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Zaytoven Net Worth | How Much Is His Fortune?

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Sure you would like to know Zaytoven net worth in 2022. But wouldn’t you love to know about the man behind the net worth? How he has amassed it over the years? His early life and biography? The part and parcels of his 25 years journey in the industry?

If you like Gucci Mane’ Icy, or Migos’ Versace, or even Usher’s Raymond V. Raymond, you should meet the man behind them. Zaytoven played a major role in the production of these songs. He even won a Grammy Awards for Raymond V. Raymond.

Zaytoven net worth has increased steadily because of his talent for producing good music. Also, most of the songs he produced became hits. They even won the artists a fair share of awards.

Here, we’ll discuss Zaytoven net worth and every other thing that makes the young man special, and in demand in his industry. If you would like to know his age, family, marriage, and more, you should keep reading.


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Who is Zaytoven?

Before we dive into the juicy details about this young man, one question needs to get answered first. “Who is Zaytoven?”

Zaytoven is one of the many producers who have promoted Trap music in the United States. Trap music which originated in the Southern U.S at the beginning of the century was just getting popular when Zaytoven entered the industry.

He has promoted it as a record producer, artist, DJ, and keyboardist. Although Zaytoven ventured into music as early as 1997, it wasn’t until the 2000s that he was able to make a breakthrough. This breakthrough happened when Gucci Mane’s single became a hit and Zaytoven net worth went up very quickly!

After working with Gucci Mane on the release of Icy, Zaytoven has worked with several other artists. He has helped most of these artists start their careers in music. With the success that followed most of the production of his songs, Zaytoven became popular.

From 2010 till now, Zaytoven has been in demand. Many artists want him to produce their songs for them as they regard him as a king in trap music. However, Zaytoven follows his insights keenly. He doesn’t just recruit anyone and everyone.

He is known to have a keen eye for talent and sharpening of talent. With the work he has done in Gucci Manes’ and Migos’ careers, it is obvious his specialty is kindling the passion of upcoming artists. That is no accident Zaytoven net worth has grown so much in his career, he is extremely talented and hardworking.

Over the years, he has received different nicknames. Many people have called him “The Touch”. It is not surprising as he has a reputation for polishing the works of talented singers, and rappers. His background in sound-making has also helped him add significant touches to the songs of these artists.

By now, you’re wondering why and how Zaytoven became so good at his job. We’ll answer all your questions in a Jiffy. By the end of this article, nothing, including Zaytoven net worth will remain a mystery to you.

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Zaytoven’s Place of Birth and Early Life

It’s a common belief that where you’re from or how you grow up will always have a major impact on your life. It would be one of the factors that define who you become.

While this has not proven true for a few people, it has worked for many others including Zaytoven. Zaytoven had quite the upbringing. His beginning in church music has played a major role in his life and career.

Although American, Zaytoven was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He was born on January 12, 1980, making him 42 years old.

His parents, Joe and Lura Dotson had named him Xavier Lamar Dotson. It was when he ventured into music professionally that he adopted the name “Zaytoven”.

Zaytoven grew up in a Christian family. His father was a pastor and his mom was a choir director. Xavier Lamar Dotson started playing the piano when he was only six years old. However, Zaytoven only learned to play formally for about six weeks.

His parents had stopped him in the middle of the training because they felt it was too much for him. According to Zaytoven, his music teacher was also quite harsh.

The first song Zaytoven played on the piano was a gospel song titled “I’m Available to You”. After he stopped learning formally, he continued to develop himself personally. Oftentimes, he’d watch the church musicians do their thing and he’d catch up with them.

He listened to how they mixed their beats and how the sounds were produced. It wasn’t until Zaytoven got to middle school that he discovered rap music. A friend of his who loved rap so much had introduced him to it.

However, at the time, rap music was not allowed in Zaytoven’s family. He had to listen to it secretly so his parents would not know.

According to Zaytoven, what fascinated him about Trap music wasn’t the words. It was how the producers mixed the songs. How the beats and lyrics were unique but in synchrony.

When Zaytoven got to high school, he took a serious interest in music production. He would use the little time he had between school and basketball to learn.

It was during this time that he met Joseph Thomas, popularly known as JT the Big Figga. The record executive took a liking to Zaytoven and brought him over to his studio. At JT’s studio, Zaytoven began to explore the world of music production with the resources at his disposal.

Zaytoven’s Personal Life and Family

While Zaytoven was growing, he moved around a bit. His father who was a pastor was also a soldier in the U.S Army. Although Zaytoven was born in Germany, he later moved to Georgia. From Georgia, his family relocated to Grenada, and later Jackson, both in Mississippi.

Zaytoven had a very humble and christianly upbringing. His father forbade any songs that had profanity in them. He had to be very sneaky when he was listening and learning to produce trap music.


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At first, he didn’t want to produce. He just wanted to be able to listen and enjoy his music freely like some sort of hobby. However, as time went on, the narrative changed.

When his family settled once again in Georgia, Zaytoven decided to set up a studio in his parents’ basement. While in High School, Zaytoven had attended a barbing school where he learned to cut hair. During his time there, he was able to save up money to buy some basic equipment he needed.

Zaytoven has always managed to balance the two sides of his life. Like two sides of a coin that are strikingly similar, yet very different. Regardless of what happens, he’s in church on Sunday playing for the choir. The following day, he’s at work producing trap music.

Zaytoven has three siblings. Although they are not actively involved in music, they hold nothing against his passion. In 2008, Zaytoven married his long-time sweetheart, Stephanie. Xavier and Stephanie Dotson have two kids- Lil Zay and Olivia.

Zaytoven’s Height and Weight

Knowing Zaytoven net worth is cool. What’s cooler, however, is being able to mention his height and weight confidently. The popular American record producer is 5ft 5 inches (170cm) tall. Also, he weighs 154 pounds (70kg).

Zaytoven’s Career

Zaytoven Net Worth

Music Producer Zaytoven – 2018 BET HIP-HOP AWARDS in Miami Florida USA on October 6th 2018 at The Fillmore Miami Beach – Jackie Gleason Theater. Editorial credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson /

When Zaytoven decided to start producing music, he was in high school. He had just met JT the big Figga and was going to his studio frequently. Zaytoven spent some time with JT, making him beats, and selling some to upcoming artists. After then, he decided to open his studio.

At the time, his parents had just moved back to Georgia but he was still in high school. Zaytoven would buy musical equipment and send it to his parents’ house. When he finished high school, he relocated to Georgia to be with his family.

It was then he set up a mini studio in his parents’ basement. At this time, he had also enrolled in a barber college and had gotten a job as a barber. Shortly after he had set up, his mini-studio became quite popular.

While he worked as a producer, he continued with his barbing job. He had a barbing set-up right there in his studio. This was to raise more finances for its development.

While he was still attending Barber College, Zaytoven met Gucci Mane. One of his classmates had introduced both of them. Gucci Mane who was a drug dealer going in and out of prison at the time had a talent for rapping.

Zaytoven convinced Gucci to start recording his songs. He and Gucci worked together to develop songs and became each other’s support. Gucci was also as enthusiastic as Zaytoven was.

They worked together for years, and finally released a hit single in 2005. Icy featured Young Jeezy and Boo. It also scored Zaytoven a lot of credits. Icy made him more popular than he dreamt to be.

In the years that followed, Zaytoven produced songs for a variety of artists. As he did this, he gained more popularity. However, in 2011, his collaboration with Usher and Sean Garrett was what heightened his popularity.

Zaytoven was a co-producer for Usher’s album “Raymond V. Raymond”. The album was a hit as it reached 1st position on the U.S Billboard 200 chart. In its first week alone, it sold 329,000 copies. Later that year, RIAA certified it as platinum.

This was the start of greater things in Zaytoven’s career. In the year that followed, he received a Grammys Award for his contribution to the album.

In 2013, Zaytoven discovered a group of young talents and decided to work with them. Migos, as they are popularly called released their debut album in 2013. The album was also a hit as it reached 53 on the Billboard chart.

After then, he kept working with Migos and helped them release some other albums. Other artists he worked with are Nicki Minaj, Gorilla Zoe, Lil Scrappy, Lil Uzi Vert, Yung LA, and OJ Da Juiceman.

Till now, Zaytoven continues to work with Gucci Mane on the production of his songs.

In 2018, Zaytoven got approached by Lecrae. Lecrae who at the time had won two Grammys wanted to work with Zaytoven on the production of his new album “Let The Trap Say Amen”. In June 2018, Let The Trap Say Amen was released and was a hit! That certainly boosted Zaytoven net worth to what it is today.

Apart from producing songs, Zaytoven has also trailed the path of acting a bit. In 2012, he appeared in Birds of a Feather alongside Gucci Mane. In 2018, he was also seen in Birds of a Feather 2.

Zaytoven continues to make an impact in the world of Trap music, even as a Christian. His life is a confluence of two worlds that were conditioned to never meet.

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Zaytoven’s Awards | Zaytoven Net Worth Career

The American DJ, record producer, and artist has received quite some awards for his quality music production. He has been recognized by different bodies as a star in Trap music.

However, the most notable award he has received is the Grammy Award he won in 2011. Grammy had recognized his outstanding achievement in the production of Usher’s album “Raymond V. Raymond”.

It wasn’t only Zaytoven that produced Usher’s album. He had worked alongside Sean Garrett who is another famous producer in the music industry.

He has produced some of Usher’s songs apart from this. However, what stood Zaytoven out was the hit single “Papers” that was a part of the album.

Zaytoven’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

What is Zaytoven net worth? This question is most likely what brought you to this page. Zaytoven net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $8 million.

Zaytoven is one of those persons in the entertainment industry who have hustled hard to be where they are at the moment. From a ‘nobody’ running the streets trying to sell out his albums to a very important Trap music personality.

Zaytoven faced a lot of hardships in his early days as a music producer. It took him years to build up the reputation he has today. Zaytoven net worth will keep increasing as he continues to produce good music.

Although he has become quite needed in his niche, his focus is still on discovering new talents and helping them kick-start their career.

Apart from the release of albums, YouTube ads have also contributed to Zaytoven net worth. His YouTube account has about 250,000 subscribers. His total video views have also exceeded 30 million.

Real NameXavier Lamar Dotson
Place of BirthFrankfurt, Germany
OccupationRecord Producer, DJ, Keyboardist
Net Worth Estimate$8 million
Date of BirthJanuary 12, 1980
Marital StatusMarried