Jim Iannazzo Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

You might have heard about him, he is an American financial advisor, who has become quite well-known for all the wrong reasons, after being fired because of racist remarks. So, what is Jim Iannazzo net worth sitting at?

Jim’s official name is James Iannazzo, he has worked in Merrill Lynch for a very long time. Currently, Jim Iannazzo’s net worth is estimated at $6 million.

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth

Jim has had a remarkable career until his recent arrest. The financial executive has worked extremely hard to retain top positions within an extremely challenging industry.

Jim is famous because of his expertise in wealth management advisory. The American businessman is a role model to many finance professionals.

Early Life

James Iannazzo, also known as Jim Iannazzo, was born on May 15, 1973, in Fairfield, Connecticut. He grew up and completed all his schooling in his hometown.

There is no information available about his parents, or whether or not he has any siblings. What we do know is that his father is very supportive of all his achievements in business.

Over the years, the business executive has achieved a lot. Since childhood, Jim has wanted to venture into the finance world and make an impact.

The certified financial planner worked hard in school, and he graduated from the prestigious University of Connecticut in 1995. Before joining the university for his finance degree, this young man had studied at the Norwalk High School, and he graduated in 1991.

Jim Iannazzo Career

The financial sector is one of the most complicated and challenging industries to be in. Most young professionals who register for finance degrees tend to drop out because of their challenges. Jim was determined to get the best in his career, and he worked with dedication until he reached the top positions.

The registered financial adviser has enjoyed a great career in the complex industry for 25 years. He has worked for Pierce, Merrill Lynch, Fenner & Smith Inc. Jim Iannazzo was fortunate enough to serve as the managing director for Merrill Lynch for many years.

Due to his expertise in wealth advisory, the finance graduate got a Series 66 License. This license allows him to serve as an investment advisor and a securities agent. Jim is authorized to work as an investment advisor representative in the United States. And works with investors based in Connecticut and Texas.

During his career, Jim Iannazzo has traveled to various parts of the country. He has a special connection with his hometown, so he still prefers to work there.

Jim Iannazzo net worth has increased during his tenure as managing director at Merryl Lynch. The hard-working professional landed this position in 1995, and he has brought the company to new levels with his expertise.

As a respected wealth counselor, James has partnered with many companies. Barron America’s Top 1200 Advisors listed Jim Iannazzo as one of the best advisors in the country. While Forbes, in 2021, recognized the certified financial planner as one of the top 25 best in the state wealth advisors.

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth

While working in various positions in the American finance department, Iannazzo has been fortunate to earn good salaries. According to multiple sources, Jim Iannazzo’s net worth is $6 million.

The wealth consultant recently lost his prestigious position at Merrill Lynch. The businessman’s monthly salary was around $85,000 while acting as the managing director of the respected company.

Merrill Lynch terminated Jim’s contract in January 2022. The story about Jim’s dismissal has since been in the limelight. Many people have criticized the company for its actions, while others have supported it.

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Jim Iannazzo Dismissed From Merrill Lynch


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For more than 25 years, Jim has shown the American community that he is highly experienced in his line of work. The financial advisor is no longer enjoying his earnings from the successful company after his termination a few months ago.

Before Jim Iannazzo was handed his termination letter, he had become a trending topic of discussion on many online platforms. The business guru was arrested for hurling a drink in a local smoothie store. Jim Iannazzo was captured on camera harassing a young store worker, and the video went viral within a few hours.

Iannazzo was enraged because he almost lost his son, which is why he hurled the harsh words at the teenage employee. Jim tells the store worker that she was stupid in the viral video. He calls the worker an ignorant high school child who did not know what they were doing. The Robek store video brought a lot of drama to the life of the successful wealth management expert.

According to authorities, Iannazzo ordered a smoothie for his son without peanut butter, but he failed to mention that his son has a nut allergy. He took the drink home, and the smoothie triggered an allergic reaction, and he went into anaphylactic shock and was sent to hospital.

Once he was taken to hospital, Iannazzo returned to the store. Iannazzo was furious with the store workers, and when he returned to the facility, he went to the counter and demanded to know who had prepared the drink.

The employee at the counter said that they weren’t sure who had prepared the drink. And that he should contact the franchise’s corporate office to speak to them about his complaint.

After this explanation, Iannazzo refused to leave. He was asked to leave the facility because of his harsh behavior, but Jim repeatedly refused, and he continued to cause a commotion in the smoothie store.

While still yelling, Jim Iannazzo threw the drink at the female worker close to him. Jim went ahead to call the young lady an immigrant loser. It’s evident that the wealth management advisor was furious.

Before the cops arrived, he left the store. However, Jim Iannazzo turned himself in and was arrested a few days later.

He was charged with intimidation based on bigotry or second-degree breach of peace. Jim was also charged with first-degree criminal trespass. The police said he should appear in the Bridgeport Superior Court to answer the charges.

Jim Iannazzo’s lawyers have been trying to find a solution for their client. One of the lawyers, Frank Riccio, said that his client regretted his actions. The lawyer also explains that his client acted because of anger, and it was out of character.

Merrill Lynch top management learned about the viral video a few days later, reaching 16 million views on TikTok. The company acted fast because it did not want to be associated with this type of behavior.

The spokesman of the prestigious facility, Bill Halldin, said that his organization does not tolerate the behavior shown by Jim Iannazzo in the viral video. Bill explained that the team had already investigated the incident, taking the right action.

Bill announced to the public that Jim was no longer an employee of Merrill Lynch, and they did not wish to be associated with his recent actions. Haldin was speaking on behalf of the wealth and investment division of the bank.

Different organizations and social media sites have reacted to the termination news in various ways. Some individuals applauded the termination of the wealth management expert from the prestigious position.

A section of social media followers had a different opinion about the immediate termination. These individuals said they did not support the actions of the financial executive when he threw a drink at the worker, but they understood he was acting out of extreme anger. These people felt that Jim’s son was in a delicate medical state, and the Merrill Lynch top management acted too fast.

Iannazzo has not remained silent about the situation. In a statement released to various media outlets in the country, Jim said he regrets his actions at the Robek store. He admits that he was wrong and deeply regretted whatever happened. The actions at the store did not reflect the value and character of the successful wealth expert.

Iannazzo felt horrible because he lost his composure when he stormed into the store. Jim Iannazzo told the authorities that he had returned to the smoothie store in Robek because he wanted to determine the items used to prepare a drink that he had purchased earlier that day.

Iannazzo couldn’t get the answers he wanted, and he lost his temper. The certified professional commented because his son was on the way to a hospital in a terrible condition. The anaphylactic shock caused his son to collapse while enjoying his drink.

Jim knew straight away that the smoothie must have contained nut product because of his reaction. Jim’s son lost his breathing ability. His face and lips started to swell fast, and everyone knew something was wrong.

His parents gave him an EpiPen shot, but his health situation did not change. Jim called 911 because the situation was getting out of control.While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the boy went to the bathroom to throw up.

While throwing up, he fell on the floor, unconscious. Jim’s wife decided to give the son another shot while the doctors were on their way. Fortunately, the medics arrived in time, saving the young man. Jim thanked his wife and the medical professionals who responded and helped his son during the challenging time.

He felt that he had acted just like any other parent would, if their child was suffering with similar allergies. On his way to Robek, Jim said he was out of mind and feared for his son’s life. Although the business guru regrets his actions while at the facility, he wishes that the workers were more careful when preparing the beverage he ordered earlier that day.

Jim extended his apologies personally to the entire Robek organization. He also apologized to the staff at the facility. Fairfield Police also gave a statement about the activities of the Saturday afternoon.

According to the police, the workers at Robek had made numerous calls, reporting a particular customer who was yelling, throwing things, and at the same time refusing to leave the premises. When the police investigated the situation further, they realized that Jim Iannazzo had made several calls to 911 asking for emergency workers in his residence.

Jim had told the emergency workers that his son was suffering from a severe allergic reaction. The team responded, and the juvenile was taken to the nearest hospital.

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Personal Life

Jim Iannazzo is married to Pamela Iannazzo, and together they have three small children. They are a very close family and live in the Southport area of Connecticut.

He has always had a private personal life until recently when the media brought his ailing son and him into the limelight. The executive brought up the topic about his wife when he was speaking about her role in managing the son’s allergic reaction.

Jim explained how his wife had to give their son several shots of EpiPen after drinking a smoothie. Although it shook her, she handled the dangerous situation extremely well until the medics arrived.

Bio Summary

Jim Iannazzo is an influential wealth management expert. He has had a very successful career and turned out to be one of the best professionals while making a difference in the lives of many individuals.

Jim began working for Merrill Lynch when he was very young and straight from university. Due to his commitment to his career, the finance consultant got the position of managing director. He handled numerous responsibilities of a managing director until January 2022, when the company terminated him.

Merrill Lynch’s spokesperson said they had decided to terminate Jim Iannazzo because of his racist statements in a local smoothie store. Merrill Lynch, according to its spokesperson, does not support the character showcased by Jim in the viral video shared in various social media accounts.

Jim regretted his actions at the smoothie store, and his legal team has been working hard to represent him in court. The finance leader has apologized to the public and the organization in question.

Several institutions have recognized Jim Iannazzo because of his expertise and accomplishments in wealth management. Forbes listed the executive as one of America’s top 25 wealth management experts.

The American professional earns his wealth from his financial services. Jim Iannazzo net worth is currently at $6 million.

NameJim Iannazzo
Birth NameJames Iannazzo
Date of Birth15 May 1973
Place of BirthFairfield, Connecticut, USA
ProfessionFinancial Adviser
Marital StatusPamela Iannazzo
Children3 - Names Unknown
Net Worth Estimate$6 million