Morgan Wallen Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth Now?

Morgan Wallen Net Worth Estimate

Morgan Wallen net worth is estimated to be at about $4 million dollars. The bulk of Morgan Wallen’s net worth has come from his success as a country singer, having originally been brought into the public eye due to his time as a competitor on the hit reality TV competition show The Voice.

Who is Morgan Wallen?

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN USA - January 2, 2020 Morgan Wallen performs live at 20 Monroe Live

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Morgan Wallen is a country singer whose specific genres are often classified as country rock and country pop. He at first came into the spotlight thanks to competing on the NBC reality TV competition show The Voice, where he started on Usher’s team but eventually moved to Adam Levine’s.

In addition to becoming extremely successful on the album charts, Morgan Wallen has also become a controversial figure, including arrests, a suspension from Saturday Night Live over violating COVID-19 safety protocols, and video evidence of his using racist slurs against Black people on camera.

Morgan Wallen’s Career


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Morgan Wallen’s career first really took of due to competing in the hit NBC reality TV competition show The Voice in its sixth season. He started off on Usher’s team and eventually ended up on Adam Levine’s, and was doing fairly well in auditions when Usher called his voice incredible.

Morgan Wallen was ultimately eliminated early on, however, in the playoffs, after singing Florida Georgia Line’s “Stay”. Morgan Wallen, however, managed to make good use of his time in California filming The Voice. While there, he met hard rock band Atom Smash’s Sergio Sanchez and became fast friends.

They began to record together almost instantly and soon afterwards, Sergio introduced Morgan to Panacea Records’ Paul Trust and Bill Ray. By later that year, he already had a contract with the company and had released his first EP. It was called Stand Alone and featured guitar playing by Dominic Frost.

His first single from the album was “Spin You Around”, which sold so well that the Record Industry Association of America ended up certifying it gold a few years later. Dick Hamsath, his manager, then sent one of his demo recordings to Seth England at Big Loud Records, who was so impressed, he asked him to audition.

Morgan Wallen did so, and Big Loud Records loved him so much, they signed him on almost immediately. This led to a number of career advancements in 2016. This included “The Way I Talk”, his first big single and subsequent music video.

About the song he said, “It’s about the things that I’m proud of and the way that I live, and it was just a perfect match to me.”

That same year, he also co-wrote a song called “Preachin’ to the Choir”, which the group A Thousand Horses recorded and released as a single. Additionally, he toured with Florida Georgia Line, the same group whose song he was eliminated on in The Voice! The band members are Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard, and Jordan Schmidt.

And the next year he collaborated with them on penning a song called “You Make It Easy”, which was then sung and recorded by Jason Aldean.

All of this culminated in 2018, when Morgan Wallen finally put out a full album. It was called If I Know Me, and it eventually hit the top spot of Billboard’s Top Country Albums after remaining on the charts for 114 weeks, thus breaking numerous records.

It It also hit first place in Billboard’s Hot Country charts for 2019, which led to Morgan Wallen touring with Florida Georgia Line yet again. The tour was called Can’t Say I Ain’t Country.

The next single off the album was called “Chasin’ You” and it also did phenomenally well, ultimately reaching the fifth spot on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales in Country. He then helped co-write “The Fall”, a song for Dallas Smith.

Morgan Wallen’s second album was a huge double release called Dangerous: The Double Album, which dropped in January 2021. Its singles included “More Than My Hometown” and “7 Summers”. This song was the most streamed country song in its first day in Apple Music history at the time. It also hit 6th place in Billboard’s Hot 100.

Dangerous: The Double Album was an instant huge hit, breaking records that hadn’t been seen since Garth Brooks in 1992. Billboard even put him on the cover of their magazine, under the headline, “Is Morgan Wallen Country’s Next Global Star?”

Dangerous: The Double Album was also the only and only album in the country genre to ever spend the first 7 weeks since its release in the top spot of Billboard 200 in the entire sixty four year long history of the chart.

And it lasted another three weeks there after that, to make ten weeks. No album overall had accomplished that rare feat since 1987, with Whitney Houston’s eponymous album, Whitney.

He then broke another record, becoming the first singer to ever have 6 songs simultaneously in the Hot Country Songs’ top 10. Meanwhile, a stunning twenty three of the album’s songs hit Billboard’s Canadian Hot 100 and nineteen in the United States’ Hot 100.

When asked about Dangerous: The Double Album, Morgan Wallen told Billboard Magazine, “The ‘double album’ idea started off as just a joke between me and my manager because we had accumulated so many songs over the past couple of years.

“Then quarantine hit, and we realized it might actually be possible to have enough time to make it happen. I also ended up writing quite a few more songs during the quarantine with some of my good buddies.

“I also wanted the songs to speak to multiple phases of life and have multiple different sounds based on my influences and based on what I enjoy.”

The songs on Dangerous, disc one, are: Sand In My Boots, Wasted On You, Somebody’s Problem, More Surprised Than Me, 865, Warning, Neon Eyes, Outlaws, Whiskey’d My Way, Wonderin’ ’bout the Wind, Your Bartender, Only Thing That’s Gone, Cover Me Up, 7 Summers, and More Than My Hometown.

The songs on Dangerous, disc two, are: Still Goin’ Down, Rednecks Red Letters Red Dirt, Dangerous, Beer Don’t, Blame It On Me, Somethin’ Country, This Bar, Country A$$ Sh*t, Whatcha Think of Country Now, Me on Whiskey, Need a Boat, Silverado for Sale, Heartless, Livin’ the Dream, and Quittin’ Time.

Meanwhile, the Target edition featured two bonus tracks, which were: This Side of a Dust Cloud, and Bandaid on a Bullet Hole.


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Despite its huge financial success, Dangerous: The Double Album did not get the best of reviews from industry music critics. In The Washington Post, critic Chris Richards complained that Dangerous “feels about 19 song too long”.

Similarly, The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Dan DeLuca said that it “gets tiresome fast…[being] overstuffed with radio ready cliché”.

In, Trigger wrote, “Morgan Wallen is a Bro-Country/Metro-Bro hybrid with some very bad radio singles, some even worse album cuts, who right about the time you’re ready to cut ties with, completely reels you right back in at the last minute by covering Jason Isbell.

“It’s pretty insidious, and smart. It’s also been very effective. After all, women love the bad boy they all think they can reform. That is the appeal of Morgan Wallen in a nutshell.”

Morgan Wallen is no stranger to controversy. In May 2020, he was arrested for being publicly intoxicated, drunken and disorderly in Nashville, not far from the bar owned by Kid Rock, Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse. He later posted an apology via his social media for his inappropriate behavior.

Morgan Wallen continued to anger people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for continually refusing to comply with public safety regulations. Videos appeared on TikTok of him partying without a mask covering his face at an Alabama bar, shortly after the end of a big football game.

In response, the legendary TV show, Saturday Night Live, on which he was meant to guest the next week, cancelled his appearance.

A few months later, however, likely due to knowing how popular he was, Saturday Night Live did invite Morgan Wallen back, and even featured him in a sketch that made light of what had occurred, as the show is known to do, given the nature of its satirical topical humor.

The arguably most controversial moment in Morgan Wallen’s life, however, was when TMZ leaked a video of him using the highly offensive n word. He later put out a public apology for using this slur against Black people, however numerous radio stations, including SiriusXM and iHeartRadio, dropped his music temporarily as a result.

Meanwhile, various streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music also temporarily removed Morgan Wallen, although Spotify (no stranger itself to controversy) only did so for a single week. The Country Music Association and Country Music Television also cancelled him from various events, and his label, Big Loud, dropped him.

Furthermore, The Academy of Country Music declared Morgan Wallen’s latest album at the time ineligible to compete at the Country Music Awards. Meanwhile, while he was technically nominated at the American Music Awards in two categories, he was not allowed to attend, and he won neither.

One of Morgan Wallen’s big hits was his cover of the song, “Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell. In response to Morgan Wallen’s behavior, Jason Isbell donated all of the royalties he received from this cover to the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Due to all of the attention brought upon the album by the controversy, however, his album sales actually did so well that it ended up selling better than any other album in 2021. In response, Morgan Wallen donated three hundred thousand dollars from those earnings to the BMAC, the Black Music Action Coalition.

Morgan Wallen shortly afterwards appeared on the ABC morning television show, Good Morning America, where said he and his friends “say dumb stuff together” and “he was wrong”.

Morgan Wallen: Early Life

Morgan Wallen was born as Morgan Cole Wallen in Sneedville, Tennessee, United States of America, on the thirteenth of May in 1993. His parents were Lesli Wallen and Tommy Wallen. He has two sisters with whom he grew up. Their names are Mikaela Wallen and Ashlyne Wallen.

Years later, his parents adopted another younger sister, who is called Lacey Wallen.

Throughout his childhood, Morgan Wallen was as interested in sports as in music. While he took lessons learning various instruments such as piano and violin, he also wanted to be a baseball player. In fact, doing so in college was his goal, however an elbow injury led to him instead going the music route for his career.

Though he was not born into the country music industry like Roy Orbison Jr., Morgan Wallen has made a success of his time there.

Morgan Wallen’s Personal Life and Family

Morgan Wallen keeps his personal life quite private, so we don’t know whether he currently has a partner. In the past, however, he dated a woman named Katie Smith who he used to be engaged to but they have broken up since then. They have a son together whose name is Indigo Indie Wilder, born in July 2020.

After his breakup, he spoke to Music Mayhem Magazine about his new life as a single dad, saying it’s “definitely now how I imagined parenthood. I wanted to have a family like my parents. My parents are still together, you know. They raised me and my sisters together. That was my idea for what my life would look like.

“Obviously, that’s not the way it turned out. And I struggled with that a little bit when I first found out…[I] didn’t know what being a dad would feel like…[and was] honestly a little scared…[but now it’s] the coolest damn feeling, and I’m ready for whatever God has planned for me and my little guy.”

Morgan Wallen’s Social Media Influence


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Morgan Wallen appears to have an account on every major social media platform, including ones not usually visited by country music stars. It’s not surprising that he would maintain an active presence on Facebook, given the likely slightly older demographic of the country music fan base, and TikTok, given that platform’s ability to tease snippets of new songs for fans.


Morgan Wallen has an official public verified Facebook account. On this platform, he has 2.1 million followers. His biography on the platform reads “WALL-EN. Born and bred East Tennessee. Believer.”

On Facebook, Morgan Wallen tends to post updates about his career, including plugs for his latest and upcoming albums and singles, appearances, photos of himself performing, information about cancelled shows, clips of his music videos and himself performing at home, and photos of himself and his son.


Morgan Wallen has an official public verified Twitter account. His account handle there is @MorganWallen. As Twitter is not case sensitive, it can also be accessed by entering the name in lowercase letters. On this platform, he has 564.1 thousand followers and is himself following 1411 people in return.

His biography on this account adds to his Facebook bio by saying “Southern boy by God’s grace. Love Jesus, music, and my fam. RIP Grandad RIP T Cliff.” On this platform, Morgan Wallen tends to post links to his albums, concerts, and events, retweets of his fans engaging with him, and messages about spirituality and religion.


Morgan Wallen has an official public verified Instagram account. His account handle on Instagram is @morganwallen. On this platform, he has 3.3 million followers and is himself following 804 accounts.

He mainly uses Instagram to post photos of himself with friends and family. He also posts production shots, album covers, footage of his music videos and him performing at concerts, personal photos of him living his life and spending time with his son. Also plugs for upcoming events and appearances, and more.

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Morgan Wallen technically has a public LinkedIn account on which he has 30 followers, but has posted no other information besides a photo of himself and that he is a “Musician at MM it”.

Like many performers, Morgan Wallen doesn’t seem to make a lot of use of his LinkedIn account. Should that change in the future, we’ll be sure to update the page with that information to keep readers informed about all of the latest on Morgan Wallen’s life and career.


Morgan Wallen has an official public verified TikTok account. On this platform, he has 2.6 million followers, 9.9 million likes, and is himself following no one. Morgan Wallen’s TikTok videos tend to be of himself playing music on his guitar at his home.

Morgan Wallen: Height, Weight

While Morgan Wallen’s height isn’t in the public record, he is quite tall and has been estimated to stand at 6 feet, which, in centimeters, comes to 183. His weight is not publicly known either, but it is estimated to be 150 pounds, or 68 kilos. Morgan Wallen has light brown hair. Morgan Wallen has blue eyes.`

Morgan Wallen Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameMorgan Wallen
Real NameMorgan Cole Wallen
Place of BirthSneed I’ll, Tennessee, USA
OccupationCountry Music Singer
Net Worth Estimate$4 Million