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Luke Combs’ Net Worth – How Rich Is The Singer?

Luke Combs’ net worth is currently $5 million and he attributes his significant success to his music. Luke Combs is a world-renowned country music singer and songwriter with some number one hits to his name. Combs was born Luke Albert Combs and he was born and raised in North Carolina. Nowadays he sings and writes country music hits and accompanies himself on the guitar.

Singer Luke Combs performs at the 2018 CMA Fest

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This article will take a closer look at Luke Combs’ net worth estimate, his personal life and family, and more. It will delve deeper into the songs that made the singer famous and his life as an American country music star.

Who is Luke Combs?

Luke Combs attends the BMI Country Awards 2018 at BMI Nashville

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Luke Combs started making music from a very young age. He even performed at Carnegie Hall as a child. Back then, he was only a vocalist whereas nowadays he plays the guitar as well.

An accomplished musician, he has won numerous awards including two Grammy nominations. He has succeeded in winning four Academy of Country Music Awards and two iHeart Radio music awards. He has also won six Country Music Association awards as well as the 2021 Entertainer of the Year award which is the Country Music Association’s highest accolade.

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Combs can now be seen as a country music superstar with the number of hit songs and awards he has. The New York Times went so far as to call Combs “the most promising and influential new country star of the last five years.” He is a multi-platinum artist that is only now in the middle of what is set to be an immensely successful career.

Combs has also had several songs in the number one spot on the Billboard Country Airplay and Mediabase/Country Aircheck charts. He has also broken the record for most number-one singles to come from a single album – a truly impressive feat. He has also performed at the Daytona 500 and will be doing so again soon.

Luke Combs’ Net Worth Estimate

Luke Combs’ net worth estimate currently stands at $5 million. This significant sum can be attributed to his immensely successful music career, hit singles, and popular albums. The country music star also goes on tour fairly often which contributes to his impressive net worth.

Luke Combs’ Early Life

Luke Combs may today be a successful country music star, but that wasn’t always the case. As a young child, Combs’ parents weren’t that well off, but they wanted the very best for their son. Although his parents tried to provide a proper education for him, he later decided to drop out of university. He always hoped to still make his parents proud, and later on, he achieved just that.

Luke Combs was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was the state he also grew up in as his family moved to Asheville, North Carolina when he was eight years old. Combs is an only child and has always been interested in music. From a very young age, he started displaying an active interest in music, particularly singing, and performed as a vocalist throughout his childhood.

Combs was an active football player and in high school, he started joining vocal groups and performing with them. It was during this time that Combs truly started exploring his passion for music. Alongside one of the vocal groups he had joined, he performed a solo at Carnegie Hall.

Dropping Out of University to Pursue Music

Unfortunately, success never happens overnight, and Combs had to join the daily grind before making it as a musician. He attended Appalachian State University and worked as a bouncer at a bar. It was at this bar that Combs later started trading time as a bouncer for time on stage.

The first time that Combs performed a country music show was at the Parthenon Café. It was at this bar and grill that Combs made his debut in Boone, North Carolina. The fact that he made his debut in country music in his home state is truly something special. When he had less than a month left of his senior year at the Appalachian State University, Combs dropped out.

Dropping out of university was probably the best decision he ever made when you look at Luke Combs’ net worth today. During his bouncer days at the university, he found a stage, and never looked back. Once he dropped out, he later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and pursued a career in country music full-time.

Luke Combs’ Personal Life and Family

Born to parents of white ethnicity, Luke Combs has both Scottish and German roots. As mentioned previously, Luke Combs had a humble start in life. Although never having lived in poverty, his parents weren’t very wealthy, but still tried to give their son everything they could afford. His father, Chester Combs, was a maintenance officer for his entire life and his mother, Rhonda Combs, was a housekeeper.

Although his parents weren’t very wealthy, they managed to keep the bills paid and a roof over the family. His parents did see the talent budding in the boy growing up in a musical city and provided him the tools to become a young vocalist. They also encouraged him to join several youth music groups.

Combs’ parents were insistent that Combs get a good education. He started his primary education in Asheville and later on, he moved to A.C. Reynolds High School, also in Asheville. In high school, Combs really started embracing music. He started joining music groups in school and even performed on stage. He was a clever boy and managed to easily balance music and education.

After school, Combs enrolled at the Appalachian State University upon his parents’ request. He elected to study Criminal Justice, but it was here that his interest in formal education started to wane. He focused less on his studies and more on the guitar. And before he could finish his degree, Combs dropped out to pursue music as a career.

Luke Combs’ Mental Health

Although Luke Combs does not suffer from a mental disorder, he has opened up about struggling with some mental health issues. As any star would want, he is using his own experience to open up a narrative and raise awareness about mental health and especially among the youth.

Combs has mentioned that he used to struggle with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder in his adolescent years. He has since learned to control these issues much better than when he was of college-age. However, he has said that he still struggles with obsessive thoughts occasionally.

He’s using his fame to showcase that mental health issues can be overcome with the right tools and support systems.

Luke Combs’ Relationship

 Michelle Hockings, Luke Combs at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards

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Luke Combs is currently in a relationship, married to his wife Nicole Hocking. Combs started dating Hocking in 2016 shortly after kicking off his career in Nashville. He met her in Nashville, Tennessee, and Hocking is known to be incredibly supportive of his career. In 2018, Combs proposed to Hocking and they got married on August 1st, 2020.

Early in 2022, Luke Combs and his wife, Nicole Hocking, announced that they are expecting their first child. The announcement included the news that their firstborn would be a boy and his expected due date is in the spring of 2022.

Luke Combs’ Height and Weight

Luke Combs was born on 2 March 1990, which means he is currently 32 years old. Luke Combs is a tall and bulky fellow with a stature suited to a country boy. He is 5’8’’ (173 cm) and weighs 216 lbs (98 kg). A beefy guy, Luke Combs has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Luke Combs’ Career

NASHVILLE, TN - June 9 Singer Luke Combs performs at the 2018 CMA Fest

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As mentioned previously, Luke Combs kicked off his career by dropping out of university to pursue music. He performed I don’t want this night to end by Luke Bryan to an appreciative audience of his peers. During his studies, he would perform several more times and started getting a better understanding of his talent. He honed his craft and later moved to Nashville.

Luke Combs’ music is pure country bliss. It has a soulful feel and is incredibly rhythmic and the lyrics are filled with emotion. The songs are relatable and the beats are catchy and that is why his songs become and remain so popular.

The Start of Luke Combs’ Career

It was in Nashville that Combs’ career really took off. His first EP was released in 2014 and titled The Way She Rides. He released a second EP, Can I Get An Outlaw, later that year as well, but his turning point only came in 2016.

In 2016, Luke Combs released his first single, Hurricane. This hit single would go on to sell 15 000 copies in its very first week and debuted at number 46 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. This year was a major one for Combs as he was named one of the “Artists to Watch” by Sounds Like Nashville.

Almost overnight, Combs became somewhat of a legend in 2016 and only continued that success in 2017. In that year he signed with Sony Music Nashville and the debut single, Hurricane, was re-released on Columbia Nashville. It reached the number one spot on the airplay chart of country music radio in May of 2017 and remained in that spot for the next two weeks.

A little later on in 2017, in June to be precise, Combs released his first major-label debut album. This album was titled This One’s for You and it was released on Columbia Nashville and River House Artists. Immediately that album claimed the number one spot on Billboard’s Top Country Albums. It also reached the number five spot on the US Billboard 200 in its very first week.

On June 19th in 2017 the debut album’s second single, When it Rains it Pours, was released on country radio. It climbed to the number one spot on the Country Airplay Chart by October of that same year.

Superstardom Calls for Luke Combs

A country music star had been born in Luke Combs by this time and he was bound for superstardom.

In mid-2018 he released a deluxe version, This One’s for You Too, including five bonus tracks. Two of the bonus tracks, She Got The Best of Me and Beautiful Crazy, claimed the number one spots as singles. Beautiful Crazy went on to claim number one on Country Airplay early in 2019. The song also reached number one on three more country charts.

This meant that by February of 2019 Luke Combs had received five number one spots on the Billboard Country Chart with his first five singles. This is such an impressive feat that it instantly made Luke Combs a household name in American homes across the United States. He would soon become a well-known name in country music all over the world.

In 2019 Luke Combs was also invited to become the most recent member of the Grand Ole Opry. This is a weekly American country music stage show that is hosted in Nashville, Tennessee. It started as a one-hour radio barn dance but is now the longest-running radio broadcast in US history. It also now features a contemporary mix of singers in various styles as well as comedic performances.

Record-Breaking Performances by Luke Combs Continues

Nicole Hocking, Luke Combs at the 54th Academy of Country Music Awards

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In late 2019 Combs received another stellar accolade. His hit song This One’s for You remained in the number one spot on Top Country Albums for its 44th week. This set a record for Combs as it was the longest a song by a male artist had remained at the top of that chart.

In November of 2019, Luke Combs released his second album, by now a household name across the world. The album was titled What You See Is What You Get and it included singles Even Though I’m Leaving, Beer Never Broke My Heart, and Does to Me. All of the aforementioned singles claimed the number one spot on the US Country chart as well as the duet Lovin’ on You with Eric Church.

Combs released a single in May of 2020 called Six Feet Apart. This single quickly became wildly popular as it was incredibly relevant to the current times. In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the single highlighted the challenges faced by people trying to navigate a new normal.

In June of 2020, Combs announced his new album which included the single Lovin’ on You. Ahead of the album though, Combs released an EP called The Prequel.

The promised album included the promised single and was a deluxe version of What You See is What You Get titled What You See Ain’t Always What You Get. This album included five new and never-seen-before songs and was released in October of 2020.

In light of modern times, the song on the album titled Forever After All set streaming records for country music on both Spotify and Apple Music.


Luke Combs Tours

Luke Combs’ net worth can be attributed to the immense success of his number one singles over the past few years. It is worth noting that the songs he writes and produces quickly become popular and remain that way. Combs has a unique talent for writing timeless country music that evokes feeling in the listener. This means that his songs remain popular and stay number one for weeks on end.

As any successful singer should, Luke Combs travels across the US to showcase his music. As a true-blue American country music star, Combs enjoys going on tours and has done a few tours in the past.

In 2017 and 2018 he embarked on his first-ever tour, the Don’t Tempt Me With a Good Time tour, as a headliner. In the same year, he acted as a supporting artist for Brantley Gilbert on The Devil Don’t Sleep tour as well as for Jason Aldean on the High Noon Neon Tour.

As a headliner, Combs went on tour with the Beer Never Broke My Heart tour in 2019 and the What You See is What You Get tour in 2020 -2021. However, he continues to collaborate with other country music artists. This included going on tour as a supporting artist in 2020 for headliner Tim McGraw’s Here on Earth tour.

Luke Combs also prides himself on showing up for his fans at festivals and concerts. These include the likes of the Tortuga Musical Festival, Stagecoach, the New Orleans Jazz Fest, and the RBC Blues Fest.


Luke Combs’ Net Worth Estimate and Bio Summary

Luke Combs is one of the biggest names in American country music today. He has had incredible success with viral hits and popular songs. He has broken several records as a male country music star with songs in the number one spots on the charts. He has also been a part of some highly successful and popular collaborations with fellow country music singers.

As a singer-songwriter, Luke Combs’ net worth estimate stands at an impressive $5 million. This substantial net worth can be attributed to the longevity of his songs’ success and the popularity of his music.

Growing up, Luke Combs was not part of a wealthy family but he always hoped to make his parents proud.

Born in North Carolina, he remained there for an education his parents worked hard to afford him. However, he wanted to show them that his talent for music would be the key to his success. Not one to disappoint, Combs quickly reached superstardom after dropping out of university to pursue music.


NameLuke Combs
Real NameLuke Albert Combs
Date of birth2 March 1990
Place of BirthCharlotte, North Carolina
Height5'8'' (178 cm)
Weight216 lbs (98 kg)
Net Worth Estimate$5 million