Sukihana Net Worth – How Much Does She Make?

Sukihana net worth has been earned being a rapper, actress, and star on reality TV, who became well-known after spending time as a main cast member on the reality TV series Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

Who is Sukihana?


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Sukihana (also known as Destiny Henderson), was born November 15th, 1991. She is a rapper, actress and is famous on social media with a massive fan base. She joined Love & Hip Hop: Miami (LHHMIA) hoping that she would soar to the top of the music industry.

Before LHHMIA, Sukihana’s social media was already popular. Although her original Instagram account with over 1.5 million followers was deleted, Sukihana’s new Instagram has 43k followers.

Sukihana also showed up in CardiB’s music video for ‘WAP’. A lot of Sukihana’s free time is spent posting about new releases, showing fans clips from her shows, or freestyling.

Sukihana Net Worth Estimate


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Sukihana’s net worth is estimated to be between $500k to $1 million, coming from a variety of sources such as the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: Miami, and other sources such as social media, and song and music videos. One of her newest streams of income is from her OnlyFans.

Sukihana told fans about her OnlyFans to increase her following there. Also, her appearance on OnlyFans will be talked about in Love & Hip Hop:Miami Season Four. Although her manager on Love & Hip Hop: Miami is disapproving of her appearance on OnlyFans, saying that it may ruin her image and career, Sukihana is currently happy with her decision.

Many of ‘s fans have growing concerns about Sukihana’s spending habits, saying that they are surprised that the rapper and actress isn’t broke yet. Sukihana is known for her lavish spending habits, often making impulse purchases on luxury items.

Many fans considered Sukihana to be penniless after her appearance on the music video ‘WAP’, and were surprised to hear that Sukihana’s net worth is so much. She has managed to stay afloat from her social media following, her appearance in a hit reality TV series, from song remixes, and becoming viral.

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Sukihana’s Early Life

Sukihana (Destiny Henderson) spent most of her childhood at a creative art studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Later, she moved to Miami, where her career began to take off. Sukihana’s Height and Weight

Sukihana’s height is prominent at 5’6 (167cm), with a weight of 56 kg (123cm).

Sukihana’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Sukihana was born in Wilmington, Delaware, where she spent many of her younger years before moving to Atlanta, and then to Miami.

What is the Story Behind Sukihana’s Nickname?

The nickname ‘Sukihana’ came from one evening at a sushi restaurant, where Sukihana was enjoying with some friends. During their dinner, one of her friends commented that she tasted like Sukihana, and the nickname stuck.

Sukihana’s Career


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Her interest in music began from an early age, and she began showing what talent she had on her Instagram. In the year of 2017, her remix of Kodak Black’s ‘Kodal Snack’ went viral, earning over 100k views in only a few days. This was the first step on her path to success in her music career.

Other songs were eventually released, such as ‘Drug Dealer’, ‘5 Foot Freestyle’, ‘Blame Triana’, ‘Whole Lotta Choppas’, and ‘Fanteo’. Her self-titled YouTube channel is slowly growing with more and more videos, with ‘Rob Who? B***h’ being released December 18, 2020.

Her popularity has skyrocketed after she appeared on VHI’s reality series Love & Hip Hop: Miami as the main cast member. She joined as the main cast in the show’s third season.

During the reality series, her attention skyrocketed due to her undefined, rollercoaster of a ride relationship with the rapper Khaotic. She also gained intense attention for fighting with the co-stars Shay Johnson and Nikki Natural.

Sukihana’s Personal Life and Family

Sukihana takes care of three beautiful children from her previous marriage. Her off-and-on live interest, rapper Kill Bill, proposed to her on September 18th, 2020. Her children were present and able to watch the proposal, and they were both live on Instagram when Kill Bill gave Sukihana the ring.

There are reports of Bill being incredibly supportive of Sukihana, even backing the rapper when she started an OnlyFans account. Sukihana is a powerful mom with a huge amount of love for her kids, having said that she is a mother first and a rapper second.

March 5th, 2020, Bill told fans that Sukihana was his backbone and a woman who knew her worth. He also got a tattoo of Sukihana’s name along his forehead in February of 2020.

What Do We Know About Sukihana’s Children?

Sukihana is a mother of three kids, two sons, and one daughter. Sukihana’s first child was born when Sukihana was just 18 years old, however, she saw it as a motivator to boost her career and follow her dreams.

In Season Three of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, two of Sukihana’s children came on the show, saying hi to the camera and fans. Her son mentioned during the episode that he feels sad that his mom isn’t able to be around all the time.

However, Sukihana’s children are aware that Sukihana’s busy schedule is for her career and their livelihood, and the time she does spend with them is more special because of it. Sukihana, to protect her kids, does not have any photos of them on her social media.

What Do We Know About Sukihana’s ‘Momager’, Lori?

Sukihana’s mother, Lori, is also her manager, and they share the same goal of getting Sukihana on a major label. The mother-daughter relationship is beautifully portrayed on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, however, although they love each other, sometimes they have heated clashes and debates.

During the earlier part of the reality show’s season, Sukihana was seen storming away from her momager after there was a clash of opinions regarding Sukihana’s desire to have more children with her ex-boyfriend Kill Bill. At the time, her mother strongly disagreed, expressing her concern that having more children is something Sukihana wouldn’t have time for, balancing the roles of both being a mother and a busy superstar.

What is Sukihana’s Love Relationship History?

Sukihana is currently single, after recently splitting from her public relationship with Kill Bill, who is now her ex-fiance. Previous to this, Sukihana dated Khaotic, who was also on the show Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

What Happened During Sukihana’s and Kill Bill’s Car Accident?

On January 10th, Sukihana’s mom and manager, Lori, shared with the public on social media that Sukihana and Kill Bill were caught up in a car accident. She went on to explain that the car accident was three-way and that the two were rushed to the hospital.

Many fans noted that although the images of the totaled cars weren’t major, they were still worried about Sukihana and Kill Bill and if they were going to be okay.

After about 24 hours, so on the next day after the car crash, Lori, Sukihana’s mother and manager reported to the public that Sukihana and Kill Bill, after emergency personnel had rushed them to the hospital and checked them over, the doctors allowed Sukihana and Kill Bill to leave the hospital. Their injuries were minimal enough to allow them to recover at home.

What Happened Between Sukihana and Kill Bill?

Sukihana revealed to her fans that she, unfortunately, had to cut ties with rapper Kill Bill, who was her ex-fiance. Fans learned of her relationship with Kill Bill from the reality show Love & Hip Hop: Miami, so the news that they had split was shocking, to say the least. The announcement was made in September, leaving fans speechless, and with many sending her support.

What Was the Reason Behind Sukihana and Kill Bill Splitting Up?

Sukihana took advice from her ‘momager’, Lori, who is both her mom and her manager, who had recommended that she split as Kill Bill was slowly ruining her career.

Sukihana mentioned to fans that although she was sad to leave her engagement and those she loved, she knew it would be better for her, her kids, and her career in the long run. She also wished Kill Bill the best in his life.

Kill Bill opened up to reporters on Twitter, explaining his side of the story by saying he was always there to support Sukihana, but he wasn’t able to keep fighting.

On September 20, Bill was involved in a heated argument with Sukihana that was on Instagram Live for their shared audience to witness. Additionally, there are reports that Sukihana has heard saying to Kill Bill to leave their home. He said he owned a portion of the property, and refused to leave.

The real shock is what Sukihana said next about how Kill Bill had made death threats to her and their son, which Kill Bill has reportedly denied.

Why was Sukihana Arrested for Battery in Florida?

On July 2, 2021, there were reports of Sukihana being released from custody on grounds of what appears to be ‘battery’. Arrest records were obtained by reporters, claiming that the Love & Hip Hop: Miami superstar was taken to Broward County Jail, and was later released on $1,000 bail.

Although the subtle details regarding her arrest are currently unknown, Sukihana has been fairly open with the press, not shying away from cameras and questions regarding her arrest. After her release, Sukihana wrote on her Instagram saying that she was now in a ‘paperwork party’. Fans were overall supportive, with many sending supportive messages on the social media platform.

After the arrest, Sukihana also changed her display picture on Instagram to show her mug shot, which curiously has her smirking at the camera.

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Who Are Sukihana’s Parents?

Sukihana’s parents are Lori Lee and Alex Wright. Lori married Alex, but unfortunately lost him when he was killed around the age of 16. Later in life, Lori remarried another man called Demond Foreman, and although they were very secretive about their marriage and love life for a long time.

Demond did provide small hints about their first meeting in an Instagram post that celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. In the post, Demond reveals that he met Lori in 1988, and although they went through a rollercoaster of ups and downs together, Lori is the best thing that ever happened to Demond.

Demond, the stepfather to Sukihana, has his birthday on September 9th every year. Lori posted a photo of him on her Facebook, saying how grateful she was to Demond that he took on the role of husband and father in her and her family’s life.

Demon is from Delaware and studied at the Delaware State University, and he works at General Motors.

Who Are Sukihana’s Siblings?

Apparently, there are reports that Sukihana has three siblings from her mother’s two marriages. The siblings who are known are named Yasmeen Henderson, Kandi Reign, and Sukihana (Destiny Henderson.)

Currently, the siblings are involved in their own lives, with Yasmeen being in a relationship and working as a Lead Cashier at a general store. Kandi followed in her sister Sukihana’s footsteps, becoming a model with a large following on her Instagram. According to her Instagram handle, Kandi has been featured on Elle, TeenVogue, Billboard, MTV, and other media outlets.

Lori allegedly has four kids from her two marriages. The known ones are Yasmeen Henderson, Kandi Reign, and of course Sukihana (real name: Destiny Henderson).

Sukihana, by far, is the one child that stands out the most, with a prominent music and acting career after she went viral with ‘Kodak Snack’ in 2017 and being a part of the reality TV show on VH1, Love & Hip Hop: Miami. What also helped her fame was her appearance in CardiB’s music video ‘WAP’.

Sukihana’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

Real NameDestiny Henderson
Place of BirthWilmington, Delaware
OccupationReality TV star, rapper
Net Worth Estimate$500k - $1 million
BirthdayNovember 15th, 1991
Ex-FianceKill Bill (rapper)