The Kid Laroi’s Net Worth – How Rich Is The Australian Rapper?

The Kid Laroi’s net worth currently stands at $4 million. This Australian rapper, singer, and songwriter has made a name for himself as one of the youngest, most successful Australian rap artists. He has a public identity deeply rooted in his music and fashion, and the persona he created for himself.

The Kid Laroi Net Worth

Although his career has been short thus far, it is clear that this young rapper will be around for a while. He is destined for success as he understands the intricacies of fame and how to build a good reputation. The music industry will see The Kid Laroi go from strength to strength in years to come.

Who is The Kid Laroi?


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The Kid Laroi is the stage name and created persona of Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard. He was born on 17 August 2003 and is all the way from Waterloo in New South Wales, Australia. He always knew that he wanted to be a rapper. Fortunately for him, his initial success means that he already has a music career spanning four years at only eighteen years of age.

However, he hasn’t always had it easy and has had to work hard to ensure his own success. It is often difficult for fans to believe that a few short years ago, The Kid Laroi and his mother were cash-strapped and trying to make ends meet in various ways.

His mother tried to take care of him as best she could, but the pair would often have to couch surf and they moved around a lot. But with his now successful music career and The Kid Laroi’s net worth of $4 million, his struggles are a thing of the past.

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The Kid Laroi’s Early Life

Even though The Kid Laroi and his mother had a difficult few years, this hasn’t always been the case. He was born in New South Wales in Sydney in a suburb close to Redfern. The Kid Laroi’s parents were actually deeply rooted in the music industry. The Kid Laroi is the child of Nick Howard and Sloane Howard.

Nick was a sound engineer and music producer in Australia with connections to Delta Goodrem and Bardot. He often worked with talented and successful Australian stars.  Sloane spent many years working as a talent manager, music executive, and founder of a record label.

She had managed Scott Cain in her career who was a Popstars winner. This, of course, meant that his parents were fairly well-connected, particularly when it came to the Australian music scene.

The Difficult Years

Although The Kid Laroi’s father was present when he was very young, he soon became distant. His father all but disappeared from his life and eventually, his parents split up when he turned four. This was a turning point in his life as things became much more chaotic for the young Laroi. However, as he got older and looked for more stability, he started to build a better relationship with his uncle.

His early life was very transient and Laroi and his mother moved around a lot. When Laroi was seven, they moved to Broken Hill, a rural town in New South Wales. Laroi tried to find his feet there alongside his mother, only brother, and his grandparents.

In Broken Hill, Laroi was enrolled in a private school called Sacred Hart Parish School. He tried to settle there and tried to build a good reputation and do well. Laroi was named the house captain and he received a public speaking award.

Unfortunately, when Laroi continued his schooling at the private institution Sacred Hart College, he was bullied fairly badly. This was also a private school and his mother started to struggle financially. Eventually, she could not afford the school anymore and the bullying got out of hand. Laroi was taken out of the school and, in 2017, he and his mother returned to Sydney.

The Kid Laroi’s uncle eventually became a very strong paternal figure in his life. Unfortunately, his uncle was murdered in 2015 which dealt a devastating blow to Laroi.

This was also a time when Laroi said his mother started to fall into despair and worried that she would not be able to provide for him. Laroi has stated in several interviews that his mother had to sell drugs so that they could get by.

Hustling to Get By

It is obvious that The Kid Laroi did not have an easy start in life and success wasn’t handed to him. He had to work very hard in order to make his way in this world. When he and his mother returned to Sydney, he got a scholarship to enroll at the Australian Performing Arts Grammar School. He was doing fairly well, but halfway through his grade nine year, he dropped out.

The reason for him leaving school was to try and make it internationally. At this time, Laroi and his mother were living in a housing commission building and he also stayed with friends periodically. At this time in his life and his reasons for leaving his education behind, Laroi has said that he considered his mother to be his best friend. All he wanted to do was to help get her stable financially.

By leaving school, Laroi could get a job and help earn his family a meager income. He was hired part-time at a fruit shop and this was the start of his hustle. He started to work on his music while working at the fruit store and brainstormed ideas for getting his music to big-name producers and record labels.

The Start of Something Big

The Kid Laroi knew that if he was going to make it big in the music industry, he needed to collaborate with already-big names. When he wasn’t working, he would track down in which hotels big-name artists were staying and he would try to wait for them outside their rooms so that he could play his music for them.

When this tactic didn’t work, The Kid Laroi decided to try and build connections in a different way. He would get his female friends to take his music backstage to big-name artists playing in the area.

This tactic eventually paid off when one of his female friends played his tracks for Swae Lee at a hotel. The Kid Laroi soon met Swae Lee and eventually, the pair collaborated as well.

The Kid Laroi’s Career


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Throughout the turmoil of his young life and while he and his mother were living in project housing and eventually couch surfing in Redfern, The Kid Laroi started honing his musical craft. He started recording short hip-hop verses on his mother’s cell phone and soon started posting his tracks on social media and SoundCloud.

Soon enough his music started to become fairly well-known in Sydney and its surrounds. However, he wasn’t a big-name star just yet. He knew that the road to success would be paved with collaborations and was just waiting for his big break.

The upwards and international trajectory of The Kid Laroi’s music career started in 2019. He had been making music on social media and SoundCloud for a couple of years already and was gaining a small following. However, it wasn’t until a hip-hop podcast called No Jumper decided to make a documentary of his “ghetto” living conditions while making music that he became a star.

The documentary started getting Laroi noticed by producers, recording artists, and record labels. Eventually, Lil Bibby who was a rapper at the time as well as an executive at Grade A Productions saw potential in The Kid Laroi. He signed him to Columbia Records and success was in sight for Laroi.

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The Kid Laroi and Juice WRLD

Lil Bibby introduced The Kid Laroi to Juice WRLD. Juice WRLD was a very popular and well-regarded emo rapper also putting music out on SoundCloud. His style was very melodic and The Kid Laroi saw a lot of himself in the older rapper. He knew that their similar styles would be complementary and wanted to collaborate.

Lil Bibby agreed with The Kid Laroi’s thoughts on the matter and had the young star open for Juice WRLD when he went on tour across Australia. This was the start of something big and Juice WRLD became The Kid Laroi’s mentor. The two even lived together for a while and The Kid Laroi learned a lot from the older and more experienced artist.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck again in the young artist’s life when Juice WRLD passed away from a drug overdose at the end of 2019. Having considered him to be almost like a big brother, The Kid Laroi decided to feature a verse by Juice WRLD in his debut album. This proved not only a touching tribute but a smart marketing move as the song went viral with 238 million plays on Spotify.

The Kid Laroi’s Success

The Kid Laroi released his debut album in July of 2020 titled F*ck Love. The album tells the story of the pain and tragedy in his past and makes no excuses for it. He also mentions Juice WRLD and the impact the rapper had in his life.

The debut album was massively successful even though it was packed with fairly gloomy subject matter including musings on a break-up and the death of his idols. The album has more than 1.6 billion streams on Spotify, a wonderful success for the young rapper.

The Kid Laroi is also understanding the impact and importance of social media in marketing his music and regularly uses TikTok as a platform to launch new songs and have them go viral.

The Kid Laroi’s Collaborations

The Kid Laroi has collaborated with several big-name artists in order to gain rapid success. In March of 2021, The Kid Laroi was a featured artist on one of Justin Bieber’s tracks called Unstable. In April of that same year, he collaborated with Miley Cyrus and released a remix of her song Without You. It is collaborations like this that are the key to his success.

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The Kid Laroi’s Marketing Genius

The Kid Laroi is well-known despite his young age and relatively short time in the public eye. Experts in the marketing field dubbed him a marketing genius for the way in which he markets himself to the world. The initial rollercoaster success and the subsequent accumulation of The Kid Laroi’s net worth can be attributed to his smart promotion of himself and his music.

In March 2020, Laroi recorded a short clip that portrayed him rapping a song. No ordinary song, this clip included name-dropping Addison Rae. Addison Rae is a TikTok star that has more than a million followers which makes her incredibly successful on the social media app. The song was complimentary and she thought it was cute.

Addison Rae decided to record herself showing The Kid Laroi’s rap video to her mother and shared it on her own platform. This meant that it would be seen by a million people or more.

Therefore, the song quickly went viral and The Kid Laroi became an overnight sensation. The song was so popular that it would become one of the most-played songs on the app for the next few months.

The Kid Laroi decided to use this initial success and soon released a full version of the song. He also decided to use it as a further marketing opportunity and included information on himself and where people could find more of his music.

The Kid Laroi’s Height and Weight

The Kid Laroi is of slender build standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall (178 cm) and weighing in at 165 pounds (75 kg). He has shaggy light brown hair and blue eyes. He has made a name for himself not only in the music industry but also as a fashion icon. He often wears designer brands and has built a reputation for dressing well.

The Kid Laroi’s Net Worth Estimate and Bio Summary

The Kid Laroi is a young Australian rapper as well as a singer and songwriter. The Kid Laroi’s net worth is $4 million and the young star accumulated this impressive amount in a very short time.

Even though he is very young, the star has worked hard to forge meaningful connections and big-name collaborations in order to promote his music.

The Kid Laroi is already a very successful rap artist and it is clear that his collaborations and continued personal marketing will see him rise to the top in the music industry.


NameThe Kid Laroi
Real NameCharlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard
Place of BirthWaterloo, New South Wales, Australia
OccupationRapper, singer, and songwriter
Net Worth Estimate$4 Million