Woah Vicky Net Worth – How Much Does She Make?

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Woah Vicky, is a household name in America. The self-made millionaire is a YouTuber, rapper, and social media influencer.

This influential lady is among the most successful social media personalities in the United States. Many people already know that Woah Vicky is wealthy, and her wealth increases each day as her social media followers increase.

Woah has gained popularity and success through her lifestyle and controversial opinions. The YouTuber’s real name is Victoria Rose Waldrip, however, most people call her, Woah Vicky.

Early Life


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Victoria Rose was born on 7 March 2000, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The young social media influencer is currently 22 years old. Woah Vicky’s father, Steve Waldrip, is a real estate developer, while her mother, Carla Johnson is a stay-at-home mom.
Victoria Rose Waldrip’s older sister, Stephanie is 10 years older than her. She is currently based in New York and works in fashion. She is very well known for her clothing line.

They grew up living an ordinary middle-class Atlanta family life.

Woah was home-schooled and then went on to complete her education at Marietta High School. But she received all her high-school credentials from Penn Foster, which is a private online learning institution.

Woah was not comfortable going to school or interacting with other students, which is why she opted to study online.

Woah Vicky became a social media star when she was a teenager. Her Instagram posts and YouTube videos always went viral. Some of her fans started calling her lucky Vicky because of her early success.

Due to her father’s business, Woah Vicky has traveled to different cities in the world.

Weight, And Height

Woah Vicky has gorgeous hazel eyes and blonde hair. Woah Vicky loves to experiment with different hair colors. She dyes it orange, green, and auburn.

Height – 5’2” (157cm)
Weight – 106 lbs (54kg)



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Woah Vicky has been passionate about social media ever since she was a young girl. While growing up, the talented young woman wanted to become the best social media star in the country. So, she started her successful career by posting pictures on Instagram.

To attract followers, Vicky would wear fancy clothes from luxury brands.

Woah Vicky experienced her turning point four years ago when she spoke about her origin.

In 2018, Woah Vicky revealed that she was a Black American and proud of it. This report brought so much controversy because of Woah Vicky’s skin complexion. Many people felt that this story was untrue. Most people felt that Vicky was making fun of the Black population by making these remarks.

The controversial report brought a lot of success to Woah Vicky’s career. In a short time, Woah got millions of followers on her social media pages. Woah Vicky net worth significantly increased when she got more followers. Respected celebrities like Chief Keef and Snoop Dogg shared videos belonging to Woah on their accounts, making her more popular.

Woah Vicky began her YouTube career in September 2013. When creating the YouTube channel, she focused on uploading twerking tutorials, pranks, music videos, and makeup videos. This channel has grown significantly over the years. It currently has over a million subscribers, with over 25 million views.

Apart from posting pictures and creating great content for her YouTube channel, Woah Vicky has become successful and extremely popular because of her controversial beliefs. Woah regularly posts videos and statements concerning several issues affecting women and modern Americans.

Most of the social media accounts owned by Woah Vicky have millions of followers. The social media star earns a lot through ads on her accounts. Her Instagram account, for instance, has close to three million followers. Luxury brands who advertise through the account make great sales. These brands help increase Woah Vicky’s net worth.

Woah Vicky launched her music career in 2018. The YouTuber released her first song, Went Out Bad, and it did so well. Later on, Vicky released several other popular songs such as Don’t Like Me and Da City.

Woah is a hard-working businesswoman too. For several years, Vicky has sold her merchandise to her followers on Instagram. Her popularity makes her product sell very fast in the competitive American market.

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Personal Life

From growing up in a middle-class home to becoming super successful, this social media star has certainly changed her lifestyle. Her parents have always maintained low social media activity.

Her father is doing very well in the real estate and construction industry. The businessman created his company in 1986, and he has worked hard to provide the best life for his small family.

Woah Vicky’s mother, on the other hand, is not famous on social media, and not much information about her professional life is available online.

Vicky’s sister, Stephanie Waldrip lives in New York. Stephanie is in her early thirties, and she works as one of the top fashion designers in the country. Stephanie and Woah have a ten-year age gap, which affects their relationship.

In a recent interview, Woah Vicky explained that she was not close to her sister.

Stephanie is a graduate of the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design. Her successful design label, Waldrip NYC, has been doing well in recent years. Vicky’s sister is married to Blake London.

Woah Vicky’s relationship status has always attracted the attention of everyone in the country. A few months ago, the famous social influencer was dating Lil Rot. Lil Rot is among the influential American artists. The couple had posted several pictures on their Instagram accounts.

The relationship between Lil Rot and Woah Vicky ended recently. Woah deleted all pictures she had taken with Lil Rot.

As of March 2022, the social media star is currently single.

Lil Rot is not the only person Woah Vicky has dated. Several years ago, she was dating Papi JJ. The couple shared numerous videos as a couple on different social media platforms. In one of the videos, Woah Vicky claimed she was pregnant with Papi JJ’s child. Papi JJ denied this allegation, claiming he was not the father.

The relationship with Papi JJ was short-lived. Vicky started dating Virgin JJ, a famous rapper in America, soon after breaking up with Papi.

The relationship with Virgin JJ attracted the attention of many people.

The couple were very active on social media, and they posted everything about their relationship online. Woah Vicky’s posts about the relationship portrayed that the couple were happy and living the best life. Everyone was under the impression they were getting along really well. The couple then split up when she accused him of being unfaithful.

Woah Vicky Net Worth


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It’s March 2022 and Woah Vicky net worth is currently estimated to be around $1 million.

The social media personality is among the fastest rising stars in America. Despite her young age, Vicky makes a fortune and lives the life she has always wanted.

Her monthly income is over $25k. Woah Vicky’s net worth will keep rising as she grows her social media following.

Vicky gets her income from numerous sources. The YouTuber earns from event appearances, social media ads, and merchandise.

Her rapping career has brought her a fortune too.

She has proven that young people can use social media to acquire wealth and change their fate.

Selling Merchandise

Woah Vicky has definitely made use of all her fame. She now owns a website, where she sells t-shirts, beanies, hoodies, ski masks, iPhone cases, Grillz, and Hip Hop Chainz.

Woah Vicky Controversies

Everyone knows that Woah Vicky’s life is full of controversies and drama. These things have significantly played a role in her success. People always visit Vicky’s YouTube channel to view catchy and irresistible videos.

Several years ago, Vicky had a racial diss track on her YouTube channel. This track, however, was flagged and later removed from YouTube. The young woman was once put in custody because of trespassing while at the mall. Vicky allegedly assaulted the officer who asked her to leave the mall.

Vicky attracted a lot of controversies when she claimed to be a Black American. Most individuals said that the social media star was racist by adopting the African American culture. The Black community felt that this was an insult to them.

While announcing on YouTube, Woah Vicky said that her mother had always told her that she was white. The talented star did not believe her mother because she always believed she had black genes. A test on a website called Ancestry.com had revealed that Woah was 25% black. Vicky shared the results online to prove that she was telling the truth to her followers.

Woah Vicky claimed to come from Atlanta Zone 6, one of the poorest locations in the country too. People felt that Vicky’s family was not as poor as she claimed. Everything about her shows that she lacked nothing when she was growing up.

Woah Vicky and Danielle Bregoli, a famous personality in America, had a fight that attracted the attention of everyone. Daniel is known to many as Bhad Bhabie.

In 2017, Danielle became famous when she appeared on Dr. Phil’s show. Danielle fought her mother on the show, which brought her a lot of fame. The young rapper used her popularity to grow her career.

In October 2019, Danielle and Woah Vicky met in a studio while recording songs. The two influential young women fought, and the video went viral on various social media platforms. The influential ladies have been enemies for a long time.

Their feud first began in 2017 when Danielle reacted negatively to a diss track done by Woah Vicky. The rivals got into another altercation in LA too and found themselves back in the spotlight.

“The Lotion Challenge” has helped many celebrities become famous.

Woah Vicky is among the stars who have taken part in the challenge. Woah and her friend ate lotion and the video went viral.

The idea is that anyone taking part in the challenge is not supposed to get sick, however, the video shows Woah and her friend rushing to the sink to throw up.

As soon as they uploaded the video on YouTube in May 2017, it attracted thousands of new followers.

Woah Vicky continues to upload new videos regardless of the negative and positive comments she gets from her followers. This habit is her greatest way of earning a living and maintaining her fame.

Awards and Achievements

Vicky has an incredible number of followers, although she is very young. She gains new followers each day.

Currently, Woah Vicky does not have any awards in her name.

Some of her achievements include:
• Over 2.9 million followers on Instagram
• More than 1 million subscribers on YouTube
• 25 million views on her YouTube channel
• Millions of followers on TikTok

Flashy Lifestyle

Vicky is very passionate about good-quality cars. Vicky always dreamed about having this luxury car when she was young.

The influential star has several expensive cars in her home garage. She owns a beautiful Range Rover Vogue. The black Range Rover cost over $100k.

The YouTuber also owns a Jaguar and a Mercedes Benz too.

Over the years, Woah Vicky has built up a lot of wealth, and she has managed to upgrade her lifestyle. She doesn’t shy away from showing her luxurious life on her social media.

In 2018, the content creator purchased her dream home in one of the prestigious locations in Puerto Rico. The lavish home boasts all the latest features.

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Woah Vicky Net Worth & Bio Summary

Most people currently consider social media to be one of the fastest and most effective methods of gaining popularity and making sales. Woah Vicky discovered the power of social media early in life, and she has used it to make herself successful and influential.

All her online activities have helped her acquire a massive number of fans from all over the world.

Woah Vicky’s life is always full of drama. The twenty-two-year-old social media star once assaulted a law enforcement officer at a mall, which sent her to jail. Her fights with some influential people increase her popularity too. Vicky understands how to keep her massive audience guessing about her next moves.

Her social media posts are always about the Black American accent and getting rich. The star publishes her luxury life online too. If she keeps on going forward the way she is, Woah Vicky net worth is sure to keep increasing too.

NameWoah Vicky
Birth NameVictoria Rose Waldrip
Date of Birth7 March 2000
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia, USA
Height5'2" (157cm)
Weight106 lbs (54kg)
ProfessionYoutuber, Rapper, Social Media Influencer
ParentsFather - Steve Waldrip
Mother - Carla Johnson
SiblingsSister - Stephanie Waldrip
Net Worth Estimate$1 million