have become active around about the time that his show, Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, first launched on the airwaves. He doesn’t have a huge following but it likely helps Steven McBee net worth nonetheless.


Steven McBee seems to have a Facebook account, however, it is hard to say whether it’s actually him, as the account is not verified, meaning as of yet, it isn’t confirmed as officially being him who is actually running it. It currently has nearly three thousand followers and has posts that seem to mirror his Instagram.

Therefore, it’s largely full of staged photos with him and the female contestant with whom he ended up, as well as him posing on the set of Joe Millionaire. Should the account become verified in the future, we will be sure to update this page with that information to keep you apprised on Steven McBee net worth, life, and career.


Steven McBee has an official public verified Twitter account. On this platform, his account handle is @steven_mcbee. He currently has five thousand and five hundred and twenty two followers and is himself following thirty three people in return.

Steven McBee mainly tweets about his run on Joe Millionaire, often interacting with fans and other people discussing the show and its various twists and turns. He also posts photos of himself with Calah Mack, the female contestant he ultimately ended up with on the show not that she knows Steven McBee net worth.


Steven McBee has an official public verified Instagram account. On this platform, his account handle is @stevenmcbee. He currently has nearly ninety seven thousand followers and is himself following one thousand and thirty eight people in return.

Steven McBee’s Instagram bio reads “Smalltown boy – Farmer / Rancher – Helicopter Pilot – BS/MBA Entrepreneurship”.

Steven McBee mainly uses this account to postposed photos of himself around the set of Joe Millionaire, plugging each week’s latest episodes as the season was airing, and revealing where the show eventually ended up once Steven McBee net worth was revealed in the finale.


Steven McBee does not have a public LinkedIn business account. Given Steven McBee’s various business and entrepreneurial endeavors, this may actually seem rather surprising.

Should the situation ever change and Steven McBee opens a LinkedIn account, we will be sure to update this page with that information to keep our readers up to date with all of the latest Steven McBee net worth, life, and career news.


Steven McBee has an official public verified TikTok account. On this platform, he has nearly forty thousand followers as well as over two hundred thirty-five thousand likes. He is himself following only fifteen people in return.

Steven McBee’s TikTok is full of short video clips of Steven McBee hanging around his ranch and doing various farm and ranch related activities, as well as simply enjoying nature, which is one of his major interests.

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Steven McBee: Height, Weight

Steven McBee’s height is not in the public record but is estimated as being at about approximately 5 feet 10 inches, which is 178 in centimeters, and 1.78 in meters. Steven McBee’s weight is not in the public record but is estimated as being at about approximately 201 pounds or 95 kilos.

Steven McBee’s hair color is blonde. Steven McBee’s eye color is dark brown.

Steven McBee Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameSteven McBee
Real NameSteven McBee
Place of BirthIndependence, Missouri, USA
OccupationActor, Entrepreneur
Net Worth Estimate$1 Million to $10 Million