Yungeen Ace Net Worth: How Rich Is This Young Rapper?

Yungeen Ace, former name Keyanta Tyrone Bullard, is a young up-and-coming rapper. Yungeen Ace net worth is currently estimated to be around $750 000.

He is a lively and brilliant young star with a bright future in the industry. Yungeen Ace net worth can be attributed to his career as a rap star including music deals, shows, and sales.

Yungeen Ace Net Worth

Ace got his start in life with a YouTube channel that was wildly popular and also featured music.

Although many influencers and internet personalities make a living off of YouTube, this was not destined for Yungeen Ace. This young star may have had his start on the internet, but now he is a successful rapper with an album.

This article will take a closer look at who Yungeen Ace is, his early life, personal life, and career. It will delve deeper into how he amassed his considerable fortune and his future plans.


Who is Yungeen Ace?

Yungeen Ace had a tumultuous childhood and a fairly difficult start in life. He has also suffered some considerable hardships including being the lone survivor of a shooting.

The shooting involved some of his friends and family and was a setback he had to endure. However, he has only come back stronger from his setbacks and now has a flourishing music career.

Youngeen Ace started his music career with a YouTube channel that was very successful. He built his name in the music industry using his YouTube channel as a springboard.

The young rapper started debuting solo tracks online in March of 2018 and has only built on his initial success. In 2021, he released a viral hit track based on A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. After the runaway success of that track, he followed it up with his debut album entitled Life of Betrayal 2x.

Now, Yungeen Ace is considered a successful young rap star with a considerable net worth and a bright future. The music industry is constantly evolving and new artists are coming to the fore every day. Ace is one such star that has been in the background for a while and is now coming into his own.

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Yungeen Ace Net Worth Estimate


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The exact number is unknown, but Yungeen Ace net worth is estimated to be $750 000. There are some sources that claim that his net worth is well over $2 million, but it is largely unfounded.

Regardless of the number, one thing is sure and that is that it is considerable. The young star has certainly made a name for himself and built a small fortune in doing so.

However, even though the artist now has a considerable sum of money to his name, this wasn’t always the case. Yungeen Ace had a difficult and tumultuous start in life and his childhood was largely one of poverty.

At a young age, he also took to the streets and had to battle to simply survive. These hardships have, however, not held him back and he remains a star with a bright future.


Yungeen Ace Height and Weight

Yungeen Ace is 24 years old, he is 5 feet and 10 inches tall (178 cm) and is slender at 143 pounds (65 kg). He is an African American man with black, curly hair and dark brown eyes. He also has tattoos that cover most of his body. Most of his tattoos are black and grey, but some also incorporate color.


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Yungeen Ace’s Early Life

Formerly known as Kenyanta Tyrone Bullard, Yungeen Ace was born in Chicago in 1998. This is also where he spent most of his childhood and early life. At a later stage, Ace would relocate to Florida with most of his family.

It is well-known and well-documented that Yungeen Ace had a difficult start in life. He lived a life of extreme poverty and faced many obstacles while growing up.

Yungeen Ace net worth as it stands today is probably something he never dreamed of in his early life. This is because not only did he never have money, but he also had to be content with almost no attention.

The young star was one of twelve siblings and he always had to contend for attention. Additionally, food and resources were scarce, and sustaining life was an everyday battle.

Growing up in a large family, Ace understood the importance of making a living out of what you have. He quickly learned how to survive on meager earnings and scant resources. This type of life quickly hardens a person and Ace grew up learning how to be tough and resourceful.

The family started life in Chicago but soon relocated to Jacksonville and it is here that Ace met a troubled life. He was surrounded by drugs and crime, but never succumbed to them. Instead using the environment he grew up in to inspire powerful music.

His hardships and difficulties have inspired most of Yungeen Ace’s music and contributed to his net worth today. His songs Fighting Pain and Withdraw from Life detail his personal journey and the odds he needed to overcome.

There are many others that are similar, and Ace’s sorrowful songs that speak of pain and hardship are very popular.

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Yungeen Ace’s Personal Life and Family

As already mentioned, Yungeen Ace was born as Kenyanta Bullard to a family of twelve siblings. The names of his mother and father are unknown to the public. The only name of any of Yungeen Ace’s siblings that is common knowledge is that of his brother that was involved in the shooting with him.

Yungeen Ace is a private person, which is understandable because of the hardships he’s suffered. However, it is common knowledge that he is in a loving and committed relationship. Yungeen Ace is currently in a relationship with Chloe Glass. Glass has a YouTube channel of her own that has more than 1 million subscribers.

It is evident from Yungeen Ace’s social media posts that he is very fond of Chloe Glass. Their relationship is supportive and loving and he includes her in many of his own posts.

Yungeen Ace has an impressive online presence considering how private he tends to keep his life. Yungeen Ace has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 3 million followers on Instagram. On Twitter, Yungeen Ace has 883 000 followers and 1.2 million followers on TikTok.

Although the star is fairly new on the music scene and a fairly young celebrity, his social media is remarkable. Not only does the star have many followers and subscribers, but he also has sufficient content.

The content that Yungeen Ace chooses to share on social media includes professional and good-quality photos. He has built a brand for himself and that is impressive at only 24 years of age.


Yungeen Ace’s Career

Yungeen Ace is a Florida rapper that was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is only 24 years old as of 2022 and after a difficult start in life Yungeen Ace net worth is $750 000. He has built a successful music career following the viral success of his YouTube channel.

Yungeen Ace had a surprisingly difficult start in life due to being born into a family of twelve siblings. He lived a fairly isolating life in such a big family as he had to deal with meager attention.

This is largely due to his mother having so many children to pay attention to and support. The young rapper also had to learn how to live with scant resources and little food from time to time.

It is only understandable that a child that lived such a hard life would seek something to turn to in his teenage years. As a teenager, Yungeen Ace turned to the streets and music for fulfillment. In March of 2018 at the age of 19, he started releasing solo tracks online, mostly on YouTube. The tumultuous songs that spoke of his past then started creating a buzz.

However, tragedy again struck for the young rapper just starting to make a name for himself on the internet. In 2018 he was involved in a terrible drive-by shooting that claimed the lives of two of his friends and his brother. In the wake of the tragedy, he released new music that was a mix of traditional and melodic.


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Building his career

The year 2021 was the time that Yungeen Ace really came into his own and started building his career. He released a viral hit in 2021 that was a street-inspired flip of the song A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. After the runaway success of this hit song, he released his debut album Life of Betrayal 2x in that same year.

Yungeen Ace started his career with a solo debut album and mixtapes. His debut single No Witness was released in March of 2018. The first, Life of Betrayal, was followed by a mix of melodic and traditional mixtapes.

These include Life I’m Livin (2018), Can’t Speak on It (2019), Step Harder (2020), and Don Dada (2020). The mixtapes were all before the Vanessa Carlton flip.

Nowadays, Yungeen Ace’s net worth of $750 000 can be attributed to his successful music. The song Who I Smoke based on the Vanessa Carlton hit was an undeniable yet unexpected success. The young star is expected to only build upon his success in years to come.


Yungeen Ace and the Drive-By Shooting

As mentioned earlier in this article, Yungeen Ace was shot at in a drive-by shooting along with his friends. This tragedy may be what inspired some of his most pained tracks, but it is a tragedy nonetheless. Surrounded by crime in Jacksonville, Yungeen Ace never had to contend with being in the thick of it until 2018.

In order to distance himself from his early life of poverty and hardship, Yungeen Ace started writing music. In March of 2018, he released his debut single followed by a subsequent stream of mixtapes. However, a few short months after his internet music career started creating a buzz, tragedy struck.

Yungeen Ace survived a drive-by shooting in June of 2018 after leaving dinner in the evening. The shooting claimed the lives of two of his friends, Jercoby Groover and Royale Smith, Jr. as well as the life of his brother, Trevon Bullard. Yungeen Ace was shot eight times but miraculously survived the attack.

The wounded Ace almost lost his life that day and he lost his brother and two friends. Suffering such as this can easily cause a person to give up or lose hope, but Ace found it made him stronger. He used his pain to inspire and write more music and he started building a successful career for himself.


Yungeen Ace Net Worth and Bio


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After a difficult start in life, Yungeen Ace, born Keyanta Tyrone Bullard, is now a successful Florida rapper. He built his career in spite of the pain and hardship he suffered in his early life.

As a young child, born in Chicago, Ace had to contend with poverty and a family of twelve siblings. A mother’s divided attention and hardship only spurred him to seek solace in music.

The rapper started his career on YouTube, a pursuit his current girlfriend also shares, and has now moved on to release his debut album. Yungeen Ace’s debut single was released in March of 2018 and followed by a stream of mixtapes. However, the buzz created by his online music was marred by the tragedy that struck in June of 2018.

After the drive-by shooting that Ace was involved in, legal matters placed him on house arrest. It was during this time that Ace started working on and releasing the songs that would make him famous and lead to his first full-length album.

The young star is only 24 years old and already Yungeen Ace’s net worth stands at $750 000. This considerable fortune can largely be attributed to his music career as he comes from a life of poverty.

The music industry is excited by new stars and keeps a keen eye on Ace as his music progresses. It will be fascinating to see what this young rapper has in store for the future.


NameYungeen Ace
Real NameKeyanta Tyrone Bullard
Date of Birth12 February 1998
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Height1.78 m
Weight68 kg
Net Worth Estimate$750 000