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Mila Kunis Net Worth – How Rich Is The World Famous Actress?

Are you ready to learn more about Mila Kunis net worth? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Mila Kunis is a world-famous actress and she is adored by fans from all around the world. She went from having nothing to having everything through hard work and dedication.


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So, let us delve a bit deeper into who the star actress is. In this article, we will go into detail on Mila Kunis net worth, her early life, career, and personal life so that you may get to know who she really is. Let’s not waste any more time. It is time to learn all about Mila Kunis!

Who is Mila Kunis?


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If you have ever watched the popular series called “ That 70’s Show” then you are probably already familiar with who Mila Kunis is. Mila Kunis is a driven actress who climbed into the hearts of many fans when she played the role of Jackie Burkhart in “That 70’s Show.”

She played the role of a quirky and snobby daughter of a millionaire who had just been sent to jail. Throughout the series, she flaunted her acting abilities by playing her role as an entitled and vain teenager so well that it would be hard to guess that she is not that kind of person in real life.

The factor that made me conclude that Mila Kunis is one of the most driven actresses of her time is the fact that she was actually too young to play the role of Jackie Burkhart since she was only 14 years old at the time and the producers were looking for an actress who was at least 16 years old.

Despite her obvious disadvantage, Mila Kunis still decided to audition for the role. She performed so well in her audition and impressed the casting directors to such an extent that they were willing to look past the fact that she was too young for the role and they mutually agreed to cast Mila Kunis in the role of Jackie Burkhart.

The talented actress has since performed voiceovers in cartoons and appeared in a few other films that helped Mila Kunis net worth become what it is today. Her fans adore her adorably beautiful appearance and personality and they simply love the quirky roles that she plays in movies.

Mila Kunis also did not have an easy life while she was growing up. In an interview with the press, she stated that she grew up in a poor family. She also stated that her family’s financial status not only taught her how to be humble, but also taught her that you need to work hard to get to where you want to be in life.

Yes, Mila Kunis net worth is not something that she earned without hard work. The very fact that she took the risk to audition for a role that she knew she was too young for emphasizes the fact that the star actress is willing to put in extra work, take calculated risks, and to go the extra mile to reach her goals in life.

She climbed up the social ladder and moved straight from being a part of the lower class to becoming one of the most profitable actresses of the modern-day and age. This is exactly why Mila Kunis is one of the most influential actresses of her time.

She proved to the world and to her fans that your past does not define who you are and that anyone can reach their goals if they are willing to work hard and persevere until they become successful.

Mila Kunis is one of my personal favorite actresses and unlike many other females in the entertainment industry she is humble and refuses to exploit her sexuality in order to obtain success. As a matter of fact, she obtained success due to having pure and enviable talent which is both admirable and inspirational.

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Mila Kunis Net Worth

So, what is Mila Kunis net worth and how profitable is the television star really? Mila Kunis net worth began to skyrocket when she was only 14 years old and became one of the stars in the “That 70’s Show” television series.

This means that she was already rolling in money in her teenage years. The series lasted for more than 5 seasons which means that she was earning a steady income in the long term.

I am sure that we can all agree that someone who played in a series that lasted for years and did voiceovers for Family Guy which also lasted for more than 10 seasons must be worth quite a large sum of money correct? Well, get ready to be blown out of your socks!

Mila Kunis net worth is currently estimated to be an amount of 75 million dollars. That is a significant amount of money to have in your pocket and her net worth, once again, can be credited to her appearance in “That 70’s Show. Paying bills is clearly a breeze for this talented actress.

Early Life


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Believe it or not, despite her flawless Northern American accent, Mila Kunis was not born in the United States and had to adopt the local accent through practice and perseverance in order to be cast as Jackie Burkhart. Also, Mila Kunis is not the star actress’ real name.

Let us start by getting to know where Mila Kunis is originally from. The world-famous actress was born in Chernivtsi which is a city that is based in Ukraine. She was born on the 14th of August, 1983 to a loving family who struggled to reach their financial goals.

Also, Mila Kunis is the star’s stage name. Her real name is, in actual fact, Milena Kunis which is an equally beautiful name to her stage name. When she was only 7 years old Mila Kunis’ family decided that it was time for a fresh start which led to them relocating to the United States.

This was a big risk for the family to take since they only had 250 dollars to their name when they arrived in the United States. Her parents, whose names are Mark and Elvira decided to resign from their jobs in Ukraine and make this move in order to give their children the life that they deserve.

Therefore, Mila Kunis along with her older brother whose name is Michael moved to Los Angeles with their parents for a fresh start and the dream of becoming financially stable.

Her father who was a mechanical engineer while he was living in Ukraine was forced to accept a job as a cab driver since he could not find a job in his preferred line of work. On the other hand, Mila Kunis’ mother was fortunate enough to land a job running a pharmacy even though she worked as a physics teacher in Ukraine.

Mila Kunis stated in an interview that relocating to the United States was not an easy step for her. She stated that the culture and the people were difficult to understand since she was used to Ukraine’s culture. Also, she compared adjusting to life in the United States with being deaf and blind.

Since the star actress did not know anyone in Los Angeles, her parents decided to help her build her social life. In order to do this, they signed her up for acting classes at a performing arts academy that was called the Beverly Hills Studio.

Susan Kurtis who was a talent manager at the time immediately saw potential in Mila Kunis. She took her under her wing and decided to help her become successful. In order to do this, she helped the aspiring star by securing roles for her in a variety of television advertisements.

This is where Mila Kunis net worth slowly began to rise. After this, the young actress’ new manager stepped things up a notch. Thanks to her help Mila Kunis made small appearances in a few television programs, one of which was a popular show called “7th Heaven.”

These were already great opportunities for the star actress to be exposed to, but little did she know that her big break was yet to come. At the young age of 14, her big break finally arrived which is also where Mila Kunis net worth began to skyrocket.

This is when she was cast as a lead character in one of the most popular television series of the time which was none other than “That 70’s Show. The vain and entitled teenager that she played in the series allowed Mila Kunis to flaunt her comedic abilities and she soon became an audience favorite.

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Mila Kunis spent 8 seasons as an actress on “That 70’s Show” before the series ended and the time came for her to find new opportunities.

It was not long before she was cast as the voice-over actor for Meg Griffin in a show called “Family Guy” which is still one of the most popular adult cartoon series to this day.

Regardless of the fact that Mila Kunis already had her hands full with the television programs that she was working on, she decided that she wanted to step further into the industry. In order to do this, she started auditioning for films as opposed to sticking to her career as a television series star.

The first film that she co-starred in was called “Get Over It” which was released in 2001. Mila Kunis worked alongside Kirstin Dunst and the film received outstanding feedback from critics.

After this, she played a role in a movie called “ American Psycho II: All American Girl” where she worked closely with Macaulay Culkin. Mila Kunis’ specialty is comedic acting. So, it should come as no surprise that, in 2006, she landed another comedic role in a movie called “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” which was also a hit at the time.

Regardless of the fact that the actress was performing alongside some big names including Jason Segel and Russell Brand, the movie critics focused on her performance in the film and praised her for how she portrayed her character.

In 2010, Mila Kunis decided to take a break from comedic acting and earned a role in “Black Swan” which is a thriller. She acted alongside Natalie Portman who is another big name in the acting industry. This role did not come easy for the star actress.

As a matter of fact, not only was she required to spend an amount of 7 weeks training to be a ballerina in the film, but she was also required to lose 20 pounds. Naturally, she pulled this off since we all know that Mila Kunis lets nothing stand in the way of what she wants to accomplish.

Her performance in “Black Swan” turned the heads of critics and viewers. As a matter of fact, she received multiple award nominations for her role in the film.

Not only did she receive a Golden Globe award nomination which is one of the greatest awards one can receive in the acting industry, but she also received nominations for the Screen Actors Guild as well as receiving a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Mila started to enjoy the more serious roles that she was now playing in movies, so she accepted a role in a movie called “ The Book of Eli” in the same year where she worked alongside Denzel Washington. Mila decided to step back into the genre of comedy in 2011 when she starred in a movie called “Friends with Benefits.”

The movie was a hit and the star actress received outstanding feedback from viewers and critics. Later on, in 2012, she received a role in the movie “Ted” which is still an audience favorite to this day.

A year later, in 2013, Mila Kunis was cast in “Oz the Great and Powerful” where she played the role of the Wicked Witch of the West. Once again, she received excellent feedback for her performance in this role.

It was not long after this that the star actress was given the opportunity to act alongside some more big industry names one of which was none other than Channing Tatum. The film was called “Jupiter Ascending” and it was a sci-fi movie that was released in 2015.

Mila Kunis’ performance in this movie proves that she can successfully pull off roles in a variety of genres and acting styles. However, comedy acting still seems to be her strong suit. Despite the fact that Mila Kunis net worth was already significant enough for her to retire at this point, the star actress was not ready to sit back and relax just yet.

As a matter of fact, shortly after her first pregnancy, she starred alongside Kristin Bell in a movie called “Bad Moms.” The movie was released in 2016 and it immediately became a box office hit and an audience favorite. Later on, she performed in the sequel to the movie which was called “ A Bad Mom’s Christmas.

The sequel was also a hit amongst fans. By now Mila Kunis had stepped back into the field of comedic acting and she still was not ready to take a break from her career. Therefore, in 2018, she worked in unison with Kate McKinnon on a movie called “The Spy Who Dumped Me.”

Her performance in this movie had the audience rolling in laughter which we all know is something that Mila Kunis is great at doing. Since then the star actress has not accepted a role in another film, but with the drive, passion, and perseverance that Mila Kunis has, I am sure that we will see her on television again in no time.

Mila Kunis is a true inspiration to anyone who had a financially difficult upbringing and she certainly helped her family out of their financial struggles since Mila Kunis net worth is currently enough to support all of her loved ones.

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Personal Life


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One can only imagine that Mila Kunis net worth along with her drop-dead gorgeous appearance and enviable talent that plenty of men would jump at the opportunity to steal her heart. Well, thus far a few actors have managed, but not all of Mila Kunis’ relationships were successful.

After playing her part in “ American Psycho II: All American Girl,” the star actress fell head over heels for Macaulay Culkin who she worked closely with during the production of the film. At first, it looked like the couple was a match made in heaven.

As a matter of fact, they were in a relationship for 8 years which is quite a long period of time. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out and the couple ended up parting ways in 2011. Thankfully, this was not the end of Mila Kunis’ romantic journey.

The star actress fell in love once again with Christopher Ashton Kutcher who is both an actor and a model. This relationship was much more successful than the previous one and the two lovebirds ended up getting married in 2015.

Mila Kunis and Christopher Ashton Kutcher are still married to this day and they are the parents of two beautiful children. Mila gave birth to a baby girl who the couple called Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher. Two years later the couple had yet another child but this time it was a baby boy who they called Dimitri Portwood  Kutcher.

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So is Mila Kunis net worth one that she deserves? It most certainly is. The star actress did not only grow up with financial struggles, but she also had to adjust to living in the United States as well as altering her accent in order to enter the acting industry.

She was already successful before the age of 14 which is admirable, to say the least. Mila Kunis net worth is something that she earned through hard work and perseverance. She is a true inspiration and has taught the world that you can accomplish anything as long as you do not quit.


NameMila Kunis
Real NameMilena Markovna Kunis
Date of Birth14 August 1983
Place of BirthUkraine
Height5 ft 4 in
Net Worth Estimate$75 million