Lil Tecca Net Worth in 2022 – How Much Does He Make?

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Lil Tecca’s net worth is a topic that often comes up when discussing the young musician and for good reason. The rapper exploded into the industry and instantly grabbed attention.

His wildly popular hit song “Ransom” sealed his success in the industry and left many wondering just how much the talented young musician was worth.

With millions of listens and views across multiple platforms including Youtube and Spotify, the young star has made a name for himself in the music industry. Here’s everything we know about him including Lil Tecca’s net worth in 2022.

Who is Lil Tecca?

Lil Tecca Net Worth

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At just nineteen years old, Lil Tecca is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Although he is extremely young, the talented teen outsold multiple rappers who have been in the industry for far longer. 

Despite his success, Lil Tecca revealed that he only raps on the weekends. With that in mind, fans can’t help but wonder how much more he will achieve once he finishes school and pours all his attention into his music. 

Before we can look at his future, we need to explore how his love for rap started and his impressive career started. Here is everything you need to know about Lil Tecca that helped him earn his current net worth. 

Lil Tecca’s Early Life


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Long before he became Lil Tecca, Tyler Sharpe was born in Queens, New York in 2002. However, many believed the star was Canadian as he first gained popularity and amassed a large fan base in Toronto, Canada.

The rapper actually grew up in a neighborhood called Springfield Gardens in Queens. His family then moved to Cedarhurst which is located in Long Island, New York. Sharpe later attended Lawrence High School.

The Origins Of Lil Tecca’s Stage Name

For those who are wondering how Tyler Sharp became Lil Tecca, the rapper revealed how he acquired his now popular stage name in an interview on YouTube with Cufboys.

He explained that his stage name was a result of him and an acquaintance on Instagram both using Tecca in their username. She decided to call him “Lil Tecca” to differentiate between them and the name stuck. He decided against dropping “lil” despite the controversy surrounding it.

Lil Tecca’s Personal Life And Family

Since he was born in New York, Lil Tecca may have experienced life a little differently from his Jamaican parents. However, regardless of the American culture that he was exposed to at school and with his friends, Lil Tecca’s home was a typical Jamaican household.

When asked about his parents in an interview with XXL, he said:

“My parents [are] the best parents in the world. I can’t ever put them at No. 2 or nothing. They’re very impactful in this. It’s very important to have people that you love supporting you.”

As he pointed out, his home life had a huge impact on the star from his favorite food being curry goat to the Jamaican music his parents often played influencing his songs. This is especially evident in some of his earlier releases like “My Time,” “Love Me,” and “Count Me Out.”

Lil Tecca’s Career Dreams

Long before focusing on music, young Lil Tecca dreamed to become a professional basketball player in the NBA and would spend most days at the Springfield Park basketball court in Queens.

The star would late admit that rapping became a part of his life while he was still focusing on basketball. However, with the new interest in rapping gaining momentum, the Lil Tecca found himself losing interest in basketball and realized he could not see himself getting up at 6 a.m. for practices anymore.

He began to see the sport as less of a career goal and more as a fun passion. With a waning interest in basketball, Lil Tecca began to spend more of his free time gaming on his Xbox.

Beginning Of Lil Tecca’s Career

Little did he know that his Xbox would play a huge role in him becoming a star.  What started as jokingly rapping during Call of Duty games with his friend on Xbox Live, would later turn into a lucrative career for the young star.

During one game, while exchanging disses with a friend, he decided to record part of the interaction. He used an app called Audacity on his sister’s laptop to record a one-minute diss track and posted it to SoundCloud.

In the diss track, Lil Tecca spoke about the shape of his friend’s head. The track proved semi-popular and many consider it the beginning of his rap career. With the track being well-received, Lil Tecca grew braver and made more diss tracks about other friends and later even his classmates.

However, his few minutes of fame came to a halt when the school’s guidance counselor heard about his escapade and made the young rapper delete the songs. However, although the guidance counselor caught him, his parents remained unaware of his online activities.


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His parents only found out about his music much later. His sister, whose laptop he’d been using, had known and assumed they were aware of his hobby and mentioned it in passing while he wasn’t there. Baffled they questioned her.

Although the star never intended to hide it, he explained that since he was discussing “inappropriate things” he knew didn’t want them to hear it as he knew they’d disapprove. He had intended to wait until he was in a position where it could be a lucrative career before mentioning it to them but his sister beat him to the punch and gave away his secret.

Despite his worries, the star’s parents took the news relatively well. In fact, his dad reportedly claimed his “music is fire.”

Although his mom was hesitant because of his swearing and quietly reprimanded him for it, she eventually told him: “This is what you love doing. I’ll let you do what you love doing and I’ll support you regardless.” The star revealed that  he even sometimes hears her humming “Ransom.”

One of his first songs to really gain popularity was a collaboration with his friend Lil Gummybear called “Tetric.” The song was released in 2017 and was produced by Chupi.

Lil Tecca’s Music And Influences

Following the true success of his first song, the young rapper became known for his Auto-Tuned flow that appeared to be influenced by Chief Keef. However, Chief Keef was not his only influence.

The star has often said that artists like Eminem, Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, and Coldplay had a massive impact on him as an artist. He also revealed that his favorite rappers of all time included Al Capone, Speaker Knockerz, Gunna, Waka Flocka Flame, Uzi, and Meek Mill.

He also speaks highly of the Chicago Drill generation of rappers that include greats like Lil Reese, Fredo Santana, SD, and of course, his most notable influence, Chief Keef.

In fact, Lil Tecca revealed that he considers Chief Keef’s 2012 video for “Don’t Like” his theme song. He went on to say he watched the video with his brother before it even reached 100,000 views.

At the time he was only in fifth grade. The song had such a strong impact on him that the rising star would later reveal that he wanted his first collaboration to be with Chief Keef and would only consider Drake if it did not work out with his first option.

Li Tecca also draws influence from rapper Speaker Knockerz and often channels his melodic style as well as the likes of Juice WRLD, A Boogie, and Lil Uzi Vert whom he believes redefined rap. Their influence can be seen in multiple songs including the freestyle of his hit song “Ran$om” which reminds listeners of Juice WRLD.

Aside from those he mentions as his main influencers, the young New York-raised rapper is also following in the footsteps of legendary rappers like Nas, Mobb Deep, 50 Cent who also grew up in Queens. As well as the rappers who grew up in Long Island like Rakim, Chuck D, and Method Man.

Lil Tecca’s Career Now

Although the rapper never imagined his music career that started in 2018 would thrive,  his single “Ransom” in 2019 from his mixtape “We Love You Tecca” grabbed enough attention to cement his status as a rapper.

In fact, the song helped Lil Tecca secure stardom when it managed to chart high on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Ransom” peaked at number 4 with more than 300 million plays on Spotify and over 100 million views on YouTube.

It’s no surprise that a song from an unknown artist at the time performing that well would earn respect from the industry. It was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award in 2019.

Amid the success, Lil Tecca went on to release more popular singles like “Did It Again”, “Shots”, and “Out of Luck.”

He then released his debut studio album called “Virgo World” a year after his mixtape solidified his position in the industry. With no time to slack and refusing to let his stardom fade, Lil Tecca released yet another album called “We Love You Tecca 2” in 2021.

With his debut mixtape peaking at number 4 on the US Billboard 200 and the huge success of “Ransom” paving the way, the rest of his albums all made it to the Billboard Top Ten charts.

In 2020, he was nominated for the Breakthrough Artist category at the Streamy Awards and the Best Push Act category at the MTV Europe Music Award.

Lil Tecca’s incredible talent and down-to-earth nature have earned him over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 4 million followers on Instagram.

Currently signed to Republic Records, the teenage star has a bright future ahead of him however, he does not think he is a typical rapper. Despite his massive fan base, he refuses to make music that aims to please the masses and is very picky about the collaborations he is willing to consider. 

Instead, Lil Tecca has made it abundantly clear that he will only make music he enjoys and feels like making with people he wants to be around. For him, fan service and showmanship come second to his music.

Future Plans

Although already making a memorable name for himself in the industry, Lil Tecca does not intend to go easy on himself. In one interview he revealed that should he not become a successful rapper within five years, he would shift his focus to becoming a heart surgeon instead.

The rapper seems to have had several fallback plans in case his current career does not work out. He has said in several interviews that he once considered becoming a producer if he was unable to be a rapper.

He went on to admit that he had dabbled in producing at eleven years old but found it too difficult and gave up.  However, a few years later, after already establishing his rap music career, he believes he is now more capable of learning more about producing and exploring it as a fallback career option.

It may just work in his favor as Lil Tecca is known for wanting to do things as quickly as possible and reportedly only allows himself two minutes to write the opening line of a song once he has the beat nailed down. In fact, his fastest recorded song took him only thirty minutes.

Lil Tecca As A Teenager


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Rising to fame at a young and being thrown into the uncertainty of the music industry means the young rapper became accustomed to not knowing what to expect next. 

He has explained that for him creating music is a “one-two type of thing.” Meaning that he can go days without doing anything music-related and then dive headfirst into the process and lose himself until he is done. 

While he may be the rapping protegé worth watching, Lil Tecca has somehow managed to maintain a humbleness that reminds fans he is just another teenager trying to navigate life. The star seems unphased by the attention he garners.

Fans are often left in awe of how genuine his performances and demeanor are regardless of who the audience is. Many note that he often looks like a nervous teenager who is trying his best to earn his dreams.

And that is exactly how Lil Tecca sees himself. Unfortunately, his busy career and incredible drive have severely impacted his social life. 

At sixteen years old, Lil Tecca found himself explaining to the media that his busy schedule made it difficult to make friends with other people his age. That combined with his sheer focus on success. means he struggled to find common ground with his peers as that is not something the average sixteen-year-old has.

In fact, despite his growing fan base, the star revealed to Complex that he was often singled out and called a “nerd” for being too focused on his career. The harsh words do not affect him however as he does not think of it as an insult.  

Though fans love how genuine and grounded he is, many find it hard to link his personality with his music as they seem to directly contrast each other since his music is often about girls, cars, drugs, or enemies.

Considering that the rapper once admitted he does not wear designer brands, drive a car, carry a gun, or have a girlfriend, it’s easy to see why his music might confuse his fans.

Despite the confusion, his fans love that he sticks to his minimalistic style without caving in to the pressure of the industry to indulge in extravagance like many other rappers

His ability to stick to his roots and remain humble eventhough he is making more than enough to fund the high life makes him even more endearing to fans.

The rapper is not interested in being a celebrity and rather only intends to be successful doing what he loves. He is happy to keep a small yet close circle of friends. So if you’re waiting to spot him with an entourage soon, it might never happen.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s clear to see that with or without fame, Lil Tecca is simply a wildly talented teenager who used the Internet to his advantage. Like many others his age, he is still experimenting and working on being as true to himself as he can be.

Lil Tecca’s Height and Weight

The average height for men in the US is 5 foot 9 inches and Lil Tecca is just under the average height for men in the US at 5 foot 8 inches (178 cm). The young star also weighs just one hundred and twenty-five pounds (57 Kg).

Lil Tecca’s Net Worth

Now that we know everything we need to about the young rapper’s career and lifestyle, we can dive into Lil Tecca’s net worth and finances.

As one of the highest-paid young rappers in New York, the star has gathered a large fanbase early on in his career. Thus it’s no surprise that he is bringing in a monthly income of more than fifty thousand dollars.

This includes profits from album sales, songs, and payments from his record labels. The rising star also makes a fortune via brand endorsements and from his YouTube channel that brings in millions of views.

In 2018, when his career began taking off, Lil Tecca’s net worth sat around $0.4 Million and has steadily risen as his popularity grew; it was $0.8 Million in 2019 then $1.5 Million in 2020 and by 2021 Lil Tecca’s net worth was sitting at a cool $2 Million.

With his last few releases being even more popular, Lil Tecca net worth and annual income speak for themselves. And no one was surprised when Lil Tecca’s net worth jumped by a million dollars and now sits at an estimated three million dollars at the beginning of 2022. Given the trends, it seems like the rapper is set to be on the list of top rappers in the industry.


Real NameTyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe
Place of BirthQueens, New York, United States
BirthdayAugust 26, 2002
OccupationRapper, singer, songwriter, record producer
Net Worth Estimate$3 Million
NameLil Tecca
Career HighlightsMy Time (Song, 2018), Ransom (Song, 2019) , We Love You Tecca (Mixtape, 2019) , Virgo World (debut Album, 2020)