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Alice Eve Net Worth – How Much Does She Make?

Alice Eve net worth is pegged at $6 million, though her career started sometime in 2004. As an incredibly talented and beautiful British actress, it’s no doubt she is destined to become a star.

While Alice is a glamor of modern television, there is more to her story than meets the eyes. Who is Alice Eve? How was she able to rise to success? Why is there so little known about her personal life? In this article, we will address these questions and more. Read on to find out more about this international star.

Who is Alice Eve Sophia?


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Alice Eve Sophia is a famous English actress often seen in diverse film genres like sci-fi, comedy, romantic, etc. Alice Eve is more than just a pretty face. She is a graduate of St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University, where she studied English and is arguably the sharpest student.

While Alice was still in Oxford, she kick-started her career in the film industry. She made her debut in 2004, where she played a role as Martha Guthrie in the movie Hawking.

After this, it was more like a smooth road for her. She has starred in several other films and series throughout her career. Out of the films and series Alice has starred in, she is mostly known for her role in the 2010 “Sex and the City 2” and the 2013 Sci-Fi film “Star Trek: Into the Darkness.”

Alice has also played a lead role in the 2010 comedy flick “She’s Out of My League” as Molly McCleish and her birth parents played her character’s parents. She has also had recurring roles in the TV series “Iron Fist,” and the HBO hit “Entourage.”

Alice has also appeared in a couple of music videos, such as “The Hotel Ceiling by Rixton.” All in all, her TV credit includes a few miniseries, TV movies, and a recurring role in some season movies. Apart from Alice’s roles in some films and TV shows, she is a prominent figure in the theater circuit.

So, it is no surprise she can score a net worth of approximately $6 million. And in the near future, Alice’s net worth is bound to grow substantially.

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Alice Eve Sophia Net Worth Estimate


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Alice Eve Sophia’s net worth is in the seven-figure range, hitting an estimated $6 million mark. While she may not be the richest actress in Hollywood, looking at where she is coming from makes her achievement quite expected.

Many people like to believe Alice’s success in the film industry is because her father is an English film and television actor while her mother is a British actress. But the truth is that Alice Eve is a very talented professional actress, so her fortune is a fruit of her talent.

What’s even more interesting about her net worth is that she has not been in the movie industry for up to two decades. Alice has made a name for herself compared to several actresses and actors who have been in the industry longer than her and are still struggling to get a 401k.

Alice Eve’s net worth stems from contracts with a movie production studio, earn-outs, endorsements, and much more. Her roles in some high-grossing films and TV shows also helped her bag a passive income.

For example, Alice landing the role in the famous movie “Crossing Over,” a sequel of “Sex and the City 2,” which grossed at $95,347,692 worldwide, earned her a lot of money.

Her role in the HBO movie “Men in Black,” which grossed at $179 million worldwide, also contributes to her massive net worth score. The movie “Star Trek: Into Darkness” earned her a huge income as it grossed at a whopping $228,778,661.

Apart from what she is getting from the acting industry, in 2019, she put up her 1940s style bungalow in Los Angeles for sale. The bungalow was listed for sale at a whopping $1.45 million. Owning such a luxurious home puts things in perspective for her net worth.

All these achievements and appearances make it not so hard to speculate how much Alice’s talent has earned her. More so, between 2019 and 2022, Alice saw significant growth in her wealth.

Alice Eve’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Alice Eve Sophia was born in London, the United Kingdom, on the 6th of February 1982. Alice is the firstborn and only daughter of her parents, who have two other sons. As a small family of five, they have moved around America and the United Kingdom.

Her family moved to Los Angeles, California, where her father cracked the American market. However, their stay in Los Angeles was short as they returned to the United Kingdom before Alice turned 13. Growing up for Alice was not that bad; even though her parents were not the richest, they had enough to cater to her needs.

Alice Eve attended More House School in Knightsbridge for a year when her mother appeared in a play in her early life. She later moved to Bedales School in Hampshire, where she completed her Senior program.

At Bedales, she first started acting on “Twelfth Night” and “Les Misérables.” Later on, she attended a London-based school, Westminster School, where she had her A-Level examination. Her journey didn’t end there as she also furthered her education. But before furthering her education, she had an academic break.

During this period, she attended an acting school, Beverly Hills Playhouse. As a British girl in California, she was often misunderstood because of her accent. But before she completed her course at the Playhouse, she quickly picked up on the American accent, which later came in very handy in her acting career.

After graduating from Beverly Hills Playhouse, she continued her formal education. Alice studied English at St. Catherine’s College of Oxford University. Acting to Alice is more than just a hobby, as her passion for acting became more evident during her degree program at Harvard.

During her days at Harvard, she was notably recognized for her project in the student production of “The Big Importance of Being Earnest,” “Scenes of an Execution,” and “Animal Crackers.” Animal Cracker, in particular, was a major hit as it toured to the “Edinburgh Festival Fringe,” one of the largest art festivals.

Alice Eve’s Personal Life and Family


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Alice Eve is the firstborn and only daughter of the English actor couple Sharon Maughan and Trevor Eve, of Irish and Welsh ancestry. Everyone in Alice’s family seems to be popular for one thing or another.

In 1979 when Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan met, they were famous actors playing a part in the West End production of “Filumena.” Shortly after, they got married and gave birth to three children: Alice (1982), Jack (1985), and George (1994).

Jack, Alice’s immediate younger brother, is a filmmaker known for the movies “Bee Make Honey (2017)” and “Death of Valley (2014).” George, Alice’s youngest brother, is popular as the frontman for the band “Two Bottle Jump.”

While everything so far summarizes Alice’s relations, she used to have a family of her own as she was married to her high school sweetheart Alex Cowper-Smith. Alex Cowper-Smith is a financier from the United Kingdom.

Alice and Alex got engaged in August 2014 and finally tied the knots in December 2014. Sadly, their marriage succumbed to Alice’s flourishing career, and the pair got divorced in 2017, the same year Alice became a citizen of America by neutralization. While Alice was married to Alex, the pair didn’t have any children, and to date, Alice has no child of her own, but she is known to be a lover of kids.

Before getting married to Alex, Alice has been in a couple of relationships. From 2004 to 2006, Alice dated her co-star Rafe Spall. After the relationship ended with Rafe, Alice dated her fellow Rock ‘n’ Roll actor Rufus Sewell, but the pair broke up in 2008.

While she was in the university in Oxford, she was also known to be in a relationship with the poet Adam O’Riordan. But when Alice became too busy with her career, the two parted ways in 2012.

Alice Eve’s Career

Alice Eve’s acting career started in 2004 when she made her first debut in the TV movie “Hawking,” directed by Philip Martin and produced by Jessica Pope. Hawking was a TV drama about Stephen Hawking’s early years as a Ph.D. student at Cambridge.

Alice played the role of Martha Guthrie in Hawking, which tends to pave the way for other acting offers. Still, in 2004, Alice also appeared on the BBC’s “The Rotter’s Club” and Agatha Christie Poirot.” She also starred in the drama film “Stage Beauty (2004).”

After her debut, her career started on a good note, enabling her to take up major roles in two comedy films, “Big Nothing (2006)” and “Starter for 10 (2006).” In the dark comedy flick “Big Nothing,” Alice played the role of Josie McBrown, a teenage pageant queen.

Alice and her co-star Simon Pegg had to put on an American accent in both comedy films. During this movie production, her days in California, where she picked up the American accent, became fruitful. In 2006, she spent most of it in India, where she worked on the drama miniseries “Losing Gemma,” a drama about backpackers. In this British TV drama, Alice played the role of Esther.

Alice Eve has also appeared on a live stage during the early stages of her career in 2006. She appeared at the Royal Court Theater, where she played the role of a young Esme in “Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Later in 2007, she reprised her role for the Broadway transfer.

After this performance in this Broadway revival at the “ Theatergoers’ Choice Awards,” she earned a nomination for the best supporting actress. Moving further in her career, in 2009, Alice at the Chichester Festival Theater played the role of Roxanne during the production of the Cyrano de Bergerac.

In 2010, Alice featured in an American romantic comedy film, “She’s Out of My League,” directed by Jim Field Smith. In this film, her birth parents are featured as her character parents. Alice worked with other stars such as Jay Baruchel, Mike Vogel, T.J. Miller, etc.

The opening weekend of the official release of the movie She’s Out of My League sold for more than $9 million and has recorded up to $48 million worldwide and counting. Still, in 2010, Alice also played a role in the popular movie “Sex in the City 2,” directed by Michael Patrick King.

Sequel to the 2008 film “Sex in the City,” where she took up the role of an Irish nanny, Erin. For this movie, Alice worked closely with other big names such as Sarah Jackson Parker, Kristen Davis, Kim Cattrall, etc.

By 2011 Alice Eve had already made a name for herself that she was now featuring recurring roles in several hit popular movies. In particular, she appeared in season 8 of the HBO series “Entourage,” where she acted the guest role as Sophia.

Sophia’s character in Entourage was a journalist and a love interest to Vincent Chase. Towards the end of 2011, she starred in a British romantic comedy movie “The Decoy Bride.” In the movie, she is portrayed as Lara Tyler, a soon-to-be bride hounded by the press as she prepares for her wedding.

Alice Eve is also known for her role in the 2013 sci-fi action movie “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” In the movie, she played the role of Dr. Carol Marcus, who was the daughter of Admiral Alexander Marcus. Starring along with her in this movie are John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Benedict Cumberbatch, etc. According to the Box office, the sales from this movie raised a whopping $467.4 million.

In 2012, Alice played a role in the sci-fi action movie “Men in Black 3” directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. She played the role as the younger 1969 version of Agent O, the older version of Agent O was played by Emma Thompson. The movie stars are Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, etc. Men in Black 3 is another massive hit that featured Alice Eve, grossed at about $624 million worldwide.

From 2013 to 2015, Alice made appearances in a show and mainly music videos such as 2013 Paul McCartney’s music video “Queenie Eyes” and 2015 Rixton’s music video “Hotel Ceiling.” In 2013, she co-starred with Chris Evan in the romantic drama “Before We Go,” who also directed it.

Alice was also in the 2014 Hollywood movie “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.” And in 2016, she appeared in the action-thriller Criminals. In 2017, Alice Eve joined Netflix’s series “Iron Fist” and played the role of “Typhoid Mary” Walker.

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Alice Eve’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

Alice Eve is a British-American actress of much relevance in the industry. It doesn’t come as a shock Alice Eve is in the acting industry as there was plenty of motivation and inspiration to stare her in that direction. She comes from an acting family where her father, mother, and younger brother act.

So, Alice is merely following in the steps of her parents, and so far, so good she’s doing just as well, if not surpassing her parents’ success. Alice Eve’s net worth is bound to grow even more due to her love and dedication to the industry.

NameAlice Eve
Real NameAlice Sophia Eve
Date of Birth6th of February, 1982
Place of BirthLondon, United Kingdom
Parent Trevor Eve (father) and Sharon Maughan (mother)
SiblingJack and George
Notable AlumniSt. Catherine’s College, Oxford
Net Worth Estimate$6 million


  • What color are Alice Eve’s eyes?

Alice Eve’s eyes are heterochromia in nature. People with heterochromia have different colors of irises. As for the case of Alice, her right eye is green while her left eye is blue. Her eyes are one of the fascinating features which she often flaunts.

  • What are Alice Eve’s body measurements?

Alice Eve stands at 5 feet and 5 ¼ inches tall. She weighs about 56kg as she is active. Alice Eve does yoga to maintain her perfect hourglass figure. Her bust-waist-hip ratio is 36-25-35 inches. She wears a size 8 US size dress and shoe which flaunts her hot body figure.

  • Is Alice married?

Currently, Alice Eve is not married. However, she used to be married to her high school sweetheart Alex Cowper-Smith. But sadly, their marriage only lasted about three years before they got a divorce. Alice Eve said her divorce taught her a lot as she has learned to own up to her decisions in her life.

  • Where does she live?

Alice Eve lives in Los Angeles and London. But due to security reasons, she did not disclose her actual location. However, she used to own 1230 square feet 1940s bungalow in Los Angeles, Calif. Although she put it up for sale at $1.45 million, she’s most likely not living in that residence anymore.

  • How many followers does she have on Instagram?

Alice Eve’s official Instagram page has up to 304,000 followers. On her Instagram page, you can see her flaunting her eye color, her hourglass body figure on the red carpet, a glimpse of behind the scenes, and so much more.