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Iann Dior’s Net Worth – How Much Does He Make

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Iann Dior’s net worth is estimated to stand at $700,000 and he is a very influential young artist. Texan-born Iann Dior, born Michael Ian Olmo, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter.

His professional stage name, Iann Dior, is often stylized all in lowercase – iann dior. His career trajectory started with a bang in 2019 when he burst onto the scene with his single Cutthroat. Still relatively young and inexperienced, Dior has risen to the top on what seems to be talent alone. His popularity and collaborations will likely keep him in the top charts for years to come.

Iann Dior Net Worth

Iann Dior in Los Angeles in Dec 2021. Editorial Photo Credit: Shutterstock @ Kathy Hutchins

Who Is Iann Dior?

Texas-born Iann Dior rapidly rose to fame in 2019 as a 19-year-old with a very big dream. Iann Dior is an American rapper, songwriter, and singer known for the melodic and moody style of lo-fi hip-hop. He dropped his debut single, Cutthroat, in 2019, and in just more than a month racked up more than 13 million streams on SoundCloud. Now Iann Dior’s net worth is approximately $700,000 and it all grew from that one single.

This type of success, of course, immediately catches the eye of other influencers and artists. In Iann Dior’s case, he was noticed by FaZe Banks and Cole Bennett. After his rise to fame on SoundCloud, 10K Projects, a new independent label, signed him.

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Nowadays Iann Dior’s music is very popular and his tracks rack up plays as soon as they are released. After Cutthroat, his follow-up single, Emotions, amassed 3 million plays in just under a month.

Iann Dior is a very influential young music artist and he uses his own life as inspiration for his tracks. His moody and emotional brand of lo-fi hip-hop speaks about his struggles and experiences. And although he enjoys telling his story through his music, he does incorporate upbeat tracks as well. These tracks are usually collaborations that people can simply have fun with.

Iann Dior’s Net Worth Estimate


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Ian Dior’s net worth estimate is $700,000. He is currently only 22 years old and has had a rapid rise to fame since 2019. In 2020, Ian Dior was featured on rapper 24kGoldn’s single Mood which was in the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Iann Dior is considered to be one of the richest and most influential young singers in America.

His rapid rise to fame is set to continue with incredible collaborations on the charts. Iann Dior is signed to Internet Money Records, Caroline Records, and 10K Projects. The backing and support of big names in the industry are helping pave the way for Iann Dior’s continued success.

How Did Iann Dior Become Famous?

Iann Dior rose to fame because of a moody and melodic single named Cutthroat. It generated more than 13 million plays in a little over a month on SoundCloud. After the success of Cutthroat, Dior released another single followed by a mixtape, Nothings Ever Good Enough, in 2019.

Dior’s claim to fame may be his most popular single to date Gone Girl. This track featured Trippie Redd and generated more than 100 million plays on Spotify.

Iann Dior’s Early Life

Iann Dior’s real name is Michael Ian Olmo and he grew up in Corpus Christie, Texas. Of his young life in Corpus Christie, Ian Dior simply says that it’s a toxic place. He believes that nobody that lives there wants to see anyone else succeed. He wanted to use his story to make music and empower himself. He wanted to tell his story through his music.

Corpus Christie is known as one of the most dangerous metro areas in the United States. It is in Texas and is located on the Gulf of Mexico. In 2020, for every 100 000 people in Corpus Christie, 738 violent crimes were reported. Violent crimes include rape, aggravated assault, robbery, and homicide. In 2020 the metro also experienced a dramatic 22,9% increase in homicides from 2019.

Corpus Christie is also a really windy city and it has a dense suburban feel to it. But the high crime rate and the poverty rate of 16,2% means that it does have a dark underbelly. This toxic place, as Iann Dior himself put it, formed the background for the young singer’s early life.

Nowadays though, Iann Dior’s net worth speaks volumes regarding his success. And that success he built by himself to get himself out of toxic living situations.

His parents were very strict and used to scold Dior for listening to music with abusive language. Nowadays, they are proud of what Dior has achieved at such a young age.

Iann Dior started dabbling in music when he turned seventeen. He would hear a beat and put words to it to make sense of what he was feeling. This continued until age nineteen when he finally produced his first single.

Iann Dior’s Place of Birth

Iann Dior grew up in Corpus Christie and can attribute a lot of his experiences to this Texan metro. However, he was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. His parents relocated to Corpus Christie when Dior was still very young and therefore his formative years weren’t spent in Puerto Rico.

Arecibo is located on the northern coast of Puerto Rico and it borders the Atlantic Ocean. Even though Dior didn’t spend a lot of time in Arecibo it bears some similarities to Corpus Christie.

Arecibo is also known as a fairly dangerous city and municipality. The southwest part of the city is usually deemed to be the safest. Overall, the crime rate in Arecibo is 47.16 per 1000 residents per year. In terms of percentiles, Arecibo is in the 18th percentile of safety in terms of US cities. This means that 82% of cities are considered to be safer than Arecibo and 18% to be more dangerous.

Dior’s first language is Spanish, but he has stated that he has lost his Hispanic accent. Although that may be the case, Dior is still fluent in Spanish and has strong ties to the culture.

The singer-songwriter has mentioned that he may be doing crossovers with Latin music in the future. This is something that would be very exciting for the young singer’s career. If this continues, Iann Dior’s net worth estimate will dramatically increase in years to come.

Iann Dior’s Height and Weight

Iann Dior is slender and relatively small in stature. At 22 years of age, Ian Dior is 5 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs 149,9 pounds. He is a Puerto Rico-American, Hispanic, and has dark brown hair and brown eyes. His father is Tommo Olmo and his mother’s name is Anabelle Olmo.

The most distinctive features about Iann Dior’s physical appearance are his dreadlocks and painted nails.

Iann Dior did not have a glamorous start in life and he uses his personal stories as inspiration for his work. However, it is natural for a young artist of his stature to want to keep his private life to himself. This is not new or unheard of in the music industry and Dior will most likely allow the public a glimpse into his private life when he feels ready.

The spotlight of fame can sometimes be overwhelming for new artists and Iann Dior is no different. Although he is both humbled and excited by his success, he does keep to himself and tends to focus on his music.

Iann Dior’s Career

Iann Dior’s net worth is impressive and it can be attributed to his very successful career to date. Although he hasn’t been in the music business for very long, he has already made a name for himself.

His rise to success can be attributed to the general popularity of his music and his unique style. He has also had several very successful collaborations that have seen him thrust into the spotlight.

The music industry is a cut-throat business and it isn’t always easy for young artists to make a name for themselves. Iann Dior has defied the odds of the music business and taken it by storm with original tracks he himself put out there. This brave undertaking has reaped fruit with Iann Dior now considered one of the most successful new artists of his age.

How Iann Dior’s Career Started

Ian Dior started his professional career under the name Olmo, derived from his real name. Although his stage name is Iann Dior, stylized in lowercase, his real name is Michael Ian Olmo. The pseudonym Olmo was soon abandoned and he found fame as Iann Dior. Taz Taylor and Nick Mira of Internet Money Records discovered Iann Dior’s talent after his success on SoundCloud.

How Iann Dior’s Career is Going

Soon after he collaborated with Taylor and Mira and Mira produced a single of his, Dior signed with renowned record labels. He released a few singles and a mixtape but really came into his own with his debut studio album, Industry Plant. This album was released in November of 2019 and was the star’s first real claim to fame.

After that, Dior released three more singles followed by another release, I’m Gone. His career highlight to date though occurred in July of 2020. He was charted on the Billboard Hot 100 as a featured artist on 24kGoldn’s track Mood. This track peaked at number one on the chart.

Overall, Iann Dior has 13 singles, 1 compilation, 1 mixtape, 2 extended plays, and 1 studio album to his name. This is a significant body of work for an artist of only 22 who only emerged in the business in 2019.

If his success to date is anything to go by, Iann Dior will likely be making headlines for years to come. Iann Dior’s net worth to date is very impressive for his age and will likely grow as he continues making music.

Iann Dior’s Personal Life and Family


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Iann Dior is a fairly young artist on the music scene and only emerged in the business in 2019. This means that there is fairly little, if anything, known about Iann Dior’s personal life and family.

What is public knowledge, however, is that he was born to Tommy and Anabelle Olmo in 1999. He was born in Puerto Rico but his family relocated him to Corpus Christie as a young child. Iann Dior also has a sister, but her name has not been made known to the public.

Iann Dior is currently single and keeps his personal life and relationships very private. As with any figure in the public domain, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the subject of his girlfriend. Iann Dior is known to allow his personal life to inspire his songs. His single Gone Girl clearly speaks about a girlfriend, but it is unclear who this girlfriend is or was.

The fact of the matter is that Dior lives through his music and leaves clues as to his life in his tracks. The very first song that he ever wrote was about a very painful breakup, but the girl remains unnamed. However, what the public is generally most interested in is statistics like Iann Dior’s net worth or any new music he is bringing out.

Iann Dior’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

Iann Dior’s net worth is estimated to stand at $700,000 but is expected to increase exponentially. The singer-songwriter is very popular and his rapid rise to fame can be expected to continue.

Iann Dior is already very well-known and is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He has an impressive discography built up over just two years in the business. His career trajectory already includes a studio album as well as several singles. He has also collaborated with several highly regarded artists including 24kGoldn and Machine Gun Kelly.

Although he may not have had the easiest start in life, Iann Dior has ensured a better future for himself through music. He has made it his mission to ensure that he is seen as a respected artist in the industry at a very young age. Dior also has the habit of collaborating with and working with respected and established artists in the industry. His latest collaborations include big names like Travis Barker and Lil Baby.

Although he is considered to be the “fresh face of hip hop”, Iann Dior knows how to play with the big names. He has worked with Bernard Jabs, Nine Inch Nails, Carlie Hanson, Clean Bandit, and PoorStacy. It is only natural to expect impressive collaborations with featured artists from someone like Iann Dior who knows how to do it well. It is, of course, largely thanks to his work with other big-name brands that ensured his early success.

NameIann Dior
Real NameMichael Ian Olmo
Place of BirthArecibo, Puerto Rico
OccupationRapper, Singer, Songwriter
Net Worth Estimate$700,000