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YK Osiris Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

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Born in 1998 in Florida, YK Osiris is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. At 23, he amassed a large following with hit songs such as ‘Worth It’ and ‘Valentine’. YK Osiris net worth is estimated to be about $2 million.

Who is YK Osiris (Osiris Williams)?


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Osiris Williams, known better by his stage name YK Osiris (which stands for Young King Osiris), is based out of Florida and is known for his rapping and R&B vocals.
With only a handful of titles under his belt and still relatively new to the rapping scene, YK Osiris’ popularity skyrocketed with some of his earlier tracks, such as ‘Valentine,’ being an instant hit on Youtube with over 71 million views.

It was recognition such as this that helped YK Osiris land an exclusive contract with ‘Def Jam.’

YK Osiris also composes his songs uniquely compared to other rap and R&B niche artists. He can combine old-school tracks with a contemporary rap that offers music with soul, and he is known for his love and heartbreak songs, which is a unique combination alongside his other rap songs.

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YK Osiris’ Net Worth Estimate

YK Osiris’ net worth is estimated to be about $2 million. In 2021, his annual income was reported to be about $100,000, and the main sources of his income came through his booming singing career, brand endorsements, and concerts.

YK Osiris’ Early Life

YK Osiris Net Worth

YK Osiris in Atlanta Georgia | Image Credit: Shutterstock @ Jamie Lamor Thompson

YK Osiris was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on the 7th of September, 1998. Growing up with a difficult life, as his parents separated when he was young, leaving his mother to do all the raising, YK Osiris found himself drawn to music early on.

As this passion for music grew, YK Osiris discovered his preferred type of music: old-school soul, R&B, modern pop, and rap. He began to follow the footsteps of his favorite idols, such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and The Temptations, and pursue his music career.

He had some rocky patches along his road to fame, however. In his days, his family struggled in many ways, and YK Osiris started stealing money and carjacking to live.

YK Osiris’ Height and Weight

YK Osiris has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75cm) and a weight of approximately 153 pounds (70kgs).

YK Osiris’ Place of Birth and Early Life

YK Osiris was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and grew up with his mother, one brother, and six sisters.

YK Osiris Career


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After an initial struggle in the beginning days, YK Osiris came out with his first release in 2017 with a track titled ‘Fake Love.’ This was labeled under his real name, Osiris Williams.
He then launched his Youtube channel with the stage name YK Osiris, where all of his subsequent tracks would later be released.

In 2018, YK Osiris came out with his next track, ‘I’m Next (Freestyle),’ an instant hit that garnered tons of attention and helped boost his name and recognition. This track on YK Osiris’ channel currently has 4.9 million views.

The next single came out a few months later, titled ‘Valentine’, and became a massive hit with over 71 million views. It is one of the most popular tracks on his channel and earned him the nickname ‘Mr. Valentine’.

His next release was a remixed version of a song that featured Lil Uzi Vert, a rapper and songwriter, in a cameo. Around this time, YK Osiris began receiving offers from many different labels.
YK Osiris began collaborating with the label ‘Def Jam’ and came out with another single shortly after called ‘Timing’, which came out in July of 2018. It currently has over 18 million views and helped funnel more attention his way with another release, ‘Run It Up,’ which has over 3 million views.

YK Osiris also maintains an Instagram account with over 2.9 million followers and a Facebook page with just under half a million Likes. His official website also has his music available, along with tour dates, social links, and information.

This has led YK Osiris net worth to be around $2 million.

YK Osiris’ Personal Life and Family

YK Osiris has experienced a few ups and downs in his personal and family life while attaining stardom. Namely, in August 2018, on the way back from performing an event, the van YK Osiris sat in was fired at along Highway 40 (Interstate 64).

The incident left four men riding in the vehicle with YK Osiris having gunshot wounds. However, YK Osiris was not harmed. The vehicle ended up being destroyed, and the suspects of the shooting were not identified.

There was also another incident revolving around YK Osiris’ love life. He was known as popular, with many fans having crushes on him, but YK Osiris never disclosed his personal life until an event with his secret girlfriend came up in the news.

In November 2019, Fulton County police arrested YK Osiris under charges of aggravated assault through strangulation. This incident that caused the arrest occurred at his 21st birthday party on September 7th, approximately two months previously.

According to the police report that came out later, an unknown woman (who was later confirmed to be YK Osiris’ secret girlfriend) attended YK Osiris’ birthday party and questioned the rapper about a photo on his phone: an image of a woman wrapped in a towel.

YK Osiris took these accusations poorly, drastically changing the party’s mood as he became increasingly angry towards his girlfriend, threatening harm. Later, she told the press that YK Osiris even cornered her in a bathroom, choking and biting her.

YK Osiris has since paid his bail and straightened all the legalities out with the courts but has made focusing on his music career a bit more challenging.

What about YK Osiris’ Debt?

YK Osiris has a long-standing issue with debt, owing to other rappers such as Drake and Lil Baby. However, he has assured his fans that he wants to clear all his debts as soon as possible.

Fans on his social media have gone as far as to give YK Osiris a new nickname, “YK ‘Owe’siris”, to which the rapper posted a photo in his Instagram with the words ‘Debt Free’ spelled out in money on the floor, with the caption, “[You]… better stop playing with my name…”

It was also reported that YK Osiris went to perform his hit song ‘Worth It’ at Drake’s house to pay back Drake. The debt that YK Osiris owed Drake was about $60,000, with YK Osiris publicly stating that “Y’all wish y’all could pay off a debt like that.” That track really helped boost YK Osiris net worth.

A video posted on YK Osiris had the two rappers sitting in the kitchen together at Drake’s home, with Drake saying in the video, “You owe me 60 bands… I’m giving you an out… I’m not Baby, I’m not Boosie. You don’t owe me two racks or five racks. You owe me 60 bands and I’m playing the song right now. [Are] you ready?”

YK Osiris took Drake up on the offer, giving an energetic performance and captioning the video with the following: “@champagnepapi said if I sing, my 60k I owe him is clear… This [is] what happens when [you] owe [$60,000]…”

Lil Baby also put pressure on the young rapper while shopping for fashion accessories at Icebox Diamonds & Watches in Atlanta. YK Osiris owed him $5,000 that had yet to be paid.

What Happened to YK Osiris’ $325,000 Earrings?

Despite owing many other rappers and musicians’ money, YK Osiris’s own financial standing seems to be fairly good. He was recently seen wearing a pair of earrings worth $325,000. However, sometime after, one earring went missing, putting YK Osiris out of a lot of money.

To locate the missing earring, he went as far as to put out a $60,000 reward to the one who returned it. “I really lost one of my earrings… Please, if anybody finds my other earring, can you return them, please? I’m never getting another pair again.” Said the rapper on his Instagram.

Does YK Osiris Have a Child?

While also having a successful music career, YK Osiris has proven that balancing a busy career and family life is possible. Although it is unknown who the mother is, YK Osiris became a father at the age of 17 with a young baby body, naming him Kingston.

Kingston currently lives with his father, YK Osiris. The two are often seen together on YK Osiris’ Instagram, either dressed in matching outfits for a pose or dancing and singing together in videos. YK Osiris has raised his son to be a lover of music and dancing, the same as his father.

YK Osiris has mentioned that seeing his son Kingston every day is a perfect motivation, helping him focus and work hard for their future.

How Old is YK Osiris’ Child?

Although it is currently unknown how old Kingston is, Kingston is estimated to be between the ages of one to five years old from the Instagram photos and other various reports.

Who is the Mother of YK Osiris’ Child?

At this point, there is no available information on who the mother of Kingston is. However, it is possible to guess who the potential mother may be, as YK Osiris has had some romantic relationships, notably with Dream and Anna Marie.

YK Osiris was seen dating the artist Dream doll in the year 2019. Dream’s real name was Tabatha Robinson. Unfortunately, this couple broke up, inspiring YK Osiris’ heartbreak songs.

There are also various reports of YK Osiris dating Anne Marie, a singer and songwriter. However, this is open to speculation as they have never confirmed their relationship.

What About YK Osiris’ Mother and Siblings?

All of the YK Osiris family, including his siblings and mother, are quite private in their lives.

YK Osiris has made it, so not much information gets out about his family, but that doesn’t mean they don’t show up on his Instagram. His mother is often seen posing with him, despite living in complete mystery.

In one post, YK Orisis is seen with his mom, who’s holding a Louis Vuitton bag, along with the caption, “[At the end of the day… If she’s good, I’m good. I’m really a momma’s boy. I love my momma. She raised a king].”

What Are Some of YK Osiris’ Top Songs?

Here is a list of some of YK Osiris’ top songs:

  1. ‘Worth It’: This song is one of the most popular songs of YK Orisis to date, having achieved the highest chart position out of all of YK Osiris’ songs, working out to the number 95 in the weekly music chart, and making it into the American Top 40 Top Chart, spending 47 weeks on the list. The Youtube video for this song has reached over 110 views and 1.6 million likes since it premiered on February 9th, 2019.
  2. ‘Secret’: This particular song is incredibly popular with YK Orisis fans, with a total of 99.3 million views and just under 1 million likes. It also spent 51 weeks on the charts, with the highest position achieved being 134 out of 498 positions. Music lists charted this song in two trends: the USA Top 40 Chart and the English Music Top 40 Chart.
  3. ‘Timing’: This song is also popular with YK Orisis’ fans, with a total of 18 million views and 244K likes, originally submitted July 7th, 2018, and spent 6 weeks on the charts.
  4. ‘Ride’: This song has reached 16.4 million views and 262K likes, premiering October 21st, 2019, and spending a total of one week in the charts. The original name for this song’s music video was “YK Osiris – Ride FT. Kehlani”.
  5. ‘Freaky Dancer’: This song has reached 16.2 million views and 133K likes on Youtube, premiering July 22, 2019, spending an entire 5 weeks on the charts. The music video that went along with this new release originally had the title “YK Orisis – Freaky Dancer (Lyric Video) Ft Dababy.”

YK Osiris’ Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameYK Osiris
Real NameOsiris Williams
Place of BirthJacksonville, Florida
OccupationSinger, Rapper and Songwriter
Net Worth Estimate$2 million
Date of BirthSeptember 7, 1998
Height5 feet and 9 inches
Weight70 kg (Approximately)
Income$100,000 annually

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