Andrew Tate Net Worth | How Much Is King Cobra Worth Now?

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Andrew is a talented kickboxer, nicknamed the ‘King Cobra’ on stage. He is also a commentator and a businessman and has earned many titles and awards from his career. Andrew Tate net worth is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million.

Who is Andrew Tate


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Andrew is an American/British kickboxer and mixed martial artist. He is also a vlogger and occasionally commentates on sports. He has also earned the title of champion in kickboxing at least four times.

Andrew Tate net worth is around $10 million.

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Andrew Tate’s Net Worth Estimate

From kickboxing and other income streams, Andrew Tate net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Andrew Tate’s Early Life

Andrew Tate (Еmоrу Аndrеw Таtе ІІІ) was born December 1st, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois. His ancestry consists of Scottish and English roots. He has two siblings, Tristan and Janie. Tristan was featured on ‘Shipwrecked: the Island.’

Andrew Tate’s Height, Weight

Andrew Tate’s height is 6’0 (185 cm), and his weight is 198 pounds (90 kg.)

Andrew Tate’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Growing up in Сhісаgо, Іllіnоіѕ, the most prominent person in his life was Emory Tate, Andrew’s father.

Emory was known as a great chess player for his daring chess play style and has won many chess championships during his career. Chess was taught to Emory by his father, Emory Sr, however, his son Andrew did not take after him; instead, he took his career into kickboxing. This helped start Andrew Tate net worth to be where it is now at $10 million.

Andrew Tate’s Career


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Andrew took to his career with a strong focus and determination, posing a challenge to many other kickboxers as he snatched winning titles from them. For example, he took the winning title from Paul Randall, and then Ollie Green, who was a former British Super-cruiserweight champion.

Then, Andrew took the first title of champion of the ISKA Kickboxing Light-cruiserweight. He fought against Paul Randall and won in their fifth round in Derby, 2009.

Later, Andrew gained another successful victory against Daniel Hughes from a first-round knockout, becoming the title winner of the International Kickboxing Federation cruiserweight.

In 2011, Andrew tried for the ISKA international title, held in France, however, he, unfortunately, did not win the fight. His aim was for the international Full-Contact light heavyweight championship, however, he had to leave the title open for anyone else to claim due to his loss. The winning title ended up going to Jean Luc Benoit, who had gained just three points more than Andrew in the 12 rounds.

Andrew was a bit upset about this, claiming that he was the actual champion. He was able to come back to win in the following rematch three months after. This rematch was located in Luton, England, and Andrew was able to win in the eighth round from knocking out Jean Luc.

In 2011, Andrew fixed his past mistakes and loss against Vincent Petit Jean, and instead took the winning title of his second attendance to the ISKA competition. To top this, he won his match against Vincent in under two minutes. This particular match was staged in Chateaurenard, France. This winning was taken from a divided verdict between the referees at the ISKA Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight competition.

In 2012, Andrew lost his winning title to Sahak Parparyan in their Showtime 85MAX match.

Andrew Tate Net Worth

Andrew Tate. Image Credit: Lumared, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A special championship came up next, called the ‘Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gladiators’, where the show would determine the top kickboxer in the entire world for the 85 kg weight class. He qualified for this epic showdown by completing the playoffs that happened in Ohrid, Macedonia.

The conclusion of ‘Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gladiators’ saw that Andrew made it to the semi-finals, winning against Ritchie Hocking. However, shortly after, Andrew was defeated by Fanci Grajs with a knockout caused by a flying knee.

In 2013, Andrew attended the Enfusion Live ring and won against Marino Schouten, Marlon Hunt, Laszlo Szabo, and David Rieff, totaling up to four victories. Afterward, Andrew was a part of a four-person versus playoff to determine who would be the world champion. However, Miroslav Cingel bested against Andrew and took the winning title.

Regardless of the loss, Andrew was invited back to participate in the Enfusion 90 kg competition. He was pitted against Wendell Roche, who has considerable experience. Despite the odds, Andrew won the match in the second round. The victory was made even more significant considering that this was the first time Wendell was defeated in a 200-fight streak.

This is part of the reason why Andrew Tate net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Big Brother TV Show

In the British version of Big Brother, the 17th season, Andrew was kicked out of the show after only a week of working in the concert. This kick was due to a report that Andrew was caught hitting someone with a belt. Andrew ended up denying this, saying that reporters were purposefully making him look bad.

What Awards has Andrew Earned?

Andrew has earned a number of championship titles, namely three from ISKA and one from Enfusion. He has made a successful career in kickboxing for himself.

What Titles has Andrew Earned?

  • Andrew has earned the following titles:
  • Enfusion World Champion in 2014.
  • ISKA Light Cruiserweight Champion in 2009 and 2013.
  • ISKA Light Heavyweight Champion in 2011.
  • IKF Cruiserweight Champion in 2009.

What is Andrew Tate’s Kickboxing Record?

Here is a breakdown of Andrew’s kickboxing stats:

  • Total matches: 85
  • Winning matches: 76
  • Losing matches: 9
  • Match ended with a knockout: 69
  • Draws: 0

Andrew Tate’s Personal Life and Family

Andrew’s father, Emory, was a successful chess player who won against many grandmaster chess players in his career.

In bucharest, Romania, Andrew and Tristan (Andrew’s brother and a martial artist master), the two brothers run a casino together. On top of that, they also have a tobacco farm. Bucharest is also their home.

This supplements Andrew Tate net worth of around $10 million.

Andrew Tate, on the shows ‘Info Wars’ and ‘Conspiracy Therorist’, is also the host.

What Happened with Andrew and Big Brother?

In 2016, the publicists behind Big Brother let their audience know that Andrew was kicked out of the show, however they specified that Andrew wasn’t kicked out from any action that took place inside the show.

Instead, what happened shortly after Andrew was kicked off the show, Andrew went on his Twitter and let his followers know that a UK news station was about to report publicly about him hitting someone with a belt and that they were going to upload a video of the crime.

Andrew followed up by saying that the video was edited, that the person in question was his friend, and that they were only joking.

According to the news station, Andrew’s quick leave from Big Brother is due to the fact that he did, in fact, hit someone with a belt.

Andrew continued to claim afterward on his Twitter that the person he had the belt incident with was still friends with him. He went on to claim that he would never hurt anyone and that the news team was trying to make him look guilty.

If Andrew would have stayed on Big Brother, he would have been part of ‘The Others’, a second, undisclosed house.

The producers behind Big Brother, shortly after, went public with another comment, saying their decision would not be changed based on Andrew’s previous tweets.

What Happened Between Twitter and Andrew’s Multiple Accounts?

In January of 2022, Twitter broke its own rules and made an exception for Andrew Tate, despite his accounts being banned and de-activated from the social media platform twice previously.

Normally, Twitter is strict when it comes to the Twitter community breaking its terms of service, and this was the same for Andrew after having broken many rules on the social media site. When new accounts are created for the same people that were previously banned, what normally happens is these alt accounts are also banned and removed as they are bypassing the initial ban.

However, on the fourth time, Andrew made a Twitter account when his other three were previously banned, the fourth one was approved and verified. That means Twitter knew who he was, and despite his history, still ended up verifying him.

In the terms of service for Twitter, there is a rule that a person cannot bypass their account being deactivated, suspended, or banned, or any other punishment that Twitter does, such as suspending an account that is an alternative to a previously suspended account owner.

Twitter’s rules also stipulate that bypassing a suspension is forbidden, which includes any avoiding of punishment, such as creating a second account to get around a previously suspended account.

Instead, Twitter’s terms of service state that users should instead appeal their bans or suspensions, as opposed to creating a new account.

The punishment for bypassing a temporary suspension by creating a new account, once is it detected, will result in a permanent suspension. However, the truth of this statement is questionable as Andrew’s new account was verified, meaning that Twitter would have to know who Andrew was in order to verify him, and they would know that his previous accounts were suspended.

To be verified, Twitter requires a user to be associated with either a brand or be a recognized individual. So, Twitter likely knew who Andrew was, and his history, before they verified him.

Andrew initially gained a bad view in the public’s eye in 2016, when he was kicked off Big Brother after video proof showed him beating someone up with a belt. Afterward, Andrew said publicly that they were joking.

Andrew’s previous Twitter accounts were not initially commented on by Andrew until publicists and news reporters posted some speculative articles about his suspended accounts.

Then, Andrew publicly stated that he didn’t agree with being suspended or banned and that he wasn’t being violent, hateful, or bothering anyone.

However, he had posted some questionable things on his previous Twitter accounts, such as a link to a site that said it would help get you rich fast and help you know how to make women fall in love with you.

Andrew further went on to say that the success of his webcam studio was solely based on the fact that half of his staff were madly in love with him.

The suspended account also seems to have been in collaboration with Bugatti, where there was a promotion of Buggati in the account. This was rebutted by Andrew’s publicist, who claimed that the car was bought outright, and was not a paid promotion.

Twitter has, in the past, shown uneven policy enforcement depending on who, exactly is breaking the terms of service. For example, one account was initially suspended as it was reporting the war and strife happening in a certain part of the world. However, this action was reversed, saying the action was made in error. Despite being asked by many publicists, Twitter has refused to expound on their statement.

On the other hand, accounts such as Donald Trump who were initially suspended, Twitter took extreme measures to ensure it stayed that way, even going as far as banning accounts who were tweeting on behalf of the suspended account.

Twitter backed up this action by saying that even if an account is even slightly associated with a banned account, they will take action to remove it from their platform.

Despite these uneven suspending policies being carried out by Twitter, the multi-billion dollar social media platform managed to keep ahead of another huge disaster, and rectified its initial verification on Andrew’s new account.

Twitter publicly state that Andrew’s account was initially verified by mistake, that the verification was removed, and the account was suspended. Twitter also said that they were looking into ways to better their account review processes to ensure false verification doesn’t happen in the future. However, Twitter did not explain how to verification error happened in the first place.

Andrew Tate’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameАndrеw Таtе
Real NameЕmоrу Аndrеw Таtе ІІІ
Place of BirthСhісаgо, Іllіnоіѕ
OccupationСruіѕеrwеіght kісkbохеr and соmmеntаtоr
Net Worth Estimate$10 million
Date of BirthDecember 14, 1986