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Tanner Fox Net Worth | How Much Does This YouTuber Make?

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YouTube is said to be the the largest stage for gifted individuals to showcase their skills and prowess… and to increase their bank balance in the process

Scooter Pro Stunt rider and vlogger, Tanner Fox’s Net Worth hit $3million in 2019 and it seems that the sky is the limit for this down to earth YouTuber—read on to learn how the Tanner Fox Net Worth has been accumulated and find out what makes this young man get up everyday, as well as a little more personal info

Who is Tanner Fox?

The two burning questions most people have regarding the young vlogger is, “Who is Tanner Fox?”, and also “What is the Tanner Fox net worth at the moment?” The second question will be answered in a little more detail further on, but suffice to say, this Capricorn is scootering his way to success and dollars in the bank.


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YouTube has been a part of Tanner Fox’s life since he was a young kid. At the age of two the toddler hopped onto a skateboard… and his world would never be the same again. It seems as if there is very little that this driven young man has not tried, and conquered and he is a millionaire through his own efforts and work ethic.

Tanner managed to combine his love for filming with his hobbies, sport and life in general. What started off as a few prank videos and scooter tricks, soon turned into a cash generating business in which he shares most aspects of his life with his fans… and monetizes them!

Fox fancies himself a bit of a fisherman and there are a number of YouTube episodes on his channel that are dedicated to his love for the sport. His first passion and love has always remained his scooter and Tanner has reached great heights as a freestyle professional scooterist. Fox has always had a love for cameras and video so it was no surprise really when vlogging started earning the entrepreneur and globetrotter some serious $$$. You’ll learn further on that his love for filming others led directly to the shutterbug being homeschooled.

Tanner has had a love for fast cars for almost as long as he has been getting on scooters and skateboards and he has several high horsepower cars in his garage, but more about those later. YouTuber Tanner Fox dabbles a bit in boxing and is associated with FouseyTube, Jake Paul and FaZe Rug. He was reported to have dropped out of a fight with TikTokker, Ryland Storms, stating that the boxing commission canceled the fight due to weight issues between the fighters. Nick Austin and Charli D’Amelio are involved with Storms.

The fresh faced philanthrope has also launched his own clothing line and named it TFox, incorporating himself into his brand. Tanner Fox’s net worth is a combination of YouTube earnings, merchandise and product sales as well as sponsorships and endorsements.

The No Focks Club is one of his latest projects where people can register and for a fee receive completely exclusive content and discounts and giveaways. Members also get the opportunity to win:

  • Win bespoke Tanner merchandise
  • Fishing trips
  • Chance to ride in the Huracan
  • Facetime and loads of other surprises

The Grind Shop, Lucky Scooters, and Root Industries are just a few of the brands that Tanner has worked with. At the age of 22 he has amassed himself a pretty sizeable nest egg, and the Tanner Fox net worth means that he really is a millionaire through his own efforts.

What is Tanner Fox’s Net Worth Estimate?

YouTube has been instrumental in the meteoric rise in popularity and the growth in Tanner Fox’s net worth. The super scooterist is currently said to have a net worth of between six and seven million dollars. He makes money from his YouTube videos’ views, endorsements, and sponsorship from different brands as well as income from his company, TFox. He earns on average about $3500 daily… which equates to more than a million dollars annually.

Earlier on we mentioned that the 22 year old loves cars, and specially those with heaps of horsepower, or ones that drive themselves. So, what cars does he have, and how does this affect the Tanner Fox net worth?

  • At 16, he bought a Nissan GT-R R35 he named Guaczilla for almost $100,000. Hot Wheels have made an almost exact replica of this car.
  • He gave his mom a BMW.
  • He owns a Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan Liberty with a star roof.
  • He bought his uncle’s TransAm to keep it in the family.
  • He has a Tesla.
  • And a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Tanner Fox owns real estate and has themed some of his videos around him looking at new homes. In addition to a $3,000 comfy chair that no one ever sits in, he has a turtle, a prized sneaker collection, and crazy jacuzzi tub.

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Tanner Fox’s Height, Weight

Not only has Tanner Fox’s net worth grown to what it is today, the young influencer has also put on a bit of muscle since his first forays onto our phone and other screens. His disheveled blonde hair and blue eyes gives him a boyish charm (we look at his love interests a bit further down) and he weighs in at a steady 60kg or 132 pounds and stands 5 foot and 7 inches when he is barefoot.

Tanner Fox’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Billy and Rhonda Fox met their blue-eyed, blonde haired baby boy for the first time three days before Christmas, on a cold Wednesday in the California city of San Diego. They had no idea that their little bundle of joy would not only become a pro at trick riding on a scooter, but he would also have millions of people following his life and escapades on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram….and that by 2022 the Tanner Fox net worth would have grown to close to six million united states dollars!

His sister Lindsay, whose star sign is Aries, took her first breath on March 30th in 1998. She has blossomed into a YouTube celeb herself and the Tanner Fox Net Worth is sure to get challenged sooner than later by his pretty and talented sibling. The two are close to each other, and both Tanner and Lindsay have a strong bond with their matriarch, Rhonda. Incidentally, she herself is a bit of a sensation herself with around 80 000 Instagram followers. Kirby, who also gained the surname Fox, was the family dog for a number of years and appeared in a number of the YouTubers’ productions and even had his own Instagram account. Sadly Kirby passed away in 2018.

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Tanner had a tumultuous relationship with school and he was asked to leave Sacred Heart College less than two years after entering middle school. Guess why? Ironically he was expelled for taking a video of a fellow student! Billy Fox enrolled Tanner in a chartered school, but by now he was gaining huge popularity and decided to focus on YouTube and his career.

Being homeschooled afforded the scooter boy more than enough time to work on tricks and getting better at what he did best – video and scooters. Fox passed the GED in 2015.

Tanner Fox Net Worth

Tanner Fox’s Career

If there was ever a millennial that has embraced everything that technology and social media has to offer the world, it is Tanner Fox – and it certainly shows when you look at the Tanner Fox net worth. He has practically spent his whole life either filming something, or being filmed.

Known for his authentic and real-life style of sharing his life, he is a homegrown sensation with a lot still to offer his fans in the future. The entrepreneur was very ingenious in how he went about achieving some of the most unprecedented growth in social media history. By collaborating with successful vloggers and social media giants, his brand rapidly grew, and with it his fan base…and the Tanner Fox net worth.

It seems that Tanner Fox was born riding a scooter, and from a very early he started combining his passion for filming stuff with his talent on scooters and boards. When his parents started experiencing marital problems, this was his escape. Lucky Scooter Parts was his first major sponsor at 11 and he reached one of his life goals in June of 2015 when he manage to qualify for the ISA World Champs.

He created MT Films in September 2011 as a YouTube channel that he later named after himself. His initial content was filled with pranks and other random content. Tanner Fox net worth grew rapidly as he created better content and soon he was grabbing air way above other young YouTube wannabe’s. In fact his channel was the quickest growing in 2016 and at the moment has 10.4 million subscribers!

But that’s not all, the go-getter has also manage to balance acting as part of his exciting 22 years. In 2019 he played the role of DJ Fox, along with Ryan Echols and Tori Ross, in the horror movie, “Be our Guests”.

He was also seen in a Tricksartr commercial and had a guest role in the television series, “Charmed”.

In 2020 Tanner shared his positive Covid-19 results with his followers and said that he had spent time with Jake Paul a couple of days ahead of being tested. He tested negative after a 14 day quarantine and shared this as video with the world.

The Tanner Fox channel, has published 1,359 videos that have generated more than 2.1 billion views. The channel publishes 16 new videos on average every month. Root Industries, The Grind Shop, and Lucky Scooters are his main sponsors.


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Tanner also developed a clothing line to capitalize on his brand. He usually sells out within hours of dropping his merchandise.

Tanner Fox’s Personal Life and Family

The unproclaimed YouTube King was born to father Billy, and mom Rhonda Fox in San Diego. His sister Lindsay (23), is an up and coming sensation in her own right and dog Kirby was a big part of the family until his death in 2018.

There is very little that is private in Tanner Fox’s personal life. The YouTube sensation has posted everything from breaking up vids, to “meet my new hot Aussie girlfriend” videos.

His fans was divided when he broke up with his then current girlfriend, Taylor Alesia on video. Some even went as far as saying that it looked kind of contrived. He started dating Alesia in April of 2017 after the two met on…. Yes, on Instagram. He had an encounter with the beautiful Australian, Avalon Nadfalusi, but the relationship went down under in 2020 after the two were together for about a year. He introduced her to his fans in a rather awkward video in which neither looked very comfortable. Some subscribers even went as far as to call Nadfalusi a gold digger.

It seems that he is currently status single but with Tanner Fox’s net worth being what it is, it won’t be long before he will be introducing his next girlfriend, or what do you think?

Tanner Fox’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

It is reported that at the moment the Tanner Fox net worth is between $6 and $7 million and continuously growing.

NameTanner Fox
Real NameTanner Fox
Place of BirthSan Diego, California
Net Worth Estimate$7 million