Playboi Carti Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Playboi Carti Net Worth Estimate

Playboi Carti net worth is currently estimated as being at between $8 million dollars and $9 million dollars. The majority of Playboi Carti net worth has come from his successful career as a rap artist in the music industry.

Who is Playboi Carti?


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Playboi Carti is a rap artist whose real name is Jordan Terrell Carter. Other stage names he sometimes goes by are Sir Cartier, Cash Carti, Yung Carti, and King Vamp. He first signed on to Awful Records before transitioning over to Interscope Records’ AWGE label, and became a cult hit.

Playboi Carti’s albums are Die Lit and Whole Lotta Red, both of which were huge hits on the Billboard charts, making Playboi Carti net worth rise hugely as he finally ascended to being a mainstream star. Playboi Carti’s early hits include songs such as “Woke Up Like This” and “Magnolia”.

Playboi Carti’s Career

In 2011, Playboi Carti began his rap career under the guise of Sir Cartier, posting his music on SoundCloud for people to listen to. He changed Sir Cartier to his current name two years after, when he took on the Playboi Carti persona. Playboi Cartier signed on to Awful Records in 2014, and moved to New York.

In New York City, Carti briefly lived with his drug dealer, where he met a number of influential rappers of the area such as ASAP Bari and ASAP Rocky. These connections and friendships helped him further his career. In 2015, his songs “Fetti” and “Broke Boy” started doing incredibly well.

Playboi at this point began to collaborate with a number of other popular and up and coming rappers, including Ethereal, UnoTheActivist, Yung Bans, Thouxanbanfauni, and Lil Yachty. Meanwhile Lil Uzi Vert and ASAP Ferg asked them to join their tours, which he agreed to.

Ultimately, Interscope Records signed him on as a new client. On the fourteenth of April, 2017, they dropped Playboi Carti’s first mixtape, which got excellent reviews in prominent music industry magazine websites such as Spin, Pitchfork, XXL, and Hot NewHipHop.

The album itself eventually got to the twelfth spot on Billboard Magazine’s 200, and it had two hit singles as well, “Magnolia” and “wokeuplikethis*”, both of which charted. The former got to twenty ninth place on the Hot 100, and the latter got to the seventy sixth position.

In conjunction with the mixtape, Playboi Carti toured with Dreezy and Gucci Mane. XXL Magazine also listed him in the top ten of their 2017 Freshman Class. Shortly after, he popped up on two other hit singles, namely Lana Del Rey’s “Summer Bummer”, off her Lust for Life album, and A$AP Mob’s “Raf” off Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy.

This all paved the way for Playboi Carti’s first official studio album, which was called Die Lit and was an instant breakaway hit. It wasn’t long until it finally reached third place on the Billboard 200 in the United States. It was such a phenomenal success that it was only three months later that his follow-up album was announced.

The album Whole Lotta Red wasn’t released for another two years, in 2020, but when it did, it had a whopping twenty-four tracks. During this entire time, he didn’t officially release any music of his own, although many of the songs he was working on did end up getting leaked.

Although Playboi Carti didn’t put any of his own music out officially in this time, he continued to make guest appearances on other artists’ songs. They include Tyler the Creator’s “Earfquake”, DJ Mustard’s “A Boogie wit da Hoodie”, NAV’s “Baguettes in the Face”, Drake’s “Pain 1993”, and Lil Yachty’s “Flex Up”.

Playboi Carti’s first own single from Whole Lotta Red dropped in April of 2020 and was called “@ Meh”. It reached the thirty fifth slot on Billboard’s Hot 100. The album itself finally came out on Christmas of 2020, which was for many a huge gift due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

The album’s date certainly ended up being a lucky one to the point that it actually started off in the top slot on the Billboard 200 in the United States. It was the first time he’d ever accomplished this feat. Playboi Carti net worth grew enormously thanks to this album.

Playboi Carti since then has appeared in a number of other artists’ music as well, including Lil 1 DTE’s “Homixide” and a number of songs on Kanye West’s latest album Donda, including the songs “Junya” and “Off the Grid”.

Playboi Carti’s personal rapping style is often describe as being mumble rap, given the way he mumbles with what has been described as a baby voice. He often reaches extremely high notes and deliberately lacks enunciation in his rapping style.

A reviewer in the famous New York Times declared that this made it seem that Playboi Carti is “more at ease with the performance of the role than with the actual act of rapping”.

Pitchfork Magazine’s Briana Younger describes him as saying that his “music is less about lyricism and more about atmosphere…[but] whatever Carti lacks in substance, he makes up in sheer audacity.”

Meanwhile, Complex Magazine said that his mumble rapping is “spare and repetitive, more concerned with flow and catchy phrases”.

Playboi Carti is extremely well known for his unique sense of fashion. GQ Magazine describe his look as being a mix of the “fashion gloss of A$AP Mob, the punk-rock attitude of Uzi Vert, and the playful camp of Yachty”. Playboi Carti also loves mixing in Satanic and vampiric references to both his look and songs.

Playboi Carti is an avid consumer of fashion. He has publicly stated that he is indebted to A$AP Rocky and Kanye West for helping him hone his sense of design and fashion. It’s such a passion for him that he has himself modelled for Kanye West, Louis Vuitton, Drake, and more.

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Playboi Carti: Early Life

Playboi Carti was born as Jordan Terrell Carter on the 13th of September in 1996 in Riverdale, Georgia, United States of America. Meanwhile, he grew up elsewhere in Georgia, United States of America, in the city of Fairborn.

Playboi Carti was a rambunctious kid who often disobeyed his mother. She had a great deal of trouble controlling him, and he admitted later to being a disrespectful kid. Playboi Carti got up to a great deal of mischief growing up. He rarely focused on his studies at school and was always getting into a lot of trouble.

As a teenager, Playboi Carti went to North Springs Charter High School, which was located in Sandy Springs in Fulton County, Georgia, United States of America, but he rarely touched his books. Playboi Carti developed his personal style through the thrift stores he would get all of his clothes from.

Playboi Carti was so uninterested in studying, at the time, Playboi Carti decided to focus on basketball in order to make a future career for himself.

Playboi Carti told The Fader Magazine that around this time, “I was really ducking school and it was all hoop and no rap. I would smoke before practice, get on the court, and drop thirty.”

After getting into an argument with his coach, however, surrounding discipline, he quit the game that he had up to then been pinning his hopes on. As an alternate, Playboi Carti instead finally began to focus on rapping. Playboi Carti on a regular basis was skipping school in order to practice his rapping.

Playboi Carti also had a job at the H&M department store around this time, but although it was meant to be after school, he often did shifts during school hours, skipping class to work at the store. Because of his poor attendance, he nearly failed to graduate from high school all together.

Playboi Carti explained in that interview, “I was in class with freshmen finishing work, and if I finished the nine assignments before this time, I could graduate.” In fact, he cut it so finely that in the end, no one came to see him walk at graduation because they were all so convinced he wasn’t actually going to graduate.

Playboi Carti then decided to quit his job at H&M because he didn’t like what working at a place like H&M would do for his image as a rap artist trying to make it big in the music industry.

Playboi Carti’s Personal Life and Family


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When Playboi Carti was first up and coming on the rap scene in 2017, he began seeing Blac Chyna for a short period of time. She is a famous model, best known for being Nicki Minaj’s stunt double in Kanye West’s “Monster” video and for her two reality TV shows, called The Real Blac Chyna and Rob & Chyna.

By the next year, Playboi Carti was now seeing the rap artist and model Rubi Rose, whose first big break was her appearance in Migos’ Bad and Boujee music video. They had a tempestuous relationship and at one point, he fired a gun at her in retaliation for her hiding his cell phones from him.

Playboi Carti, near the end of their relationship, had another fling with Blac Chyna behind Rubi Rose’s back, which led to her finally kicking him out.

It wasn’t long after that that Playboi Carti began his next relationship, this time with Iggy Azalea, the controversial rap star from Australia who is best known for her songs “Work”, “Pussy”, “Two Times”, and “Black Widow”.

They had a kid together who was born in 2020, his name being Onyx Kelly, though Playboi Carti and Iggy Azalea had already broken up the previous year.

According to Iggy Azalea, Playboi Carti had missed the birth of their child due to having been having an affair with another woman, Brandi Marion, a model on Instagram, at the time she was in labor. To add insult to injury, Playboi Carti refused to put his name on Onyx Kelly’s birth certificate.

Playboi Carti currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America, after having lived a number of years in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, while first pursuing his rap music industry career. Playboi Carti net worth is at a point now where he can continue his career from Atlanta.

Playboi Carti is a sufferer of the asthma breathing condition.

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Playboi Carti’s Social Media Influence

Playboi Carti, being a rap star, has a huge social media presence, reflective of his fame in the industry, as well as the size of Playboi Carti net worth.


Playboi Carti has an official public verified Facebook account. Playboi Carti’s account handle on the Facebook platform is @PlayboiCarti. As the Facebook algorithm is not case sensitive, however, it can also be reached by typing in his name using fully lower case letters as well.

Playboi Carti has five hundred forty five thousand followers on the Facebook platform.

Playboi Carti’s official verified public Facebook account is full of posts such as plugs for his upcoming appearances, concerts, interviews, articles, and more. Playboi Carti also posts clips of his music, music videos, live performances, and more. Playboi Carti’s account also has a lot of photos of himself along with videos.


Playboi Carti has an official public verified Twitter account. His Twitter account handle from which he regularly tweets is @playboicarti, his name.

On Twitter, Playboi Carti has over two million followers, and is himself impressively following 0 people in return. This is a testament to his huge popularity and helps to explain why Playboi Carti net worth is so impressive.

Playboi Carti’s tweets on his official public verified Twitter account are often made up of sentence fragments with oddly randomly capitalized words and phrases.

While they may seem cryptic to the outside observer, they clearly have meaning to his fans, since they nearly all have thousands of likes and retweets despite their seeming incoherence.

Every now and then, Playboi Carti will also post videos of himself speaking directly to his fans, as well as information on upcoming albums, live appearances, tour dates, interviews, articles, merch to purchase, and so on and so forth.


Playboi Carti has an official public verified Instagram account. As with his official public verified Facebook account and his official public verified Twitter account, Playboi Carti’s account name here is @playboicarti, all lowercase. However, again, the algorithm allows for a search to be done upper as well as lower case.

What’s perhaps most impressive about Playboi Carti’s official public verified Instagram account is that, despite the fact that he, as of the present time, has only made two posts, he has nearly eight million followers. This makes it his most popular social media platform. As with his Twitter account, he is following no one.

This again shows why Playboi Carti net worth is so high, given he doesn’t even need to post in order to amass an enormous following on this platform.


Although there are actually a number of accounts on LinkedIn that claim to be Playboi Carti, Playboi Carti himself does not seem to have an official public LinkedIn account. This is, perhaps, not surprising, as a celebrity of Playboi Carti net worth likely doesn’t need the business networking that LinkedIn provides.

Should this situation change at any point in the future and Playboi Carti sign up for a LinkedIn account, we will be sure to update this page with that information. We will do this in order to ensure our readers get all of the latest, most up to date information about Playboi Carti net worth, life, and career.


Playboi Carti has an official public verified TikTok account. As with Playboi Carti’s official public verified Facebook account, his official public verified Twitter account, and his official public verified Instagram account, Playboi Carti’s account name here is @playboicarti, all lowercase.

However, again, the algorithm allows for a search to be done upper as well as lower case.

Also, as with Playboi Carti’s official public verified Instagram account, although he has a lot of followers, he has so far only made two posts as of now. It’s not quite as extreme as on Instagram, however, as on this platform, he only has seven hundred and eighty seven thousand followers, rather than millions.

Playboi Carti currently, however, does have nearly two million likes. And as with his other official public verified social media accounts, Playboi Carti is himself following no accounts in return.

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Playboi Carti: Height, Weight

Playboi Carti’s height is not a matter of public record but is estimated as being at about 6 feet, 1 inches, which comes to 185 in centimeters, or 1.85 in meters. Playboi Carti’s weight is also not a matter of public record but is currently estimated as being at about 165 pounds or 75 kilos.

Playboi Carti’s bicep size is estimated as being at about 16. Playboi Carti’s measurements are estimated as being approximately 44 32 36. Playboi Carti’s shoe size is 9. Playboi Carti’s eye color is dark brown. Playboi Carti’s hair color is dark brown.

Playboi Carti Net Worth & Bio Summary

NamePlayboi Carti
Real NameJordan Terrell Carter
Place of BirthRiverdale, Georgia, USA
Net Worth Estimate$8 Million