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Key Glock Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Key Glock Net Worth Estimate:

Key Glock net worth is currently estimated as being at somewhere between $500,000 dollars and $1.8 million dollars. Still being early in his career Key Glock net worth may not yet be at the level of some rappers but as his star is currently on the rise, this could change. Key Glock net worth could rise much higher.

Who is Key Glock?


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Key Glock is a rap artist and song writer whose real name is Markeyvius LaShun Cathey, who was mentored by Adolph Robert Thornton Jr, better known to rap music fans as Young Dolph. In 2017, Young Dolph signed him on to Paper Route Empire, his independent recording label, and released Glock Season, his first mixtape.

Since then, Key Glock has released numerous other mixtapes. They are called Glock Bond, Glockoma, Dum and Dummer, Son of a Gun, and Dum and Dummer 2. Key Glock also has two full length studio albums, namely Yellow Tape and Yellow Tape 2, which came out in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

Key Glock’s Career


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In January 2017, Key Glock’s cousin and mentor Young Dolph signed him to his independent record label, Paper Route Empire. Later that very same month, Key Glock dropped his very first single with Paper Route Empire. It was called “Racks Today” and also featured a cameo appearance from the rap artist Jay Fizzle.

It wasn’t long after that that Key Glock’s first mix tape came out. Key Glock dropped it on the sixteenth of June of that year, and decided to call it Glock Season.

Key Glock later directly collaborated with his cousin and best friend Young Dolph when the two both wrote and appeared on the album Dum and Dummer. The album was a big hit, eventually getting to the 8th slot on Billboard Magazine’s 200 charts.

Meanwhile, one of the tracks off Young Dolph’s album Role Model called “Major”, which featured an appearance by Key Glock ended up reaching the forty seventh slot on Billboard’s Hot R&B Hip Hop songs.

After Young Dolph and Key Glock had finally put out their joint album Dum and Dummer, they took off a tour of the United Kingdom that played major cities such as London and Manchester. While there, they also took on Blade Brown, a rap singer from the United Kingdom, to appear on stage with them as well.

This tour did so well that from there, Key Glock and Young Dolph kicked off another tour, called The No Rules Tour, in Seattle on the 5th of February in 2020. Key Glock net worth continued to rise here.

This wasn’t long before the COVID 19 pandemic began to rage across the globe and lead to lots of cancellations and plans being upset.

This was only short after Key Glock’s album Yellow Tape dropped in January and instantly reached the fourteenth slot on Billboard 200. At the midpoint of 2020, Key Glock then put out yet another mixtape, this one called Son of a Gun, continuing off his naming convention of punning on his stage name of Key Glock, a gun.

Early in the next year, 2021, Key Glock put out yet another single with his beloved best friend and cousin, Young Dolph, called “Aspen”. This was in conjunction with their announcement that Dum and Dummer 2, their sequel follow up album to Dum and Dummer, would be coming out that same month.

Dum and Dummer’s cover art had Key Glock and Young Dolph drawn cartoon style in a manner that heavily winked at the classic MTV cartoon show duo Beavis and Butthead.

When Young Dolph was then tragically gunned down not long afterwards, Key Glock was absolutely devastated. He wrote a song called “Proud” about his feelings for his mentor and kindred spirit and dropped it in January of 2022.

The lyrics talk about how devastated Key Glock was when he lost Young Dolph. The chorus starts as follows: “I lost my dog, I lost my mind, no lie, I’m really lost inside / I can get it back in blood, but still, I can’t get back the time.”

Only a few days after that, a tribute album to Young Dolph came out called Long Live Young Dolph, and Key Glock’s track was prominently featured on it.

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Key Glock: Early Life

Key Glock was born on the third of August in the year 1997 in South Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America under the birth name Markeyvius LaShun Cathey. He sadly had a bit of a tumultuous childhood.

Key Glock’s mom was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, first a state prison, then a federal institution, when he was only twenty months old. Key Glock’s dad, meanwhile, was a bit of a drifter who never stayed around long. This meant that Key Glock’s grandma and aunt were his primary caregivers in that time.

Key Glock’s childhood was marked by various trips to see his mom while she was locked up. Key Glock’s grandma would take him as often as it was allowed and she was able to, as she wanted to make sure his mom stayed a presence in his young life.

When he was growing up, Key Glock often retreated into music, due to the pain he suffered due to the circumstances of his upbringing. Rap stars such as Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Future were enormous influences on him.

Key Glock even attributes one of Project Pat’s songs, “Gorilla Pimp” as being the primary inspiration for his own hit track called “Dig That”. Meanwhile, Key Glock’s first ever track was composed of freestyling “Ain’t No Way Around It” by Future.

When Key Glock turned eighteen, the specter of prison nearly haunted him as well when he was involved in a gun shooting. Key Glock’s charges ended up being for multiple aggravated assault counts. Key Glock served ninety days, luckily not nearly as much as his mother.

Upon getting out, Key Glock retreated into music once again, and then ultimately decided to focus on it as his career.

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Key Glock’s Personal Life and Family

Key Glock wasn’t only mentored by Young Dolph. The two were actually also related to each. They were cousins.

After Young Dolph died at the hands of gun violence in late 2021, Key Glock wrote on Instagram that he was “my left hand man, my brother, my cousin, my mentor, and drank partner”. Afterwards, in tribute to his beloved late best friend, Key Glock had an illustration of Dolph’s face tattooed on his body to commemorate him.

In addition to his early arrest and brief period of jail time, Key Glock was again placed under arrest in May 2019. At the time of his arrest, Key Glock had on his person both marijuana and an illegal gun.

Key Glock’s Social Media Influence

Key Glock does not currently have the level of social media presence that one might expect from an up and coming rapper of his status. Key Glock has a very healthily sized Instagram account from a follower perspective but doesn’t post much. Key Glock does post a lot on Twitter but oddly doesn’t have a huge follower number.


Key Glock has a Facebook account, however it currently remains unverified. But it does seem to be official. Key Glock currently has four hundred eight thousand seven hundred and eighty three fans on this platform.

Key Glock mainly uses his account to post information about his upcoming live appearances, tours, concerts and more, and clips of his music videos and songs. However, he currently does not have very many posts that are publicly available.

Should this situation change in the future and Key Glock’s account become verified and/or fully public, we will be sure to update this information on this page in order to key our readers apprised of all of the latest news about Key Glock net worth, career, and life.


Key Glock has an official public verified Twitter account where he tweets under the Twitter handle @KeyGLOCK. Although the screen name seems to have some very specific upper case letters, Twitter’s system is not case sensitive, so it can also be accessed by typing the screen name in with only lower case letters.

Meanwhile, Key Glock’s name on Twitter is GLIZOCK. On this popular social media platform, Key Glock has seven hundred and three thousand followers at the present time, and is himself currently following two hundred and ninety one.

Key Glock uses his account mainly to plug his music, albums, tracks, upcoming live appearances, concerts, gigs, interviews, articles, and so on and so forth. Key Glock also often posts messages to his fans including various observations and statements that usually get liked and retweeted thousands of times.


Instagram is by far Key Glock’s most popular social media platform. Key Glock has an official public verified Instagram account, where he has over two and a half million followers. Key Glock is himself impressively following absolutely no one in return. What might be most stunning about this is he only has 8 posts total.

Key Glock’s Instagram handle is simply @keyglock.

It says something about the power of his burgeoning fame and his growing fanbase that Key Glock can maintain such a following on such a popular platform despite himself not actually posting on it very much at the present time. Key Glock net worth will very likely continue to grow based on these numbers.

While one may wonder why his Instagram is so much more successful than his other social media platforms, it seems to be a sign of how Instagram itself has evolved to position itself as one of the top platforms on the internet, as many people are migrating away from Twitter and Facebook for various reasons.


Key Glock does not as of the present time have a public business account on LinkedIn. This is perhaps not surprising as the sort of business networking that this particular service provides is not the sort that young up and coming entertainers in the music industry tend to require.

With that said, things can always change, and if at any point in the future, Key Glock decides to sign up for an official LinkedIn business account, we will be sure to update this page with that information.

We want to make sure we continue to fulfill our goal of keeping our readers as up to date as possible with all of the latest news and information about Key Glock net worth, life, and career.


Key Glock does not official public verified TikTok account. There are a few accounts that purport to be Key Glock, but none of them are clearly Key Glock himself and all seem to be fan accounts.

With that said, things can always change, and if at any point in the future, Key Glock decides to sign up for a TikTok account we will be sure to update this page with that information. This would not be a surprising move for Key Glock given how popular a platform TikTok is with people and celebs in his age range.

We want to make sure we continue to fulfill our goal of keeping our readers as up to date as possible with all of the latest news and information about Key Glock net worth, life, and career.

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Key Glock: Height, Weight

Key Glock’s height is not a matter currently available in the public record, however it is estimated as being at 5 feet, 10 inches, which is 180 in centimeters, as well as being 1.8 in meters.

Key Glock’s weight is not a matter currently available in the public record, however it is estimated as being at about 158 pounds or 72 kilos. Key Glock’s chest size is estimated at 41 inches. Key Glock’s waist size is estimated at 30 inches. Key Glock’s hip size is estimated at 35 inches. Key Glock’s measurements are 41-30-35.

Key Glock’s eye color is black. Key Glock’s hair color is black.

Key Glock Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameKey Glock
Real NameMarkeyvius LaShun Cathey
Place of BirthMemphis, Tennessee, USA
Net Worth Estimate$1.8 Million