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Vanessa Carlton Net Worth | How Much Is She Worth Now?

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Wondering what Vanessa Carlton net worth is? Vanessa is one of the world’s most influential singers and songwriters, with a song that has stood against the test of time for the past 20 years. This article will look at Vanessa Carlton net worth, and a little bit about the history of this superstar.

Who is Vanessa Carlton?

Vanessa Lee Carlton is a famous American singer. She writes songs and plays piano as well, and is best known for her all-time top song, “A Thousand Miles”. This song really boosted Vanessa Carlton net worth, let’s find out which other songs made her career so successful.

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Vanessa Carlton’s Net Worth Estimate

Vanessa Carlton net worth is estimated to be about $15 million. She is renowned for “A Thousand Miles”, which was her first song released in 2001.

Vanessa Carlton’s Place Of Birth And Early Life

Vanessa Lee Carlton was born in Milford, Pennsylvania. She was the first child of Edmund Carlton and Heidi Lee. Her father was a pilot while her mother was a pianist and music teacher in a school.

She has two younger siblings. Her sister’s name is Gwen Edmund is her younger brother. Her father is Scandinavian while her mother is of Russian-Jewish descent.

She was raised in Milford, Pennsylvania, and began to develop an interest in music at an early age. When she was only two years old, played “It’s a Small World” on the piano upon return from her visit to Disneyland with her family. When she came back home, and her mother heard the music being played, that’s when Vanessa’s career in music began, as Vanessa’s mother started teaching her. Vanessa was introduced to classical music at a young age and took her lessons diligently.

When she was nine years old, she developed an interest in ballet. In the year 1994, at the age of fourteen, she joined the School of American Ballet. She lived in a dorm at Lincoln Center. Vanessa enrolled in the Professional Children’s School. When she was in the academy, she found her love of ballet was mixed with her love of music, and she would skip her ballet lessons to play on the piano upstairs. With dancing, she felt stuck, but with singing, she felt she could finally be free, and so she continued playing the piano and writing songs. She nurtured her blossoming songwriting skills in this way.

Upon graduating from college, she joined Hell’s Kitchen where she worked as a waitress for five nights a week. Besides that, she started performing at nightclubs on open mic nights in the community. In this way, Carlton honed her craft. She developed a stage presence and began to feel more comfortable, confident, and dynamic while performing on stage.

Later, she moved to New York City. Before dropping out, she attended Columbia University for one year. When she was at home, she usually stayed up until 4 a.m to record demos. She used a four-track machine to record demos. In 2001, Vanessa shared her demos with a company and was signed on to A&M Records.

Vanessa Carlton’s Height And Weight

Vanessa Lee Carlton is 5’4 (166 cm tall). Her weight is 121 pounds (55 kg).

Vanessa Carlton Net Worth | Career

Vanessa Carlton Net Worth - She attends the 73rd annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall -

New York, NY – June 9, 2019: Vanessa Carlton attends the 73rd annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall. Editorial credit: lev radin /

In 2001, Vanessa was signed on to A&M Records, however, she felt as if she was not making any progress. According to her interview with St. Louis Post Dispatch, at that time, she was kind of lost at her label. She also added that she highly needed someone at the label as her champion to take over.

Ron Fair, the A&M president, heard her songs and he produced her first album by the title “Be Not Nobody”. The hit singles from her album included two songs: “A Thousand Miles” and “Ordinary Day”. According to her interview with Dispatch, it was a very clean record that was also very simple in many ways. She told the Dispatch that the record was elegant, which she thinks was very rare in the case of debut albums.

In the year 2002, “Be Not Nobody” was certified platinum. Additionally, the song “A Thousand Miles” also received three Grammy nominations which helped increase Vanessa Carlton net worth career.

While recording the music video of “A Thousand Miles”, Vanessa rode on the back of a flatbed truck, passing through the streets of Los Angeles. She also carried a baby grand piano and an owl with her.

Regarding her album, Vanessa considers the title ‘Be Not Nobody’ as a double negative. According to her interview, this phrase came to her in a dream. So, she wanted to use this phrase. She added that things make more sense, often when they are not correct.

The audience has compared Vanessa and her singing to various singers and songwriters such as Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, and Britney Spears. She was a good friend of Avril Lavigne.

However, it wasn’t always a smooth ride for Vanessa. According to her interview with Newark Star-Ledger, on the basis of music, all of them were more different than they were alike. She commented that all of them, including her, share the same range such as late teens or early twenties and all represent brand new music. It was quite natural to compare them with each other. For her own music, she further added that she considered herself on her own path towards what she wanted to achieve personally.

She began her first official tour in 2002, during the summer. The tour included Third Eye Blind and the Goo Goo Dolls opening ceremony. Later in the fall, she hosted her own tour. The next year, in 2003, during fall, she joined a semester at Columbia University. She hoped that she would attend more semesters whenever she could. Another year later, in 2004, during fall she released an album Heroes and Thieves and Harmonium. Her boyfriend, Stephan Jenkins, produced it. On the Billboard Hot 200, Harmonium debuted at number 33 in the beginning. However, it started dropping, which was a kind of a disappointment for her.

In 2011, she produced her fourth album ‘Rabbits on the Run’. She produced this album on her own, before attaining a record label to release it. In November 2012, she released a Christmas extended play record named Hear the Bells. On 23rd October 2015, Vanessa released her fifth studio album titled ‘Liiberman’. She had worked really hard on these albums and they have helped Vanessa Carlton net worth increase by quite a bit in her career.

Vanessa had always been lucky for the training and support provided by her family. It helped her to excel in her career. Her father always convinced her to join and sing in open-mic performances even when she was quite shy.

In her interview with Washington Times, Vanessa appreciated her mother. According to Vanessa, her mother had always been the hand on her back, saying everything was okay and that she was doing a good job. Vanessa’s mother was always rooting for her. At the same time, she gave her freedom and let her make her own mistakes.

Vanessa Carlton Net Worh | Personal Life and Family

Vanessa Carlton dated Stephan Jenkins, the Third Eye Blind lead singer, however, they had a falling out.

In December 2013, Vanessa married John McCauley, who at the time was playing with Deer Tick band. On the 13th of January, 2015, they had their first baby girl who was named Sidney.

On the 16th of October, 2013, Vanessa had an ectopic pregnancy. Her fallopian tube ruptured. She had massive internal bleeding. She underwent surgery. Her entire right fallopian tube was removed during the surgery.

What Are Some Facts About Vanessa?

Vanessa is often mistaken for Michelle Branch and vice versa. Fans of Vanessa typically admire Michelle Branch and vice versa.

Vanessa also loves running and Yoga.

At the 45th annual Grammy Awards, she got nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year awards. This award show was held on February 23, 2003. However, both awards were presented to her fellow newcomer Norah Jones. She also got three Grammy nominations in 2003. “Pretty Baby” is her third hit single and video which boosted Vanessa Carlton net worth career.

Who is Stevie Nicks?

Stevie Nicks helped her in getting out of a Tantrum Phase. She underwent a slightly dark period over Her Single ‘A Thousand Miles’. Vanessa, The three-time Grammy Award nominee, mentioned how her mentor Stevie Nicks helped her.

Just like any famous singer with a very popular single, Vanessa also started to worry about performing the song at some point in her life, even though she knew that her fans loved the song and they just wanted to hear it as much as they could. According to her, she went through a kind of tantrum phase. But, she overcame this phase with a little help from Stevie Nicks.

By talking with her mentor Stevie Nicks, whom she added that she is honored to call a very good friend of hers, she changed her way of thinking about the song. She considers it a service to perform on a stage where the audience needs you, and you are there to give service. Additionally, you are meant to make a show, to give yourself and people an experience they won’t forget
If somebody mentions the name Vanessa Carlton, you will immediately think of her popular single “A Thousand Miles”, even after twenty years, this son has been a big part of Vanessa Carlton net worth. Her debut album gave her three nominations at the Grammy Award. One among these was the Song of the Year award. The 2004 Wayan brothers’ comedy ‘White Chicks’ immortalized it in an iconic scene.

Who is Terry Crews to Vanessa?


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She was also a good friend of Terry Crews. He endearingly sang a song on the big screen. According to Vanessa, she remembered loving him. Vanessa mentioned that Terry had been her crush in her teenage years. She said that this news might circle because she never mentioned this thing because she never wanted to share the specific story.

Who is Carole King to Vanessa?


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In 2014, during Carole King Musical, Carlton appreciated Carole King in PEOPLE by saying that she’s privileged to tell Carole’s story. According to Carlton, Carole was not merely a great pianist and songwriter, she represented women’s position in the music industry. She was very courageous. Her sacrifices made the path of other female singers easy.

Carlton further added that she was honored to tell the story of another woman who was also balancing herself similar to her, being a mother, pianist, and songwriter. For the Carole King Musical show, she also recorded a beautiful mashup of her popular songs with King’s 1971 smash. The show opened in January 2014. I also included a book by Douglas McGrath. It won Tony and Grammy awards in the U.S. When its five-year anniversary came, it grossed about a 250million dollars and drew about 2.2 million people who bought tickets for this show.

What Happened Between Vanessa and Chris Brown on International Women’s Day?

On International Women’s Day, Chris Brown posted a clip from Carlton’s famous song “A Thousand Miles” and tagged her on Instagram. Before setting her Instagram to private, Vanessa gave offended remarks by saying that she is being tagged to Chris’s account again and again.
In her messages. she mentions she supports survivors but not the offenders and as that day was International Women’s Day, she felt forced to draw a line. She had to do so because she didn’t want herself to be linked to a kind of artist who hit women on women’s day.

This comment/post from Vanessa Carlton towards Chris Brown led to the assault of his girlfriend Rihanna publically which happened in 2009. Many other allegations of violence from other women were made against Chris Brown. He tagged Carlton again in a post and commented that her song was still as famous as it was before. He deleted the message later on. Only a final clip of Terry Crews singing “A Thousand Miles” is left on his Instagram account.

Why Does Everyone Still Love “A Thousand Miles”?

Everyone still loves this song because it is deeply relatable to most people. It also represents a real story on the backend. Vanessa, wrote this song for her crush while she was studying at Julliard.

Vanessa Carlton Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameVаnеѕѕа Carlton
Real NameVаnеѕѕа Lее Саrltоn
Place of BirthМіlfоrd, Реnnѕуlvаnіа, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
OccupationSinger and Songwriter
Net Worth Estimate$10 million
SpouseJohn McCauley
ChildЅіdnеу Аоіbhеаnn