Anuel AA Net Worth – How Rich is He Today?

Anuel AA Net Worth Estimate:

Anuel AA Net Worth

Anuel AA net worth is estimated to be at about $20 million. The bulk of Anuel AA net worth has come from his extremely successful career in the music industry due to his many hits in the genre of rap, hip hop, reggaeton, and Latin trap.

Who is Anuel AA?

Anuel AA is the performance name or stage name of one Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago. He is a rap music star from Puerto Rico who is known for sampling pop songs from his childhood and using them in the music he puts out now.

Anuel AA is also notorious for having had a variety of legal issues over the years, as well as for feuding with some prominent rappers such as 6ix9ine, Ivy Queen, and Cosculluela, with people tending to take their sides in the conflicts.

Anuel AA’s hit debut, Real Hasta la Muerte, was completely recorded from within a prison while he was serving a sentence for criminal activity.

Anuel AA’s Career


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Anuel AA first started making rap recordings at the tender age of 14 and posting them on the internet by the time he turned eighteen.

Soon there were literally millions of people streaming his music, and the rap star Rick Ross took notice. He pretty quickly scooped Anuel AA up and got him signed to Maybach Music Group’s Latin music division. By 2016, Anuel AA’s first mixtape was out and getting a great response.

Despite this early success which helped Anuel AA net worth grow very swiftly, Anuel AA’s life seemed to be put on hold in April of that year, when he was arrested due to illegally possessing guns. Anuel AA was soon sentenced to remain in prison for thirty months as punishment for these crimes.

Anuel AA, however, didn’t let this rather extreme setback deter him. While in prison, he continued to focus on his music and, extremely impressively, managed not only to write his first album but even to record it while behind bars by singing his vocals into the phone, with his manager recording the calls.

The album, entitled Real Hasta la Muerte, actually came out the very day that Anuel AA got out of prison in 2018. Billboard raved that “Anne remained behind bars, while outside, his music flourished.” Rolling Stone said that he had “impressive pop instincts” and named it one of the Best Latin Albums of the year.

Anuel AA’s debut album reached the forty-second spot on Billboard 200 and hit the first spot on the Top Latin Albums in the United States chart. The song “Bebe” also got him a Hot 100 song. And that was just the beginning.

Anuel AA net worth and his profile continued to grow in the following 6 months, thanks to him collaborating on a whopping 11 singles that all charted on Hot Latin Songs in Billboard Magazine.

These tracks included “Ella Quiere Beber” with Romeo Santos, “Familia” with Bantu and Nicki Minaj (and featured in the animated film hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), and “Secreto” with Karol G, with whom he was also in a secret romantic relationship at the time.

This song hit the sixty-eighth spot on Billboard Magazine Hot 100, and fifth place on Hot Latin Songs in the United States and had fans comparing them to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, as we as Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

In mid-2019, Anuel AA joined forces with, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, and again Karol G on a song called “China”. The song used samples from the classic Shaggy song, “It Wasn’t Me”, which was released in 2000 and was amongst Anuel AA’s favorite songs. This would become a running theme for him.

Speaking about “It Wasn’t Me” to XXL Magazine, he fondly remembered, “when I used to go with the big boys in my hood to the club, they put that song on and everybody used to go crazy”. Anuel AA’s “China” hit the second spot on Hot Latin Songs, as well as first place on Latin Streaming Songs and Latin Digital Songs.

Furthermore, Rolling Stone placed “China”’s music video on their 10 Best Latin Music Videos of July list. Clearly, Anuel AA net worth was continuing to rise and rise at this point.

Next, he showed upon on a Nicky Jam song, “Whine Up”, off the album Íntimo, and then joined forces with the legendary Shakira for “Me Gusta”, which sampled Inner Circle’s “Sweat (A La La La La Long)”. Then Bad Bunny had him rap on their single “Esta Cabron Ser Yo” from their new album YHLQMDLG.

He also released his own new single around this time. Anuel AA’s song “3 De Abril” was named for the arrest day that set off Anuel AA’s prison time and focuses on the dark times he had both before and during his sentence. Rolling Stone raved that the song was a “sobering commemoration” of that time for him.

This was followed by Anuel AA’s “Follow”, another Karol G duet, which they recorded during COVID 19 lockdown, much like he’d recorded his first album while locked up in prison.

That same year, 2020, Anuel AA dropped Emmanuel, his second album, named eponymously for his real name. He explained that he called it that because “it’s my name and it means God with us. I wanted the album to have that good vibe. It’s my life, made into music.”


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Emmanuel is a massive double album featuring twenty-two songs, including appearances by, again, Karol G, Farruko, Ñengo Flow, Lil Wayne, Yandel, Tego Calderon, Enrique Iglesias, Bad Bunny, and Travis Barker.

Anuel AA net worth was on full display when he launched this album with the launch of 3 yachts off Miami, Florida’s coast, each one named Emmanuel. His explanation for this was “Everybody does their release party in a club. And with coronavirus? I wouldn’t go to the club right now!”

The album got fantastic reviews. Rolling Stone gushed over it, saying it was “a sonic feast…every bit as show-stopping, however indulgent, as his fleet of party boats…Even in the most crowded of featured tracks, Anuel’s hardy baritone cuts right through, leaving in his wake the smallest glint of pop sparkle.”

Meanwhile, Billboard called it “a versatile album that has fresh music for the clubs, the street life, and even sentimental bops.”

Despite the success of the album, Anuel AA’s next surprise move was to announce his retirement. He released what he said was a final song for him called “Me Contagie 2” which was about the depression he’s suffered due to fame.

His young son apparently wanted to spend more time with him and felt he was too often away on music business, and so in response, Anuel AA said he would retire, and because of Anuel AA net worth, he was able to consider that.

This might have just been a strange hiccup, however, because he and Ozuna dropped a joint album together in January 2021 after that announcement. It was called Los Dioses. Not long after that twelve-song album, yet another album was announced.

That one, however, ended up being delayed, and instead, Anuel AA made an appearance on Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album, Faith. Later that year, he then put out another two singles, “Los De Sizemore” and “23 Preguntas”. Anuel AA net worth grew more.

Around that time, he officially announced his next album would be coming out and it would be called Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren. By the end of the year, that album was out, dropping on his twenty-ninth birthday. Its sixteen songs included “Dictadura”, “Leyenda”, and “Subelo”.

XXL Magazine has called Anuel AA “one of the founding fathers of Latin trap music”, which certainly goes to show how incredibly highly regarded he is in the music industry. Anuel AA is particularly praised for his ability to use his vocal beatboxing skills to simulate the sound of a firing gun.

Given Anuel AA is often extremely graphic and dark in his songs, they are rarely found suitable for airplay on the radio, often being filled with frank discussions of crime, sex, and gang life. This is why streaming has been crucial to his ability to become a celebrity. In an earlier landscape, he couldn’t have flourished.

Anuel AA is famous for his signature use of the word “bebecita” in his songs, which translates to “baby girl”, to the point that his entire genre of reggaeton has become known for the use of this word.

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Anuel AA Controversies

Anuel AA’s career has been plagued with controversies. He put out a diss track in 2018 that caused a huge stir. It was put out against the rap artist Cosculluela and he named it “Intocable”. Not only was it heavily full of crude words but it included statements that were both homophobic as well as phobic of people with AIDS.

One of “Intocable”’s most offensive moments is when he calls model La Taina a “pig” due to having HIV. This caused a huge outcry among the public, which led to an upcoming concert for Anuel AA being canceled. The PR nightmare that ensued led to Anuel AA having to apologize publicly.

“It is the worst mistake of my career,” he said. “I do not need this and I apologize to all the people I offended. To homosexuals, to people with AIDS, to La Taina, and to those who lost everything after Hurricane Maria…My fans deserve me to be a better person, and I apologize to everyone in Puerto Rico.”

His next big controversy happened in April 2019 when he got into a pitched argument with the prominent Reggaeton singer Ivy Queen that she was no longer the “queen” of the genre as her last hit song was nearly a decade before.

Again, many people found this behavior disrespectful and dismissive of a legend in her field.

Anuel AA: Early Life

Anuel AA was born on the twenty-sixth of November in 1992 in the city of Carolina in Puerto Rico, under the birth name Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago. Anuel AA’s dad, José Gazmey, worked for the A&R department of Sony Music’s division located in Puerto Rico, which inspired him in his music from a young age.

Around the time that Anuel AA turned 15, however, José Gazmey had been fired, leading to a time of deprivation for the family which led to Anuel AA hanging out amongst a seedier element.

Speaking about this period, Anuel AA has said, “My music is my soul speaking, literally. It’s spiritual. It has a lot of feelings, a lot of pain. It’s my experiences growing up en la calle, which means “in the streets”.

Anuel AA has spoken at length of being the victim of racism throughout his life due to coming from a mixed heritage. Anuel AA’s dad, José Gazmey, is of Afro Puerto Rican descent, whereas his mom is White Puerto Rican, and was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States of America.

As a young man, Anuel AA was obsessed with Tupac Shakur and tried to model himself on his idol. Like Tupac, he loved bling and tried to dress up like him. Anuel AA also used to hang out a lot with someone else who would one day be a well-known rap artist, namely Casper.

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Anuel AA’s Personal Life and Family

Anuel AA used to be married to a woman whose name is Astrid Cuevas. Together, the two have a child, a son who they decided to give the name Pablo Anuel. The couple split up before Anuel AA went to prison.

A month after he got out, Anuel AA met Karol G, a singer from Columbia, while filming a music video together. Not long after, they began a romantic relationship. They eventually announced their engagement at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. They never actually got married, though, and were broken up by 2021.


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Anuel AA’s Social Media Influence

Anuel AA has a social media presence on all of the major platforms, his most popular by far being his Instagram account. Anuel AA net worth is largely helped by his devoted fans on social media platforms.


Anuel AA has an official verified public Facebook account. His Facebook account handle is @Anuel2bleAofficial. On this platform, he has an impressive seven million followers.

Anuel AA’s Facebook account is full of advertisements for his products and merch, his upcoming music, including videos and albums, his singles, his live appearances, photos of himself with other rapper friends, and so on and so forth. A lot of Anuel AA net worth comes from his supportive fans on these sites.


Anuel AA has an official verified public Twitter account. His Twitter account handle from which he tweets is @Anuel_2bleA. As Twitter’s system is not case sensitive, however, that name can be entered in lower case in order to access it.

On this platform, he has 1.9 million followers and is himself impressively following 0 people in return. He mainly uses Twitter to plug his music, retweets about himself and his career, post his thoughts and information about sales on his merchandise, concert appearance, tickets, and so on and so forth.


Anuel AA has an official verified public Instagram account. This is easily his biggest online platform. His handle here is @anuel and he has nearly twenty eight million followers on this platform. He is himself following on one hundred and twelve people in return.

Anuel AA’s Instagram is full of photos of himself as well as videos of him hanging out with his friends and loved ones, rapping, singing, and so on and so forth. He also demonstrates a lot of the luxury items that Anuel AA net worth is made up of.

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Anuel AA does not have an official public LinkedIn business account. This isn’t surprising given how entertainers often don’t find a need for the sort of business networking that this platform provides.

Should the situation change in the future and Anuel AA get a LinkedIn account, we’ll be sure to update this page to keep our readers apprised about all of the latest Anuel AA news of his life and career.


Anuel AA has an official public verified TikTok account. His handle on the TikTok platform is @anuel. On this platform, he has 1.7 million followers and 246.6 thousand likes, which is impressive, but not nearly as much as his Instagram.

Furthermore, he only has one post up as of the present time, which goes to show how famous he is and how much is Anuel AA net worth that he can get that number of followers with so little content provided.

Anuel AA: Height, Weight

Anuel AA’s height is 5 feet, 6 inches, which comes to 167.64 in centimeters. Anuel AA’s weight is not a matter in the public record but it is estimated to be at about 152 pounds, or 69 kilos. Anuel AA’s hair color is black. Anuel AA’s eye color is dark brown.

Anuel AA Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameAnuel AA
Real NameEmmanuel Gazmey Santiago
Place of BirthCarolina, Puerto Rico
Net Worth Estimate$20 Million