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Jackson Mahomes Net Worth | How Rich Is The TikTok Star ?

Jackson Mahomes net worth is estimated at a million dollars at the time of writing this article. This is quite impressive considering he is aged 21. If you have further questions on how he started or how wealthy he might be then keep on reading.

This is precisely why this article was written to keep you up to speed on the lifestyle of Jackson Mahomes. As a fan of Jackson Mahomes, you will get to understand the details surrounding his personal life, his family, age, educational background, and relationship.


In addition to this the article also intends to answer seemingly trivial questions such as his hobbies, height, weight, and other details. This piece also shares information about his childhood, trials, triumphs, and how he rose to prominence.

So lets get into the facts of how 21 year old Jackson Mahome net worth is one million dollars.

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Who is Jackson Mahomes?


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It is rare enough to have a superstar in the family. So what happens when you have a family filled with not two but three superstars? That is special! That is the case with young Jackson Mahomes. Even though stardom is a norm and wealth is common in his family, Jackson Mahomes is as big a superstar as they can get, as he has already made a name for himself on TikTok.

Jackson Mahomes is one of America’s leading TikTok users, with millions of followers and views. He also happens to be the younger brother of one of the biggest individuals are superstars in the league, Patrick Mahomes. Patrick is the quarterback of one of the biggest football clubs in the country, the Kansas City chiefs.

On the other hand, his father was a baseball legend who participated in several baseball matches. He featured serious themes such as Texas Rangers, Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates, and New York Mets.

Jackson Mahomes is an extraordinary individual who had chosen to do things differently to get a different result and rise to stardom. Although he is already from a wealthy home, achieving such fame and prominence at such age takes a great deal of courage and effort. Jackson Mahomes is an American born in Texas, in the United States of America.

Jackson is globally renowned for his tik-tok videos, which has given him so much exposure and fame. Born on the 15th of May 2000, Jackson is just 21 years of age and has achieved much. With a net worth of about 1 million dollars, Jackson is set to add even more wealth and fame to an already wealthy and famous home by all standards.

Jackson Mahome’s height is about 6 feet and 5 inches, about 1.95m. He also weighs about 220 pounds or 100 kg. There is no information about his waist, chest, or arm size. However, the color of his hair and eyes are both darkish brown. His zodiac sign is Taurus.

Jackson Mahomes began his Tik-Tok journey as a silly game initially just for fun. However, his talent, sincerity, uniqueness has brought him so much fame and popularity through it, such that he has garnered a whopping 1 million followers on TikTok.

Asides from this, Jackson Mahomes, is best known for the series of controversies surrounding his life, thus bringing even more people to his channel. In addition, he has closed many deals and has successfully leveraged his fame and popularity to push out a lot of merchandise.

For someone, who could have easily slipped into the shadows and forever be intimidated by the fame and success of his brother, one of the best sports personalities in the country or cower at the legacies of his father, Jackson Mahome’s life is worthy of being studied.

Jackson Mahomes Net Worth

It is never easy to grow your net worth to a million dollars. But what happens when you do? This is what Jackson Mahome has achieved at an unbelievable age; at age 21. Jackson Mahomes net worth is estimated at about a million dollars. Jackson was able to generate this much from his social media accounts such as TikTok and Instagram.

He could also maximize his popularity through merchandise sales, thus bringing his marketing knowledge to bear. He also has several endorsements that I have bolstered his wealth. However, a million dollars might seem lofty for someone who is just 21.

However, when you consider that his fame eclipsed that of Justin Bieber in some instances, you would agree with me that he is worth it. It is assumed that if he keeps up with his hard work, he will likely earn more in the future.

Jackson Mahomes Early Life

Like everyone else, Jackson Mahomes led a pretty normal early life. He probably didn’t know he would become a star or think much about it. Born on the 15th of May, 2000, Jackson Mahome was born into a rich and famous home of Pat Mahome and Randi Martin, his father, and mother.

He also has two siblings (an elder brother and a younger sister), named Patrick Mahome and Mia Randall. Patrick is a famous one and one of the most popular sportsmen. Patrick plays football and is a remarkable quarterback in the Kansas city chiefs team. He had recently helped them achieve victory over the San Francisco 49ers during the super bowl LIV competition, which helped him clinch an award for his skill.

Jackson Mahomes was raised Christian, as his parents were Christians. However, he was an American through and through, raised in Texas in the United States of America. He had his early secondary schooling at Whitehouse High school, Texas.

Jackson Mahomes became interested in sports at a young age, just like his father and elder brother. But, interestingly, he chose a completely different path from his father and elder brother’s. Jackson Mahomes decided to play basketball, and he was extremely great at it.

From the time he was schooling at Whitehouse High school, he was a member of the school basketball team. From that very moment, he joined. He showed great promise, and it was almost certain he would excel at it.

He was excellent at dribbling, could easily shoot basketballs from long ranges, and was generally great in basketball. This was evident when he made a short clip of himself shooting a three-pointer at different parts of the small basketball court in the backyard.

Although he chose an entirely different path from both his father and elder brother, greatness was common to them all. As a result, he was offered a scholarship for his great skills in college. Jackson Mahomes started his journey as a social media influencer and social media content creator in 2018.

At 18, he started his career as a social media content creator with great courage. But, since great men start small, Jackson Mahomes started slowly till he became extremely popular on social media platforms, especially on TikTok.

Jackson became a sensation on social media space when he caught the attention of everyone while making videos on TikTok when the Kansas city chiefs super bowl match was ongoing. He kept up with the recording throughout the game and added his peculiarity through his talent to sustain people’s interests.

At the end of the match, he wielded his influence with his brother, the superstar, and the winning team’s quarterback. He had an interview with his elder brother, Patrick Mahome, the quarterback of Kansas city chiefs, which he posted on TikTok.

His influence on the platform has been tremendous and stronger as he slowly crept from the shadow of his brother and father’s influence and became a star in his own right. Before this time, it was only seen as the younger brother of the sensational football superstar and quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, or the son of the legendary baseball player, Pat Mahomes.

Social Media helped create a niche for him that was different from all else. He later proceeded with creating a YouTube channel, where he explained how tik-tok helped him find his identity. He discovered he loved posting videos on different platforms and began to explore his options on social media through Instagram and TikTok.

He often uses his elder brother Patrick and Patrick’s girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, in most of his videos. In other instances, he featured his younger sister and parents in his videos when he first started. However, as time went on, he evolved and made appearances with several other famous figures on TikTok, such as Charli D’Ameliio.

As his popularity grew on social media and gained more acceptance from people, he began to get many commercial offers and endorsement deals which helped him accrue money. For instance, he was part of a commercial for a farm in the state, where his elder brother Patrick also featured.

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Jackson Mahomes height and weight

At the young age of 21, Jackson Mahomes already boasts of an item about 6 feet and 5 inches (1.95 meters). Interestingly, Jackson is about two inches taller than his elder brother, Patrick, a footballer. Jackson also weighs about 220 pounds. Aside from his height and weight, he also has darkish brown hair and brown eyes.

Jackson Mahomes place of birth and early life

Jackson Mahomes was given birth in Texas in the United States of America on the 15th of May 2000. The superstar was born to Pat Mahome and Randi Martin. Jackson Mahomes had a wonderful childhood shared with his two siblings, Patrick Mahome and Randall Mia. He attended the White House was secondary education.

Although Jackson Mahomes’ was born in a family of wealth and poise, he wanted to carve a name for himself and step out from his father and elder brother’s shadows to grow his brand and fame. He achieved this through the influence from Tiktok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, where he had a huge fan base that was only free with time.

Jackson Mahomes Career

Jackson Mahomes’ career started in 2012 when he could afford to handle a smart device and visit social media platforms. However, he stepped into the spotlight in 2018, when he started recording a video on tik-tok when the Kansas city chief’s team was playing live.

At the Ned of the game, Jackson used his influence as the brother to a football superstar and quarterback of the winning team to record a video after the victory. After the match with his brother, Patrick, the video further caused him to gain more acceptance amongst fans on these social media platforms, especially TikTok.

By 2018, Jackson was already on his way to becoming an accomplished basketball player, as he was the best runners up for a rebound on the school basketball team before his video went viral. After that, however, he believed he wasn’t meant to play basketball but fully go into social media content creation.

To this end, Jackson turned down an opportunity to pursue his basketball career after high school to concentrate on his video creation. He named his TikTok channel, Jacksonmahomes. Today, Jason Mahomes has grown his fanbase and followership on TikTok to 1 million and increased his following on Instagram. He has also gained a lot of traction on YouTube, as he has grown about 20,000 followers on his channel.

Today, he does a lot of videos by collaborating with other TikTok celebrities, such as Charli D’Amelio. He does a lot of videos with his sister-inlaw, Matthew Brittany as well. In addition, he has grown his wealth through several endorsement deals and the sales of different merchandise.

Jackson has been at the center of several controversies and embarrassments at such a young age. First, he was caught spilling water on a fan of the raven team. He was also caught on camera dancing on the tribute of an NFL legendary player, Sean Taylor. Later on, he had an issue with a local K.C. bar company for chasing clouts.

As time went on, he had an issue with a snack company when he was accused of scamming them in a care package. Although Jackson denied these allegations publicly and tried to distance himself from them, the allegations stuck and created an image in people’s minds that he would want them to forget.

Not long after this, he was embarrassed in las Vegas when he was caught on camera as a blonde woman denied him a kiss. His critics swung in and started accusing him of sexual assault. As a result, it didn’t surprise him when he claimed that social media wanted to destroy his life.

Through all of these, Jackson Mahomes had a lot of fans at the Arena, despite Justin Bieber performing, as fans surrounded him, asking for selfies, which he obliged.

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Jackson Mahomes Personal Life and Family


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Jackson Mahomes’ parents were Pat Mahome and Randi Martin. Although his parents are divorced, they still share a healthy relationship that favors their children. Jackson had a wonderful experience with his brother, a superstar and quarterback at Kansas city chiefs, and a younger sister named Randal Mia.

Jackson is single at the moment. However, there are also controversies surrounding his sexuality as to whether he is gay or not; however, nothing is certain. There are reports that he has been posting many gay contents on his page. However, this speculation is also unfounded, as he is seen with several women on social media.

Despite his fame and astonishing success, Jackson is still a young man who might find it difficult to control the media’s narratives. This explains why he has tried to keep his private life a secret. In recent times, he had decried the effect of social media on his family, especially his brother Patrick Mahome and his sister-in-law, Matthews Brittany.

One of the subjects Jackson has managed to guard and keep so well is his relationship status and the details surrounding it. With the number of videos he published on TikTok about gay and homosexuality, many thought he was homosexual and interested in only men.

Interestingly, he tried to kiss a blonde woman recently, which led to embarrassment, and he also has been seen with several women on social media. In addition, many have guessed that he was in a relationship with close friend Amanda Johansen, but this fact has also been unfounded.

Jackson Mahomes’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

Jackson Mahomes Net worth is about a million dollars. He can amass such wealth through his merchandise sales and several endorsement deals. Jackson Mahomes is a highly talented kid with many controversies, which has helped him gain so much acceptance.

NameJackson Mahomes
Real NameJackson Mahomes
Date of Birth15th of May, 2000
Height6 feet 5 inches (1.95 meters)
Weight220 pounds (100 kg)
Colour of eyes and hairDarkish brown
ParentsPat Mahomes and Randi Martin
SiblingsPatrick Mahomes and Randall Mia
OccupationEx-Basketball Player
Net Worth Estimate$1 000 000
Zodiac signTaurus