Curtis Sliwa Net Worth | How Much Is He Worth?

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There are many reasons to be curious about Curtis Sliwa net worth. Being the founder of the Guardian Angels and mayoral candidate in the New York’s city 2021 mayoral election is just a few of them.

Apart from Curtis Sliwa net worth, people have also been asking different questions about him. Questions like “Where is he from?” “How old is he now?” “How many marriages has he had?” “Does he have children” and more.

However, we have the answers to those questions and we’ll share them with you in just a bit. The only thing you need to do is to read to the end for complete information.

Who Is Curtis Sliwa?


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Are you among the people who think Curtis Sliwa is just a politician? And that Curtis Sliwa net worth is that low because of it? Politics is not everything there is to Curtis Sliwa.

Curtis Sliwa is not just an American politician, he is a media personality. Curti is a host at a radio talk show and he is also an American activist too. On February 13, 1971, Curtis founded the Guardian Angels. The Guardian Angels is a non-profitable organization whose focus is to protect members of the community from harm.

The organization has worked against violence for many years and is still active as we’ll see in the later parts of this article. His most notable political records are the takeover of the Reform Party of New York and the most recent, his candidacy in the New York Mayoral Election.

Over the years, Curtis has put up a fight against several things. Especially during the Donald Trump administration, he condemned a lot of  political action as part of his activism.

Curtis has been married several times and has 3 children. In the past years, he has also received some awards for his activism and his non-profit organization.

Curtis Sliwa’s Net Worth Estimate

What is Curtis Sliwa net worth estimate? As of 2022, Curtis Sliwa net worth is estimated to be $2 million. The radio talk show host and politician has worked very hard over the years to amass his net worth. We’ll talk more about Curtis Sliwa net worth later in this article.

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Curtis Sliwa’s Place of Birth and Early Life

“Where was Curtis Sliwa born?” “Who are Curtis’s parents?” “Where did he grow up?” “What schools did he attend?” these are the questions we’ll be answering in this part of the article.

The American politician, activist, and talk show host was born in Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York. He was birthed by his parents, Chester and Francesca Sliwa on March 26, 1954.

Curtis’s parents are wonderful people, as Curtis has always described them. On several occasions, he had attributed the birth of Guardian Angels to his parents. This is because they were very supportive and taught him a lot of things.

Although Curtis Sliwa is American, his parents are Polish and Italian descendants. They were also devout Christians. Catholics, to be precise. Sliwa grew up Catholic throughout his life and has remained catholic today.

Sliwa spent most of his life in Canarsie, Brooklyn. It was there he finished his education. The first high school he attended was Brooklyn Prep, which was a Jesuit High School. He didn’t graduate from there but moved to the second school.

Canarsie High School was where Curtis eventually graduated from. According to Sliwa, he was expelled from the first school. Though, he didn’t say why.

After his education, Sliwa took an interest in the media. He first started as a delivery guy. He would deliver Newspapers for the New York Daily News.

Sliwa was good at his job. However, that wasn’t what won him Newsboy of the Year. While on one of his many paper delivery routes, he had come across a burning building. Sliwa left his job and went in on impulse to save people from the fire.

Well, he ended up saving a lot of people. And this was how he got the title “Newsboy of the Year” which also came with a visit to the White House.

Curtis Sliwa’s Height and Weight

Curtis Sliwa net worth is just one of the things people are curious about. In the past few years, especially since he delved into politics, people also want to know his height and weight.

Curtis Sliwa, the American politician has a height of 6ft or 180cm. The activist also weighs 58kg or 128 pounds.

Curtis Sliwa’s Career

New York, NY - October 20, 2021: Curtis Sliwa Republican Party mayoral candidate greets supporters outside of NBC Studios before general election debates

New York, NY – October 20, 2021: Curtis Sliwa Republican Party mayoral candidate greets supporters outside of NBC Studios before general election debates. Editorial credit: lev radin /

After Sliwa stopped being a newsboy, he proceeded with a career in broadcasting. He became a radio broadcaster in 1990 and remained in the system for 30 years. The first place he worked at was the WABC-AM. He worked there for four years at first, until he was hired by WYNC.

At the time, WYNC was the public radio station for New York City. After Sliwa got the job, certain controversies arose. Many including himself said he had gotten the position with help from Mayor Rudy Guiliani. Rudy had just won the 1993 New York Mayoral Election.

Sliwa’s radio talk shows have made him very popular in the United States. Especially in New York. He returned to WABC in 1996 and began to host radio talk shows again.

In 2000, he was the co-host of Curtis and Kuby in the morning, alongside Ron Kuby. The talk show aired for eight years until another broadcaster, Don Imus took over. Curtis and Kuby had more collaborations together until 2017.

This was when Eboni Williams, another attorney, and TV commentator joined him on his TV shows. And in 2019, Eboni Williams was replaced with Juliet Huddy.

In 2008, Sliwa began his live program on WABC. It aired until 2009 when his contract was terminated due to a dispute. Curtis later returned to WABC in 2014. But before then, he had hosted morning and evening drive shows on WNYM-AM.

In 2021, Curtis finally placed his broadcasting career on hold. This was after an attorney had confronted him about promoting his candidacy in the upcoming Mayoral election. Since then, Sliwa has not returned to broadcasting.

Apart from his broadcasting career, Sliwa is popularly known for his non-profit organization, Guardian Angels. However, the Guardian Angels did not become Guardian Angels overnight. It first started as a group of 13 volunteers called the “Magnificent 13”.

This group was created by Sliwa in 1997 to fight subway crimes and the frequent violence that covered the city that year. In 1979, Sliwa changed the name to Guardian Angels seeing as the group had expanded. This was surrounded by a bit of controversy. While some people were strongly against their actions, others supported them.

Several criticisms and investigations were launched against the team. One of them was Mayor Ed Koch’s investigation of the group in 1990.

The members of Guardian Angels are usually trained in Karate before being sent to the field. They also weren’t permitted to carry weapons but could make citizen arrests after the legal requirements were fulfilled.

As the organization grew in numbers, it expanded to other parts of the world. As of now, Guardian Angels is in more than 130 cities across the world.

In 1992, Sliwa was almost murdered by two gunmen after they had picked him up near his home. He was shot in the legs and groin area which led to internal injury surgeries. The men planned to kidnap him as per the orders of John A. Gotti.

Although Gotti was first charged with attempted murder, they were dropped due to lack of evidence. Michael Yannoti who was also charged with the crime was later acquitted.

Sliwa’s political career did not start in 2021 when he declared his Mayoral intentions. Before this in 2016, he had launched a takeover of the Reform Party.

After former U.S president, Donald Trump left office, Sliwa switched from Reform Party to Republican where Donald was. In 2021, he joined in the election for the 110th New York City mayor as the republican.

However, in November 2021, Sliwa lost the election to Eric Adams. There were no arguments ad he conceded defeat. I er the years, Sliwa has opposed the “defund the police” movement. He has also opposed the killing of unwanted animals and many more.

Curtis Sliwa Awards and Achievements

Who says Curtis Sliwa has not received any awards? Well, he may not have received major awards like the Grammy or Oscars. However, his contribution to society has been recognized by some bodies.

In 1992, Curtis Sliwa was awarded by the Peace Abbey at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston. He was given the Courage of Conscience award for his contribution to the world. This was after his hard work in creating an arm of Guardian Angels in different cities across the world.

Over the years, Curtis’s work has also received notable recognition from past presidents of the United States. Some of these presidents are Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.

Apart from these presidents, some New York mayors have also commended Curtis on several occasions. One is Rudolph Giuliani, former New York Mayor. And the other is Michael Bloomberg.

Curtis Sliwa net worth may be smaller than what you expect. However, he was quite successful in his days as a radio talk show host. And remains a well-known politician today.

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Curtis Sliwa’s Personal Life and Family


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Curtis grew up in a Catholic family as both his parents were devout Catholics. He had two sisters who he grew up with in Canarsie, Brooklyn. The eldest is Aleta St. James and the youngest is Maria Silwa. Maria is a columnist in Sudan and Uganda. Like Curtis, Maria is an activist working mainly on human rights infringement.

Curtis Sliwa parents had a huge influence on Curtis life as well as on his sisters. Chester Sliwa, Curtis’s father died when he was 92 years old. His mother, Francesca Sliwa, however, lived 2 years longer and died at the age of 94.

There have been a lot of controversies surrounding Curtis’s marriage. And though, we cannot say he failed martially, he had tried a total of 4 times.

Curtis’s first marriage is not documented. He also hasn’t said much to the public about it. His second marriage, on the other hand, went viral. He married his second wife, Lisa Evers in 1981. As of then, Lisa Evers was the co-host of Angels in the Morning, a WABC show that aired in the mornings.

Lisa was also the national director of Guardian Angels and a trained martial artist. Her training was with the World Wrestling Foundation (WWF) in 1986.

The duo, however, divorced before the century was over. In 2000, Sliwa married his third wife, Mary Galda. Mary had also worked at WABC for a while. Later, she became the Guardian Angels national director. Before their divorce, the couple had a son who they named Anthony Chester.

Sliwa again married Melinda Katz. This time, he had two kids with her. Melinda was the district attorney for Queens county. However, the couple divorced in 2018.

His most recent marriage is the one he had with Nancy Regula. Sliwa and Nancy are still married as of today. Sliwa also has some health issues as he announced in 2010. He told the world that he had prostate cancer.

Curtis Sliwa’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

How much is Curtis Sliwa net worth in 2022? Curtis Sliwa net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $2 million. A lot of people have attributed Curtis Sliwa net worth to his work in politics only. However, Curtis Sliwa net worth has been amassing since his days as a radio talk show host.

Curtis Sliwa organization, the Guardian Angels is not-for-profit. Therefore, it has played no significant part in Curtis Sliwa net worth.

NameCurtis Sliwa
Birth NameCurtis Sliwa
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1954
Place of BirthCanarsie, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Height6ft | 180cm
Weight128lb | 58kg
ProfessionRadio Talk Show Host, Politician, Activist
Marital StatusWife - Nancy Regula(Married 2018)
ParentsMother - Francesca Sliwa
Father - Chester Sliwa
Net Worth Estimate$2 million