Ice Cube Net Worth – How Rich Is The Super Wealthy Rapper?

Ice Cube net worth is believed to be somewhere around the $160 million mark. This makes him one of the wealthiest rappers worldwide.

Ice Cube is one of hip-hop’s pioneers, alongside big rapping heavyweights, Jay Z and Eminem. His real name is O’shea Jackson Sr. Besides being a rapper, he is also an accomplished actor, entrepreneur, and producer.


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Ice Cube started his career as a C.I.A. hip-hop group member. Afterward, he became a member of another rap group called N.W.A.

Over the last decade. he has been focusing more on acting than rapping. He has appeared in movies like Barbershop franchises, Ride Along, and The Jump Street.

Ice Cube Net Worth Estimate

Ice Cube net worth stands at $160 million. It is not surprising that he is wealthy. He works very hard in his music and acting career, making him a household name in the U.S and beyond.

His contribution to the American entertainment industry is also indisputable.

Early Life

O’Shea Jackson Sr., otherwise known as Ice Cube was born in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, United States, on June 15, 1969.
His mother, Doris was a custodian and a hospital clerk and his father, Hosea Jackson a machinist and groundskeeper at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).

He had two siblings, an older brother and a half-sister. Unfortunately, his sister was murdered in the 80s. Ice Cube was just 12 at the time.

When Ice Cube was a teenager, he developed a keen interest in hip-hop and started writing songs. He wrote his lyrics when he was in his typewriting class while attending Angeles George Washington Preparatory School.

“Kiddo,” his friend, had challenged him to write a song when he was in 9th grade, and that was how he wrote his first rap song.
He was 14 years at the time and lived in Van Wick Street in L.A.

The name Ice Cube has a grim but funny story behind it. His older brother would regularly threaten that he would lock him in a freezer and remove him when he had turned into an ice cube. O’shea decided to use it as his stage name, and it stuck to date.

He went to William Howard Taft High School, and in 1987, he joined Phoenix Institute of Technology, Arizona. He got his diploma in architectural drafting, and then returned to LA, to become a full-time rapper, while keeping his career in architecture drafting as his backup plan.

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Height And Weight

Height – 5’ 8” (172 cm)
Weight – 194 lbs (85 kg)

He has brown eyes and black hair. Ice cube has a healthy body physique, which can be attributed to his healthy lifestyle. He regularly exercises by lifting weights, running, deadlifts, pushups, and squats.

He also has a healthy diet that involves eating small quantities of food and consuming fewer carbs and less sugar.

Ice Cube’s Career


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1986 – Ice Cube and his friend Sir Jinx formed a group called C.I.A. He was only 16. They used to perform at the parties that Dr. Dre threw all over L.A as a group.

1987 – Together with his rap group C.I.A, Ice Cube released a single titled My Posse.

He later wrote the lyrics for Boys-n-the-Hood song and N.W.A recorded it. Ice Cube, MC Ren and Dr. Dre Joined N.W.A as full-time members in 1987.

1988 – He wrote lines for Eazy-E and Dr. Dre for the Straight Outta Compton album.

Critics considered the album the most incredible group rap album ever made. It is estimated to have made $5 million in sales.

When it was released, it advocated for the disturbed youth in the ghetto. It showcased anger against police brutality and touched on the crime that was commonplace in the hoods.

The hip-hop group was classified as Gangsta Rap, but Ice Cube preferred to call it Reality Rap. The lyrics were discourteous and raw, and they showed an honest picture of what living in South Central LA felt like at the time.

No other rap group openly criticized the police in their music at the time. Even though it attracted a lot of backlash from the police and media, the group continued to create more raps in the same style, becoming one of the most influential groups in the 80s.

The more famous the group became, the more money it made. A short while after the group released the album, Ice Cube fell out with Jerry Heller, N.W.A’s manager, and left the group.

He later sued the manager and resolved the matter outside the court. Ice Cube’s actions resulted in bad blood between him and the group. They expressed their anger through the tracks they released during that period.

The bone of contention was that after writing a good chunk of the lyrics for the Straight Outta Compton album, he was paid a measly $32,000. He left N.W.A because of payment dispute and the unresolved contracts with the group.

He felt that he was not getting paid fairly since he wrote most of the group’s rhymes.

1990 – He started rapping as a solo artist and released a hit album ‘America’s Most Wanted.’

This album propelled him to stardom and opened many doors for him. It also earned him $1 million. The album cleverly blended gangsta rap and political issues. The whole album criticized social norms and institutional racism propagated to marginalize blacks and other people of color.

Still, in 1990, he also released the biggest hip-hop E.P. to date, “Kill at Will.” It went platinum, the first of its kind in hip-hop. Around this time, he also appeared in a movie called “Boyz n the Hood.” That was the beginning of his long acting career.

1991 – He released his second album, “Death Certificate.” The album was exceptionally provocative, and it received mixed reviews from critics and fans.

1992 – He released his third album, “The Predator.”

This album became his most profitable and well-liked album, selling more than 3 million copies in America. It was ranked number one on R&B and pop charts, becoming the first album to achieve this feat in history.

1993 – Ice Cube released his fourth album, titled “Lethal Injection,” which did not do as well as the preceding album.

After that, he took a break from music.

1997 – He started collaborating with David Bowie and Trent Reznor, from Nine Inch Nails on a remix of David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans”.

1998 – Ice Cube featured in the song “Children of the Korn” by the band Korn. He then joined them on the Family Values Tour.

In November his long awaited fifth album War & Peace Vol. 1 was released.

2000 – He did the “Up in Smoke Tour” with his fellow rappers Snoop Dog, Eminem, and Dr. Dre.

2002 – Ice Cube made an appearance on a track, titled “Get Em Up” by British DJ Paul Oakenfold.

2004 – He featured in Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz song, titled “Real Nigga Roll Call,” who at that stage, were the leaders of rap.

2006 – Saw Ice Cube release his seventh album, “Laugh Now, Cry Later.” The album ranked number 4 on the Billboard Charts and made him good money, selling 144,000 units within the first week. It is estimated that he earned $600,000 from it.

2008 – In August his eight studio album, Raw Footage was released, with single “Do Ya Thang” and “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It.”

2009 – Being an NFL fan, Ice Cube released a tribute song, titled “Raider Nation.”

2010 – The ninth solo album “I am the West,” was released.

2011 – Ice Cube featured on “Boogie Till You Conk Out,” by DJ Quik and on “Iz You Ready to Die” by Daz Dillinger.

2012 – He released “Come and Get It,” which was his second Raiders anthem, during Pepsi’s NFL Anthems campaign.

2017 – Ice Cube announced a project he was starting, Big3. It is a professional basketball league that involves retired N.B.A. players.

2018 – Saw the release of “Everything’s Corrupt” as his tenth album.

Besides music and acting, he has other business ventures, such as a clothing line that sells sweatshirts with hoods and in-built headphones. The name of the clothing line is Solo by Cube.

Since 2011, Ice Cube has been the spokesperson for Coors Light beer. placed Ice Cube at number 11 in the “50 Greatest MCs of all Time.”

He was also declared among the greatest rap storytellers. Allmusic has chosen him as one of the best hip-hop artists and most controversial.

Ranked number 8 on the list of 10 Greatest M.C.s of ALL Time by MTV. Snoop Dogg, a rapper, hailed him as the best MC of all time. And ranked number 14 on the Top 50 Lyricists of All Time by The Source.

Film And Television

After appearing in his first movie “Boyz in the Hood” in 1991, he acted in a few other movies over the years. In the movie Boyz in the Hood, he played Doughboy’s role, a distressed gangster relentless about finding the gang that murdered his brother and avenging his death.

The movie helped him boost his net worth significantly.

1995 – Ice Cube produced and starred in the movie “Friday,” which was critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

This same year was also when he started his career as a movie producer with his manager, Patricia Charbonet.

1997 – “Anaconda” is the next movie he acted in.

1998 – The following year, he wrote, produced, directed, and starred in a movie called “The Players Club.”

Together with his fellow movie producer, they started a production company named Cube Vision.

The other movies he acted in are “Fist Fight,” “22 Jump Street,” and “Are We There Yet?” among others. Overall, he has been in 40 different films and 10 T.V. shows.

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Ice Cube’s Personal Life And Family

Ice Cube changed his religion from Christianity to Muslim in 1990. However, he does not visit the mosque frequently, and he refers to himself as a natural Muslim.

Ice Cube and his wife Kimberly Woodruff got married in 1992. Together they have 4 children, Shareef, Kaereema, Darrell, and Oshea Jr.

They live in a $7.25 million home, located in Marina Del Ray, California, which Ice Cube purchased in 2016. Jean Claude Van Damme is the one who sold the house to Ice Cube.

Ice Cube and his family also own a mansion located in Encino, CA. They had bought it for $2.36 back in 1996. He has a cousin who is also a rapper, who goes by the name rapper Del the Funky Homosapien.

His cousin started his music career as a songwriter for the Jackson group and later released an album with Jackson’s assistance.

Ice Cube Social Media Influence

Ice Cube has a strong social media presence like most other celebrities with worldwide fame. His social media accounts help him multiply his wealth.


Ice Cube has 23.3 million followers on Instagram @icecube.

He posts videos of himself performing events, posters marketing his music and basketball events, photos of himself with his fellow celebrity friends, as well as old pictures of himself.

He also markets his merchandise. On Halloween, last year, he promoted black hoodies with the name Ice Cube written across the front to celebrate his second album, Death Certificate, released on October 31, 1991.


Ice Cube has 17 million followers on Facebook. His official name on the platform is Ice Cube. He is very active on FB marketing his events, and updating his fans about what he is up to.


Ice also has a vibrant Twitter account with 5.7 million followers. He joined the platform in 2009. He uses the name Ice Cube with the first letters in CAPS.

He posts advertisements for BIG3 basketball events and clips of his music videos.


He created his YouTube channel in 2014. He currently has over 2.2 million subscribers and almost 1 billion views.

Like most celebrities in his industry, he also uses his YouTube channel to upload his music videos.

Ice Cube Net Worth

Ice Cube’s network is approximately $160 million. His wealth has been acquired through his music and acting careers. Producing and directing music and movies has also helped him increase his wealth.

He earns royalties from the songs he wrote. He endorses various products, which has helped him ramp up his net worth.

Bio Summary

Ice Cube is a renowned rapper, entrepreneur, producer, and actor. He is known for rapping about the injustices the minorities in society face, which is perhaps the reason he is so famous. People can relate to the messages in his music, and they love him for being their voice.

While his music tackles serious issues that affect the people in the hoods, his movies focus on the fun side of life in these communities. He has had a significant impact on the entertainment industry, and he keeps surprising his fans with his creativity.

With the many money-generating activities he is involved in nowadays, Ice Cube net worth will undoubtedly continue to grow. Ice Cube is always in his element when doing music and movies.

He found his passion, and he has never looked back. This is something his fans can emulate.

NameIce Cube
Birth NameO'Shea Jackson Sr.
Date of Birth15 June 1969
Place of BirthBaldwin Hills, Los Angeles, USA
Height5'8" (172 cm)
Weight194 lbs (85 kg)
Film Producer
Marital StatusKimberly Woodruff (m. 1992)
ChildrenSon - O'Shea Jackson
Son - Shareef Jackson
Son - Karima Jackson
Son - Darrell Jackson
Net Worth Estimate$160 mіllіоn