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Ben Baller Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

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Ben Baller net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be near $100 million.

Ben Yang, eminently known as Ben Baller, is a Korean-American Jeweler who in 2004 founded IF & CO. (Internally Flawless AKA ICEE FRESH). He has 21 platinum albums and is a music producer and a DJ. His IF & CO jewelry is well known for making the most extravagant diamond-encrusted jewelry.

This post will cover how Ben Baller reached his $100 million net worth, as well as his early life, family life, his career that brought him to where he is today, and so much more that you probably didn’t know.

Read on to find out how he got his name, how he built his career, and what his favorite collectibles are.

Who is Ben Baller

Ben Baller Net Worth

Ben Baller in Beverley Hills, CA in Dec 2021 – Image Credit: Shutterstock @ Eugene Powers

Ben Baller started from a humble beginning with his family in Los Angeles, making minimum wage. He made the bare minimum wage that the state of California would allow. From starting at the bottom with little to no money, he managed to become one of the finest and most famous jewelers that the world has ever seen.

Ben Baller will everlastingly stand out as perhaps one of the best diamond setters in the jewelry industry. Brought up in Los Angeles, the artist, entertainer, actor, jeweler, and business visionary is well established in his city’s way of life. Yet, his name and brand have developed worldwide to crowds from one side of the globe to the other.

It is no wonder that Ben Baller’s net worth grew so quickly with precise and visionary skills in the jewelry industry, not to mention his celebrity clientele. From big names such as Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and Drake, it comes as no surprise that he is booked solid right through to the end of 2023. Aside from his jewelry business, his name is known for over 20 Platinum albums in the music industry.

He is a family man who has been married to his wife Nicolette since 2012, and they have three beautiful children. He proposed to her on their one-year anniversary.

He dabbled in acting for a bit and was a DJ, which led him to his career in music. He then went into the family business of jewelry making, and the rest is history.

Ben Baller’s Net Worth

In estimating Ben Baller’s net worth, you have to consider his music profession, where he filled in as VP at Priority Records and A&R. The 20+ Platinum albums his name is attached to can undoubtedly take credit for much of his net worth. After all, he created tracks with none other than the one and only Dr. Dree.

Ben comes from a long line of jewelry makers in his family. They have been in the business for 35+ years, so it is no big surprise that he is a natural at it. He went from just a small-time jeweler to one of the most sought-after artisans in the business.

Ben Baller net worth can mainly be attributed to all the years his family has been in business. One of the most famous pieces he designed, a diamond-encrusted belt buckle, was made for none other than the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

He has mentioned that his “Cali” piece of jewelry he wears is his favorite of all the jewelry that he has made. His A-list of clients goes on and on, so it’s no wonder he is booked up so far in advance.

So, from making the lowest minimum wage to having a net worth of $100 million, he has no plans of stopping or dialing it back any time soon.

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Ben Baller’s Early Life

Ben Baller was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, on 27 January 1973. His birth name is Ben Yang, being of Korean descent. He was raised in Koreatown (K-Town) in Los Angeles, California.

He keeps true to his Korean heritage, but he is an all-American boy. Ben keeps most of his personal life private. He doesn’t like to share things like his mother and father’s names. He’d rather keep certain things confidential. We know that his father was a professor of Asian/American history at the prestigious college of UCLA, and his mother worked in the fashion industry as a clothing designer. It has been said that she designed dresses and ran a company that made jeans.

Ben is the youngest of the three children in the Yang family. His older brother David Yang is a video game producer. His older sister, Jeanne Yang, is a celebrity stylist to celebrities like Keanu Reeves (with whom she has been the stylist for the past 20 years), Robert Downey Jr, and Jason Momoa, to name but a few.

Ben Baller attended Beverly Hills High School and then went on to earn his bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Berkeley. He then moved on to earn his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Cinematography at the San Francisco State University.

While in both Colleges, he played football and basketball in the NCAA, earning his famous nickname “Baller .”Hence Ben Yang became Ben Baller. He was one of just a few Asian players in the NCAA. His love for both games gave him the name he has today.

Ben Baller’s Height, Weight

Height 6 ft (182 cm)
Weight 187 lbs (84 kg)

Ben Baller’s Career

Ben Baller at Lakeside Country Club, Burbank, CA

Ben Baller at Lakeside Country Club, Burbank, CA – Image Credit Shutterstock @ Eugene Powers

How did Ben Baller’s net worth come to be?

● 1993 to 2004 – Ben started as an expert dance club DJ. His DJ music repertoire consisted of a wide variety of music, including Hip-hop, disco, and funk. His career as a DJ led him to be the VP of the record label A&R. He was also with Aftermath Entertainment and Priority Records.

Priority Records, A&R, and Aftermath Entertainment, plus his association with Dr. Dre and Jay-Z, got him the credit for more than 20 Platinum albums. Simultaneously, he acquired fame for his massive sneaker collection, which was said to be the largest in the world at one time.

● 2004 – Ben decided to take another course in his life. He went into the family business of jewelry making. He took the family company and put his brand on it, and “ICEE FRESH & CO” was formed with the help of his uncle, and thus he became a legend in jewelry. The company’s name was then changed to “IF & CO,” which means “Internally Flawless .”His creative and intricate designs with jewelry quickly became a fast-spreading trend and began to spread worldwide.

The name Ben Baller started to spread as one of the most incredible artisans in jewelry. He now has Nas, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kayne West, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Orlando Brown, Black Eyed Peas, and so many more as clients.

● 2004 – Present Ben loved being in the music industry and got to work with some of the best music producers. He even dabbled in acting, having his own TV reality show for which he won the Webby award.

● 2004 – 2015 Acting career– Cake (2004), The clinic, Tv series (2010), Jin (2011), Ben Baller (2012), Blame it on the Streets (2014) AS I AM: The Life & Times of DJ AM (2015), Steve Aoki, Feat. BTS: Waste It on Me (Music Video) and many others.

● 2015 – Launch of Superism Clothing line. Ben Launched his clothing line called Superism. This line targeted the upscale men’s clothing market, a spin-off to his exquisite one-of-a-kind diamond-embedded jewelry with his “IF & CO” company.

● 2017 – He was granted the Coveted Jeweler of the Year grant for his spectacular one-of-a-kind jewelry creations for organizations such as the NFL and NBA, as well as so many Hip-hop artists.

Ben has said on more than one occasion that his favorite entities to work with are artists such as Kid Cudi and Tyler the Creator. He specifically loves the creation he made for Kid Cudi. He made Kid Cudi a one-of-a-kind Takashi Murakami-approved chain with an excessive 18k gold pendant as well as a grill with 3,000 handset diamonds in a TV pixelation pattern.

● 2019 – Ben released a gold money counting machine. When this dropped on the NTWRK app for purchasing, it literally broke the app 4 or 5 times. One time it broke the app due to the number of comments that people were trying to post. Another time it broke the app was when over 70 thousand people were logged in trying to buy the gold money counter at the same time. The original retail price was 140 dollars, but now it can be sold on such sites as for $789.

● 2020 – By joining forces with NTWRK, a premiere live stream shopping platform in North America, he released his chrome gold limited edition mini-refrigerator. It was embellished with “This Is Not Your Practice Life: coupled with his signature “BB” logo.

When he dropped the release of this mini fridge on the market, it sold out in less than 1 minute. Apparently, he sold over 400 of them on that first day, making him an attractive profit of $100,000.

He produced exactly 8,888 of the mini-fridges. Ben said that he chose to make that amount based on the significance of the number 8 in Chinese culture. The number 8 signifies good luck and fortune, which explains why people in China were paying up to 2 million dollars to have their phone numbers end in 8888.

He feels the mini-fridge was his most useful creation to this day. If you can afford to buy it, it is something that you could use in your everyday life as it is an actual functioning refrigerator.

● 2020 – Another successful partnership for him that year was with Remy Martin, an evocative cognac brand, and NTWRK. Together they held a special drawing for iced-out gold plated keys, of which only four were made. They were made specifically for certain cities, such as Atlanta, GA, and Los Angeles, CA., to show recognition and a great honor for those who best represented their hometown the best.

Ben Baller’s Personal Life

Ben (Yang) Baller was the youngest of three children in the Yang family. He likes to keep his childhood, for the most part, a secret to the public. He wants to protect his parents from the public and the paparazzi, so he keeps his mother and father’s names out of the media.

You can find out information about his family on the internet, including pictures of his family but nothing about the names of his mother and father.

We know that his father was an Asian/American history professor at UCLA, and his mother was an entrepreneur with her own jean company and a designer of dresses.

His siblings are also very successful, with his brother producing video games and his sister being a very famous stylist for the stars.

His sister, Jeanne, has had the pleasure of styling the hair of famous heads such as Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr, Jason Momoa, and many others. She has been styling Keanu Reeves’ hair for 20+ years, every public appearance he has had, as well as all of the John Wick movies and any appearances he has on social media. This includes platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Another one of her famous clients is Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr), who doesn’t go anywhere without her.

Can you blame either of them?

There is no mention of him having any girlfriends before his wife. It is said that he and Nicolette met in 2011 and married in 2012. Her full name is Nicolette Lacson, she is a Filipino model, as well as a social media personality and swimwear designer. Ben proposed to Nicolette with a ring that he had designed himself. Then they got married at Santa Monica’s Casa Del Mar.

Together they have three children, two sons, and one daughter. His sons are London and Ryder, and his daughter’s name is Kaia.

Ben Baller is a family man through and through. He spends time with his loving wife and their three children when he is not working. He is a devoted husband and father and loves his family very much.

Ben’s Sneaker Collection

He is well known for his excessive collection of sneakers. He was listed as the person with the most extensive collection of sneakers. Ben said that he wouldn’t be a famous jeweler if he hadn’t sold his massive sneaker collection of 1,800 pairs of kicks. Ben confessed to buying at least 50,000 pairs of shoes in his life, with the largest one-time purchase of 500.

In 2004 he sold a portion of his sneaker collection on eBay, for which he got $329,00. The most he ever got for one shoe was $33,100 for his pair of Methamphibian Sole Rebel.

Ben’s House And His Passion For Cars

Being quite a wealthy celebrity, Ben and his family are able to live a very luxurious lifestyle. He can afford to own expensive property and buy luxury things. His lavish mansion cost him around $6 million, and is located in one of the most expensive parts of Los Angeles.

He also owns a Condo that cost him $3 million. And part of what has brought him a lot of wealth is the many luxury properties that he has invested in.

With his luxury properties, Ben Baller also has a passion for collecting cars. Some of the luxury cars that he owns, include; BMW, Ferrari Spyder, Mercedes S Class, Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Royce Ghost, McLaren, Range Rover Autobiography, and there are many more!

Since he lives in a high-rise home, the vast collection of vehicles that he owns sits in between two levels. You can see pictures on his Instagram page where on one parking level, he has his Bentley Flying Spur and his Lamborghini Aventador sitting side by side, and on the other level, his Range Rover and his Rolls Royce Ghost are sitting side by side.

Along with his vast collection of remarkable vehicles, he also owns several motorcycles. Let’s face it; if he sold just one piece of jewelry, he could pretty much go and buy another car in another color to match his black Bentley Flying Spur.

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Ben And Social Media

Ben can be found on most Social Media platforms and he’s quite active on them too. He can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

Ben Baller’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

Ben Baller’s net worth is $100 million, and it is no wonder with all the success he has had with so many different avenues in his lifetime career. From being a DJ in his younger years to his music career with such famous names as Dr. Dre and Jay-Z, from his acting career plus his reality TV show, and then to his worldwide jewelry designs.

He truly is a well-rounded businessman with so many different avenues of success.

No matter how successful he is, he still manages time to be with his loving wife and three beautiful children. And to think he started just with little to nothing at a minimum wage job making the very least, to being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today.

NameBen Baller
Birth NameBen Yang
Date of Birth27 January 1973
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
ProfessionMusic Producer, DJ, Jewelry Designer
Marital StatusWife - Nicolette Yang (Married 25 Feb 2012)
ChildrenSon - London
Son - Ryder
Daughter - Kaia
SiblingsBrother - David Yang
Sister - Jeanne Yang
Net Worth Estimate$100 million