Nick Eh 30 Net Worth | How Much Has He Made?

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Nick Eh 30 is quite famous in the gaming world. Let’s find out about Nick Eh 30 Net Worth, his career, private life and more!

Nick Eh 30 Net Worth

Nick Eh 30 Net Worth


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Nick Eh 30 net worth is estimated to be around $ 2 – 2.5 million USD. This young 26-year old is famous for being a YouTuber.

What he is really good at is live-streaming online games. He does this on his very own YouTube channel. Have you ever heard of the popular game called Fortnite? – well, Nick is quite the expert in this game which Epic Games developed.

Today, Nick Eh 30 is one of the top gamers of Fortnite in the world. He’s got more than two-thousand wins registered under ‘Nick Eh 30’ which is his professional name. Most of Nick Eh 30’s net woth is thanks to his YouTube channel.

He also has another YouTube channel called Nick Eh 30 EXTRAS, which has over 70 thousand subscribers and more than 948 million views. That equates to around $3 million in revenue before taxes. Nick Eh 30 net worth has definitely blown after his second channel.

All thanks to Fortnite, and the fact that Nick streams it every day that has got him where he is today.

He is also active on other social media channels such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Some famous games that are streamed by Nick are Fortnite, The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, Resident Evil 7, and lots more.

Nick has also become the face of some famous brands such as G Fuel, and others. By the way, Nick Eh 30 isn’t his real name as you may have guessed it. His real name is Nicholas Teddy Amyoony.

How Nick Eh 30 Got Started


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If you don’t know the name of Nick Eh 30, yet, he’s the guy with all the Fortnite skills and the unbelievable tricks he brings to his live video games.

But how did he get started in gaming? Well, he was trying to prioritize school studying, and this is how it paid off, you could say! He was a brilliant student and got straight A’s. Along with studying hard, he enjoyed guitar lessons, he took Taekwondo lessons and has his blue belt, and he enjoyed other activities too. He was studying hard to be a doctor. But serious study requires breaks in-between, and for Nick, he loved the way video games did such an excellent job of allowing him to escape – take his mind off his intense studying and create some fun around him. It wouldn’t be long before the breaks of video games became a real passion. He was always uploading videos and sending them out, and it made some people who he sent them out to, to laugh and enjoy the fun with him. In fact, he loved recording and editing.

Live-streaming was taking off at more or less the same time that Fortnite did. Nick, with his knowledge of Fortnight, started streaming. His followers loved it because he would share all the tricks and tips he knew.

Nick says that from there, his career just started spiraling and growing upwards. His YouTube channel just took off because he continued to put out good content that people knew and trusted was going to be there. One big advantage that also got his channel going was that he would stream early in the morning when all the other big streamers weren’t online yet. He had the viewing monopoly. The streamers who were getting between 10,000 and 15,000 viewers suddenly weren’t getting them anymore, because Nick was getting them.

The other advantage that he had was that he was always consistent. He put his all into his YouTube channel around the clock. It was these two things that he considered as advantageous to him; his early morning streaming and his consistency to put out stuff every single day.

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Saying Please and Thank You with a smile can take you far!

He does have a family-friendly streaming service and that makes him popular with kids, tweens, and even adults because they trust Nick.

One thing that Nick has become very well known for, almost like a trademark, is his fantastic manners – he’s always courteous with his followers and there are always pleases and thank-you’s dotting his speech. Way to go, Nick!

In his chats that he had with his community, he would even request it, recommend it, say that if people do say please and thank you, it makes the other person happier to do what you are requesting of them. It got to the point where Nick only responded to people who did say please and thank you, and he has become highly recognized for that!

Another reason he has become so popular is that he keeps his energy going all the time. He’s always happy and chilled even when things don’t seem to be going his way. Nick says it’s also because he is grateful for what he has, and each day before his stream, he will tell himself that he is living his dream job; that he gets to play video games for a living; and that it’s what keeps him motivated.

He knows kids are watching him too, and he tries to set a good example. Lots of parents let Nick know that when they turn on Nick’s stream with their young kids, they don’t have to worry about hearing angry words, shouting, or swearing. That’s because Nick likes to keep things cool. He realizes he has an amazing life and an amazing job. So he wants to set the best example he can and influence people positively.

Nick is literally ranked as of the best Fortnite players. And he enjoys the fact that his parents are helping behind the scenes as well.

He is living his dream especially when he attends Fortnight competitions as such and people are shouting and waving and screaming “Please” and “Thank You!.”  He is an inspiring person in so many positive ways!

Nick Eh 30’s Childhood


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Nick Eh 30 was born on the 14th March 1995 in Nova Scotia Canada. He apparently has a brother in the family and has they have always been a close-knit family, to the point that he has featured his mom and dad in his videos as well. His mom is Lebanese and his father is a Canadian.

When he was at Prince Andrew High School, he took out time to have fun – and he did this by playing video games. After all, he was a straight A’s student and was studying and putting in a lot of time in order that he would be able to study at Dalhousie University to become a doctor. This left him with little time to play sports and socialize.

Fortunately, he had his PS3 with him; little realizing at this point in time, that his whole career was going to go down a completely different path!  That’s when he discovered The Last of Us.  He would spend time sharing his experiences with other players and making comments on YouTube. This took up a lot of his time to the point that he asked his parents for a break from his studying, suggesting to them that if they supported him for one year, he would make a new career out of his new gaming career, but if it failed in that time, he would go back to his studies to become a doctor. His parents weren’t really happy with it, but as we know, the rest is history.

It was in this ‘gap year’ that Fortnite was developed; 2017, and live streaming also took off around this time. Nick, with his bit of talent with gaming, made comments and shared tips and tricks to would-be gamers. Things just continued to progress in his career – No wonder Nick Eh 30 net worth is so amazing after such a short career span.

Nick Eh 30’s Career


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Nick Eh 30 started his career on YouTube in 2014 – he is still going strong. The first video he started sharing was from a horror video game called The Last of Us; it consisted of lots of weapons and how they are applied in the game. When he uploaded it to YouTube, it became even more popular. He also worked on his two other videos, Uncharted 4 and Resident Evil 7 and by 2016, he was rather famous, playing a whole bunch of games while working still on Last of Us.

In 2018, he teamed up with his partner and teammate OneShotGurl. They competed against FaZe Cloak and FaZe Tfue in a competition. These four made the greatest PC killing in gaming history towards the end of the game!

You could say that since Nick Eh 30 became one of Fortnite’s top players, his career has skyrocketed.  These days he has over 6.3 million subscribers and over 2000 wins to his credit. But it’s not only Fortnite though that has earned Nick Eh 30 net worth of over $2 million USD.

Since then, he has featured in other games and events. Every day he is busy streaming footage of his gameplay. He also offers walkthroughs, tips, and commentary about all that is going on in the gaming industry.

Back in 2015, a major YouTube player called PewDiePie ran a shout-out competition on his website. Nick Eh 30 entered it, catching PewDiePie’s attention. PewDiePie gave a shout-out to Nick and suddenly overnight, Nick’s channel grew by 8000 subscribers.

By 2017, Nick’s channel had grown a lot bigger and he was starting to gain global attention in gaming. This time, Nick reached out to PewDiePie, thanking him for seeing something worthwhile to showcase in his channel and also for believing in him. PewDiePie answered him by saying he was ever so glad and so glad that Nick was doing so well.

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He is also on Twitch

Nick also earned a lot of his wealth from streaming on Twitch. He sells merchandise on his website which is known as But he also makes his wealth from ads on YouTube and also from sponsors.

He moved to Twitch because he believed that their fantastic roster of the players of the day, the exclusive tournaments, live broadcasts, and heaps of exciting broadcasting tools helped him make the move. He has also realized that being a professional streamer is highly competitive because the top players in the world stream every day and they all are looking to build a good audience. He has become well known for interacting well with his community. He offers people advice on how to get even better at video games. His community means the world to him. At Twitch, he engaged with fans in new ways, collaborating with many of the best players at Fortnite.

He signed up with Luminosity Gaming in 2020

In 2020, Nick signed with the e-sports organization called Luminosity Gaming, telling his fans that his streaming, however, would remain on Twitch.  After all, he had more than 74 million views and around $15,000 in revenue per month from it. Twitch already had suffered a loss when a top “twitcher,’ Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced that he would be live streaming on Microsoft’s Mixer exclusively. But then Nick Eh 30 moved in and moved his live broadcasts from YouTube to Twitch. He experienced heaps of growth. By 2018, in June, he had reached the 1 million subscriber mark.

On Luminosity Gaming, Nick will continue to create content for them, creating fabulous and family-friendly content under their banner.

Some interesting fun facts about Nick Eh 30

Although some of us can relate to this – he microwaves his ice cream.

He says when he has cereal he likes to pour the milk in first – then the cereal.

When he was younger, he says, he would have tea in the morning. He would have with his tea toast with peanut butter on. Then he would dip the peanut butter with the toast into his cup of tea until it was all mushy and soft and drink it like out the cup, all moist. Now he thinks of it as gross, but back then when he was little …

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Conclusion | Nick Eh 30 Net Worth

Nick Eh 30 has always loved technology and gaming from a very young age. To fulfill his dream, he created a YouTube channel in his name, in 2014. He would upload gaming, live streaming, and technology-related videos. He was rewarded in 2016 for his hard work when he gained 1 million viewers. Today, he is a leading live-streamer and gamer in the world, and he has record numbers for subscribers. His YouTube channel already boasts well over 4.6 million subscribers. Part of Nick Eh 30 net worth includes brand endorsements, vlogging, and live streaming.

Nick has yet to win any fantastic prestigious awards and honors, but nevertheless, he has accomplished a lot in his career. If we know a bit about Nick now, we know that soon, we will hear of even greater things because he says he is adamant about achieving even greater success in his career. Watch this space!


NameNick Eh 30
Real NameNicholas Teddy Amyoony
Date of Birth14 March 1995 (26 years)
Place of BirthNovia Scotia, Canada
ProfessionYouTuber, Live-streamer
Nick Eh 30 Net Worth$ 2 million USD