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Lana Rose Net Worth | How Much Does She Make?

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خوبصورت…This is how the word, ‘beautiful’, is written in Lana Rose’s mother tongue, Urdu… and it is also the best way to describe this rose of Dubai! The 33 year-old  Lana Rose net worth is an astounding $4 million, and still growing. The stunning YouTube star and Virgo vlogger posts videos on her channel about makeup, lifestyle, music, and supercars.

Currently, she has 2.45 Million subscribers on her YouTube channel and 3.6 Million followers on her Instagram. Read on to learn more about the Lana Rose net worth, who she is, and everything else you want to know about her

Who is Lana Rose?


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Lana Rose’s Net Worth does not completely define who this crackerjack social media star is, or how far she can go…

A self-sufficient badass who is ambitious, idealistic, pragmatic, a witty workaholic, and stylishly straightforward… That’s a Virgo woman for you, it also perfectly describes Parisa Beiraghdary, the super successful social media superstar that most people know as Lana Rose.

When fans ask the question, “Who is Lana Rose?”, it is usually followed by, “What is the Lana Rose net worth at the moment?” We look at this a bit further along in this article, but I am sure you can guess that it is going to be a substantial amount. So let’s take the desert caravan and zoom up Dubai’s skyscrapers to see what we can discover about who Lana Rose is and what Lana Rose’s net worth amounts to.

Parisa was born in the crown jewel of United Arab Emirates cities, Dubai. She later changed her name to Lana Rose as her fame, and net worth, started growing. Lana is part of the Beiraghdary family whose beliefs are based on the Muslim religion. This is highlighted by the use of 786 in her Instagram handle—lanarose786. The number 786 is considered auspicious or lucky. In Arabic, this number is interpreted as a numeric form of the phrase “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim”.

The trending entrepreneur, YouTuber, makeup artist, singer and artist first saw the light on a Thursday on September the 21st in 1989, the same year that Chinese students marched in Tiananmen Square to demand greater political freedom. The naturally raven haired beauty has hazel brown eyes and she likes to go through color transformation when it comes to her luscious long locks. Lana lives with her younger brother, Mohamed Beiraghdary (better known as the vlogger Mo Vlogs), and her mother, Nedereh Samimi. Samimi is a celebrity in her own right, and although her net worth is nowhere near that of the Lana Rose net worth, she is very comfortable by herself.

There is not much written anywhere regarding her biological father, Esmail Beiraghdary, and although the two sibling vloggers (Lana and Mo) sometimes refer to him, he is somewhat of an enigma. From what we could gather it seems that Nedereh and Esmail had marital problems and eventually split and got divorced. There are a few posts that claims that the vlogging brother and sister’s father may have been murdered in a foreign country; none of this could be substantiateted and the chances are more than likely that this is fake news.

There are more serious rumors that seem closer to the truth in the Dubai socialite circles that Nedereh has been romantically linked to a wealthy UAE businessman.

Emirati, Lana Rose, aka Parisa Beiraghdary, and her younger brother, Mohamed ( Mo Vlogs) Beiraghdary, both wanted more than what the desert oasis could offer them at that point in their lives, and with their bags packed and their first class seats booked, the siblings headed to the English capital of London to further their studies. The two of them both infer that London was the city where they gained fame and the growth of Lana Rose’s net worth began. Mo started dabbling with his vlogging but as soon as Lana had completed her final exams, they headed back to the heat of the UAE, and their home city of Dubai.

Besides constantly growing the Lana Rose net worth, Lana Rose enjoys painting large-scale pieces using oil paint as her preferred medium. She has created several spaces in her home where she can freely pursue her insatiable love for art. Would you believe that Lana loves Lamborghinis and other fast and interesting cars? The family has an impressive collection, but more about this in the next section.

Follow her on YouTube to see some of her incredible videos.

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Lana Rose released her first official music video self titled, “Lana Rose, You Changed”, in June 2018. This was followed up by “Feel so Real”. The music videos went viral and added to the Lana Rose net worth. She has since released more videos and collaborations with several highly acclaimed YouTubers and vloggers, including Logan Paul, Mona Monica Kattan and others.

It turns out that this curvy model is an avid animal lover and even has two cats that she spoils whenever she gets the opportunity, which is quite often if you follow her videos on the social media platforms she uses.

Lana Rose gained much respect, and some new followers, when she started posting some videos in her mother language of Urdu. She lives her life with Vasl, which means Passion in English. The Lana Rose Hindi YouTube channel has 255 000 subscribers, while her English channel has 2.45 million subscribers.


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What is Lana Rose’s Net Worth Estimate?

Lana Rose Net Worth

Do you want to guess what is the most popular question that we get asked about Lana Rose? Which of the following questions do you think we get asked the most:

  • How old is Lana Rose?
  • What is Lana Rose net worth?
  • Is Lana Rose single?
  • Who is her favorite actor?

Although we often get asked about her age and her marital status, the question that we hear the most is, “What is Lana Rose’s net worth?” To understand what Lana Rose’s net worth entails, let’s break it down into simpler terms:

It is estimated that she earns approximately:

  • $30 000 Monthly
  • $350 000 Annually

Her income is derived through her monetized social media accounts and channels, as well as sponsorships and sales from her own business. She is also a prolific artist that does stunning large oil paintings which she sells for increasingly high amounts.

Lana shares a mansion with her vlogging brother, Mohamed aka Mo Vlogs, and her mom, Nedereh Samimi. The family is part of the wealthy caste of families in Dubai, and although Lana and Mo were born into privilege, the young UAE citizens have done really well for themselves in their own right. Mom, Nedereh is herself a bit of a social media celeb and has earned herself her own little fortune, although that doesn’t compare to her son and daughter Lana Rose’s net worth.

Lana, Mo and Nedereh all seem to have a rather consuming martyrdom when it comes to vehicles, and between them they own a small fortune in luxury wheels:

  • Mercedes-Benz SLS Brabus
  • Range Rover SVR
  • Rolls Royce Ghost wrapped in gold
  • Lamborghini Huracan wrapped in shiny green and purple
  • A Ford Mustang

These are a few of her favorite things:

We all have some things that we just cannot live without, or that we really like and prefer above all other things. Here are a few of Lana’s favorites:

Hobbies: When she is not traveling or shopping the raven haired beauty creates exquisite oil paintings and blogs
Fave places to visit: Although she was born in Dubai, she loves London and she spends most of her time between her place of birth and the English capital.
Personalities: Logan Paul & Huda Kattan
Colors: Purple and Pink

Check out some of her cool rides on which she spends the epic Lana Rose net worth on her Instagram page.

Lana Rose’s Height, Weight

Lana Rose will turn 33 on September 21 of 2022. There is a saying that dynamite comes in small packages, but beware when it comes in an awesome sized package. Miss Rose is amazingly comfortable in front of the cameras and she is truly breaking the mold when it comes to how the public, and her fans, are seeing models and how beauty gets defined.

When she is barefooted she measures in at 5 foot and 6 inches and weighs 65 kilograms or 143 lbs. She is know for her voluptuous selfies and when she buys a bikini her bra and cup size is a 34B. The curvy model and artist’s body measurements are 34-30-36.

Lana Rose’s Place of Birth and Early Life

It seems that although all the signs point to Parisa Beiraghdary being born into a privileged family, she took life on by herself and became a millionaire at an early age. Her father left the family and Lana and her younger brother Mohamed were raised by her mother. Both children completed their studies in London before becoming famous through their social media exploits.

Lana Rose’s Career

Besides posting her photos and videos on popular social media sites like Youtube, Instagram and others, Lana Rose earns money through endorsements, painting, and monetizing her various platforms through which she interacts with her fans and builds the Lana Rose net worth.

She is a professional painting artist and singer and she has released a number of successful music, and other  videos. She has collaborated with the likes of Huda Kattan, KSI and Logan Paul to name a few.

Lana Rose’s first official music video “Lana Rose-You Changed” was released on her YouTube channel in June 2018. She released a second music video two months later entitled “Lana Rose – Feel So Real”. Her fans appreciated and praised both of the music videos.

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Lana Rose’s Personal Life and Family

Although the Lana Rose net worth has grown to a staggering $6 million, and the continuous stream of high quality videos that she posts for her fans, she has managed to keep some parts of her life very secret and away from public scrutiny.

Lana, aka Parisa, and her younger brother, Mohamed Beiraghdary, more commonly referred to as Mo Vlogs, started their lives in the desert kingdom of the United Arab Emirates. Growing up in a privileged family in Dubai afforded the siblings to move to London and complete their studies in England. It is here that Lana first started dabbling in social media posts and soon she had a huge number of followers, and monetization was on the cards. Lana Rose’s net worth just kept growing from this point forward.

Very little is known about her father and it seems that he went his own way while Mo, Lana and their mother took Dubai, and the rest of the world, by the scruff of the neck.

Lana is currently a single, independent woman who is busy with makeup tutorials, sharing her shopping adventures, as well as her passion for cars. She seems to be focusing on her career instead of hanging on to a relationship. Living elegantly and to the absolute maximum seems to be her way of life thanks to the cool Lana Rose net worth that just keeps on growing.


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Lana Rose Net Worth and Bio Summary

There you have it! A rose by any other name is still a rose, except when your name is Lana Rose. With Lana Rose’s net worth bubbling around the six million dollar mark – and her popularity continuing to grow, we are sure that the top of Dubai’s skyscrapers are among the awesome places that this desert princess will be visiting in the very near future.

Modeling, painting, YouTube videos and vlogging are the main sources of growth for the Lana Rose net worth. Her family lives in their own house in Dubai, although her parents are divorced and do not live together any more. Lana enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, and her brother Mo Vlogs is also an acclaimed YouTuber. Lana enjoys luxury cars. She bought a Lamborghini Huracan for more than $250,000 in 2014.

NameLana Rose
Real NameParisa Beiraghdary
Place of BirthDubai
Net Worth Estimate6 Million